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Lava Lamps

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The lava lamp was invented by Edward Craven-Walker of the United Kingdom in 1963. The slowly rising and falling blobs fascinated people in the 1960’s and still do today. Making various simplified versions of the lava lamp is a popular science project. This is the place to find answers about the history and the mysterious workings of the lava lamp.
Colored paraffin wax and water The lava in a lava lamp is made out of oil, water, and carbon tetrachloride, commonly used in fire extinguishers.
The size of the smallest lava lamp is 11.5 inch
Do u mean how the lava lamp works, or how to make it? The only Problem I know is that it's messy if it spills Hope my answer helped :)
The lava lamp craze cooled by the late1970s. But the public again warmed to the lamps, and in 2000Mathmos sold some 800,000. The U.S.-based Lava Lite suppliesmillions per year to retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart. .
Lave lamp is modern teconology of the ago and it work with no lightbecause it is running always
Originally called the Astro Lamp, the lava lamp was first released in 1965. Invented and released by Edward Craven-Walker, from his company Crestworth.
I don't think a two watt lamp will develop enough HEAT to work.
After use or after stupid little sisters the water in your lava lamp can become murky. Mine is murky because my dumb little sister put hand lotion in it Yours may be murky because of continuous usage.
Well there is a metal springy at the bottom of your lava lamp, It helps heat the lava (wax) in the bottle.
To blobbler-- to do the thing that the wax in a lava lamp does.
It is in the furniture catalog, but they rarely sell it. The last time they sold it so far was in July 2008
No, it deals with lava
It all depends on the game, but in general, yes, they are almost nowhere to be found.
The light at the bottom heats up the oil, therefore expanding it and making it less dense. The less dense oil then floats to the top, where the cooler, more dense, oil floats to the bottom.
The wax substance is more dense than the liquid when cool and less dense than the liquid when heated. The wax moves by density convection.
A lava lamp is a chemical change
what is the controlled variable in a homemade lava lamp
Lava Lamp: . requires an external electrical heat source . man-made . constructed of glass and metal . paraffin inside moves quickly relative to magma in mantle . can be purchased . is transportable . comes in a variety of colors . easily observable . required temperature of operation less than...
Because it relies on the characteristic of warm stuff rising to the surface to get the blobs to move.
the bulb is usually 30 or 40 watts
b & q, there lava lamps are smashin
To go round the circumference of the shade, multiply 16 by 3.141592654 (the value of Pi) - you do the maths !
\n. \n Answer \n. \nDon't - \nYou replace the wires just as you would for the original wiring but you must use a lower guage wire size - meaning a thicker wire.\nThe AC cord for lamps in the past 30 years was at least good for 500 watts.\n. \n. \nDon't forget that the wattage rating my not be...
it was invented in 1960
I think I saw one @ Jurong Point shopping centre... But I'm not sure if it still sells it if I'm not wrong,the shop name should be Mini Bits... got mine from a online store. eggwares.com
u have 2 be a member & then go 2 horrods on sludge street
Incandesent round mini-bulb designed specifically to fit into lava lamp with appropriate wattage to heat the volume of the lamp to a temperature that melts the wax compound without overheating the liquid volume. Very precise so use only the manufacturer's recommended bulb.
Purple in blue water. DEFINITELY Purple in the Blue water. :)
ok there's this place called dollars and pounds in adayar. they arent the prettiest lava lamps but they sure are lava lamps. Maybe you can try from OVL (Nanjing) Electronics www.cn-ovl.com
First you get a plastic bottle and give half of oil and the other half with water. Then you need a multivitamine or other fuzz things then you cut the multivitamine into pieces then you give the piece in the bottle and look
When a lava lamp is turned off, there is a pile of stuff at the bottom. When you turn it on a big light lights up at the bottom of the lamp and bubbles form and float, right? This is because the substance at the bottom of the lamp is very light WAX. The light heats up the light wax and this makes...
the earth's mantle is always moving inside which move the plate on the earth's crust hope that made sense.
well the whole point of a lava lamp is to watch the lava go up and down in the fluid. once it is shaken though, normally the "lava" becomes separated into smaller pieces. it will stay that way.
wax and water. when heated. the water becomes less dense than the wax causing the colored bubbles to rise and then fall. wax is generally what there is more of within the lava lamp. and as i said the bubbles that rise and fall are just colored or cloudy type water. CAUTION: never place lava lamp...
how hot can a lamp get?. how hot can a lamp get?
i think its only 10 hours at a time. but this lava lamp is effectively using for a long time... thats all i know. thank you
A lava lamp is a suspension because it is a mixture that has drops of a substance in another substance.
No there is NOT real lava in lava lamps. If there was real lava in lava lamps, it would burn, it just oil and water.
If you have a lava lamp turned off for at least 2 days or less then it won't be as hot. hope this works. - Lola Parks
There really are no disadvantages. I suppose the only disadvantage is that i uses electricity.
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Draw a list of pictures about what you had to do kind of like instructions and there is you chart
I've done this if i were you i wouldn't do it It explodes and the "Lava" burns your skin like melted glass. Don't Try it
I am a former student and i did this project in the 7th grade and i got 1st place so the conclusion is that when the lava sinks and floats those are chemical reactions.
One lamp won't do much. I have 10 and my room is always really hot when they are all on
I am also looking for this answer! All my kids have one in their room and I'm not sure i f I should allow them to sleep with them on
The Lava Lamp was invented by Edward Craven Walker and first went on sale in 1963. Walker was inspired by a lamp he saw in a bar 15 years earlier, and eventually perfected the "lava" recipe, using a combination of oil, wax, and various other solids. Originally marketed in Europe under the name Astro...
The conclusion for a lava lamp experiment depends on the thesis. Ifthe thesis talks about the temperature for example the conclusionshould reflect that.
Lava lamps just rock, no question about it. I don't use mine anymore, but in the seventh grade I would just keep it on the treasure chest in my bedroom and light it up at night before I went to sleep. I guess there's no real use for it but it's extremely aesthetically pleasing, if anything.
Lava lamps get hot because you have to plug them into the wall and wen you do that it creates energy so then your lava lamp heats up and then the stuff inside it can work.
if i dont close the bottle cap o the lava lamp it would produce more blobs than if i close it.
Wax mixed with carbon tetrachloride (a non-flammable solvent) is commonly used.
I made one of these a few years years ago for my sixth grade science class. It is pretty easy. Here is what you need. Ingredients 1.Small water bottle (empty) 2.Olive oil 3.Food coloring 4.water First you mix the water and food coloring together (until you get desired color) Then u...
It makes people feel as if they have no light in their heart only in the room. They have to use it to get self esteem. Their only hope is to plug in the light and waste energy.
Switch it on i think, which would heat up the hardened wax at the bottom of the lamp and melt it so that it floats up to the top of the lamp in a process called convection, then when it reaces the cooler top of the lamp it will cool and sink to the bottom then repeat these steps again. But if you...
IT is made of a mixture of coloured wax and some slightly coloured liquid. When the lamp heats up the wax, it rises to the surface of the liquid, cools to becomes more dense again. And sinks.
Bottle or Flask Vegetable oil Water Food Coloring Alka-Seltzer
Glow it up Light it up Astro lmap Glowing lave Sorry if they are terrible.
Because the way they glow and how if you buy a red one it looks like lava. . I say that the part that moves is the lava, and the liquid when lit with the light bulb turns into a lamp. as you can see in the dark. Thus the lava lamp.
Light, heat and kinetic energy.
Sometimes it can be the colours (red or orange) but its mostly the wax is meant to look like lava hence lava lamp.
Yes. The temperature of the liquid and the wax both affect the action of a lava lamp.
They can range from 19$-250$ it all just depends on the size, color, and type
What you need to make a homemade lava lamp . water . vegetable oil . food coloring . Glitter . Salt ( lots of it!) . A flask that shows how much you need for example 200ml Now you pour water in too the flask (200ml). Put in the glitter (color of your choice, the glitter should float). ...
You can't purchase a lava lamp refill, you would need to buy a new lava lamp.
The heat of the lamp causes the fluids to heat and expand. The two materials are of different thermal properties and are immiscible. The word you seek is convection .
no because the heat would melt the bottle :)
No not at all. The only thing difference is that the lava will make a lot of bubbles.
Turn the lamp off. As it cools, the wax (goo) becomes more dense and will fall to the bottom.
it can explode and its dangerous
A lava lamp has wax, oil, and water in it when all three of those things heat it is called convection. The three elements move all around.
What you need to make a homemade lava lamp . water . vegetable oil . food coloring . Glitter . Salt ( lots of it!) . A flask that shows how much you need for example 200ml Now you pour water in too the flask (200ml). Put in the glitter (color of your choice, the glitter shouldfloat). Add the food...
A hypothesis for a science project is a proposed explanation madeon limited evidence as a starting point for the investigation. Thebest hypothesis for a science project of a lava lamp would be basedoff of the given information and a prediction of the result of theinvestigation.
Heating and melting a substance. Also when the substance that you see starts to warm, it melts, and becomes less dense than the liquid inside that you can't see, so the substance that you can see (usually it's red) goes up.
Water, wax, and carbon tetrachloride.
There are two components in the globe of a lava lamp: a water-based component (the liquid), and an oil-based component (the lava). The liquid shouldn't "go hard", since it's basically water. However, the lava part might, since it's a mixture of several different compounds and over time the volatile...
co2, h2o oil food coloring
that a lava lamp can be a good product to use when your doing a project.
Yes. The bubbles of fluid heat up and expand causing them to be less dense than the clear liquid. That is why it floats. When it gets to the top it cools and shrinks and becomes more dense than the clear liquid.