Export Contacts from palm treo 700p to gmail?

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The way I did it was to sync with Outlook or Palm Desktop,go to import export, (save in a place you remember) make a csv file and go to Gmail and import the csv file. Hope this helps. It is a little of a pain but I have searched and it looks like this is the best option.
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What is the best palm treo?

In Australia it would definitely be the Palm Treo 750 on the Telstra NextG Network. It is awesome. A ROM update including Windows Mobile 6 has just been released which makes a big difference.

What is the history of the palm treo?

The first Treo is not a phone at all, but merely a Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. This first unit (called "Treo 90") was released by Handspring on May 28, 2002. It had a 160x160 pixel screen and ran Palm OS 4.1. After the earlier releases, more notable releases in the Treo line include the Tr (MORE)

How do you export your list of Gmail contacts onto your hard drive?

Exporting Your Gmail Contacts onto Your Hard Drive . 1. Log in into your Gmail. 2. Under trash there is a link called Contacts , just click it. 3. In the new page you can see all of your contacts and also export them 4. Click on the link : Export , in the top and right of the page 5. Ther (MORE)

How does a unlocked palm treo work?

Just like any other unlocked phone, a unlocked treo basically is not limited to a particular mobile carrier. For example, a phone locked by Sprint can only work on the Sprint network. If you put a SIM card from, say Verizon into the phone, it will theoretically not be able to make calls or send a (MORE)

How do you download ringtones for your Palm Treo 755?

I puchased a program that is called Ringo. I prefer it because is uses songs that I have downloaded on my memory card. It plays the first minute or so of the song instead of a section over and over. The songs are mine so I am not purchasing them again. I am happy with the program.

Cant play music on your palm treo 650?

Yes, you can. Some Treo 650s come with the app "P tunes". You can use this, TCPMP (Core media player) or other Media players to do this. There are three way to hear your music. You can: use the internal speaker, use a 2.5mm phone headset, or get a 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack converter. Into this converter, (MORE)

How do you get to your ringtones on a palm treo 650?

Unfortunately, Palm Treos generally do not allow you to install your own ringtones. However, a free third party program lets you do it - A program called Minitones will search your memory card for audio tracks and then convert them to a format your phone can understand and use!

Does palm treo work on prepayed?

This depends on whether or not your Treo has been "locked" to a particular carrier, say Verizon or Sprint. If you have the unlocked variety then yes, it will work fine with Pre-Paid.

How do you transfer contacts from palm treo 650 to iphone?

This wasn't as difficult as you might think. Although, it was frustrating at first because I couldn't find much consistent info on forums.. When we updated the sync between the palm treo and the PC, we had it sync with the Palm tool. I selected the contacts, and did an export to .vcf file type.. I (MORE)

How can I fix a Palm Treo with no sound?

This applies to the Palm Treo 700p but the same problem happens to various other Treo models so I suspect the same approach can be taken for other model numbers.. Symptoms: For no apparent reason, my Palm Treo 700p suddenly lost sound when I tried to make a call. I couldn't hear a dial tone or my o (MORE)

Is the palm treo a good phone?

Well im getting my palm in 4 days, but my friend has it, its freakin awsome. very good and its touch screen and easy to dial. And the messages pop up like instant messaging thing.

Is the palm treo 700p a new phone?

Well its not that new and if you really wanted a palm phone that's sort of cheap i would advise getting the 750wx instead of the 700p since the 700p has an external antennae and personally i have the 700p and most days i hate having that pesky antennae

How do you remove duplicate contacts in a Treo 700wx?

get an i phone. I had 2-3 treos and after continual syncing problems with the calendar and contacts i dumpted it If you are experiencing the same as i did, you are a heavy calendar user who uses your treo as your base, not your PC after two years of problems, several phones and upgrades i dumped it (MORE)

Can palm treo 650 have a prepaid plan?

Yes of course you can. I've had my Treo 650 on a go phone plan for 3 years plus. As long as the phone is set up for the carrier in which you plan on using their prepaid service and it has a sim card slot if such is needed. Slide card in, restart/ reset device. Rock and Roll

Can you change the language in a palm treo 680?

You will need to do a hard reset which will erase all data: Turn phone off. Remove battery Hold down on/off button whilst re-inserting battery and keep helddown until the Palm logo re-appears, then release. As instructed on the Treo 680 screen use the up key to force a hardreset. After this, you wil (MORE)

How do you transfer contacts from palm treo 650 to SD?

Get the Palm program "File Man", or other advanced file program. Using this program, go to the "RAM" tab and find "Contactsdb.pdb". copy this to your SD card. Now, if you want to restore your contacts, just copy it back (you will need to hit the Replace Anyway button).

How do you export your Outlook contacts to your Gmail?

You cant You shouldn't answer you can't when you don't know the answer! Go to Outlook Contacts. Select all. Go into File, select Export. Export to a CSV file. Then import into Gmail. In Outlook 2007 the Export/Import feature does not appear under File. Right-click on Menu bar, go into Commands, sel (MORE)

How do you get a palm treo back off?

With the back panel facing you so you can read the word Palm, press the lower-right corner of the back panel with your right thumb to release the panel. Remove the panel.

How do you export contacts from iphone to Gmail?

Watch the Video Demo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VQL2tuIIM0 iPhone Contacts Backup (Mac+PC): Backup, Transfer, Restore and Manage your iPhone Contacts & Messages effortlessly http://www.kinglue.com/mac/iphone-contacts-sms-backup/ With iPhone Contacts Backup, you can easily export your iPh (MORE)

Can you export your contacts from outlook web access to gmail?

You must follow the steps below in order to export your contactsfrom Outlook Web Access: 1.Open the account and locate yourcontacts folder. Click and drag your cursor, selecting all of thecontacts you want to export. 2.Locate and click the edit tab on thetop menu bar and select copy to copy all the (MORE)

How much does a Palm Treo 750 cost?

A Palm Treo 750 could cost around $100 or more. If you are wanting to get it for less you can look at a refurbished unit or try and get your serivce provider to waive the cost if you sign an extended service contract.

How do you export your Gmail contacts?

You can quickly export your Gmail Contacts list into a CSV file.ere's how: . Sign in to Gmail. . Click Contacts along the side of any Gmail page. . From the More actions drop-down menu, select Export... . . Choose whether to export all contacts or only one group. . Select the format in wh (MORE)

What were the capabilities of the Palm Treo?

The Palm Treo was a line of smartphones that was originally manufactured by Handspring and bought by Palm, Inc. One could use the calender while talking on the phone as well as dial directly from a list of contacts.

Where can I purchase a Palm Treo 700p online?

The Palm Treo 700p was manufactured in 2006 and 2007 by the Palm company and is no longer available new. It can be found listed for sale on eBay, Amazon and other sites offering used or discontinued electronics at prices that vary widely depending on condition.

What was the Palm Treo 650 the successor to?

The Palm's handheld phone, the Palm Treo 650 was the successor to the original Palm Treo, the Palm Treo 600. The newer version maintained the same style, shape and features with faster processing and slightly more evolved applications and formatting.

What features come on the Palm Treo 700W?

The Palm Treo 700W is a handheld smartphone . Introduced by Palm in 2005 it was offered as an alternative to users wishing to use Microsoft software. It features a QWERTY keyboard and arrow keys to select an action.

Who manufactures the Palm Treo 700?

Palm, Inc. manufactures the Palm Treo 700w. Palm Treo 700w is a Windows smartphone that was announced on September 26, 2005. Palm, Inc. was an American smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

What sort of product is the Palm Treo?

Palm Treo is a line of smartphones developed by Handspring. They are still available for purchase on various websites, but not on the company site. Prices are rather low.

What are some of the features of the Palm Treo?

Some of the features of the Palm Treo are megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a mini QWERTY keyboard and a speakerphone. The physical appearance of the Palm Treo resembles closely to Blackberry phones.

Where can a Palm Treo 700 WX be bought?

One can purchase a Palm Treo 700WX from stores such as Verizon, Sprint and Alltel which will offer the phone with a certain contract. One can also purchase this phone from online vendors such as those found on eBay. From these online vendors one can obtain specifications and reviews as well as varia (MORE)

What are the features of the Palm Treo 600?

A Palm Treo 600 is a smartphone that was released in 2003. It features a colour screen, 32mb of memory, a 0.3 megapixel camera, Infrared, a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard.