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Ford Aspire

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The Aspire is a fuel-efficient compact car that replaced the gas-thrifty Ford Festiva. With Mazda-made components and Kia-produced body, the Aspire is available in three variants including the two-door hatchback SE and the base two- and four-door hatchback.
This fuse box is located behind theglove. box. To access the fuse box, dothe. following:. 1.. Open the glove box and empty the. contents.. 2. Press the sides inward and swivelthe. glove compartment downward.. Note: Any improper modification tothe. electrical systemcan compromise the. safety of...
  no, two different suspension system specifications.
Open the drivers door ( or left side door ) and you will see an informationsticker on the latching pillar that shows the original tire size on the vehicle fromthe factory ( I believe it was 165 / 70 / R13 )
  ( .044 inch ) according to www . motorcraft . com - no spaces
3.6 quarts ( 3.4 liters ) with engine oil filter change , according to the 1996 FordAspire Owner Guide for your 1.3 liter engine
Start by Putting a jack under the oil pan. Lift just a bit. Then take off the air intake, with the air filter (whole thing). Then there is a engine mount under it (on left side of car 'passenger' side) No remove the bolt and raise engine with jack. MAKE SURE THAT EVERY THING IS OUT OF THE WAY (FOR...
No , not according to the Owner Guide ( the pictures show using a wheel lifttow truck lifting the front wheels , a flat bed truck for the vehicle , or lifting theback of the vehicle with a tow truck and using dollys under the front wheels )
  the aspire only featured power steering in the automatic transmission.
  with a pretty decent motor about a new aspire when they was bout 105 but if its used and has bout 100000 it will go 85 to 95 mph
that is the firing order my friend
== Answer ==   I had the same problem. No easy fix. The trannie needs to be taken apart and the shift bracket( inside) has to be re welded. It cost me $11oo.00. You may want to take a chance on a used trannie. Parts could not be found to replace the bracket. Bill   ____________________________...
a lot    =========================================================    According to the ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire Owner Guide :    With engine oil filter change :    The 1.3 liter / 81 cubic inch four cylinder engine takes :    ( 3.6 U.S. quarts , 5W-30 is the PREFERRED oil )
No , not according to the Owner Guide . The front wheels have to be on a wheellift tow truck , a flat bed truck , or if using a tow truck to lift the body from therear , the front wheels have to be on dollys to prevent damage to the transaxle
The fuse box is below the steering wheel beside the hood release.
I believe that is 3.4 to 3.6 quarts , with engine oil filter change
  == Answer ==     firing order 1-2-4-3 #1 is the piston on the passanger side the 31 on the cap is the one closer to the front at the top
  go to autozone, they'll tell you how much and what type of transmission fluid to use. I'm not sure of the automatic transmission fluid, but the manual transmission uses regular transmission fluid. Autozone will tell you how much to put after you drain it all from the big bolt at the...
We sent my wife's 95 to speedometer plus in Los Angeles. It was around one hundred dollars and come back like new and work great. You can get free quote from them.
Yes they can ive had rims from American racing on mine and they seem alright also some from scertain ford escorts will fit on the aspire and some Toyota rims.
    == Answer ==       I have a 97' ford aspire that i am currently working on,from interior to engine head gasket, valve job and re-installation.The fuel pump is an electric type on fuel injected models,and manual on carburated models.If yours is fuel injected,you will need to...
You need to pull out the entire light from the out side it pulls out hard (has clips holding it in) found out the hard way. after unscrewing a few screws. On Certain models make sure to move to either the left or right (depending on what light) a little first
  == Answer ==     The front wheel bearing is pressed onto the spindle of the and this needs to be   done at a facility (machine shop, dealer, auto repair, etc.) that has equipment to do this. The piece that holds the bearing can be removed from the car and taken to the afore mentioned...
Control arm and ball joint are all one unit.
  == Answer ==     first is it automatic or manual? first check the major things like the axles to see if one of them is broken. if one is broken then the vehicle will not move. second kia/hyndai who made the ford aspire still cannot make an automatic transmission that is reliable. the...
Yes the Auto Glass is the same for 1994-1997 Ford Aspire, by Able Auto Glass & Glass2go.com
$750 for reman on everdrive.com but pull-a-apart is where i got mine from for 70 bucks.
  Fuel filter is located in the engine compartment, driver's side between battery and firewall. Follow the fuel lines.
  provides electricity to keep the engine running, recharge the battery, and operate such equipment as lights and radio
  == Answer ==   Low pressure port larger hose from the air comprssor
  The 98 Cabrio has a sealed transmission, it does not have a dipstick.
  look under carpet behind rear seat acess panel to fuel pump check screws to pump and panel
    == Answer ==       The correct size for the front speakers on a 1994 Apsire is 5 1/4" speakers.
PO470 is a code for (Exhaust Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction), The codes come from OBD-II, ISO9141 E.T.C., Standards. You can purchase from E-Bay and buy U380 Memo Scanner Read trouble Codes amd Clear Codes. Cost 20$. Manual has codes to look up.
    When I change the oil in my 96 I put in around four quarts. And go with the gallon container that way if your car uses alot of oil then you can add to it and the gallon is the best value.
With mine it was bad wires and plugs and the needed clean the rotor wheel or distrib.cap
  == Blinkers Won't Work After Getting Hit ==     First, ensure that any damage to the electrical system has been repaired. Bulbs can become shorted but appear good, so replace them if unsure of their condition. Next, check the 15amp fuse marked "HAZARD" in the lower left of the fuse...
Mileage is th time spend to do work done of parts of machine Nd Average is th speed limit of th machine.
Disconnect the battery cables first. Then, You should start by removing the air cleaner and air cleaner housing. There is two wires with plugs on the right front of the top portion of the air cleaner housing. There is one nut almost hidden in the right front corner that must come out. Once the air...
I have a 96 Apire and I am having the same type of problem, my blower will sometimes work and other times it will not work. I believe that the blower speed switch (the knob with off 1 2 3) is going bad. I ordered one form my local Ford Dealer and was told that this part is now Obsolete. . Tim
Open the drivers door and on the latch pillar you will see an  information    sticker . One of the things it shows is the original size of tires  on the    vehicle from the factory
  == Answer ==     the brake fluid goes in the brake master cylinder. it is located on the driver side in the engine compartment towards the back (firewall). it's a round black plastic lid on a light colored plastic cylinder. be sure to clean the cap off with a rag before removing it to...
Its an hexagonal plug below the exhaust manifold on the side of the engine.
remove spark plugs change oil drain fuel crankmotor over with oil in cylinders install new plugs and fuel motor must be started within one hour of removing oil from cylinders
    Just use the suggested R15
Defective brakes, or wheel bearing. Also some times the E-brake can stick on these cars, my rear wheels were locked up and i discovered this was the problem, i replaced the cable and i have not had any trouble since A lot of times the rear wheel cylinder goes bad and either freezes up or starts...
  == Answer ==   I believe it is one of the three relays under the dash, and adjacent to the clutch pedal or brake pedal if you have an automatic transmission. Assuming it's the same as a 94 ford aspire.
I believe you have to go in underneath the hood and unplug the headlight from behind, that's about all i know. Yeah if you open up the hood there will be a plug that is in the back of the headlight. To remove it all you have to do is twist it to the right or left I'm not sure but it just pull right...
According to the ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire Owner Guide :    The PREFERRED oil weight is ( 5W-30 )    With engine oil filter change :    The 1.3 liter / 81 cubic inch four cylinder engine takes :    ( 3.6 U.S. quarts / 3.4 liters of PREFERRABLY 5W-30 )
      The bulb could have blown, check and see if it's not then you probaly have problem with the wires that connect to it. To check these just remove the plastic cover in the back and check the wires that connect to the light.
The 1999 Ford Escort emergency flasher unit can be found beneath  the drivers side dashboard. The emergency flasher unit will be  labeled as the turn signal flasher unit.
change your throttle positioning sensor located on the intake manifold
  Do you have enough transmission fluid in the trans? Be sure it is full and you will notice and instant change. If not, have a transmission mechanic check the bands to ensure there is no slippage, otherwise, I'm not sure. I hope this helps, E200
Usually there is a safety interlock mechanism that requires you to depress the brake before shifting from park. Have this checked by a mechanic to be sure it is working before tearing into your tranny.
Answer . \nIt is located between the engine and the firewall at the right side of the engine approximately the same heighth as the bottom of the valve cover. There is two vacuum hoses attached to it and it is held on with two bolts. It also has a plug with wires attached to the top of it, is...
  under the hood in the thing that says diagnostic. you need to pick up a manual to learn how to pull the codes if it is OBD1, if it's OBD2 then its inder the steering wheel and bring it to an auto store to run the codes.
To check computer codes on a 1994 Ford Aspire, a person will need a  code reader specific to a Ford for that year. Insert the code  reader in the slot provided just under the dash on the right side  of the steering wheel. Wait a few minutes and read the code. Some  code readers emit a green...
According to the 1997 Ford Aspire Owner Guide :    With engine oil filter change ;    The 1.3 liter / 81 cubic inch four cylinder engine takes :    ( 3.6 U.S. quarts / 3.4 liters of PREFERRABLY 5W-30 )
  == Answer ==   Passenger side of the engine attached to the bell housing.     == Answer ==     the starter is on the underside of the vehicle close to the wheel   == Answer ==     it is on the passenger side.
  == Answer ==     I know that on a 1995 it is located in the rear driver's side of the engine compartment. Although if you just follow the fuel line (it should have a flow arrow on it) from the engine block out it will run into the fuel filter.
  The fuel pump relay is right by your drivers side blinker light under the hood there should be three little fuse things there it is the second one in. My aspire had a blown fuel pump relay got a new one from a bone yard and it fired right up after sitting for 5 years.
  == Answer ==     Look on the end of the clutch cable, if you can't find it have someone push the clutch, theres a nut, 12 mm I think but mine turned by hand easy enough, unscrew to make the clutch engage closer to the floor. The exact spec has you measure the free play at the top of...
takethe purple wire and connect it to the orange wire then stick it in the oil the lighter and spark it
  as long as the gap is correct the plugs don't matter.
I know that they have R15 in the size I don't know the restoriginal tires are 165/70 R13 for the 96 and 97 aspire
Remove the hubcaps and wheels. Remove the two large bolts that hold the brake caliper to the steering knuckle. pull the caliper out of the way. There are two large Philips head screws that hold the rotor to the hub. Remove them and slide the rotor off the hub. Just did this to my '96. Hope it helps
It has been done. I believe a couple of the bolt holes don't line up bit it does work. The final drive is shorter so power will improve but mpg will decrease. For a more thorough answer sign up for free at fordfestiva.com. Neanderpaul
where's the relay on a 95 ford aspire. Which Relay?
It is one of the three relays under the dashboard, adjacent to the  brake or clutch pedal. That is where it is located on the 1994  Aspire.
Just changed the starter in my daughter's '97 Aspire, two days ago. It'll help if you go buy the replacement starter prior to removing the old one. It cost me a little over $100 with a $30 core charge.First remove the battery. You'll then need a 8mm, 12mm, and 14mm socket.Remove the two 8mm nuts...
Get engine running. While the engine is running disconect the POSITIVE termninal from the battery. If the engine dies, the Alterntor is bad.
  Very likely you have a blown head gasket. Condensation is a possibility, but this sounds new. There are commercially available head gasket testers. Check your coolant level and oil condition. Low coolant indicates a leak that you can't see aka steam.
    Check the main fuse box (use the manual to see what each fuse goes to) if it's not there then check under the hood in the fuse box right behind the battery.
  The 1996 Ford Aspire has a 10 U.S. gallon ( 38 liter ) gas tank
== Answer to wheel bearing q ==   its pretty easy to do, you will need a 1/2 inch drive 19 or 21 mm socket, I got a set made for impact tools ( strong ) for 10 bucks at big lots, a torque wrench capable of reading 75 ft./ lbs, These can be pricey, ask around and see if anyone can lend you one, if...
They are self adjusting. Some sdjust when backing up and hitting the brakes and some by using the parking brake. You can also adjust them by removing the rear drums.
== Answer ==   Try using two flat tip screwdrivers. They make a special pair of pliers for c-clips.   As a retired auto upholsterer the easiest way to do this is to simply install the clip fully onto the handle and then push the handle onto the spine ... that's it ... easy.
The easiest way to fix a low growling noise in a 1997 Ford Aspire  might be to add Lucus oil stabilizer to the oil. This will depend  greatly on where the low growling noise is coming from and it might  be even easier to first have a mechanic pinpoint the noise.
  I know on my 97 ford aspire i was told to fill the manual transmission where the speedometer cable goes in on the top of the transaxle. There is one bolt that holds it down and then it just screws off.
  == Answer ==     First remove the Window Crank Handle. Then remove all of the screws you can find, 1 for the door release, 1 for the door grip, and 4 for the door panel. Pop loose all of the lower door area, and carefullyremove the door panel. Remove the plastic behid the door panel,...
Just had mine done at a shop at around 75,000 miles and the old belt look fine it could have ran another 50,000 miles. It's a hard job very tight space to work in. Have a good shop do it and change the water pump because it has to be removed when changing the belt. Tensioner should be replaced also.
Buy a CD ROM Ford Shop manual off Ebay,has all specs pix and d iagrams you will ever need.
I have a 1995/96 ford aspire. During a emission testing the car  failed due to a PO510 code - closed throttle position switch. What  does that mean? And how do I fix it?    Thanks
If it is anything like an Altima, one fan is for engine cooling and the other works with the air conditioning system.
The most easy way is to get a replacement form the junk yard. Yhat said i will admit I was heck bent on fixing mine so the mileage would be right. Mine would tick and in time the speed would jump. I tried replacing and lubricating the cable but it was in the speedomometer itself as it turned out. So...
1.3 liter ( 81 cubic inch ) 4 cylinder
  == Answer ==     Chack the fuse. If it's not the fuse, it's a sensor.
  The manual transaxle takes Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid   according to the owners manual ( which can be viewed on-line at www . motorcraft   service . com - no spaces - click on Owner Guides )
  According to the owners manual ( which can be viewed on-line at www . motorcraft   service . com - no spaces - click on Owner Guides )   Both the manual and the automatic transaxle take Motorcraft MERCON automatic   transmission fluid
  == Answer ==   Have you checked your fuel pump?If not i would say that is your problem.If it is it will cost you a pretty penny to get a new one.It is located in the fuel tank.Try to reset the fuel pump with the switch in the trunk. Hope you figure it uot buddy.     Also try your...
i have a 95 ford aspire automatic..rebuilt the trans but high gear and reverse does not work when wheels are on the ground...no power..what can i doI have the answer to both questions email me at elccabron@hotmail.comand I will send the diagram and the service prcedure to fix the no reverse and 3rd...
Underneath your vehicle, a steel threaded cable comes from the back of one hub and is joined by a short cable from the other hub--then the original cable runs to a threaded end with an adjuster nut in it--and one smaller nut on the end outside of that--(this is the equalizer bar)--you'll see it real...
The automatic transaxle fluid dipstick is between the engine and the battery( the manual transaxle does not have a dipstick )
  == Answer ==   Loose parts of any kind in a manual transmission are not a good sign. I would be surprised if this tranmission wasn't "missing" any gears - so to speak. Pins in most manual transmissions hold the shifting forks to the shift rods and without the pin, shifting, at least to...