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Monster High

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Monster High is a series of books, written by Lisi Harrison. The characters are children of famous monsters such as Dracula, Medusa, and the Phantom of the Opera. The books also have several spin offs such as fashion dolls, games, and a web series. The dolls have become so popular, that they rival Barbie in sales.
It is about seven monsters going to a high school named Monster High. All seven have monster parents.
Yes Monster High is a T.V. show it is on nickelodeon but i do not know the time its on. I hope i helped
How to singh up at Monster High.com
Go to www.monster high.com and click the registration button and then click make a student id
go to www.monster high.com and click the registration button and then make a student id hope i helped
Yes. Monster High is a movie.
monster high is a book, the book will end in a cliff hanger and there will be a second one coming out in 2011.
Poptropica does not sell Monster High Outfits anymore. You will see other people wearing them.
Go to monsterhigh.com and volia! ża;
monster high is on nick but they could take it off. but they make more episodes online
The "Monster High School " ad-game was on most of the islands of Poptropica in June, 2010. But it was only viewable by users whose avatars were female between the ages of 10 and 12.
Go to monster high .com and click registration and volia
The website will possibly be finished in September.
Well I Know 1 Codes Which Is 7R9G
When the monster high site is loaded, click the registration button and click "make my student id"
the only reson monster high was on poptropica was when it begain and that was limated/only can happen then.
it will come on at Halloween and its on demand if you have Verizon. go to on demand and go to kids free and go down to SpongeBob and its there the first one that says monster high...
It is Cleo De Nile sucking up to Ghoulia Yelps so she would never think that Cleo would cheat of her
yes starting with the special on nick
Hey im Shaquan, a girl, i hope i helpedThe dolls are 10.5 inches tall (11 inches for the male dolls) and have large heads, doe eyes, small noses and full lips. Their bodies are made from ABS plastic, while their heads are made from soft PVC. They have various skin tones (blue, green, pink, etc.) and...
It is going to be on the Halloween of 2010 at 12:00.(not at night!) On nickelodeon. I am excited!
I guess because of the way they're made, with all the intricate pieces, removable limbs etc.. They're VERY high quality. But really they're only about $20 at Toy R Us & some Walmarts have them for $17 but only certain stores.
monster high is on channel 100 i guess i don't know but at least i know it's on a high channel
Monster High book will be called The Ghoul Next Door, and it will come out on April 5, 2011.
monster high will be coming on 33 on hallaween 2010 treats,tricks and monster high
Well It Did But It Was Just One Of Those Ads. The Ads Change Overtime.They would probably put it back at the end of the year.i hope.
They don't have a Cleo De Nile costume out... I was mad when I heard this.
Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein and his bride. She appears to be the main focus of characters in the Monster High collection.
They are sold at most common retail stores: Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, probably K-Mart and any other store that sells dolls. You can also order them online at Amazon or Ebay, or get them straight from Mattel if you want. I know Wal-Mart and Target have decent prices on most of the selection.
There are four positions to the code. First position can be A,B,C,D and determines Hair. Second position can be 1,2,3,4 and determines Eyes. Third can be E,F,I,K and determines Body. Fourth can be 5,6,7,8 and determines Mouth. Purely Clawdeen would be C3K7. Note: all codes are in order - Frankie,...
I know one of them, i got it by getting the spirit metre. i unlocked frankentsteins stickers for decorating my locker. Its A1E5. byby, hope it helped. that's the only code they give u B2F6 = Draculaura. d4I6 = lagoona Draculaura code: B2F6 Clawdeen Wolf: C3K7 Frankie Stein: A1E5 Lagoona Blue:...
There are four positions to the code. First position can be A,B,C,D and determines Hair. Second position can be 1,2,3,4 and determines Eyes. Third can be E,F,I,K and determines Body. Fourth can be 5,6,7,8 and determines Mouth. Note: all codes are in order - Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Laguna,...
one is mhcdegypt Hint: each code says mh (monsterhigh) then for cleo de nile for example it says CD (Cleo de) and Egypt because she is the daughter of the mummy from Egypt. another example...Frankie Stein: MHFSARM (monsterhighfrankiesteinarm) arm because she loses her arm alot. Draculaura...
Locker Codes: Frankie Stein: MHFSARMCloe De Nile : MHMDEGYPTClawdeen Wolf : MHCWHOWLDeuce Gorgon : MHDGSNAKELagoona Blue : MHLBOCEANGhoulia Yelps : MHGYZOMBIEDraculaura: MHDLMIRROR or MHDSILVERClaw Crane : UVYZHolt Hyde : MHDJHTUNESOther codes: Dracularua : B2F6Clawdeen : C3K7Frankie : A1E5Lagoona :...
Locker Codes MHDLMIRROR - Draculara MHCWHOWL - Clawdeen Wolf MHDGSNAKE - Deuce Gorgon MGCDEGYPT - Cleo De nile MHFSARM - Frankie Stien MHLBOCEAN - Lagoona Blue MHGYZOMBIE - Ghoulia Yelps MHDJHTUNES - Holt Hyde UVYZ - Claw Crane
De steinularar not desteinlarular wolf if this doesn't work i don't know because the code might change or one time only taken they might know we'll share the codes!
BUY ALL THE DOLLS IN ARGOS, WILKINSONS, OR ANY OTHER STORE LIKE THEM AND GET THEM IN A DIARY. I WROTE SOME MORE DOWN HERE FOR VILLIGARES; here are the codes for the locker for monster high!! Frankie stein:MHFSARM cleo de nile:MHCDMUMMY clawdeen wolf:MHCWHOWL deuce gorgon:MHDGSNAKE lagoona blue...
it airs on nick @ midnight on the 31st
It is going to be on Nick on Halloween 2010! The channel is 33. If you have a TMC box, you can tune on 33 or 101. If you want it in HD, tune on the channel 1733. Hope this advice helps!
2:00 in the afternoon
Cleo de nile:mhcdegypt Duece Gorgon:mhdgsnakeClawdeen Wolf:mhcwhowlFrankie Stein:mhfsarmLagoona Blue:mhlboceanDraculaura:mhdlmirrorGhoulia Yelps:mhgyzombie Hope this helps!Have fun on Monster High!
Frankie: mhfsarm Draculaura: mhglmirror Clawdeen: mhcwhowl Cleo: mhcdegypt Deuce: mhdgsnake Lagoona: mhlbocean Ghoulia: mhgyzombie Claw: mhcrane Holt: mhdjtunes or mhdjflame Hope this helps! As you might have noticed, the codes are usually composed in this manner: 1. first, they put "mh" ...
i don't know i herd September 7 but i went on today September 7 but academics and the Athletics were still locked so i do not know.
here they are in order ACTIVITY BOOK / MONSTER ACTIVITIES CODES ARE AS FOLLOWS 7R3G 7R4G 1R9G 2R9G 3R9G 4R9G 5R9G 6R9G 7R9G 8R9G 9R9G 1T3B 2T3B 3T3B 4T3B 5T3B 6T3B 7T3B 8T3B 9T3B your welcome
Walmart has them, however, I was there yesterday and the sales person said she never herd about them! I just purchased from a site that has the dolls in stock: clickthatgift
yes you can for cring out loud no! you cant chat. i mean send someone: your soo ugly they will tell you something like: lets be best friends that's soo sick.
on answers.com is there cheats for monster high ?and there will be answers
Monster High Locker Codes: Frankie Stein: MHFSARM Cleo De Nile: MHCDEGYPT Clawdeen Wolf: MHCWHOWL Deuce Gorgon: MHDGSNAKE Lagoona Blue: MHLBOCEAN Ghoulia Yelps: MHGYZOMBIE Draculaura: MHDLMIRROR Ragdoll Bookmark Codes: Draculaura code: B2F6 Clawdeen Wolf: C3K7 Frankie Stien: A1E5 Lagoona...
I think September 1st, hope i helped
Okay here are the codes: 1.Draculaura: MHDLMIRROR or MHDLSILVER 2.Frankie: MHFSARM 3.Clawdeen: MHCWHOWL 4.Cleo: MHCDMUMMY or MHCDEYGPT 5.Deuce: MHDGSNAKE 6.Lagoona: MHLBOCEAN 7.Ghoulia: MHGYZOMBIE 8.Claw Crane: UVYZ 9.Holt: MHJHTUNES (I cannot remember the other one) Hope you liked this...
on answers.com type in is there cheats for monster high?and the answers will be there
you have to wait until sept. 1st
Activity Book Codes: 7R3G 7R4G 1R9G 2R9G 3R9G 4R9G 5R9G 6R9G 7R9G 8R9G 9R9G 1T3B 2T3B 3T3B 4T3B 5T3B 6T3B 7T3B 8T3B 9T3B Some of these codes are in the example column under where you need to put the code. ACTIVITY BOOK / MONSTER ACTIVITIES CODES ARE AS FOLLOWS 36 77R3G 37 7R4G 38 1R9G 39 2R9G 40...
Monster High aired as a tv show on nickelodeon on halloween.
No, you don't have to pay to sign up for Monster High. It's 100% free :)Hope I helped!
Its easy just go to monster hight.com
bat bat1 bat2 bat3 bat4 bat5 bat6 bat7 bat8 bat9 cat cat1 cat2 cat3 cat4 cat5 cat6 cat7 cat8 cat9 This is all 20 codes
you can but when i try it it does not work
go to the top corner and then click sign up then pick a user name you can also make them help you pick a user name and pick a password and parents email address. have fun, brielle
go to monster.high.com from there on they will explain
2012 baby! I can't wait! I'll be in at the first show of it!
I checked with my local TOYS R' US and they had a meeting about the dolls saying that they were coming to Canada sometime in September but there not sure about a date yet. Alot of other sites are saying September 15 though :)
i think sep. 1st, 2010, classes start from 8:15 i think a.m through 3:10 i think p.mhope i helped
I think you have to wait till sep 1 , that's when the book comes out
the monster claw crane code is UVYZ
how do u sign up for monster high?
the monster high claw crane code is uvyz