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Sears is a department store chain in the United States once known for its catalog business. Ask questions about this American retailer here.
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Sears has clothing, but it is most known for appliances such asrefrigerators and microwaves for example.
It was an office buildiing created as a corporate office for the Chicago based retailer Sears.
yes willis tower (formaly known as sears tower) has cought on fire before but not like a hug house fire only like a little spark.
The sears tower or as it is now known, the Willis Tower is 108 stories tall and 1451 feet high.
It depends on the area but i can say that if you bought something from the store the number should be on the top of the reciept
Yes and no. The 12th and 13th floors were actually combined to house water tanks.
Sears, Wards, JC Penney and Western Auto used a variety of gun makers to make guns for them. Companies like Mossberg, Savage, Hi Standard, Stevens, Colt and Marlin all made company guns for these stores
The exact age I don't know but I have my grandfathers Ranger 102.35 in Sn: 21683K in excellent condition. I'm 69 Yrs. old, my grandfather let me fire it when I was just 9 Yrs. old. To the best of my knowledge he had the rifle for quite some time prior to my first shooting lesson. Extremely accurate....
Answer . \nTry this Web page Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters
No, you can only use it to buy stuff at Sears. They will notexchange gift cards for cash.
Which Sears? There are thousands of Sears stores, and they all have different hours. See the Related Link below for the Sears website. Click "Store Locator" at the top left of the page. Enter in the city and state, or the zip code if you know it. The store hours will be listed in the results.
sears is not capable of marketing snapon. speculation is outlandish
Two of them were Ted Williams and JC Higgins.
What engine is on this snow thrower I know it is aBriggs&Stratton engine but I need to know the model number.
Answer . Do you have a model number (Sears guns usually have a number like 123.12345)? Condition will also be important, but for a rough idea of the value, go to a Walmart or a sporting goods store and find the least expensive new .410 with the same action type and figure that your used gun is...
Probably high standard. It is comparable to their supermatic deluxe. According to the 26th edition of the gun traders guide, new in box: $369 and excellent condition: $295, good condition $201. Made in 1966-1975. High Stadnard made the Model 66. IT predated the Suprematic line of High Stadnards that...
They are manufatured by AYP (American Yard Products) which has long been owned by Electrolux and is now part of EHP (Electrolux Home Products) which also includes Husqvarna, Poulan, WeedEater, McCulloch, Partner, Target, etc. It is now managed by Husqvarna.
According to the store brand cross reference in Numrich gun parts corporation's catalog, Sears model 2t was made by Winchester. I believe it is a Winchester model 141 because the model 131 is magazine fed and the model 121 is a single shot.
Sears does not offer credits for their commercials publicly. Atthis time the African American lady in the commercial's name isunknown.
Answer . Marlin. ** Marlin? Which Marlin ** . Ranger was a trade name used by Sears prior to World War II, changing to JC Higgins after the war. I can't think of any bolt-action Marlin .410 model... enlighten me? In the meantime, if the original poster can email digital photos to us we can...
I think between 9:00 or 10:00. You'll have to look it up.
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nwhat is the serial # what shape is it in anywhere from 50.00 to 250.00
Which Sears? There are thousands of Sears stores, and they all have different hours. See the Related Link below for the Sears website. Click "Store Locator" at the top left of the page. Enter in the city and state, or the zip code if you know it. The store hours will be listed in the search...
Answer . This should be equivalent to a Stevens Model 66A. Try Savage ( or Numrich ( for parts schematics, but I doubt if it came with an owner's manual - 50 years ago Sears wasn't worried about being sued because someone couldn't figure out how to use their products...
Answer . \nThe Sears 200 series = Winchester 1200.\n. \nParts should be available from if you can't find them locally.
umm definitely not sears is...... well i like to think of it as a multi-purpose store because it has clothes, cookware, and hardware. if you want a monkey, then i suggest you try a local pet store such as Petco or Petsmart. hope i helped!:). Yes they did. I have one and had since I was a child. I...
Dr. Al Sears is a marketing group in south florida where studentsget to spin out their best marketing stories on "food supplements".These products are all scientifically unproven "natural products"you can get just by eating strange plants in far away lands, orchew on your lawn. The scam is the ...
Ground work began in 1970, the first steel was laid in 1971 and the building was completed in 1973.
It's a Winchester 131. There weren't a whole lot made but they're not worth all that much. Some say $350 on the high side, but in reality it's probably about a $100 rifle give or take. Nothing wrong with it, it'll shoot FOREVER but it's not a Holland and Holland.
Try or These two sites have many different manuals online available for free download. Or you can go to Sears. you can enter your part number for help or try eBay also.
Answer . Mr Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra . I believe it is called "World" by Five for Fighting.
Usually every thirty days
I did not find a manual but it seems that vendor number belongs to Husqvarna.
Sears Ranger Mdl. 101.11A is a semi Auto, tube fed, rifle chambered for .22LR offered in the '30's. It was made for Sears by Savage/Stevens and is equivalent to their Mdls. 6A, 87A and 76A rifles. Values, these days, dependant on condition is in the $75 - $150 range. Very dependable rifles utilizing...
108 floors, plus 3 basement floors.
Model 101.52772 is the Savage model 34,65,34M, or 65M So any magazine made for a Savage 34 or 65 should work. Here is an online store i found that has them. (Note: I have never purchased from this store and have no affiliation with them)
who makes sears replacement windows
The Sears Roebuck Company, hired a firm of architects and building contractors to build the tall building that had their name.
Yes, Sears Tower is in use today.
I traded and got one the other day and was wondering that someone told me that on the right side of the barrel you will see a small circle with a number in it and that is supposed to be the year mine has 70 so i assume mine was made in 1970. my gun has a 70 to, but has no ss# ss#numbers start it in...
Answer . My cross-reference list says this is a Stevens 311 double barrel, so it should be worth $150-$250, depending on condition.
what dose the willis tower represent
Aylwin B. Lewis is the CEO of sears ...
\n. \nThe Ted Williams Model 34 .22 caliber auto-loading rifle was manufactured by High Standard. Identification numbers include 583.3400; 583.3401; 583.3402; and 583.3403. There may be additional ID's, but these are the ones I have found. \n. \nD. Phillpott
Various companies are chosen to make different tools.
\nIf you're talking about this commercial: , the song is "World" by Five For Fighting. You can check them out at
no sears is cheap dont go there
If you're referring to the Sears Tower, it stands IN Chicago. So,the answer would be zero.
Leah Ward Sears was born on June 13, 1955.
Leah Ward Sears is 56 years old (birthdate: June 13, 1955).
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The rifles sold under the Sears name were made by regular gun companies. If you will repost with the model number, we can probably tell you which company made it. You can then order parts from companies like gunpartscorp.
False, it ranks fifth in the world.
Kenmore has been the sears brand name since at least the 1940's if not before.
Cooper tires is the main manufacture of all sears guardsman tires COOPER now makes the Guardsman plus tire, Sears changed suppliers a couple of years ago and increased the warrenty to 50,000 miles
Using the basis that the catalog has "normal" wear and tear then the value is about $30-$36. Damage and water damage will bring it lower and sometimes down to $5!
\n. \nOn Wacker Drive, Chicago Illinois.\n. \nThe Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower on July 16, 2009.
The first appearance of the Kenmore brand washing machine almost escaped notice. The Kenmore washing machine did not show up in the venerable Sears catalog that year, and no known photograph of the 1927 washing machine with a Kenmore brand on it exists. The origin of the name Kenmore is equally...
Sears do have a credit card. In order to apply for a Sears credit card, just make a purchase at any sears store. The cashier will ask if you if you would like to pay for that item on your sears card. Tell the cashier that you do not have a Sears Card then the cashier will ask you if you would like...
Johnson Controls. They also make car batteries for Toyota (True Start), Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda and Acura dealers, Costco (Kirkland signature), AutoZone (Duralast), Advance auto parts (Autocraft), and Les Schwab. They make the best car batteries in my opinion. They used to make the Wal-Mart...
If you mean the department store Sears, they are owned by Sears Holdings Corporation (formerly known as KMart Holdings Corporation) which is a publicly traded corporation (symbol SHLD). If you mean the building formerly known as the Sears Tower and now officially called the Willis Tower, in 2004...
There is a saying: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". This is probably true when complaining to Sears. but be correct, polite accurate, firm and so on.
If you cannot find an ombudsman within sears contact your local atty general office. They would be the next step to getting your issue resolved.
The Sears store in Corinth MS is located in the Harper Square Mallon S Harper Road. The store opens at 9:30 am Monday - Saturday and12:30 pm on Sunday.
i have a sears, roebuck and co. consumers guide fall 1900 catalog given to me by a dear friend a while back. who buys books like this and what is the value. it is in great condition and the prices within or on almost anything one could want to buy for small change up to around 50.00 for wood burning...
Which Sears? There are thousands of Sears stores, and they all have different hours. See the Related Link below for the Sears website. Click "Store Locator" at the top left of the page. Enter in the city and state, or the zip code if you know it. The store hours will be listed in the results.
it made good outhouse paper !
Answer . \nThis gun is the same as a Savage Model 94. There were 934,000 made between 1926-1945. Depending on condition pricing is generally between $50-$125.