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Echinoderms are marine animals with radial symmetry. Some types of echinoderms are sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers.
Star fish is not born , it develops from an egg to form a  Bipinnaria larva which is 0.5 mm,than late Bipinnaria  1 mm, than Bracholaria larva 1 mm and at last a  juvenile is formed 1 to 2 mm .
they eat the thing fish eat so that they would die
They have a spiny thorns so they will eat it
they don't have any
yes they do move fast not slow
Yes it is an echinoderm.
Sea stars are neither mollusk nor crustacean , they are asteroid  echinoderms ,
it has spicks on the top of it
No, it's an invertebrate.
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I don't really know that but, I do know this. God  made that creature very special. Well, everything is special but  the starfish is really amazing. To tell you the truth, when I was  younger, I found a starfish and it was stuck to a rock. I wanted to  have it so, I took a stick and poked it. I...
No; sea cucumbers are animals and transparent sea cucumbers are plants.
They live all over that place. Florida, California, Oregon.......
Brittle stars generally become sexually mature in two to three  years, become full grown in three to four years, and live up to 5  years.
Sea urchins or urchins are small, spiny, globular animals that,  with their close kin, constitute the class Echinoidea of the  echinoderm phylum.     Echinus is the genus that contains the common sea urchin.
They may be used as sources of food.
they lose at least 2 a day
Wherever a crown of thorn starfish walks, the coral it just stepped  off of rots to dust in a matter of weeks.
The sizes vary from different species of starfish, but the average  size of a starfish egg (unfertilised) is 90-100 micrometers in  diameter. It is also a sphere-like shape.
They have enough surface area that they can breathe through their  skin.    Random trivia fact: turtles can breathe through their butts.
Echinoderms, which include star fish, sand dollars, and sea urchins have an oral plate.
The body cavity in a starfish contains the circulatory system and  the haemal system. The body cavity also helps starfish by  distributing oxygen that has been distributed throughout the body,  through the body.
  == They are in the middle of a food chain ==
Echinodermata have three germ layers. The germ layer is one of the three main layers of these organisms
the Chinese people eat them so they are predators
The bottom of a starfish is covered with hundreds of flexible tubes, consisting of a stalk (podium) and pod (foot). Internal water pressure expands the feet, which use sticky chemicals to adhere to various surfaces. To release its hold, the pod retracts into the podium and exudes another chemical...
It is dependent on the environmental water temperature.
  Simply crack open the sea urchin, using a knife, and the roe or 'kina' are small yellow or brownish 'tongues' inside. Scoop them out.
Asteroidea e.g. star fish , Ecinoidea e.g. sea cucumber .
triggerfish use water currents to knock them over, and then eat  them from underneath.
sea lily, sea star, sea urchin, sea cucunber, brittle star, sand dollar
by following it carefully
Starfish, not truly a fish despite its name, does not, in fact, have two stomachs. From astounding new discoveries, we have found that this is not true; they have three. If you take a look at the Internet, it says that starfish have two stomachs. I am part of a team of science researchers trying to...
lives for 8 years in aquariums but the actual life span isnt known
  Yes, I think so.
Echinoderms such as starfish and similar marine animals with radially symmetrical bodies have bone-like calcareous skeletal plates in their skin
Contrary to popular belief, Sand Dollars are not shells/molluscs. They have the appearance of a shell because of their outer carbon-carbonate skeleton. They are actually living animals classed as echinoderms. Which is the same class as sea urchins and starfish.
Echinoderms are the only invertebrates that have five sided radial symmetry. Some may only have radial symmetry for part of their lives. Some, as adults, exhibit bilateral symmetry.
There are some 75 genera of sand dollars, 29 living and 49 fossil,  with quite a few species.
holler, dollar, caller
Starfish are eukaryotes, along with all other animals and plants
It evolved about 40 million years ago.
usually pink with darker pink spots
kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Echinodermata. Class: Echinoidea. Subclass: Euechinoidea. Superorder: Gnathostomata. Order: Clypeasteroida.
spikes and they do not have skin they have a Shell
Eukaryotic. Animalia is a kingdom under the domain Eukarya.
I have know idea but if i had to guess i would have to say no
Sea urchins are very important to their habitat because they help  maintain the amount of algae in the ocean.
It is a cousin of star fish and sea urchins, all three of which are  known as echinoderms.
You would get riches from the wise men, because it symbolizes the  cross of Bethlehem.
They have soft spines that look like warts
Some functions of the tube feet would be for movement, food, etc.
The sand dollars produce their young one by external fertilization. During the breeding time, the seperate male and female sand dollars release their gamate in the water. The sperm finds a ripe egg and develops into a young sand dollar larvae.
they can be, but the ancient Greeks and Romans used to eat them as a delicacy.
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The scientific name of the sea cucumber is Class Holothuroidea.
No, a sea urchin and a sea anemone are two different sea creatures nothingalike.   They do have some alike characteristics.like they both use their long tentacles , or spikes for protection.
echinoderm is a animal that looks like one thing but is another. like a star fish or a sea cucumber. they usually have rough skin.
You can find Sand Dollars in warm clean ocean waters, inshore yards  off the beach. The beach is usually near the opening of a river  spilling into the ocean which make the waters nutrient rich. The  water may be copper colored due to the river.
They are both deuterostomes, meaning the anus is formed first from the blastopore in the developing blastula.
They have a bony feel, like coral. They have small opening to which  to move their 'feet' and to feed.
Starfish commonly reproduce via a method called "free-spawning".This means that they release their gametes (A reproductive cellthat has a haploid number of chromosomes, normally a mature spermor egg that is capable of fusing with a gamete of the oppositegender to create a fertilized egg) into the...
Sand Dollars are about the size of a grown human hand when fully  grown. They cannot eat humans.
no because it is a shell and if a animal lives in it probably not because it's small and only if it was posinous
My best guess would me on the large spiders
i dont no just LOOKING 4 THE ANSWER HERE SO DONT TRUST THIS ANSWER.yes they o leave there young
it helps in: >movement; to coordinate locomotion, to grip on substrate to withstand pressure, and act as sense organs that response to variation within the environment. >feeding; it helps trap its prey, and with the help of the cilia it carries food to its mouth.
No, they are echinoderms, along with sea cucumbers and starfish.
Star fishes, brittle stars and sea urchins are echinoderms. The term echinoderm translates to 'spiny skin'
they eat lots of food then blow up
By getting food in the ocean.
Well, unicellular protists called Euglenophytes photosynthesize by using the eye spot which is located near the gullet. The eye spot captures sun light and helps power photosynthesis.
Inside is teeth and if you brake it open you see all the teeth fallout.
They don't. They are invertebrates that live on the ocean floor. They have tube feet that they use to shuffle along the sea floor. Sea urchins are echinoderms, but they don't have tube feet. They walk on their spines.
any part of the sea star can reproduce as long as it is in its naturally environment
Answer . They used to get stuck on ships. They also eat and destroy coral reefs, although this is only some of them.
    == Larvae are able to move freely! I'm in 7th grade and we just had a test on echinoderms and I got a 99% (I spelled echinoderms wrong on the test) ==   starfish are awesome and this answer is completely wrong, the larvae can swim, hide, eat, grow, and move away from danger.