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Washing Machines & Dryers

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Washing machines and dryers are used to first wash and then dry clothing, towels, sheets and other fabric household items. Questions about washing machines and dryers can be directed here.
If it shuts down and then restarts after being off awhile theproblem is most likely the over temperature switch. Cleaning thelint from the back of the dryer and the exhaust vent may correctthe problem, if not you may have to replace the switch.
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Aome machines claim to spin at 74 decibels. Is that loud?
\nThe old and new ones have a timer and the newer ones have an electronics controller added for more functions. I think some may even brush your teeth in the morning. Repair is not often easy because one bad transistor can require a whole control board replacement for mucho dollars. So what do you...
Used ones are cheap & traditionally washers are much more expensive. Try the recycler or penny saver or equivalent. I never buy them new & many places remanufacture them & provide warranties.
My mother in law has a high efficiency washer and dryer and I'm always surprised how much cleaner my daughters winter coat comes out when washed at her house. That's the only experience I have to offer.
It means you have a drain issue.. DON'T call the repair man until you go to this site for self help.. Very easy to fix..mine was clogged with everything from washer/ dryer sheets to kids socks... http://www.appliancepartspros.com/customerservice cheaper parts & directions to fix ANYTHING &...
yes. since we got it we could not imagine life without it! our house no longer looks like a laundry.
If you found your washing machine broken, you can still get rebate for washing machine. Just visit www.greenmoola.com.au for your washing machine rebates.
rubber belt broke lint overflow
You probably mean WHAT is my Kenmore dryer model. If so, you Kenmore Dryer model number can be found behind the dryer door. Open it and look around for a label containing the model number and serial number around the opening. If you decide to service you Kenmore dryer make sure to have this model...
The first washing machine was designed by H. Sidgier of Great Britain in 1782. The first patented washer in the United States was by Nathaniel C Briggs in 1797. It was a manual device. (The US Patent Office was destroyed by fire in 1836, so there are no details or drawings.) The first electric...
I have a model 40901, and the capacity is 1.37 cubic feet
You can get a replacement bonnet for the Conair soft bonnet hair dryer by calling Conair, 203-351-9000. Located in Stamford, Connecticut.
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In order to prevent the washing machine from moving away from its stationary position in a spin cycle. concrete is suspended on spings to counteract overbalances. LOVE FROM RYRY X
There are several types of manuals available for this type appliance. User manuals can be found at Kenmore.com The diy repair materials are available in paper format only from various sources, such as amazon.com. For reference to PDF service manual for gas and electric Kenmore dryers see http://www...
The rear window wiper uses the same fluid reservoir as the front, it just has a separate rear window pump attached to the fluid bottle under the hood.
I'm pretty sure. Unlike a standard magnet, which possesses a constant magnetic field, electromagnets only posses a magnet field when electrical currents pass through them. Therefore when the washing machine is on it uses electromagnets.
I wonder if there really is some person, somewhere in the world, who does know what a computer is, and is able to compose a question on a computer for this site, but who does not know what a washing machine is. I suppose it is possible. A washing machine is essentially a container into which we can...
Tub cubic ft volume measures about 2.9 cu ft.
noise comes from the high speed higher the speed, louder the noise it can be checked with this https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/washspeed/id588527777?l=it&ls=1&mt=8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFl9HOf2nwQ
laundry before washing machines . By hand with a washboard & washtub. Washing requires agitation and something to help break down water's surface tension, usually soap. Many cultures continue to do laundry by beating the clothing on rocks along the river. Placing them in large pots of boiling...
\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn residential service 110, 115, 117, 120, and 125V are functionally the same. 220, 230, 240, and 250V are also all functionally the same.
In general it depends solely on the temp setting on your hot water heater.
my frigidaire affinity washer wont drain
Now not everyone know's who but I'm not quite sure either well u could look things up on ask.com or this website but it wont tell u i go to Google it takes mi to this website when i ask certain questions im not sure why?But im PRETTY sure u will figugre this answer out well if you don't i hope u...
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They perform the task more efficiently than manual labor. as being fully automatic one can do things like reading books while the laundry is in cycle.
Well it can be used for a great many things. Right now i am using it to clean off dirt on driveways and sidewalks and make them white again. But they are also used for washing cars, boats, house side boards, windows and benches. In many power washers you can also add chemicals and soap to get the...
You can either flip it upside down or take the back off, dependingon the model. OR Unplug the machine (preferably after you drain it) On most 80's - 00's washing machines there are two clips under thecontrol panel. You need to take off the end caps of the controlpanel (top of the machine where the...
The filler tube has a hole in the side causing the oil to blow out. Remove the filler tube and replace with a threaded plug and the problem will be solved.
It must be on the same circuit in your breaker box. They both need dedicated circuits for them.
Hi You could simply have a partialy blocked or damaged nozzle, clean or replace nozzle check manufactures handbook for correct size. Also the water supply could be restricted, not keeping up with the pump output, check taps and hoses for blockage usually its the water filter that is dirty or blocked...
Whirlpool Corporation. Washers assembled in Clyde, Ohio, dryers assembled in Marion, Ohio.
lol asda,tesco,argoa and amazon
On most professional pressure washers there is a pressure regulator on the pump. Usually by turning on way or other pressure will increase or decrease.
I have one that has the patent date on the bottom of it. "July 4th 1899"
it wash our clothes quickly.it helps us to save time
Lg Washers and dryers are made in South Korea
They save a lot of time and energy and free us up to do things other than laundry
Kenmore is manufactured by Sears and only Sears. Sears does not manufacture. Their appliances are made by major manufacturers. Most of the dryers are made by Whirpool.
Washing machines doesn't contain plutonium.
Possibly but more likely if it's a side load machine. Let it dry out thoroughly & then test it.
The ingredients should be listed on the box or bottle.
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that's because a kind that of fo rce generates bteween the clothes after being spun so hard! that energy keeps them stuck together, as far as i know!!
White has traditionally been associated with clean, and we all desire to have clean clothes. We would not feel good about a washing machine that was grease colored, or the color of playground dirt. Answer: In many parts of the world washing machines (and dryers) are available in a wide range of...
So far I have found only one company. Staber!
Alva J.Fisher invented the electric washing machine
Keith McLaughlin President. Robert cook ceo. Fridgidare corp. 250 bobby Jones Expressway. Martienz, Ga. 30907. or. Electrolux Home Products. P.O. Box 212378. Agusta. Ga. 30917
It's design is From Italy then it is now here in Egypt from 1985 untill now it is working.
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This can have a variety of reasons depending on the make and type of machine. - 1. The pump is not working at all or has become clogged. 2. The 'wig wag' has failed and is not engaging rinse cycle. 3. The the pump drain hose has become plugged or kinked. The solution is very dependent on the...
You can contact Telmann in New Zealand on 0800 24 24 37 or (04) 415 6000.
Check the nameplate rating on the door or door frame of your washer, it should tell you the amp rating or the kw rating of the machine. If it only has the KW rating of the machine, simply divide the KW rating by the voltage of the receptacle and it'll give you the current (ampere) rating. Typically,...
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\nMerloni Appliances of Italy - a really huge company that uses different brand names around the world including Servis Indesit Ariston Hotpoint Scholtes and some others.
Yes, you can store a clothes dryer upside down. The orientation doesn't matter in storage of this item.
You can wash your TOMS, but only by hand with some washing powder. After washing your TOMS, put some Cedarsoles in your shoes. Theyare made from natural antifungal cedarwood and they give your feeta very long-lasting menthol-like aroma. Cedarwood is very useful toprevent smelly feet and nail fungus....
There can be good or bad washing mashines but some can break down!!
Depending on the model number, the weight can vary. Determine the model number of the unit in question, visit Maytag's website, and type the model number into the search box located at the top right corner of their site. Once you've landed on the washer's product page, there will be loads of...
No. But you can handwash them with Woolite, or get a spray bottle and spray the Moccasins LIGHTLY with cold water. And then dry them with a blowdryer. DON'T air dry them.
Well, it depends from washer to washer, but normally, you first have to find it's fetish. Then, you use that knowledge to be able to turn it on. Doing this, you can easily reach at least third base.
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To winterize a pressure washer, follow the following steps: . Many manufacturers will recommend that you change the oil before you winterize a pressure washer. For most models, the engine will take a standard 30w oil, and the pump will take a non-detergent 30w. Check with the manufacturer of your...
The temperature sensor is most likely a bi-metal strip type thermostat, or two for different temperatures. Newer machine may use a thermistor.
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Yes it is ,there is nothing in a dryer that woud be affected by orientation.
This seems to be a major problem with the Duet front loadingwasher. It looks like a design flaw in the pump that doesn't emptyproperly. There are some useful tips from contributors on how tosolve the problem. . Order> AP4320043 (TJ120) Affresh washer cleaner for frontload 1 @ $6.49 This contains 2...
LG makes the current model
prewash on a washing machine means you wash it again EX: I prewash my clothes to get the dirt out
Two negative effects are the noise and the vibrations; caused bythe speed.