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Drywall has several common names, such as gypsum board and sheetrock. It is mainly used in the construction of walls, but also has other uses. A plaster is made of gypsum, poured flat and smooth, and then wrapped in paper. The pieces are joined with strips of paper, and cemented down with a compound known as "mud." After the mud is dry, it is sanded and the wall is finished with paint, texture, wallpaper, or a variety of other creative means.
Probably because of foundation problems.. Unstable and things likethat.
Yes. This gives you a surface to apply the tile.
You use an air compressor with an attachment to spray the compound on the wall. . Hog squash. You can apply it with a roller, however, it is easier and makes a better appearance if you use the air gun to spray it on. If you use a roller, the easier way to go is to get the powder texture. However,...
depends on thickness and if it is lightweight, way to many optionsto give an accurate answer
It can be either: drywall or dry wall. It can also be hyphenated:dry-wall.
Drywall is made of gypsum plaster, which is pressed between twothick sheets of paper to create panels. It is also called plasterboard.
Get a new dry wall or paint over it. The stain stains the wall, so you can pretty much only paint over it.
Basically panels are made of woods and fibres. Drywall panels aremade of gypsum.
no, asbestos is outlawed in the united states
It shouldn't be a problem. The glue is water based and the mud should adhere to it.
That's a waste of time . Call 2-3 drywallers and get them to give estimates. I always do that and get a faster, more accurate answer than I could ever come up with myself.
You have to put either paper or mesh tape on the joints. Mesh is easier.
You can glue it or install furring strips and then nail to them. Usually you want a gap between the concrete and the drywall. Moisture can collect between the two. Usually you would hang a sheet of plastic, anchor 1x2 or 2x4 on the wall or build a complete 2x4 wall in front of the concrete, insulate...
Technically, you could, but it is definitely better not to. An excess of humidity could cause a variety of problems. One of the main ones is ventilation for you.
The level of drywall is measured in the bed coat level 1- 5 being the smoothest. written by; Ken Cutway New Image Painting.
toggle bolts or variations there of are the best options, i preferthe combo toggle bolt/screw in variety, hit up your local homeimprovement store and tell them you want something that can supportat least 50lbs as people tend to pull on them.
You figure out the square footage, and then the size and number of boards needed.
Fill it with joint compound, level it with a putty knife or a straight edge of some kind. After it dries, gently wipe across it with a damp sponge to smooth it, no dust using a sponge.
You patch it with scrap drywall pieces or use mesh tape.
You want a tight fit to the ceiling and if there is a gap at the bottom, the base trim will cover it.
======Answer=======. Just plain water will clean dry wall dust. You might just have to keep getting clean water and repeating. I usually use a shop vac first then clean with water. Good luck.
Yes. 'SheetRock' is a particular brand name for gypsum board. I believe 'Drywall is, too.
A 1/2 panel will last 30 minutes or so in a house fire. Fire rated Type X 5/8 will last about 90 minutes.
Yes, he is obligated to take reasonable care of the property that you rent.
Technically its not sanding, because sand paper is not used. Use a wet sponge and rub the dried mud. It will dampen the mud and smear it around effectively feathering it out and filling in some gaps. Since the sponge is not stiff or flat like a sanding block, you may still have high and low spots in...
Yes, you can use Kilz over drywall. It is an undercoat, or primer.
1/2 inch is the most common.
About 50% more than the 1/2 inch ,because it's unusual and not in much demand .Generally 18-20 per sheet.
Depends on the thickness and the length. Will vary on location also.
I've never come across those. Possibly a tropical thing.
Answer . I have been in the business since 1959, and the first time we used it was in 1976 in Anchorage AK. The trouble with it is it is water resistant, not waterproof. That means that after a period of time usually a few years, the water penetrates, and if you didn't use felt paper before...
Yes, it will mold very soon.
A galvanised nail, usually ridged and with a fairly large head, 1.25 inches long.
how much will it cost to rip out 1300 sq ft of drywall and insulation and replace said
Purple side faces wherever you expect most moisture.
Type X drywall is not only fire resistant but also strong against water damage and mold. The more layers of Type X drywall you add, the more it increases its strength in protection. It's basically a construction technique used for WHMIS 's Class B :Flammable and combustible material. Type X...
If the tile is glazed it should pop off easily once dry If unglazed place a wet sponge on top of it and let it soak for awhile, then carefully scrape the plaster off.
You need a level surface so you would want the joints to be done & dry. HOWEVER you really shouldn't put tile over drywall. Cement board, HardiBacker or green board, but never drywall.
Between $0.80 and $1.20 per sqft for materials and labor. Between $0.60 and $0.90 for labor alone. Paint ready. The smaller the job, the higher the price per sqft. Note that is is per sq ft of wall space, not floor space. So a 10x10 room with 8' ceilings would be 40' of wall x 8' = 320 sq ft.
GYPSUM is the main mineral in Drywall.
You can use screws with anchors that expand as the screw is installed. Also, there is a gadget that can be pushed into the wall to hang pictures. Not sure what it's called, but it's about three inches long and has a bend so that the long end of the gadget fits into and behind the wall. You might be...
Answer . shouldnt be a problem.if old drywall seal with a pigmented sealer first then retape and flush.after that treat surface as new.ie seal and double top coat.
An average sheet is a 4x8 1/2 inch -they cost about $12.
No, it will almost certainly loosen the wallpaper.
Mice and rats...same difference. But they can and WILL eat through ANYTHING....cement...drywall...wood...ANYTHING....rats and mice have VERY LONG sharp teeth, and they are ALWAYS looking for something to "file" down their teeth. Actually it's very unhealthy for a rat or mouse to NOT file their teeth...
Plastic sheeting works well for this, and yes it goes behind the drywall on exterior walls to help prevent moisture from getting to the drywall.
In the best of all possible worlds, YES. If you are doing new construction yourself, then a primer coat before installation of trim & cabinetry is fantastic. Wish more of the "pros" where that conscientious.
Yes, the average 1/2" thick board has a nominal 30 minute fire resistance.
If I were you I'd go to my doctor and ask for a referral to a qualified professional. You desperately need help.
Ohhhhh......I'd say approximately 48.7 x 40. 1948 lbs.
Yes, it will eventually burn and crumble, but takes longer to get to that stage.
Mainly calcium sulphate dihydrate. There may be a few other minerals in very small quantities in specialised boards for fireproofing or mildew control..
You find a tape measure and take the measurement across the door, then the length of it, then if necessary the thickness.
yes as it stinks more its get molded and bad and u get funges
It will take 21 standard sheets.
If you are improving YOUR OWN building you cannot charge your tenant anything -unless they caused the damage. If they did cause the damage you have to give them a fair rate for the job in your area.
It depends on how bad it is torn. If it just some surface paper, you can use some drywall mud to even out the surface. You would float it over the area of the missing paper, and them feather out the mud over the surrounding good drywall until everything is level. After it is dry, lightly sand the...
Straight, at 90 deg to the board.
You would apply the mud with a putty knife. ANS 2 -On the first application, mud is applied and spread smooth with an 8 or 12 inch metal spreader. The idea is to fill everything quickly, leaving the least amount of peaks and valleys. The smaller spreaders used are 6 inch and are best for...
If they are in the mood to , and if they have experience with drywall repairs. Most plumbers dont like to get involved with covering up the holes they make in order to make their repairs. Its annoying and time consuming.
You hold it against the studs and screw it in.
After mudding and sanding, primer is next, then paint.
The metal is part of a protective foil like tape placed around the corners and seams of drywall. The reason it shows through is most likely due to a poor finishing job or paint being worn off.
12.5 regular sized sheets will do it.
No, you don't use drywall anchors if you can use a stud.
Gypsum or 'calcium sulfate dihydrate' is the only substance used.
Rub it with a damp cloth. I doubt very much that it penetrated the paint.
Only if it falls on them.
Depends on the pickup, one 'lift' (100 sheets)of the new 'standard light' 4x8 x 1/2, is about 3,700 pounds on a nice sunny day.
Drywall is the standard covering of the interior frame of many houses.
You would use it anywhere the moisture level is high, such as bathrooms, utility rooms, water softener rooms, etc. Greenboard is not water proof, just more resistant to water damage and mold.
they figure a man can hang about 6-8 sheets 4x8 an hour - when you figure in cutting round outlets - windows ect. drywallers don't make alot of money say -8.00 to 15.00 an hour ....... drywall is usually charged by the square foot --- at .60-1.25 a foot including finishing ...... .15 to .40 just for...
There is a new tool called VAZIT for metal receptacle boxes. these receptacle boxes are commonly used in Canada.
Means to finish painting a drywall.
The 'lite' is for thin coats and final coat. The 'low dust' is for people who don't like dust and in general it's to give people a choice.
Yes. An urge to do so could also be the sign of a nutritional deficiency. Consume a multivitamin and a good diet and consult medical attention if you continue to have an urge to consume drywall.
It can. It is generally considered "non-friable" in this use.
Yes and no. Short answer is you need to apply a bonding agent to the durock so the plaster will stick. Blueboard is chemically treated to accept plaster, durock is not so it will just fall off without a bonding agent.
If you have primer on the drywall, it's only necessary to wipe it if very dusty.
Gypsum ANS 2 - The proper technical name is calcium sulphate dihydrate
Use a straight edge, score it with a sharp blade and then snap it. It should break it half easily if you've shored it properly.
Cut it out then put a skim coat of mud over it.
That depends how it's attached to the cement. eg, Is it on 'furring' or is it nailed directly onto the cement.
A 4x8 sheet is about 70 pounds.
Gemini coatings in El Reno Oklahoma has a laminate patch system. If you call them or email them, they can refer you to a local repair guy that has their system. You would be surprised what can be fixed.. However, the cost can surpass the cost of a new top even if the backsplash can be saved.. There...