Blood Donation

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Blood donation is often referred to giving the gift of life. When a person donates blood, it usually goes into a special blood bank to be used by surgery patients, accident victims, children with leukemia, and many other people. Blood banks are sometimes depleted during times such as natural disasters, and are often looking for volunteers to help keep them full.
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In the US you can contact the American Red Cross.  Bring your driver's license or two other forms of identification with you to your donation. You may also want to bring a list of any medications you are taking. Blood Donors Must: Be at least 17 years old in most states, or 16 years...
Red cells are seperated from a blood donation for their use in hemophillic patients
18 years of age. Also you need to have appropriate levels of haemoglobin in bloodand weight.
many people donate blood by blood grouping test and crass matching
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Yes, O- is the universal donor. A person with O- can donate to all blood types.
anyone you have to go to the place where your gonna donate blood and then they'll tell you if your qualified you might have to bring some papers abouot your health because they dont want tainted blood
yes MRSA infection person can donate blood.
FDA guidelines require all blood collection facilities to notify a donor of any unexpected testing results with eight weeks. However, most will contact the donor within 2-4 weeks, usually by USPS 1st. Class mail.
Yes. A healthy woman can donate blood at any point in her menstrual cycle.
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None. Donating blood is just a simple procedure where a sterile needle is inserted in your arm and your blood will either be transfused into another person or be stored in a blood bag then deliver it in a hospital. This procedure has nothing to do with your vision. Or, are you trying to say...
A person has to wait atleast 24 hours after donating blood. I am saying this out of my own experience; I had a beer after i donated blood , and it was i believe 4 hours after the bood donation. I wasn't able to see any thing, it will weeken your eye sight. The worst part is that it will raise your...
Does donating blood get rid of cholesterol ? I'm Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update. People who give blood generally do so out of a desire to help their fellow human beings. But listener John Davis of Redmond, Washington, wonders if a blood donor can get even more out of giving the gift of...
Normally, yes. Otherwise 80% of the US adult population would be barred from blood donation. YES. Herpes isn't a blood born infection, it's not passed through blood so you can donate blood if you want to.
Current FDA guidelines allow a maximum of 10.5 ml/kilogram body weight of whole blood to be collected every eight weeks. The majority of blood collection facilities use 500 ml whole blood bags, with an additional 50 ml (10%) allowed to be drawn for mandated screening tests. This volume equates with...
You can legally donate blood at age 16 with a parents consent.. Several states, including California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Washington and Puerto Rico already allow 16-year-olds to donate blood.. Persons under the age of 17 may,...
Blood type O - can only receive blood from others with blood type O - .
hepatitis b c ,AIDS ,immune system diseases'
1000 ml in a time can be donate blood .
No, because this can put the recipient at great risk for gettinghepatitis.
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President Roosevelt WWII allowed blacks to donate.... But "jimCrowe laws only allowed the donated blood to be given to that possible?
First, you must define what you consider to be "blood". Whole blood is rarely used in modern transfusion medicine. Instead,whole blood is separated into components, primarily red cells,platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate. Type O, Rh positive whole blood may be transfused to a type O,...
It depends on the organization. Mostly, it's fine to donate blood if you are 17 and have a parent permission slip signed.
blood grouping,hepatitis B, C . CBC ,AIDS test
Yes. As long as all other donor eligibility requirements are met.
tonsillectomy person should not donate bloo
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The British Royal Family have been known to donate blood. There is no ban on them donating blood, and in the past, Princes Charles, Andrew and William have donated blood publicly during visits to hospitals and transfusion centres. Those who have served in the armed forces (Charles, Andrew, William...
Yes. There is no deferral for potential donors taking statins for elevated lipids or total cholesterol.
The first blood bank was organized in Russia in 1930. The method ofstorage was improved by a medical researcher for the U.S. Army in1939 for use in WW II, which instituted the modern blood bankmethods used today.
Because you need to be 18 or above to donate blood .Also you need to be healthy with no illnesses.
The donated blood is sent to hospitals and other facilities that perform legal blood transfusions.
If you are a woman, your haemoglobin count should be 12 or higher. If you are a man, your haemoglobin count should be 14 or higher.
Refrain from abusing yourself. Do not push yourself when you can no longer work or finish your assignments.
Yes. Even if a large load of triglycerides were given in blood, it would not result in pathology, due to the fact that diseases that are related to high fats occur over the course of years.
4 Months... Some blood donor groups recommend a year.
"Donate Blood, save a precious life" should not donate blood if you are tachycardic. Most blood banks will not allow you to donate blood if you heart rate is over 100. Some people with SVT can have a seizure if they donate blood. This is a question you need to have answered by your cardiologist.
No, you need to be well and healthy.
AB, Rh negative recipients may be transfused AB, Rh negative whole blood (rarely used in modern transfusion medicine), any ABO, Rh negative red cells, any ABO, Rh negative platelets (with volume reduction of residual incompatible plasma if the requesting physician is concerned) and only AB fresh...
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Potential volunteer blood donors with a history of genital herpes are eligible to donate once active lesions, i.e., blisters, have crusted over and there is no associated bacterial skin infection.
Someone can donate islet cells through his donor pancreas. Theislets are infused into the liver of the patient. Islet celltransplantation is an experimental treatment for type 1 diabetesmellitus.
In Australia. min 16 yrs.
For assistance. Once you pass the series of physical exams, a nurse takes you on a donation booth, helping you to relax and insert the needle in your arm.
in blood banks and blood relation campaigns
because it have both atibodies a and b so cannot be donated to blood group a,b,o
A whole blood donation can be separated in four components: . Plasma (Shelf life: 1 year) . RBCs (Shelf life: 42 days) . Platelets (Shelf life: 1 week) . Cryoprecipitate (Shelf life: 1 year) (Kept at corresponding low temperatures)
Provided the other bloodgroups match (e.g. rhesus antigen) then yes, of course.
Each blood type has it's identifying proteins, and will reject blood with the wrong proteins. Type A blood is anti-B, type B blood is anti-A, type O blood has both, and type AB blood has neither. Imagine if someone with AB blood tried to donate to someone with A. AB blood has identifying proteins A...
Each blood type has it's identifying proteins, and will reject blood with the wrong proteins. Type A blood is anti-B, type B blood is anti-A, type O blood has both, and type AB blood has neither. Imagine if someone with AB blood tried to donate to someone with A. AB blood has identifying proteins A...
sadist (Pain, which can be associated with blood) Sanguinarian haematolagniac phlebophile
They will check for HIV, HBV, and syphilis.
Physically speaking, as you are actually donating the blood... about 50 cal. you are just sitting there, so no exertion. But the actual loss of one pint of blood followed by the body working overtime to replace the blood cells equals about 600-650 calories! So you burn about 650 cals donating...
You probably have a deviated spetum bleed often caused my using massive amounts of Cocaine. Whoever wrote the above answer obviously isn't a doctor because I have never used Cocaine a day in my life and I sneezed a small amount of blood this morning.
Yes Psoriasis patients can donate blood but it depends upon the medication they are taken.Consult you doctor before donating the blood.
no, you cannot.. also if you have visited a malaria endemic country within the past six months you cannot.
I don't think you're supposed to when you're on antibiotics...other that that, I think you're safe. They'll let you know before you donate.
No. The blood centers will not allow you to donate if you are pregnant.
When you donate blood the blood taker removes blood from your body through a needle and either a tube or IV and blood bag. After having the blood drawn you may feel dizzy or nauseous from the lack that is causing oxygen to not be transferred at it's regular rate. After the blood is taken your bone...
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Blood type O is a universal donor.
the legal age for donating blood is to be above 17.
Replacement blood donations are usually requested by blood collection facilities following the use of blood components by a patient. This will help assure adequate blood components are available to the community when needed.
Yes. When you donate blood, you save lives. Each pint of blood saves three or four lives diagnosed with blood disorders such as hematoma.