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Algae and Phycology

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Algae is a group of aquatic plants. They are considered simple due to the fact that they do not grow into distinct parts, like land plants. Seaweed is a type of algae. Phycology is the study of algae.


Greenyly Greenish, and Teethlys!
Well the process of life involves something called photosynthesiswhich is the exchange of oxygen for CO2. We breathe in oxygen andlet out moist CO2 which plants use to grow and make their foodcalled sugar, which is another whole cycle.
No, they have holdfasts which act like roots.
because it uses photosynthesis just like algae and other plants around the world
No, seaweed is alive.
Seaweed could be an excellent addition to any weight loss program.They are not only extremely low in calories, they are only 40calories in a cup of dried seaweed, but studies have demonstratedthat it may even be able to help you burn more calories, this isbecause eating it can give you a fullness...
Seaweed laver
Yes , sea weeds (Algae ) are included in Protista .
Yes They have tiny mouthes which eat sesweed
the ground-up diatoms are added to cleansers because they are hard and don't scratch any surface.
They are plants so they 'feed' through photosynthesis. and issmoked by the fish in the sea because it's sea weed
Kelp is an autotroph, or a producer (they mean the same thing). This means that kelp produces its own food via photosynthesis. This is why it remains in areas where light penetrates the water easily. In other words, kelp does not prey on anything. . On the other hand, if you are inquiring about...
the purple sea urchin
Sea weed adapts by little organisms with it. It has little pores inside of the sea weed that makes it adapt to the temperature of the water. It tends to live at the bottom of the water source. It lives in salt and fresh water
most sushi, carrageenan which is a thickening agent in a lot of food that is thickened such as pudding, some yogurts and ice cream and so on
entomology and zoology
the kingdom protista
If algae wasn't in the water there would be a major upset in theocean's food chain; for example, less algae means less food forfish which means less fish for us. Algae can be genetically engineered to produce the amount ofhydrogen it normally produces to the third power, and this extrahydrogen can...
Kelp does not eat, it is a plant, a producer. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunlight. It's a plant, not an animal. Kelp do not eat sunlight, and kelp is NOT a plant. Kelp makes itsown food by a process called photosynthesis. Kelp is a protist fromthe kingdom of...
There are about thirty different genera of kelp, comprised of more than a hundred different species. Some of the more common species are list below: . Bull-head kelp . Giant kelp . Kombu . Laminaria digitata . Laminaria hyperborea . Laminaria ochroleuca . Laminaria saccharina . Laminaria agardhii...
No , Kelps are not protozoans but Kelps are Brown Algae . They are the largest Algae .
It can, but it is hard to work with and tastes bad. I suggest you take the time to look for nori.
Kelp is in the phylum Heterokontophyta, and the class Phaeophyceae.
plankton- if you read the lesson you would know.
by using its flagella
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kelp does not eat, it is a plant. it photosynthesises
Kelp moves with the current around it, the same way wind moves trees.
sea weed is a producer because they produce/make food for other animals.
No its a plant that grows at the bottom of the ocean. Not a virus.
Seaweed needs enough sunlight reaching them so they can carry on the process of photosynthesis . Seaweed use carbon dioxide in water and sunlight to produce carbohydrates for the marine life to survive.
they produce silicous rocks(chert).unlike foramaniferas produces limestone caco3
Yeah both are algae.
\nSearch engines like Yahoo and Google have an image-searching option. You can look for pictures by typing in the word (rather than looking for the word by typing in the word).
There are many types of seaweed. Some of the many includeAcrosiphonia, codium, ulva, alaria, fucus, costaria, zostera, andspartina.
Kelp is not a decomposer. It is a producer.
No, seaweed is not really weed. People just call it that because, it looks like weeds.
Algae grows on any surface where it can get enough water and sunlight. Algae are plants, and make energy from sunlight. Some places you can find algae include your fish tank, the ocean, rivers and lakes, underneath rocks, on the shady side of your house, or inside of the toilet bowl. They are pretty...
I think kelp lives in the pacific ocean it needs food and water kelp needs shelter some kelp eat other animals
Kelp are seaweed. Kelp are neither carnivores nor herbivores because those descriptions are reserved for animals.
for dealing with dessication - they secrete gelatinous polycharrides that helps to retain water. for reproduction? - they release gametes into the water synchronously in response to light, temperature, or tides to increase the fertilization rate for not being buried in sediment? - they produce...
Seaweed feels slimy. very slimy
Nothing, without light for photosynthesis, the kelp will die.
The chlorophyll in the chloroplasts of the algae cells is what's green. The chlorophyll turns sunlight into food through photosynthesis.
Most likely, industrial runoff or other forms of pollution havelead to eutrophic conditions (too much phosphate, nitrate, or otherchemicals in the water), which were a perfect environment forovergrowth of cyanobacteria (algae). Certain species ofcyanobacteria produce toxins that can kill animals ...
No they do not eat seaweed!
cause they don't havee cell phones
seaweed The largest brown algae are called kelps. The Kelps are tough and leathery in appearance. They posses leaf like blade , Stem like stipes and root like holdfast
Actually, it doesn't have much taste. I have eaten toasted seaweed,and there wasn't much to it.
Algae can get nitrogen from poop or animal waste (it absorbs it by the way) make sure that if you want to feed algae you give it light and warm water, because it grows better in summer than winter. here is the website that my friend's mom found. http://fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/green_algae...
Well no. Many times I'm at the beach in the water and I see a maroon or reddish type of seaweed floatig bye. It's just that most people assume seaweed is green.
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) The Phaeophyceae or brown algae , (singular: alga) is a large group of mostly marine multicellular algae, including many seaweeds of colder Northern Hemisphere waters. They play an important role in marine environments both as food, and for the habitats...
Seaweed is a living thing
No they are not fungi.They are algae in Kingdom protista.
certainly not! a shark is a kind of fish and do they eat seaweed? well in some cases yes but for this question in particular the answer would be no
giner primus is the scentific name for Kelp. ( I think)
NO!! TheLeopard shark eat a wide variety of foods, including worms, shrimps, crabs, fishes, fish eggs and clams. p.s I LIKE CHEESE
Manta rays do not have teeth and cannot chew up food. Instead, theyeat tiny marine organisms including microscopic plankton, smallfish, and crustaceans.
Seaweed is.... . Seaweed can be green brown black or beige.
30 to 80 meters at the most (about 90 to 240 feet). Answer . " How tall is kelp. I need help. " That rhymes! Anyway, kelp can actually grow to be 110 feet tall, which is about 9 yards. That's the highest possibility.
well it depends where u live!!
Seaweed is a broad colloquial term that refers to multiple types of algae.
Blue green algae is a plant and yes it is made of cells with a nucleus.
They can be 2-40 feet deep (the sunlight still has to shine on the kelp for photosynthesis)
Famous for Oysters and Crab. Many, many species of fish, crustaceans, shell fish, amphibians, and other assorted salt water species live in the Chesapeake Bay. It quite literally teams with life even now that pollution and over-fishing have greatly reduced the numbers. . dolphins . crabs . rays ....
sea kelp grows in the sea and is used in hair products and fertilizers
No. Unfortunatley, you can not eat seaweed because generally it contains such high amounts of iodine that it would make the reaction you have to the substance much more intense. You might find this medical explaination interesting for an individual lacking iodine: Seaweeds have a salty taste that...
Most toothpaste is made from inorganic chemicals that may have biological sources. Seaweed is a source of alginate, and red seaweed is sometimes used to produce carrageenan, a thickening gel. Both of these may be found in toothpaste.
The answer to that question varies depending on the type of algae. Blue Green algae belongs to Monera Unicellular algae: Protista Multicultural algae the most common such as Red, Brown, and green algae belong to the Metaphyta (plantae) kingdom
Really, none are! That doesn't mean they're edible though.
go to waves of doom and use chum as bait
algae are plantlike protists
algae can reduce the dirt in ditches so if it ever goes in places we drink like filtering staitions the water will have less dirt because the tiny bakteria eat up the dirt
yes i think they do eat seaweed. I'm not for sure but I think seahorses are omnivores that eat plants they are actually herbivores
From sunlight and photosynthesis.
They are also eukariotic organisms.They do have mitochondria incells
Yes kelps do have eukaryotic cells. All living things have eukaryotic cells.
what is the usual size for a seaweed?