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Warts are small growths on the skin often on the hands and feet. Warts are generally harmless but can be a nuisance and cause for embarrassment.


yes, but only if it is to remove warts, and it should not be used on anything much smaller than a cat,
No. You can however freeze them with kits you can get a walmart.
Genital warts are caused by HPV, or human papillomavirus. HIV, thevirus that causes AIDS, does not cause genital warts.
how do brain warts develope
Yes it does it is painful if you are not careful.
about 20-25 mph
Warts usually disappear over time, though doctors can burn, cut, freeze or use acidic compounds to quicken the process.
Yes you can get a wart in your ear.
Yes but it can not be that big or the dog will go blind
You can contract HPV (the virus that causes all kinds of warts) by walking barefoot in warm and moist environments, such as gym locker rooms and public swimming pools. The virus thrives in such environments, and can get into the skin through cracks, cuts and scrapes on feet. The virus can also...
YES!!!    I did NOT know that until my little boy had one and i just cant  seem to get rid of it, so i called my older sister who is a Nurse,  has been for YEARS!!! and she said whatever you do... DONT PICK AT  IT!!! it is a VIRUS , just like a flu, and contagious and it will  spread..........
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No i had one removed they say just relax and its done!
I'm no professional however no blame should be put on anyone. Warts are a disease, i know that sounds bad but it's true. I have a strong feeling that it can be biological, my mom had warts as a kid and so did I. They did go away though. If you're worried about how to get them to go away there are...
Warts? Eww! Aren't they revolting!? I thought that when I got a wart on my foot and then ended up with three others. Some were on my toe. They are disgusting we all think and know they are. So how to get rid of them? I found a few tips my self. I did deffinetly use doctors advise with the cream and...
The best way to permanently get rid of warts is to stay healthy. Warts are caused by a virus and your body will always carry that virus. However, by having a healthy immune system, you will never see any warts on your skin because your immune system is successfully fighting off the virus. And the...
Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) has been used by the Mohawk Indians to treat warts. Take the white latex type sap and place on the wart several times a day. The latex will take on a dark appearance, this is normal.
It would be best to take your poodle to the vet because they are the experts.
You can not actually get warts from touching or kissing a toad or afrog. Some frogs and toads have glands that secrete poison as aform of self-protection. This poison can cause skin-irritation, butwarts have nothing to do with the frog itself.
Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Over 100 types of HPVs have been identified; about 40 of these types have the potential to infect the genital area. About 90% of genital warts are caused by two specific types of the virus (HPV-6 and -11), and these HPV types are...
get a pin and poke it open!!
The genital warts is a wild guess, but they can pass from mother to  baby and lie dormant for a while.    Please make an appoinment to see your doctor, permanent diarrhoea  is not good and the cause needs to be found
No, duct tape can only remove some layers of skin. Warts are caused by an infection which can be treated by having a doctor identify the type of wart and using the appropriate treatment. Some people are more susceptible to warts than others and must get repeated treatments; most people have an...
it worked for me with minimal effort.. applied a drop a day for about 20 days
If it is a severe wart you should talk to your doctor about removing it. Otherwise just leave it alone!!
Put duct tape on it!Another way i personally figured out is to shave it down with sand paper, since the wart does not contain any sensory nerves it will not hurt until you get past the wart at which point, you stop.
If the wart in on the lower eye lid (inside the line of the lower lashes), you need to have it removed by a ophthamologist who is a "lid specialist". I have had this done a couple of times on both upper and lower lids, as they seem to come back. If it's on the skin outside of the eye lash line, a...
See a doctor. You'll almost certainly need to see one for the ringworm anyway, and they can have a look at the wart at the same time.
Getting Rid of Warts (Verrucae): About Verrucae: Verruca is another word for wart, verrucae is the plural. They are caused by a communicable virus called the human papillomavirus . Typical locations of "common warts" are hands and feet. If they are on the genitals, they are called "venereal...
It's a virus called hpv
  == it can become an issue in childhood it can go away as you get older or you can by some stuff that can freeze them at the chemist ==
no toad gives you warts except cane toads, they give you warts when you squeeze their glands and white puss (or stuff that looks like whip cream) comes out but only small ones on the spot that touched the white stuff. if you want to pick them up all you do is pick them up by their back legs and...
Yes, but it may take a while - sometimes several years. Warts that are in places where there is no friction of clothing are more likely to disappear on their own. Warts in a skinfolding area or in places where there is increased friction have a tendency to multiply.
no they can not give you warts ( and neather can frogs) but could maybe cause rashes but im not sure
Masking tape will not remove warts.
scientifically speaking yes he does
Warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus. Certain warts for example: Periungual warts (warts in and around the toenails or fingernails) could lead to fungal infections if it reaches the nail bed and could completely remove your nail. If home remedies do not work on this type of wart don't...
Yes, because sooner or later they will just spread.
  My doctor told me that a wart can take a month or longer to go away.. and I think my wart formed in about 1-2 days and didn't change much or at all after that.
You can take your foot and place it in a bowl of warm water for about 30mins, then get some white wine vinegar and put it on the planter wart.repeat every evening until the wart falls off.
Yes. Over the counter treatment for warts are products which are based on salicylic acid. They mainly come in different forms such as counter plasters, pads, gels, and even drops. They are usually topical solutions.Hope this helps.
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A common source of transmittance of genital warts is through sexual contact with someone else who is infected, another source is extended contact with towels, or clothing that belong to someone who is infected although this method is unusual.
The reason why you get pimples and warts is because you sweat more during puberty.For pimple skin care you can go to the drug store or grocerey store and they will have a section with skin care products.For warts they should have special band-aids or cream to apply to the wart.it works like magic. ...
I have warts on my finger tips. Will bleach kill these, and how do  I apply it?
  The reality is that if you have genital warts, then you will need to have them removed by a doctor. Sorry....there simply aren't any home remedies or do it yourself methods that will get rid of genital warts. There are a lot of websites that would love to have you believe that there is an...
Toads don't cause warts. . Warts come from a virus that toads don't carry.
No you can't because warts can spread through being in water with other people but if your alone that is fine.
you can try putting duck tape on the wart thenleave it on for a week and do that until it turns kind of brown. after that let it dry out and eventually it will go away .
No. Warts are caused by a biological virus infection. A robot is a  machine and thus will not be affected.
Yes, you can get warts under your nails.
You can get them frozen off using Liquid Nitrogen.
It's an opinion. . An untrue one at that. . Warts are caused by a virus that only humans can carry.
I've used over the counter products with good success. Apply product and cover up with band aids. Repeat process till numerous layers have peeled off. If the edge lifts and bleeds I have just torn the rest off
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What?! Dudee, I don't think that's posssible. It's probably just a open cut, and that should heal. But..If you are second guessing yourself, (don't search the internet it can lie...) go to the doctor to make sure! that's your best bet
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Warts are caused by a virus, specifically the human papillomavirus. This virus infects your skin, specifically your dermis. This it does by entering through cuts and 'microcuts', submicroscopic cuts that let in pathogens. So touching a wart or a surface that has been touched by warty material lets...
A wart is caused by a virus, but a pile is a ruptured blood vessel.
Ok, so what you do is get a cotton ball and take Apple Cider Vinegar and put some on the cotton ball, then put the cotton ball on the wart and tape it there over night or when ever, then it will turn BLACK and that's okay it only means it's dying. Then it will fall off. There You Go!!
Warts are caused by coming into contact with people or objects thatpeople have touched. These people have a virus known as HPV, humanpapillomavirus. This virus causes skin cells to divide in a erraticmanner resulting in warts. A wart is a skin growth caused by some types of the virus calledthe...
  == Answer ==     It could be a number of things. First if it is hard and bony and has been there for a long time it could be Tori, a bony growth that is not harmful or anything to be worried about (unless you have to get dentures at some point). If it is soft it can be anything from a...
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Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. The virus is still in the body and warts can recur. ANSWERI had my warts on my thigh frozen off. It indeed eliminated the warts. However, after 3-4 months, the warts came back. I went back to the doctor to ask about it. She said that we'll just have them...
Translation: "How to get rid of warts?" Si entiendes inglés, la pregunta mostrada debajo explica multiples maneras de quitar verrugas.
I am not sure, but I suggest not using dry ice because it will give you a 2nd degree burn(some type of burn). That is why people wear gloves to pick it up, so that they don't get burned. If you do try, don't say I didn't answer Dry ice will stick to your skin. Instead, you can try liquid nitrogen...
"Bulk" and "wart" are two words, not one.
Cover it with duct tape and keep it covered for a few days, replacing the tape when needed.... however that did not work for my daughter. I've also heard of taping a potato skin (white side to wart) for awhile... though I've never tried it. Liquid Nitrogen is expensive at the Dr.s office if you...
Bathing in Friday is in no correlation to developing warts on any body part.
It is best to have your veterinarian come and remove them when you first notice them. The vet will cut them off and spray them will an antibacterial spray. If you leave them too long they can continue to grow and the vet may have to freeze the wart in order to remove it.
No, this can cure warts, but not ringworm. Ringworm is a tinea species, and clotrimazole, as well as other remedies, help treat this. Consult your doctor for your specific situation. Edit: ACTUALLY, yes, this type of topical wart remover contains a large amount of salicylic acid, which has anti...
Pimples could form around a wart. Sometimes the oil from skin and  playing with the wart could cause the skin to break out. it is best  to leave it alone after medicating it.
Technically, yes.
Because warts are caused by a virus that frogs don't get.
No bacause warts are caused by viruses, particulary one of kinds of  HPV (human papilloma virus).
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so this isn't a scientific way but its something my family sticks by and I believe it works, as it worked for me. Cut an apple in half. eat one half.with the other half rub it on ur wart and bury in in the ground.theory has it when the wart in the ground rots away ur wart will be gone
I think ECT stands for Electrocautery Treatment. Oh well not so sure but that was the one listed in my receipt when I had Electrocautery treatment the other day. Hope it helps
It would hurt, you'd probably get a blister, but you are unlikely to get rid of the wart.
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Probably! it depends
Try over the counter Tagamet, take 2 a day for a few weeks and you should see an improvement. It will take care of warts.
This is a rare but it doesn't mean the puppy has a condition. For the reason of the wart, consult your veterinarian.
There is no way to know who is the first person to get a wart.
I just got my wart frozen and my doctor said no swimming, I had to get a school exucuse so NO NO SWIMMING
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