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Ovens and Stoves

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An oven is a cooking appliance with a thermally insulated chamber used for cooking, baking or drying food. A stove is an enclosed space in which wood or other combustibles are added and set alight to provide heat to a room or area as well as, sometimes, doubling as an oven. The origins of ovens can be traced back to Ancient Greece, used by traveling armies. The origins of stoves are unknown but thought to have been around since mankind learned to use fire.
the microwave needs to be 19 inches away from the cook top. like inthis picture there should be 19 inches above the cooktop . themicrowave should have a vent hood. this should be right but in mostmanual it tells you how far away is necessary
About two minutes and thirty seconds in a 700 watt microwave.
Any bread type foods can be cooked in a toaster that you cook inthe microwave. There are "toaster bags" that may allow foods likegrilled cheese sandwiches.
There is supposed to be some danger from leaking radiation while the unit is working if it is not sealed properly.
Buy a delia smith recipe book, it will tell you there
i have no freakin idea. all i no is my mom cooks it and it tastes horrible. >.
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Many homes had electric stoves and ovens by the 1920s, so yes, definitely by the 1950s. Watch Leave it to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet reruns sometime!
Maytag and Magic Chef . Maytag handles Magic Chef appliances now. They may know where this information can be found. But keep doing web searches. You might happen on to something that can help you.
yes, it'll still evaporate the water.
where we can toast breads...
only if the gas is leaking and is then lit. result would be bloody carnage and armageddon.
You will get way too big a flame [think flamethrower]. Also a very inefficient burn. Nat gas uses a larger orifice jet than propane...to safely use propane the orifice must be replaced with a smaller one suitable for propane.
The burner is usually fitted to the hole or space in the stove top. Difficult if not impossible to put a larger one in.
well if it makes a pop noise get rid of it fast
Do you know the highest temperature your stove will go to? If so, follow these instructions. Let's say 500 is the highest temperature. Divide 350 by 500. The answer is 70%. Turn your dial about 70% of the way.
Firstly, temperature is defined by the amount of vibrations occurring in a material's atoms. Certain materials, like water; fats and sugars, can be polar molecules (which means due to certain characteristics, they have a negative and positive end). Microwave ovens create an electrical field of...
Take the oven to an appliance repair shop. It sounds like the door safety interlock has jammed the opening mechanism.
If you want to use an electric stove, first call a licensed gas fitter to remove the existing gas stove and make the gas pipe safe. Then call a licensed electrician to install a new power circuit for you, with the right size circuit breakers, the right size wiring and fit a new outlet of the...
You fry them in oil.
Typically, you cannot use metal in a microwave oven. In combinationtype microwaves however, you can use metal as long as it is inconvection mode.
This is not a question, but I will tell you they were sold and in use by the mid 70's. The first ones were expensive.
You can cook raw or thawed chicken. Frozen take longer to cook and won't absorb the flavors fully. Thaw the meat in the refrigerator. If raw meat sits out in the open, bacteria will start to grow. Preparation takes about 5 minutes. Clean any space the raw meat touches with an antibacterial cleaner....
School's in. Ring the bell.. First, let's jump around spotlighting the elements of the question so we understand them all. The rectenna ( rec tifying an tenna ) is a device that is really good at converting microwaves to DC. It's highly frequency sensitive and directionally sensitive. That means it...
The turntable in a microwave oven is driven by an alternating current motor which may start in either direction at random and continues to travel in that direction until stopping.. The reason for using a turntable in a microwave oven is that the microwave energy is not evenly distributed across the...
The range itself is fine. Apparently if you burn a pan that has a non stick surface, it produces something that is toxic to birds. I suppose this could be true of other things that burn. Birds are very sensitive to things in the air. Spray air fresheners are another thing that is not good for them. ...
get a thick enough porkchop so you can take a sharp thin knife and butterfly (slice the meat before cooking down the middle so it can open and close like a book. don't completely cut the chop into 2 pieces). once that is done open the chop up and put how much of whatever you want to stuff it with on...
You can only cook soup in a microwave if it come in a can. Put it in a hard bowl and place a covering on top. Press the cook button on the microwave in cook for 3-4 minutes.
The first stove-oven was invented by Robert Yeaman in 1345. The earliest ovens were found in Central Europe, and dated to29,000 BC. They were used as roasting and boiling pits locatedwithin yurt structures. The oven provided a way to bake bread,which became a staple food during the earliest...
There are two ways to do this. 1. working or own a really highly acclaimed restaurant. 2. become a personal chef and work your way up through the ranks.
An appropriate answer really depends upon the age of the cookware at hand.. Corningware from the day it was sold in 1957, it was made for the stovetop, the oven, the microwave, the dishwasher, refrigerator and the freezer. The material that Corningware was made from, called Pyroceram was a glass...
I have found this quote in a Genealogy report that might help: Later nine different plants, by consolidation, formed the Pittsburg Stove and Range Company, Mitchell & Company being one that went into the new organization. In 1881, Robert A. Duncan and Samuel R. Baldwin bought the Mitchell &...
As with any question, the answer depends on context. Solar ovens tend to cook slower, at lower temperature, this help meats retain more moisture. But that means it takes longer..... The energy of the sun is FREE, that's better too! But you may have to tend the oven, keeping it pointed toward the...
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Healthier. Probably not much different, except there was obviously no such items that were made specifically for microwaves. They probably just cooked on a stove or over a fire; I would prefer a homemade meal over a microwaveable one any day.
A toaster oven is a small elelctric oven with a door usually at the front and a tray inside.
Answer . Wax paper melts at a higher temperature than plastic wrap, which makes it ideal for using it as a splatter shield on TOP of food. Microwaves do not heat the wax paper, they pass thru it according to wikipedia.com.
inside a bakery you use ovens, prover's and varies other machines to make baked goods
The image is an actual picture of a magnetron removed from amicrowave cooker. Unfortunately about all you can see are itscooling fins.
You cant cook a frozen Cornish pasties in a microwave.
Certainly,. there are even cases of commercial commissaries operated by Nuns as a fund-raising venture- I can recall reading ads in some Sign magazines ( now-defunct Catholic magazine) that advertised a certain brand of Candy was made in a convent, It was not a regular brand familiar like say Good...
Because the majority of people are right handed, and therefore the buttons are on the right.
Yes we have about 5 stacked and have been there working all day for 3 years. We replaced 2 but it was due to normal faults i think and the intense usage
because a long time ago people had to use a fireplace to cook their food and they had to use wood.Now we can cook without using wood.
Light waves, radio waves, and microwaves are all on the electromagnetic spectrum.
No, you can eat it raw
No. But that would be cool wouldn't it?
When you regulate the button which determines the power, the highest degreee means that the magnetron works all the time and lower degrees mean that it works for a certain amount of time and rests for another in series. For instance, if you set it to 1 minute to high power, the magnetron will work...
If you have food, grease left in the stove or on the stove top it can catch on fire. Bad wiring can also catch on fire.
The flames' color from my range top is both blue and orange. Could I have a problem and if so what might that be?
find the address for the company via the internet then contact welbilt. sometimes you can e-mail the company, provide the model number and get a manual.
The fan helps to distribute the heat more evenly in the oven, thereby cooking the food more evenly.
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Very dangerous! If you left you're food in the microwave for a long period of time, it'll start to pop and it just might explode.
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Anything you cook in a microwave needs to contain water, as the microwaves resonate water molecules to produce heat. Dry pasta won't work on it's own, but fresh pasta might. It would also work if you put the pasta in a bowl of water, but I wouldn't recommend it, as it will create a huge amount of...
\nThe outlet is telling you something is not right. There is a problem in the wiring or the ignitor insulation or the grounding of the stove.
It could bring $3000 if it is in really good working condition
\nIf it is still working? Got an oven? The mice may have eaten the wire insulation. That needs inspection. A good "Clean it out session" all over and inside and underneath with a body bag and vacumn cleaner is needed also. The heat will kill all the germs.
The constant flame in older gas stoves is called a pilot light.
yes send it back to black and decker and the SHOULD send you a new one!?!?!
Its worth its weight in scrap metal.
No, you cannot cook raw fish in the microwave because it does not have the right temperature and steady condition. However, you can heat precooked fish in the microwave.
umm.. if you want i guess
Raytheon filed a patent on October 8, 1945 for a microwave cooking oven, eventually named the Radarange. In 1947 the first commercially produced microwave oven was about 6 feet tall, weighed about 750 lbs, and cost between $2,000 and $3,000. In 1967 the first relatively affordable ($495) and...
Commercial pizza ovens usually reach 500°F (260°C), but pizza bakedin a domestic oven is about 430°F (220°C).
some things do that because you put them in the thingy too long. so that's it. and i need some hepl on something. do you know anything about microwave waves for the electromagnetic spectrum, please tell me!! Under the right conditions, everything will Burn. Burning is a Chemical process known as...
A microwave fuse does what any fuse does. It protects both the microwave and the building's electrical from surges and short-outs.
James Sharp in 1826 in Northampton, England
Actually, aluminum foil does get hot while in the oven. But, when you take it out, it cools very quickly because it is such a thin sheet of metal foil, especially compared to the heavier metal pan.
No, the radio waves in a microwave are shielded and weak enough that it won't hurt you.
no, even air true convection has a heating element around the fan and even air convection does not.
Faster than a conventional oven, slower than a microwave
I just looked under the hood of my MAYTAGE LCRG750 Model and the date says 1984.
Answer . The modern ones are very efficient and clean. The old ones need to go to the dump and can be dangerous.
Mice are quite small. they could easily crawl into a toaster oven (or fall in) without a scratch. A full grown adult mouse has a skeleton that allows them to fit in cracks as small as 1/4 of an inch. Most toaster ovens have many openings about this size and if not cleaned regularly the mouse will...
Well, English wasn't my best subject, but I think neither, it would be "My Mom turned on the oven."
F1 showing means 'fault' and the beep is to draw your attention to it.
technically yes, but it is not reccomended.
are the safe with pacemakers and micro waves
cast iron.....the best! How do you keep eggs from sticking to cast iron?
Woodfire ovens Bonfires grills