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Explanation based on scientific knowledge resulting from numerous observations and experiments?

Scientific Theory!
also it is made up of a...
claim ,data ,and science knowledge
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The Fundamentals of Scientific Observation

Science is regulated by a systematic course of studies based on close examination, the collection of data, forming a hypothesis to explain the facts and testing the hypothesis (MORE)

How Do You Conduct Scientific Method Experiments?

Many scientists conduct controlled experiments as part of the scientific method of inquiry. In controlled experiments, two groups are compared in order to determine the effect (MORE)
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The Science Behind Observation Tests

Observation tests measure a person's ability to make observations and, in some cases, simply follow instructions. Although some of the questions in an observation test seem to (MORE)

What is a Scientific Theory?

The word theory has a different meaning in science and everyday English. A scientific theory is an explanation that's been tested repeatedly and remains the best explanation f (MORE)

An Introduction to the Scientific Method

The scientific method is a cycle of steps that many scientists use in order to explain the natural world. Scientists begin with observations that lead to questions and tentati (MORE)
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The Scientific Method Defined

The basic definition of the scientific method is when scientists take certain steps to acquire, test, and describe information. There are four main steps in the scientific met (MORE)

Did scientific knowledge and explanations about the ozone layer change over time?

Yes.   First we didn't know we had an ozone layer, and we didn't know that the Sun made very energetic radiation that it radiated towards us in quantities sufficient to kil (MORE)
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What scientific term is a well-tested explanation for a set of observations or experimental resutts?

If it's well tested, and the results are repeatable, and no  contradictions are found,   and it makes successful predictions, then you can start calling it  a scientific (MORE)