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A vegetable in which the stem and sometimes roots are eaten. It is green and produces flowers.
When celery is placed in salt water, the portion of the celerystalk placed in the salt water becomes soft, limp andmushy . The celeryloses its firmness.
A stalk (or some people call it a rib) is one of the long pieces that are attached at the bottom of the head of celery.. U. S. Department of Agriculture grades . What most people call a "bunch of celery," the USDA calls a "stalk;" and what most people call a "stalk of celery," they call a "branch....
Celery is a special part of leaf structure called petiole
Yes, celery leaves are edible. They can be eaten raw or cooked, but are particularly good for flavoring in stocks, soups, or stews.
Stalks of celery come in many sizes and shapes. Your best bet would be to get a scale and weight the stalk of celery in question your self.
flower Celery does have flowers, although the flower is not very showy and most people are only interested in the stalk (which is the part we eat). When celery is allowed to flower the seeds are formed there, much as with any plant. Please see the related link below.
I have a bad reaction when I eat celery and I would like to know what other spice or veg-table that could replace it.
A stalk of mature celery generally ranges from 20-60 grams. On average, this is equivalent to about 1.4 ounces.
yes, celery salt is typically made from the seed mixed with (sea) salt, you could technically dry the celery stalk and mince it and mix it with salt as well, but what they sell in the stores is typically the seed which imparts the similar slightly bitter celery flavor as the stalk (the flavor coming...
if u bend it and it doesn't break..
no Chile does not import celery.
when you cut it you can the veins if it is blue dye u will see blue dots
None. Only fools ask such questions! (>.
Celery in Tagalog is Kintsay or Kinchay
It may depend on how finely you dice it and how firmly you pack it, but it looks to me like it's always going to wind up pretty close to 3 .
Celery is healthy, but not in big chunks. . the stringiness can cause digestion problems so its best you cut it up into small pieces. . very good because its juicy so it keeps them hydrated(they still need water) what animal eats cucumbers
no, they can not. the strands of celery can wrap around the guinea pig intestine, making it impossible for them to digest their food properly. yes, Guinea Pigs can eat celery Yes, guinea pigs can eat some celery. It is not recommended to give them very much because it can cause gas an bloating....
Hold the celery in one hand, curved side down. Peel using a pear knife or fruit peeler, going from the thick end to the thin end. cut the peeled stalks to the desired size using a quick downward motion of the knife.
Yes, many rabbits do enjoy celery, although if you are planning on giving them this make sure you cut it into pieces about one inch (2 cm) long. There is some talk that the strings can cause choking in rabbits, so cutting them into short pieces will avoid this concern. Also, only the dark-coloured...
By Capilarity . Just like water can go up in the ground . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VmMr9TWzY4
You can certainly have a better diet by eating celery and apples, but you are unlikely to lose weight just because you eat celery and apples. If you have the "negative calorie" idea in mind, it is false. Celery and apples may take more energy to chew than many other foods, but eating them will not...
depends not all rabbits have the same taste mine likes marshmallows
To eat, if you were to eat nothing but celery, you would lose weight, simply from digestion, because it contains no calories.
Yes celery does get of cellulite but does not always work a more beneficial result in removing cellulite is to drink a lot of water and do some hill training. If cellulite is around butt and thigh area squats do help.
patar seeli or پترسیلی Its Pretty hard to find but if someone does find it near ISB, do let me know :)
Yes , it is a member of the succulent plant species and one that does contain a large amount of water.
I believe celery is a mixture because it is obviously not an element so it is made up of multiple different things
If you put the roots of celery in diluted food dye, it will eventually turn the colour of the food dye, in about 1-3 days
Surprisingly, it does not contain a lot of fiber! Most of celery is water. To get sufficient fiber, the best source is whole grains.
no they do not.
Because, it just does. Move on with your life - it can be celery-free, you know.
Celery is a vegetable, same as in London, Chicago, or Sydney. Ajinomoto is MSG: monosodium glutamate.
Well, the water flows like in any other plant. It is absorbed by the roots, then transported through the xylem to the rest of the plant. You can see this by putting celery ( with the leaves) in colored water. The bottom and leaves will change to the color of water.
Not particularily, try bananas :)
yes because it is green :)
The best way to figure out the content of vitamin C in celery is to check the nutritional data on the packing or sometimes some grocery stores have "fact list" of different vegetables and fruits listed in the produce department. Vitamin C helps in maintaining healthy skin and it also helps in vision...
No, they are very different in both flavor and consistency.
Celery seems to be one of those no calorie foods like pickles and does not contain any significant amount of sugar, mostly fiber.
Well they would usually eat leaves, so I would say you can feed it lettuce.
To determine this, use your senses of sight, smell, and touch. First look at the celery. The color of the celery stalks should be a consistent and light green in color thoughout; the leaves will be a slightly darker color green. The stalks should be free of blemishes and brown spots, and the leaves...
Among others...celery, asparagus, and chopped broccoli.
Test in progress, will get back to you.
No, tadpoles don't eat celery. They only feed on the algae that is in the water that they are born in. Also, if they are not in the water that they were born from while they are still in tadpole form, they'll die.
The water diffuser out of the stalks. U can keep them standing in water or make sure u have a well sealed crisper
The word celery is masculine in French so it's...le celeri.
Noun: Masculin - céleri
Celery is called Ajmud in Urdu....
Answer: It depends on the vegetable. You can cut up carrots and celery and keep them in water in the fridge for a week or so.
Yes - They can have small daily amount of carrots, cabbage, celery, cauliflower and broccoli. Don't forget the hamster mix and fresh fruits. Well I fed just a slither of celery to my hamster and it started running in circles and died the next day. do not feed them celery guys.
You can put them in the garbage disposal in your sink.
I want to eat celery to lower cholesterol, but I don't want to eat the strings. However, I read that the string contains to fiber, so it seems that I need to eat the string----it spoils the rest of the celery!!!!!!!!!!
It shows that the end of summer has come.
Yes. My guinea pigs eat tons of it!
No, they do not. They eat algae.
i have heard that celery seed is a blood thinner.dont know aboutcelery stalks and leaves itself.....but i guess it is a bloodthinning plant......
Some birds may do but there are no birds known as celery eating birds.
dhaniya, taniya..
yes, they LOVE celery tops, and the entire thing. my source is my own 2 guinea pigs
1.29 a pound at supremo where i'm at.
yes. celery has negative calories
Yes. They are quite tasty and enriches a salad in a positive way.
There is a lot of talk about how they got there name. I once read that in a certain language 'Guinea' means small. Also most people think guinea pigs look like pigs when they walk and their squeak sounds similar to the noise a pig makes. So their name could mean 'Small Pig'.
There is 4g of fiber in one (1) cup of celery. That is about 2 stalks.
Celery is a vegetable.
McCormick (a popular food product company) lists the ingredients for its celery flakes as "stalk and leaf" of the celery plant. I highly doubt a toxic leaf would have been approved to be sold as a spice. A small number of misinformed people are going around spreading this silly rumor. Celery is...
In Kannada, celery leaves are called Gudda Sompina Beejagalu .
llamas can eat peanut butter.
yes you can feed your buny celery
Yes, but it is recommended that you wash it first.
The food color is absorbed by the celery from its roots, whatever color you put in the water affects the color of the celery.
it is called xylem and the water that is passing through the xylem is called xylem sap
its mostly just water so all of your body benefits from it
Celery seeds are nothing but "vammu" in Telugu, "ajwain" in Hindi
Yes, I do it all the time. I don't know if there are any negative side effects but I seem to be fine.
No, celery has leaves but the celery is not a leaf. if the leaves are up and the root is down whats leftover
Yes goats will eat any greenery or vegetable.
You can get it in Namdhari Fresh and also Spar