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Explanation based on scientific knowledge resulting from numerous observations and experiments?

Scientific Theory!
also it is made up of a...
claim ,data ,and science knowledge
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What is the scientific explanation for comets?

Comets are small bodies of rock and ice which are in highly eccentric orbits around the Sun. They spend most of their time far from the Sun, some beyond the outer planets. Whe (MORE)

What is the scientific explanation for pineapple eyes?

The pineapple fruit is a terminal, cylindrical, compound structure at the apex of the stem and is formed by the fusion of the berrylike fruitlets, the EYES that develop from t (MORE)

How to Design a Successful High School Science Experiment

An inevitable part of your high school education is having to design and perform high school science experiments. High school science experiments are designed to teach you how (MORE)

Fun, Simple Chemistry Projects

Chemistry is one of the so-called hard sciences, a science in which you can demonstrate and test likely outcomes of a hypothesis in an objective manner. In comparison with soc (MORE)

Wild Chemistry Experiments

Fire is mystifying in many different ways and is a great resource for experimentation. There are a lot of different science experiments that revolve around fire, how it begins (MORE)
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What are observed results?

These are results which you look at or observe with your eyes. This can often be called empirical results.
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Biology Science Experiments for Teens

Science experiments are fascinating and helpful ways for students to understand scientific concepts. However, young kids aren't the only ones who love the opportunity to learn (MORE)