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Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)

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DLSR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex or Digital SLR and are more complex than your everyday point and shoot digital camera. DSLRs take more quality pictures than regular cameras and have more options and features that you use, such as the number of pictures you can take in a small amount of time and the different lenses you can use. Also these cameras have more manual settings that you can change resulting in the ability to take different photographs.
I would expect to use both the 55-250 and the 50mm F1.8. The zoomwill get you in close enough for where there's enough light on yoursubject. hope this helps you .......
All of them, pretty much. You'd have to look very hard tofind a DSLR camera that doesn't support live view (on theLCD screen). That said. Every Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus DSLR that i've everused supports live view on the LCD screen. It's almost alwaysactivated with a dedicated button or...
Nikon. Nikon. Nikon. ================. I personally have canon 50d and i can say that it is one of the most popular and greates digital cameras DSLR
Not that I know of. Sounds like a great idea though.
Best? There's no such thing! There are only opinions when it comes to a question like this. My opinion? Look into a Canon Rebel XS or a Nikon D3000. They're both great . Personally, I'm a fan of the Canon system. I own a 5D MkII and a 30D, so I'm partial to Canon. But no matter how much I love...
Start by powering on the camera and ensuring you have enough light around. Next, adjust the image mode to different modes such as Portrait, Landscape, Closeup or Sports depending on what you need. Now, adjust the aperture to decide the amount of light to reach. The aperture settings are marked by...
Generally speaking, SLR cameras are rated to up to 100,000 shutter actuations. While 100,000 is definitely a large number, it is not uncommon for a shutter to last over two times this many. In my time at Best Buy, I have seen several cameras break the 500,000 mark without any physical issues.
I think, at the moment, the top selling dslr is Nikon D3100. It hasmany great features and the price is also affordable.
The essential parts of a digital camera is how many mega pixels it is. The higher pixels there are the better quality the picture will come out.For beautiful 8x10's a 6 mega pixel camera will do.The next important part is the quality of the lens.Make sure it is made of glass for tyhe best quality...
Currently stocked is the Olympus E420. However, for a little more, you can get a much better DSLR
The Canon 5D is a professional grade DSLR. If your looking for recreational use, Canon T2i
If the camera is for professional purposes or you are skilled on single lens reflex cameras, I recommend the Nikon D 200 or similar. I am a professional photographer and I use Nikon D 200, Olympus E-3 and Fuji S-3 Pro. Believe me, Nikon is the best choice.
Yes it is compatible. Click here for a list of the full range of lenses available for the Canon 550D: http://www.cameraquip.co.za/joomla/index.php?option=com_content& view=article&id=221&Itemid=85 Cheers, Andrew
The difference is in what is used to capture the light. In film SLRs, the film exposed to light needs to be chemically processed. In digital SLRs, the sensor detects light and can produce high-quality images instantly and without buying more film.
Personally I would ask the teachers. Nikon makes many good product so I wouldn't be too worried about quality. I would be more concerned with getting a camera your teachers can understand and help you with. Something that has modes for ease of use as well as room to grow. Asking the teachers also...
NO. The lens is required to focus the image on the CCD sensor.
Experimenting is the best way to get a perfect exposure, but for starters, get a tripod and try 10 sec. at F/8, ISO 100. Improvise from there, and you'll have great pictures.
different companies' cameras take different cards. for example, Olympus cameras have their own types. by digital camera, do you mean compact camera, as dslrs are digital, hence the "d" at the beginning.
Absolutely. The 430EX was designed to be a cheaper speedlight option for Canon SLR users. It was especially designed to work with the 5D which doesn't have a built in flash. If you buy a 430EX it'll interact with your 30D, 350D or similar EOS SLR to help with white balance and focusing as well as...
All Minolta AF, KM and Sony A-mount lenses All Tamron lenses with A-Mount All recent Sigma and Tokina lenses with A-Mount
Both. Depends on how old the camera is. DSLR is just a digital version of an SLR (single-lens reflex), which are the cameras with removable lenses.
This is for when you use adjustable filters such graduated or variable ND on the front of your lens. The removable section allows you to rotate the filter while the hood is still attached.
Just stick with the top two brands canon and nikon.
SLR single lens reflex DSLR digital single lens reflex A camera with a single lens that portrays the image seen through the lens by reflecting the image with a internal mirror, up through a prism, and to a viewfinder so you accurately see what the lens will see when it takes the photo. When...
The Canon Rebel T3i
That depends on the lens that is mounted on the Sony A33 DSLR.
DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. This is a type of camera, it has interchangeable lenses, and usually yields better quality than Point and shoot cameras.
Most do. This is what typically happens. Light passes through the lens, reflects on a mirror that will flip up when the shutter is pressed (revealing the sensor), passes through the auto-focus screen, then bounces on multiple mirrors (behind the pop-up flash) called a pentaprism, where it finally...
The price of Canon dslr cameras varies depending on where you are looking and whether you are shopping for a new camera. A lot of different stores and websites, such as Photo 4 Less, offer a variety of cameras for a wide range of prices. How much money you are willing to spend may depend on if you...
Yes, as long as the camera has a memory card.
I have two Nikon cameras and love them. Mine SLR came with a 18-55 lens and it is just fine for most photos. I also have the small pocket camera from Nikon that you can't change lenses, but the pictures are sharp and clear. I use them both often.
First Anwser: No, because there is no removable lens on the SX30 itis not classified as a D-SLR.a Finay Balfour: Actually, a few Bridge cameras have removablelenses, but that doesn't make it as DSLR. DSLR stands for "DigitalSingle Lens Reflex", which means that it has a mirror which bouncesthe view...
Jesus did not have a Sony DSLR
The term hyperzoom or superzoom is used to advertise photographic zoom lenses with unconventionally large focal length factors, typically more than 4× and ranging up to 15×, e.g., 35 mm to 350 mm. The largest ratio for digital SLR cameras is held by the Tamron 18-270 mm, giving 15×....
you may be able to use such a lens if you are lucky, and are prepared to buy an Adapter to fit between lens and camera(not expensive) you can operate with some loss of automatic functions. See wikipedia for more info. See eBay for adapters but be careful to get it the right way round!
An SLR is a Single-Lens Reflex camera It is a kind of camera where a single lens may be removed from the camera body to exchange for one of a different focal length, and a reflex viewing system (mirror and pentaprism) is used to direct the image forming light to the eye piece for viewing prior to...
If you want to get the best advice on what dslr camera to choose, you should visit mycamera.co.za . They supply a wide range of almost any digital cameras as well as accessories.
The 500D is the predecessor or earlier model to the 550D, but that same line is now up to the 650D, passing the 600D as well.
Yes, it is labeled more as a entry level DSLR though. Keep that in mind.
SLR stands for single lens reflex. This is the type of camera in which the image goes into the lens and is reflected by a mirror into your eye at the viewfinder. You therefore see exactly what the lens is seeing. This type of camera also usually allows you to remove the lens and replace it with...
Canon. Canon is a company focused on making great analog or digital cameras while SONY is more broad in focus.
There are many different DSLR brands out there, and different people all have different opinions on what is the best brand. In my opinion, the Canon EOS series has the best line of DSLR camera. The camera body really makes no difference though, it all has to do with the eye of the photographer and...
Firstly, a DSLR is a camera itself. And mobiles have their owncameras, but they're not DSLRs. If i have interpreted your questioncorrectly, it is not possible to fit a DSLR inside a moblie.
The difference is the lens, auto-focus, color and sharpness / detail of the picture, but this only depends on the two cameras that you are comparing.
The Nikon D3100 Digital Camera with 18-55mm has been said to be especially made for first time DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) users. But your looking at spending between £300-£500. So its expensive. However, looking at the reviews on most websites, the only flaw with the product is that...
With most D-SLR cameras, you just put the camera (and lens if it has the option) on Auto Focus (AF), then press the shutter half way down.
Hey there all. Was just wondering if anyone knew a good DSLR camera for first time DSLR users? I'm 15 and i know quite a bit about cameras as it is. I have £200 to spend. was thinking about spending it on the new Argos deal on the Fuji-film camera? Any ideas? (Much appreciated.)
Some of the best DSLR's under $700 are: Canon rebel T4i Nikon D3200 Sony Alpha 65 Canon 600D/T3i Canon 650D Canon 60D Sony Alpha a37 Nikon D3100 Nikon D5100 Sony alpha a57 I hope my answer will help you!
my favorite is the canon 5d mark II
You shall take your DSLR to all major events. You must depict your good times and bad. Just be careful with it. Use a waterproof camera bag. Make sure it doesn't get stolen. Festivals can get REAL.
Cannon or Nixon are the best digital SLR cameras for a beginner to use. Looking at reviews would help a lot because most people that have reviews are ordinary people.
Digital SLR CamerasAmazing offers image quality and outstanding performance. There are many many benefits photographers, from beginners to professionals, will experience with every interaction with a Canon EOS digital camera.
Canon digital sir is better than other sir cameras because it provides better pictures. The quality of the pictures is a lot clearer and easier to modify.
You can buy a Canon digital SLR directly from the Canon homepage. Or you can find them at most retail electronics stores such as Future Shop, Best Buy, Visions Electronics, and Broadway Cameras.
The Canon Digital SLR has professional quality sharp focus. It will provide accurate exposure even in difficult lighting conditions. Besides great pictures, the camera will capture HD video that allows the user to make movies as well.
A digital slr or digital single lens reflex is a camera tht uses a mirror behind the lens to get light to the viewfinder. This allows you to have a wider range of focal lengths without having to change the lens.
Cameras have been manufactured with up to 39 megapixel resolution, but they are not widely available to consumers. Most consumer cameras are around 15 megapixels.
A digital SLR is an excellent camera, but it has a lot of options that might be confusing to amateur photographers. If you are not comfortable with those options, a better choice might be a digital point and shoot camera.
Digital SLR referes to "digital single-lens reflex." This terminology is often used when speaking about cameras. Such cameras can allow the photographer to change lenses as he or she sees fit.
A dslr camera is a great camera to own. Yes, it takes high quality pictures that could help you with making money from your photography hobby. There are many different brands to choose from. Check around to see which brand offers what you are looking for.
As of lately, the common price range for a digital dslr camera is.between 400 and 500 dollars. Compared to the prices a year ago, this is actually a very fair price.
Yes, they certainly do! Best Buy deals in digital SLR cameras in brands like Sony and Canon. They also sell additional equipment to go with the DSLR cameras, like tripod, additional lenses, etc.
One of the best dslr camera money can buy is the Nixon D3S. It cost around $3500 but has 720 p video and has a high dept pictures, that come out really clear and sharp.
There are many ways to obtain this information. Wal-Mart and electronics stores such as Circut City will have sales-people that will be happy to assist you if you ask. Also, you could probably request information by contacting the company through mail or e-mail.
The Canon "D" line is always popular, from the 550D to 650D having: -18 mega pixel sensor Provides great picture quality. also video quality below: - Full HD (1920/1080) at 25/30fps - 720p 60/30/25 fps
There are several types of Sony DSLR cameras which will take HD-quality pictures. These include, but are not limited to, NEX-5, a55, DSLR a900, Alpha A580/L, aSLT-A33, NEX-3K, DSLR-A580L, DSLR-SLT-A55, and SLT-A55V. All of these cameras come with different lenses and additional equipment can be...
Different models of Sony dSLR will have different specifications. Most are between 12 and 15.4 megapixels but check into the model you are interested in for confirmation
The picture quality on the sony dslr camera is top rated. With interchangeable lenses and several accessories available, you can choose the best equipment to handle any given conditions.
Best Buy has the best deal for the Sony DSLR camera with a sale at 599.99. That is just for the body and lens. They also have a package deal starting at 645.98.
Sony cameras are very good in quality. The picture clarity is very nice and sony cameras providing maximum zooming facility so very good decision to take sony camera.
I would suggest the Canon EOS 5D Mark2.
Firstly, this depends on your standard of 'best' and 'expensive'.If you're a professional photographer, you'll want cameras on thetop of the range, which aren't cheap - at all. If you takephotography as a serious hobby - like I - you'll want somethinglike the Nikon D7100, Cannon EOS 70D etc. As for...
As of October 2008, the best selling DSLR is Canon's EOS Digital Rebel XSi
10.5 mm refers to the focal length of the lens.. f2.8 refers to the lens aperture. . ED indicates the presence of at least one Extra-low Dispersion glass element in the lens with the purpose of minimizing the chromatic aberration for a better colour rendition.. If I correctly argued the contest...
Unfortunately, it will not. CANON and SONY have different lens mounting brackets.
Yes. The lens' brand (Nikon for example) to your Canon adapter.
my name is ajay and my many friends have nikon dslr like D90,D500 and more so NIKON is leading company
Tough question. The best way is to use the same brand of camera with the same lens with both camera bodies and review each photo side by side. By far the biggest component in comparing SLRs with DSLRs is the image sensor in the DSLR. Assuming your using comparable cameras this is what to look for:...
Its called "vignetting" Its usually a filter applied in post through some photo editing app i.e. photoshop. Some cameras you can pre select the filter you want, though not sure which ones (Canon 60D I think does it).
Thinking of getting Canon 550d from hong kong. If you want to get a professional one, I suggest you get a Nikon. If you just want to get one, just get a canon one, it's more popular.
Most cameras are in the decline stage right now due to the quality of smartphone cameras..
around 500 dollars with the lens. That is the canon 1100 D or the t3
It means that the camera can take 3 photographs/pictures per second. So this is very useful for taking photos of a moving object/person/animal ESP if they are running for example. Then being a digital camera one can pick the images they like best on a computer without the cost of printing them all.
Answer . No, they are incompatible because they are of different focal lengths. Some companies sell converters.
SLR & DSLR are acronyms for: Single Lens Reflex and Digital Single Lens Reflex SLR gave photographers the possibility of seeing exactly what the camera is going to take by bouncing the image off a mirror into the viewfinder. Before the viewfinder was created it was separate from the lens which gave...
Thats odd- 16gb is plenty of room for all low and most higher end DSLR camera even shooting 'RAW' photos (no compression). For example, with a Canon 5D mrkII (over 20mp camera) I can take 400+ photos with highest quality settings before the card is full. Try importing all photos from the memory card...
The difference is their sensor, Digital cameras has large sensors and TTL (through the lens) optical viewfinder while Compact system camera don't have TTL and interchangeable lens except for the modern Compact. There is a quality difference because of the impact of the light that passes through the...