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Brigham Young

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Brigham Young was a leader of the Mormons. He became the president of the Mormon church after Joseph Smith's death. Questions about Brigham Young can be directed here.
Brigham Young, led the members of the Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter Day Saints, The Mormons, to Utah, and founded Salt Lake Cityin 1847. He served as Utah's first governor, appointed by PresidentMillard Fillmore, from 1851 to 1858.
For one thing, being the second president and prophet of the Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).
Brigham's westward journey began at Winter Quarters, Nebraska. Brigham Young began his life in Vermont. After converting to Mormonism, he moved to Ohio, served a mission for the church in New England and Canada, then moved to Illinois and finally to Utah.
745 great-grandchildren . 26 wives . 56 children . 204 grandchildren . 745 great-grandchildren
He was a polygamous. He marry about 27 women. . \n
Brigham Young married his first wife, Miriam Works, when he was 23. Miriam died 8 years later and at age 32, Brigham married Mary Angell. He was later sealed to plural wives as the Church practiced polygamy at the time. The first came when he was 41. Others came when he was 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 51,...
Brigham Young died from Acute Appendicitis and Peritonitis. This means that he did not break his appendix (which is impossible) but that he had an inflammed appendix which burst. The bacteria from the burst appendix then spilled into the abdominal cavity and caused a huge internal infection. To this...
Yes. He was very successful. They all made it, but some died.
There seems to be a great deal of debate on the exact number. . Some say that he had over 40 wives while he was alive, although that number wasn't all alive at once, and that number definitely isn't the number of wives that he slept with, because he married several women just because they needed...
Brigham Young, like most converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, studied the Book of Mormon for several months. Though study of this book and sincere prayer, he gained a testimony that the book, and therefore the Church, was true.
Of Brigham Young's many jobs, the most prominant would be the second prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as Mormons, moving thousands of church members from Illinios to the Salt Lake Valley by wagon and handcart train, he was also the...
Brigham Young lived in many places throughout his life but his final home was in Utah. He had homes in Salt Lake City and Saint George.
Brigham Young loved Utah.
No, he didn't. Although the he called himself a prophet JosephSmith prophesied the Church would eventually have to move to theRocky Mountains to find peace, he was murdered before the move wascarried out. The murder was directly tied to his claim that Godcondoned polygamy. Brigham Young lead the...
Brigham Young was appointed Governor of Utah Territory by U.S. President Millard Fillmore in 1850. He was Governor until 1858, when he was suceeded by Alfred Cumming.
Yes, the pioneers were led by Brigham Young to Utah.
Answer . \nMost abusers grew up in an environment of abuse while young (yet 1/3 of them did not.) The abuser could have been spoiled (perhaps an only child or only son) and some could have been abused physically or emotionally by one parent or even both parents. A child has no control over such...
Several years earlier, before Joseph Smith was murdered, he had prophesied that the Latter-day Saints would have to move west to the Rocky Mountains to flee persecution. Because of this prophesy, Brigham Young knew to lead them west. He had seen the Salt Lake Valley in particular in a vision, and...
Utah, the state where Mormons settled and built their third temple-the Salt Lake City Temple. It took them 40 years. Salt Lake City is currently the LDS (Mormon) church capital.
When? Obviously his weight fluctuated quite a bit over his 76 years. His weight was also never published, as far as I can tell. Photos from when he was Church president and museum displays of his clothing make him appear to be about 200 pounds during the 1850's to 1870's, but that is just a rough...
Brigham Young died on August 29, 1877 at the age of 76.
Yes, as were many early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon church).
I suppose the short answer is, he didn't! Joseph Smith had prophesied several years previous that the Church would have to move to the Rocky Mountains because of persecution. After Joseph Smith was murdered, the government of Illinois asked the Mormons to leave the state. It was decided that this...
Brigham Young had three homes in Utah, the first was in Salt Lake City and was called the Beehive House. Once his family outgrew the Beehive House, another home was built right next door, the Lion House. He also had a winter home in St. George. All three of these homes have been preserved or...
because it would take less time and be less work.
Brigham Young University offers Bachelor's Degrees, Masters Degrees, and PhD's. They also offer special law degrees. The Bachelor programs (as of 2012) are: Accounting, Acting, Actuarial Science, American Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Animation, Anthropology, Arabic, Art Education,...
Joseph Smith, Jr. is considered the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Church members believe that he organized the Church under the direction of Jesus Christ. After he was shot and killed in 1844, Brigham Young lead Church members to religious...
Brigham Young never wrote a book, but his sermons and speeches have been collected into books.
Yes. Brigham Young said, "This is the right place, move on."
Brigham Young was born on June 1, 1801.
Brigham Young was the 2nd prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is most accredited with leading the Mormons from their city of Nauvoo in Illinois across the plains into Utah, after the martyrdom of their first prophet Joseph Smith. He was also the governor of Salt Lake and...
\nSmith and Young were persecuted for being the leaders of an unpopular faith. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was founded in 1830 with Joseph Smith as the president and prophet of the church. \n. \nThe church and all its members were persecuted from the start because of the doctrine...
Brigham Young wasn't really killed, he died of an illness. The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) after Brigham Young was John Taylor.
Because he had a vision from God that this was the place to settle
Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah.
Brigham Young died from peritonitis following the rupture of his appendix or liver at the age of 76.
No, Brigham Young himself did not work on the Transcontinental railroad. He was in his late 60's and very busy being the leader of a large church and having several wives and children to care for.
Brigham Young married a total of 55 wives. Wikipedia has a list of each of them here, however, wikipedia is not a good source because it's not always true.
Brigham Young had two daughters with his first wife, Miriam Angeline Works. They were named Elizabeth and Vilate.
Salt Lake city of course...then all over Utah and surroundings
Depends on one's perspective. Brigham Young was a very different personality from his predecessor and mentor, Joseph Smith, Jr. Joseph had a personality that was at times gentle and friendly, and at other times forceful and passionate, depending on the situation. Perfect, in other words, for...
He did not try to help the indians.
Church of Mormon. Brigham Young University (BYU) is a Mormon university.
Ironically, there is no record of Brigham Young ever claiming to bea prophet. However, he was considered a leader by many, and was thePresident of the Quorum of Twelve at the time that Joseph and Hyrumwere murdered. Most Mormons followed him west after the martyrdom,and he was officially made...
Southern Utah, industry, musicals, Joseph Smith, his family, and carpentry.
Brigham Young died on August 29, 1877.
BYU is in Provo, Utah. BYU-Idaho is in Rexburg Idaho and BYU-Hawaii is in Laie Hawaii
The Mormons had been chased out of Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. It was decided that they would move somewhere that nobody else lived so that they could practice their religion in peace without being chased out.
Brigham Young had six sisters and four brothers. His sisters were: Nancy Young Kent Fanny Young Murray Rhoda Young Green Nabby Young (who died young) Susannah Young Little Louisa Young Sanford
Brigham Young was the second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and as such is and was revered as a prophet. He led the Saints westward and established a government in the Utah territory. He is known for his fiery speaking style and his ruthless commitment to the gospel, in...
For sure. He was known as the Modern day Moses.
Brigham Young would solve his problems through fasting and prayer. Meeting and consulting with the quorum of 12.
Mormons don't generally use the word "epiphany" to describe any religious or spiritual occurrences, they use the term 'revelation' or 'vision'. Brigham Young did have many revelations and visions. One of these is recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants as Section 136.
About 2000 came to Utah in 1847 with Brigham Young. Entry: 1847: Aug. "Thurs. 26 - '...Between six and seven hundred wagons , with about two thousand souls enter the valley that fall." (LDS Church Chronology 1805-1914, page 34) But the Mormons kept coming and about 70,000 Mormons came to...
He had mircles as being in Morman Church
young wanted to move the Mormons far from hostile neighbors
Brigham Young came west with the wagon train on April 14, 1847. Entry - April - 1847 "Wed. 14. - Pres. Brigham Young and his brethren of the Twelve left Winter Quarters for the Rocky Mountains. They joined the Pioneer camp near the Elkhorn River." (LDS Church Chronology 1805 - 1914, page 33)
Brigham Young said in a sermon on October 9, 1859 : "Joseph Smith holds the keys of this last dispensation, and is now engaged behind the vail in the great work of the last days. I can tell our beloved brother Christians ... something that no doubt will mortify them - something that, to say the...
Brigham Young was not murdered. He died of peritonitis after rupturing his appendix at the age of 76.
Books at BYU cost the same as at most other universities. Expectabout $100 per textbook for the general classes, and up to $200 or$300 for more specialized classes.
Brigham Young was the 2nd prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is most accredited with leading the Mormons from their city of Nauvoo in Illinois across the plains into Utah, after the martyrdom of their first prophet Joseph Smith. He was also the governor of Salt Lake and...
As the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Brigham Young believed in the then-established doctrines of the Church. These were summarized by Joseph Smith in the 13 Articles of Faith: . We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy...
To lead the Latter Day Saints to a place of safe worship, without persecution.
He is often quoted as saying, "This is the place." as he entered Salt Lake Valley. However the actual quote is, "It is enough. This is the right place. Drive on." Whether he actually said this is a matter of debate.
I have know idea this is what I am looking for
Brigham Young was married 55 times, although he only had a marriage relationship with 16 of them. The others he was responsible to care for temporally but he did not live with them, have children with them, or even see them often.
It was very important. He led them to the Salt Lake Valley and set up Salt Lake City, now a sprawling metropolis that is the capital of Utah.
Brigham Young was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) at age 31 in 1832. Prior to that he had been a Methodist for 9 years.
Brigham Young was baptised 15 April 1832 at the age of 30, in his own millstream in Mendon, New York. He was baptized by Eleazer Miller, who had been a member of the church only four months. Brigham was confirmed and ordained an elder on the same day.
LDS Prophets don't retire-- they are in it until death. So, he never really retired, until he died.
Brigham Young lead the Mormon Pioneers to Utah because they wanted to practice their religion in peace and Joseph Smith prophesied that they would find peace in the Rocky Mountains. The first groups arrived in 1847.
Brigham Young had six sisters and four brothers. His sisters were: Nancy Young Kent Fanny Young Murray Rhoda Young Green Nabby Young (who died young) Susannah Young Little Louisa Young Sanford His brothers were: Lorenzo Dow Young Phineas Howe Hong Joseph Young John Young.
204 . Brigham Young had: 26 wives 56 children 204 grandchildren 745 great-grandchildren
Brigham Young is buried at 140 East 1st Avenue in Salt Lake City, Utah in the Brigham Young Family Cemetary, near the Brigham Young Historic Park. A photo of his grave is found below under "Related Links".
Yes. There was a movie made about Brigham Young (Titled: Brigham Young).
Father: Joseph Young Mother: Elizabeth Hayden
Brigham Young died on August 29, 1877 at the age of 76.
Brigham Young had at least one officially adopted child and helped to raise at least 11 children from his wives previous marriages. Ida Ames was adopted by Brigham Young and raised by his wife Martha Bowker. Lucy Ann Decker had 3 children with her first husband, William Seeley. He abandoned...
Brigham Young University's mascot is the cougar.
Brigham Young had 26 sons, only 17 of these lived to adulthood. Here are their names: Joseph A. Young Brigham Young Jr. John W. Young Brigham Heber Young Earnest Irving Young Arta DeChrista Young Feramorz Little Young Oscar Brigham Young Jedediah Grant Young (died in childhood) ...
Yes he was great he was a leader of the mormon church and had a clean soul. He beleived in his religion and showed it by his good works.
It is likely that he used different information to make different decisions at different times; however, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are expected to make every decision a matter of prayer.
I agree 100%, because Brigham Young successfully arrived in Salt Lake City with most of the people who chose to come with him and with enough supplies to found the city.
He had them cover the foundation of the temple. They also were prepared to move at a moments notice. Some even left their homes and camped outside of the city in case they had to move again. He said that if the Army would not treat them properly, they would burn their homes to the ground and leave....
What Brigham young did that might have been wrong is a matter of opinion on what you think is wrong and what you think is right. Many think that he sanctioned the Mountain Meadows Massacre. There isn't any hard evidence of this but if it were true that was a wrong thing. Even if he didn't sanction...