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Stain Removal

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Rather it's red wine on carpet, or the crayon left in the dryer, we have all been left with messes that we had to out figure how to clean. Ask and answer questions here about getting out those nasty stains.
To remove coffee, tea and other stains from your teeth, use bakingsoda. Mix baking soda with a small amount of water, to make apaste. Brush your teeth with the paste, and rinse. Repeat daily,until you see a difference.
Try using glass polish, available from stained-glass craft supply shops.
In order to successfully remove prestik from fabric, you will needto apply a dime sized amount of pine solution to the affected area.You then will need to scrub and throw in the wash, as you normallywould.
You should not use chlorine bleach on rayon fabric. This willweaken and damage the fabric. Rubbing small amount of liquiddetergent and let it sit for 5 min will be a good option.
You can use Products like - Laundry Detergent Dish washing Detergent Rubbing small amount and let it sit for 5 min.
Rubbing alcohol all over the stain
Using Soft-bristled brush, First remove the excess dirt. Use warmwater mixed with laundry detergent to create soapy mixture andapply small amount of that on affected area.
Honestly, unless you know whose blood it is, you should contact a professional biocleaner to get the blood out - you don't know if the blood has HIV, hepatitis, or any of a number of nasty diseases. A professional can safely remove the flooring with the blood in it and let you get back to your...
lol scrub like heck with powerful soap...
According to Good Housekeeping, Hoover Platinum Collection Instant scored best for stain removal and can also be used on upholstery. Other effective carpet stain removers include Bissell OxyPro and Weiman Carpet Cleaner. According to RealSimple.com, the best carpet stain remover is Resolve Triple...
Not usually. It is rather bad for the sleeping bag, but itshouldn't ruin it. Just dry it and try to get it "fluffy". If itdoes, it should still keep you warm effectively. If you want to besure, just try it out.
Cover stained area with dish washing detergent and rub it with yourfingers. Rinse the detergent off with neat white vinegar. In theend wash your cloth with normal water
COLD water . Cold water is the key. Never use hot water on a blood stain. I'm not sure why but I know its true.. peroxide...an just cold water with hand soap an shout
I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.
Salt water stains can be removed from window glass with a black andwhite newspaper. First crumple a dry sheet of newspaper and run itover the stain, then dampen the newspaper and wash the window withit. Finish by running a dry rag over the window.
Patsy Sherman was the first to invent stain removal, she lived from 1930-2008. And yes, she was a girl. SEXIST FOOL!!!!
you put a can of beans in it
copper and alloys of copper
The first thing to try is plain water. Dawn dish washing soap isgentle but can help remove the stain. Another common product isdandruff shampoo. If none of these work, there is a product calledColor Oops which will remove permanent hair coloring, so it shouldwork on the deck stain.
Answer . shout, dawn dish soap, cold water, and scrub with a toothbrush
Woodwright stains are made in Ohio. They can be purchaced direct from the plant. #1-800-322-8172. email: gowoodwright@yahoo.com. or check them out on there website @ www.woodwrightfinish.com. These are the BEST stains I have ever used!!
You can try paint remover or paint the desk color over it.
It can remove stain because kamias contains a high content of oxalic acid.
Quadratherm is a polyester fill for sleeping bags produced by The Infinity Sports Group in B.C. Canada. It is used in sleeping bags sold by Outbound.ca The name Quadratherm is a trademark name to describe one company's hollow fibre insulation product. Other companies have trademarks to describe...
Take them out of the shoe and you can put them in the washing machine.
Simply you can use some stain removal that available in markets. Ortry hot water. Hot water is primary good stain removal process.
Removing stains depends greatly on the type of stain, but here si a general procedure: . Remove as much of the stain as you can by blotting or scraping. . Pretreat the stain. . Wash the stain as you normally would. Depending on the stain, hot or cold water may be a better idea.
it can remove rust... man kay hangag ka...................................................
because it has a citric acid
first of all, try to soak the piece of clothing... or whatever...in COLD WATER!! NEVER HOT WATER!!!! hot water sets the stain!!! get blood out... if its your blood soak it in your spit If the stains do not come out with cold water, try spraying thestain with Genesis 950 and allow it to soak. This...
Calamansi is a citrus fruit, similar to lemons. It contains citricacid.
It jets a heated water/soap solution deep into the carpet fiber, then rinses and vacuums out the dirty mixture before it can reach the carpet pad below. Hope this helps!
Sleep in a bath tub because you can take a bath while you're sleeping! I am going to sleep in my bathtub from now on...... good idea! Sleep in a bath tub just because you can put covers and pillows in there and have fun in there and yes take a bath...shower...doesn't matter.
Bleach stains cannot be removed from black clothes. The bleach took away the black dye, and it cannot be put back. You may want to try redyeing the spot to match, but the clothing is most likely ruined.
There is no one answer for that question. Much of the "correct" answer would hinge on what route you'd be traveling as well as the time of year and the conditions for that given season. In general terms Aconcagua is a fairly non technical trek. Which in lay men's terms means it's a high altitude...
You really can't without negatively impacting the value of it. Most collectors don't want coins or paper money altered in any way, including cleaning. Cleaning will never add value to your collection.
some work relly well try difrent oxy cleans the relly get thestains out and gentle one diffrent fabrics
sleeping bag an aluminum cook set a water proof container matches two small butane lighters a sheath knife with a compass a first Adi kit small scissors a fishing kit
Removing a stain depends on the type of stain. Determine if it is dye, protein, tannin, oil, or a combination stain in order to be more efficient. If you do not know, follow the steps below: . Remove as much of the stain as you can by blotting the fabric with a clean paper towel or by scraping it...
It's 95% naturally derived from plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients - and contains absolutely no ammonia. It is not toxic to you or the environment. Safe for use on glass, mirrors, counters, appliances, stainless steel and sinks.
At a minimum: . Road atlas . Cell phone . Clothes . Toiletries . Sleeping bag or bed sheet set . Gloves . Notepad and pen . Cell phone Some basic tools are necessary. A lot of drivers buy groceries and carry those, as its less expensive than eating prepared meals at truck stops.
You can find them at a variety of stores such as, Food Basics or Pharmasave.
It's soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some are: hydrogen peroxide, ammonia is another and variouspetroleum products to remove grease stains. My Spray and Wash showsthe following ingredients: surfactant, solvents, stabilizers,fragrance and water. Older style stain removers includedphosphates.
Answer . The Company that makes "Easy Wash" Laundry Stain Remover is: Reckitt & Collman Inc., Wayne, New Jersey 07474-0945. They used to carry it in supermarkets, however I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I used to use it all the time - then the stores stopped carrying it, so I looked...
Aerosol Hair Spray - spray on as much as needed until the stain begins to "move," rub thoroughly until it begins to fade, then wash with warm water and soap.
No. Even though it will spray water at up to 3500 psi, it doesn't pump the volume necessary to clean a surface. A pressure washer needs to pump 3 GPM minimum to be effective. (No, those cheap ones at the box stores are not effective) An airless sprayer pumps as little as a quart a minute, a very...
It would depend on the stain and how fast you can get to it. The faster you attend to a stain, the more likely you'll get it out. Also, each stain requires different stain removal processes... NO CLEANING PRODUCT is effective to ALL TYPES of stains. Example is blood on carpet, you cannot use hot...
To remove coconut water stains, first soak with cold water for asmall amount of time. Then, spray the stain with a stain treatment,then wash in cold water.
SA8 Laundry care is the best in the world for your requirement. This product is economical, bio-degradable, So safe for nature. it's suitable for all types of water ( hot,salt,cold). If you concern about our green world, which will be the suitable for you. If you are one among them you go...
No! it can never remove stains from any cloth , it is only to add a nice odor to the body!
Start by removing as much of the pollen as you can without water- shake it out outside or scrape any chunks of pollen. Then pretreat the stain with OxyClean or Shout. Then wash the clothes in hot water.
The Winn-Dixie website makes no mention of its stores having carpetcleaners available for rental. However, you can call your localstore to see if it offers this service.
http://winningcolours.com/store-locator It has had its name changed. It is now 1000+ Stain remover by Winning Colours.
I just saw this in Big Time Rush but i think you have to put cat litter which will absorb the stain.
Attend to the stain ASAP! Using cold water, sponge up the affected area and extract the blood with a white cloth or paper towel (Put the cloth on top of the stain and stand on the white cloth to extract solution). Repeat process until colour transfer to the cloth ceases/lessens. if you have a wet...
(Please elaborate:) FACTORS UPHOLSTERY/FABRIC TYPE: how this effects the stain removal method ORGANIC/INORGANIC: which types of stain removers are more common for organic stains? PH: Acidity of stain and stain remover, chemical reactions involved TEMPERATURE: when cold is useful to...
It could be use in Removing stain in your stained clothes . Use it when you are about to wash your clothes , put an even amount on it and let it stay in water for 2 minutes.
The safest carpet stain remover is plain white vinegar. Unlike most commercial cleaners, it does not contain any chemicals or additives. Just mix equal parts vinegar and water and apply it to the stain. It should come right out. Baking soda can help remove any bad smells.
Most carpet shampoos are made to remove the stains, not the color of the carpet. As long as you stick to the directions, you should have no problems. If somehow you get a bleached spot in the rug there are carpet dye sticks you can buy to fill in the pigment.
Yes there are. Many people revert to old-school methods, such as bleach, baking soda, and salt water. However, finding an official natural carpet stain remover would be quite difficult.
I would recommend looking for an all natural carpet stain remover to be sure that you do not expose your children to dangerous chemicals. One product you might want to try is Seventh Generation Carpet Spot and Stain Remover.
The lightest sleeping bag for travel is the Stansport Redwood Ultra Light Sleeping Bag. It works just as effectively as any other sleeping bag and is still comfy.
During the summer the best choice of sleeping bag is one that is light and thin. Which may be the least comfortable but with keep you from sweating at night.
The Deuter Travel Lite 200 is one of the best sleeping bags that provide the most warmth as it is in the shape of a mummy. It keeps the warmth in where as other sleeping bags let the warmth seep out.
I have been searching but can't find them anywhere!
Test on a small portion before use to ensure compatibility with surface. For old stains, let the liquid of Easy-off Bang remain for while on the surface and scrub with a sponge or plastic wire which we use to scrub utensils. Wipe it off with a dry cloth
Seeing as a Quinny Footmuff is a top of the line zip up shell like cover which resembles a mini sleeping bag and can be used with either a car seat or stroller to keep a small child warm in harsh weathers it would be directed towards children. It would be most useful for newborns who need to be kept...
The Quinny Footmuff is an accessory for the Quinny stroller. It acts as a cover for baby, providing a sleeping bag type design to keep them warm. The Quinny Footmuff is designed to be strapped into the seat, but still provide easy access for getting baby in and out.
Glass cleaner and a Mr. Clean Magic eraser.
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"Although a bit pricey, a Bugaboo Footmuff will help keep your child warm. The Footmuff resembles a small sleeping bag and keeps small children protected against colder weather."
it depends on the stain you have,I use resolve and it works fine ihavent tried oxiclean though >_
Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
Answer . If it is the crock type the stain is from salt deposits, soak your pot in bleach and dishsoap, maybe use a light scrubber if it does not come off after an hour soak. Answer . If it is the crock type the stain is from salt deposits, soak your pot in bleach and dishsoap, maybe use a...
Anytime you are doing a stain, use the solutions on a test area you can't see. First blot area with newspaper, towel etc, then put baking soda on it to absorb it, clean that up, then go over it with baking soda and water solution. I don't know about how your carpet is but do a test area first, if...
it is used to remove soil and stains from clothes.
find a cleaning thing that cleans stained temperedglass or something
You'll probably need to consult a drycleaner.
Fevikwik, also known as super glue is very difficult to remove fromany surface. To remove super glue from clothing, you will need aQ-Tip, acetone based nail polish remover, a toothbrush, very finesand paper, laundry detergent, and a washing machine.
My favorite cleaner to use in the bathroom is Mean Green. Spray it on liberally, allow it to soak for a few moments, and give it a little elbow grease as your wiping it down. Depending on how stubborn the stains are you may want to use a plastic scrubby like scotch pads. If that doesn't seem to be...
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just spray it with some thing good smelling a there you hove a good smelling sponge