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Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm tree. It is commonly used as a flavoring or ingredient in foods and beverages. It is also a favorite additive in many beauty products.


The serving size for Coconut is 1/4 shredded. There is 1 g ofprotein in this serving size.
3.5 ozs flaked coconuts will be equal to 1.0669 US cups.
It is added to Indian, south east Asian and Caribbean recipes toenrich curries and sauces.
It is a plant (kingdom Plantae ) but the clades overlap. The likely phylum would be Anthophyta (aka Angiospermae , flowering plants, including monocots such as palms).
No! The idea that cocunuts kill 15 times more people than sharks started wih a study by Dr Peter Barss. He stated that in four years only five people were killed by coconuts. The research got misread to become 150. Your chance of dying from a coconut is probably less than the chance of being hit...
it is more than possible to grow a coconut tree on a beach, but they preferr slightly richer soils
The coconut itself is the seed. It falls and what ever happens from there..........rolls down a hill, falls in water and floats away, stays where it lands, or animals may come along and move them.
The water from the coconut occurs naturally by the nutrients absorbed from the soil. The water is delicious and nutritious and can be a good energy drink. No wonder how did it get inside the coconut. Let's just say its a gift from heaven...
they need water and sun to grow!
The whole coconut is the seed so depending on the coconut's size it could be pretty heavy.
No. Pine trees are evergreen .
It is thought the word comes from Spanish/Portugese coco - "grinning face" - from the three 'eyes' in the shell which might appear to resemble a human face.
it is both healthful and not bcos ,its oil makes colestrol
The best alternative is condensed/evaporated milk in a can. Coconut milk is often used for it's sweetness and consistency in recipes and condensed milk has a similar consistency and is usually sweet as well, making it a great alternative.
coconut: niu, puʻupuʻu niu, punia, ʻōkaʻa.
Why do you want to know? Just kidding. It is, botanically, considered as a drupe. A drupe is basically a fruit with layers. Now, inside the fruit is a seed. The "green part" for young coconuts is basically the whole of the drupe. The round, brown part that is hard because of the shell is the...
No. Coconuts are seeds. Rabbits don't eat seeds (or nuts, for that matter) because they're too high in fat. Coconut is also a high in sugar. Different species of rabbits eat different things. Pet rabbits eat a diet of mostly grass hay, with some pellets and some fresh leafy greens. As a treat,...
Well,yes it is good for your liver and it prevents you from vomiting and when you drink coconut water don't eat any dairy products for 24 hours. Rich and ripe coconuts are harvested in forests or islands.
To my knowledge, one cannot make cream of coconut at home. Surprisingly when shopping for this ingredient in the US, look in the baking isle (at the top of the shelf or the bottom near the almond paste) or in the alchohol mixed drink mixers. Once again, look at the top shelf or the bottom shelf. One...
You can find coconut oil in any ordinary cosmetics shop. I f you cant find it there then you can always order it online. Hope this helps!
Coconuts are harvested by taking a stick and hitting the branch that holds the coconut until it falls off!
from a seed, the sun gives energy and roots gather nutrients from the ground.
It is through October to December!
Coconut trees belong to the Arecaceae family (palms).
There are many parts of a coconut tree that have useful function.Some of those are the coconut roots which can be boiled and used asa beverage. The trunk of the coconut has durable wood for makingfurniture. The shell of the coconut can be used as charcoal forcooking. The husk of the coconut is an...
Yes. Coconuts grow on trees. Coconut Palm trees grow in the tropics usually near sea shores. Coconuts are the seeds of the coconut tree. Coconuts can float and if they fall into water can survive over a month before they wash up on shore. That way they can spread from one shore to another. Coconut...
only if you drop one on your head or one gets infected in any way
The fatty oil obtained from the coconut and used in candies andconfections and in cosmetics.
A coconut tree can only grow in tropical weather, ex. Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba etc.... But you can also grow your own in a green house but it will still not grow the proper way.
pierce the coconut then drain it into a bowl then after all the milk is out crack the coconut which can easily be done by throwing it against the ground. Be sure not to do this inside or it will damage the floor. The grass will probabaly be too soft so try it on a sturdy walkway or tar/road.
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Yes, there can be some side effects for some, but not all individuals. Virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has antivirals that may cause diarrhea. If you are just starting to use virgin coconut oil, it's best not to take the 3 to 4 tablespoons at once in the beginning. Instead, you should...
Coconut water is believed to be the most purest water on our planet! Most people find it appetizing all by itself, however, there are other uses for coconut water. . Coconut water has been used as an alternative to plasma when injured soldiers are in need of blood during wartime. . Coconut water...
We don't know, but you need it to defeat the great booga
Yes Coconut Crabs are edible. They're often eaten by locals and in Guam their meat is rumored to be useful against impotence and is popular as a supposed aphrodisiac in some Pacific-Island countries. Try it sauteed with bell peppers and onions in coconut milk and tomato paste seasoned to your liking...
There is one benefit for coconut chips. Say you want a chip, but you are also in the mood for coconuts... Eat a coconut chip!! GENIUS!!
They fall from the palm and roll, and as they float they are also dispersed by the sea or ocean. coconuts have a very hectic and lenghty process of germination. their seeds are dispersed when a coconut falls on the ground. it is then carried away by the water for dipersal to other areas. a coconut...
the liquid inside the coconut is not actually the milk, it's more of a sweet water. You get coconut milk by processing the meat of the coconut.
Botanically the coconut fruit is a drupe, not a true nut
There are many short stores which are written by Filipino writers.Some stories include "Big Sister", "Meeting", "Harvest", and "ANight in the Hills".
because it supposed to,and coconut cant grow without seed.dah.
They're made out of people.
In the back of destiny islands where you race riku. There will be a lot of trees on the beach. i think u have to smack the trees or climb to the top. HOPE I HELPED!!! :)
it makes a sweet and sour smoothie that tastes like wood.
Ingredients . 1 egg . 1/2 cup all-purpose flour . 2/3 cup beer . 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder . 1/4 cup all-purpose flour . 2 cups flaked coconut . 24 shrimp . 3 cups oil for frying . Directions . In medium bowl, combine egg, 1/2 cup flour, beer and baking powder. Place 1/4 cup flour and...
Answer Out of the husk, it is approximately a sphere However, originally it is oval shaped.
The central stone of the coconut 'nut' which contains the edible flesh is hollow; therefore the coconut will float in water.
Oh yes, it is possible to have an allergy to coconuts, or indeed, to virtually any kind of food.
A girl described a fruit to people she wanted, no one could findit. She died, and from her grave grew a coconut tree.
It originated in the era of chronic Fuktardism, when I took a sh1t in your mom's fish tank & wiped my ace with her face. Red Dragons!
That is simply the variety of fruit that they produce in order to facilitate spreading of seeds.
cocunuts are ripe
Well, a mature coconut in natural way, the milk and the "meat" is quite disgusting heh, it's really bitter, BUT there are many ways to prepare it, to cook it, that make it pretty tasteful
not recommended. coconut milk has lots of coconut fat/cream. just like if you were to freeze cows milk...it will seperate when you defrost it
ORIGINAL ANSWER: of course not! in fact its actually really good for you! you can drink it! its awsome! trust me I've tried it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPROVED ANSWER: No, coconut water (also known as coconut juice) cannot kill you. It is good at re-hydrating the...
Coconut does contain starch That is incorrect coconut does contain a little starch yes
Most likely not. Because I'm allergic to apples, yet, not allergic to apple juice. However, some of us have different reactions to things. Consult a doctor, or just try it yourself &see if you have an allergic reaction ;). That's how i found out i was allergic to apple juice. By my lip getting puffy...
NO, it does not.
i think you can only plant them along the beaches
The primary fatty acid of coconut oil is laureate, a 12 carbon chain. After Saponification there is a relatively high ratio of glycerin to oil and the fatty acid salts are more soluble than would be with longer chain fats. Beef fat which is also used to make soap is primarily stearic acid (18...
Idk trying to find out the same thing...I think its Madagascar? Not sure.
Scientists are fairly certain at this point that coconuts came from South Asia, either from India or Sumatra--that's still up for debate. The name "coconut" actually comes from Portuguese.
with the coconut colored crayon silly!
The edible insides of a coconut are merely called " meat ", just as we say the flesh of an orange or tangerine.
soak it in diluted food dye. 25:1 mix of food dye to water.... good luck
When you find the coconut plant it! The orange is just another fruit. You can plant it to get orange trees
coconut is a vegetable not a fruit and is very juice
no the milk will smell and get pullpy
Here's a site that may help answer your question! =) http: // www.pieofthemonthclub.org /expert/ expertfreezing_index.html
Most of California won't support coconut palms at all. The southern reaches of the state may sustain the coconut palm trees, but those trees typically don't yield coconuts. In general, no, California does not grow coconuts.
The best way is to hold the coconut in one hand and look for the natural seam that runs between the two eyes at the top. Using a large knife or cleaver use the back of the knife to tap firmly round the seam. You may have to do this a few times but in the end the coconut will split into two halves.
After breaking open a cocunut, you cut the white meat found inside the husk into small pieces, then put in a blender with enough water to cover the coconut and then blend. After blending strain or squeeze to obtain the coconut milk. The water found inside the husk is called coconut water. This...
yes they do but not like we use our bras . they use regular ones every day but the coconut ones for tiki partys
Its Inbetween Because The Flesh That You Eat Is A Bit Dry Yet In The Middle Is Full Of Liquid
It means sth good will happen in your life. Good dream essentially.
It's a type of bug that lies in dead palm trees.