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Cynthia Lord

Cynthia Lord is the author of children's books. She is probably best known for her book Rules, recipient of a 2007 Newbery Honor.
I think it might be don't give up, because Catharine doesn't give up when her brother has autism she keeps teaching him rules and make new rules.
Hey smart one evry think of COUNTING the chapters that would be the smart thing to do so I'm guessing your a little short or slow if ya know what I'm sayin but since you not smart I'll tell ya..22 chapters!! (I got that from counting them!!)
Catherine is the main character and the girl who has an autistic brother. this is a true story from the author's family, Cynthia lord
'The main character, Catherine Collins , is a 12 year old girl' (Wikipedia:Rules[novel])
Because he is in Catherine's way of being Kristi's friend. Catherine doesn't like Ryan b/c he teased David and made a bad joke so that is why he is the antagonist
. The solution is Catherine realizes that there really isn't such thing as a normal life
the disablilties of the characters I think it would be David's autism because it gets in the way of Catharine's life that's why she makes rules for David.
I think it was because Cynthia Lord has 3 kids and 1 had ADHD like David, in Rules. David was basically based on 1 of her sons.
she is 53 years old and lives in texas city
I wish everyone had a chance , I say because it stinks a big one that they dont
Catherine, 12 year old and her 8 year old brother, David who has ADHD
a new girl moves in next door, and catherine has to try hard to not be herself when she's with her. meanwhile, she meets a boy who cant talk or walk when her autistic brother David has to go to OT,or occupational thearapy. kristi,the girl next door, begs catherine to ask jason,the boy she meets, to...
The Lexile for this book is 780 It is basically for a 7th grader maybe six months into the school year Hope this helps
Touch Blue is an amazing book with an amazing ending. If you collect quotes (like me) or you just enjoy hearing quotes, each chapter has a new quote. For example, one of my favorites from the this book, is: "Wishes are slippery things. You have to be specific or you can get exactly what you wished...
it was solved by catherine helping his brother come pass austism
she has a neighbor names Kristi and a friend Jason with Downsyndrom
Katherine meets Jason and Kristi. Katherine makes rules for her autistic brother, David. She writes words on cards for Jason.
yes Catherine did become friends with Jason in the book Rules by Cynthia Lord
kristi and her mom move next door her mom and dad are divorced oras kristi would say not divored seperated or taking time apart
i would describe catherine as a hard working girl with a friendnamed jason. she is a very responsible girl and wants to change herlifestyle. She is very kind-hearted. She also likes to swim
I think it is happy and sad at some moments and even mad
she has written touch blue or hamster
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I think that Catherine is the protagonist because she is trying to teach David to be "normal".
4 rules,touch blue, hot rod hamster, and happy birth day hampster
I'd say caring, because she cares about her brother and Jason.
the protagonist is catherine.
Cynthia Lord is an author who specializes in children's picture books. She has written a number of books, which include Rules, Touch Blue, and Hot Rod Hamster.
" Everyone expects a tiny bit from him and a huge lot from me." (61) . " Mom doesn't understand how not everyone is on David's side. "(31) . " Sometimes I wish someone would invent a pill so David'd wakeup one morning without autism, like someone waking from a longcoma, and he'd say, "Jeez,...
Cynthia Lord has not released the exact year that she attendedcollege. She is a school teacher as well as a writer.
The book Rules is about a girl named Catherine and her little brother David. David has Autism and does not understand the ways of life, so Catherine writes him rules in the back of her sketchbook for him! Some rules are things like: No toys in the fish tank and keep your pants on in public. Then...
Catherine's brother David does not understand rules like other kids do. Also, Jason at OT and Catherine become "friends" and Kristi tells Catherine to bring him to the dance! Catherine is embarrassed!!
In the book rules, by Cynthia lord the problem is that Catherine's brother David does not know rules like other kids do. Catherine makes him a book of rules to follow but, he does not always follow them. Also, Catherine tells Kristi all about her friend Jason. Kristi then tells Catherine to bring...
This is a story that depicts the impact of a needy child on anentire family very realistically.
Catherine lives in Maine, USA. on a rainy day,the first day of summer vacation in Catherine's house.Catherine and David are going to the clinic with their mother.But David says let's go to the video store but he doesn't even move one inch.
No she is still around.
she was born on April 20, 1969
Twelve-year-old Catherine just wants a normal life, which is near impossible when you have a brother with autism and a family that revolves around his disability. So basically the main conflict is David has autism..
There are many characters. Catherine, Krista, Jason, David, and Ryan. Catherine is the main character. She has a autistic brother, David. She keeps thinking life is unfair, until she meets Krista and Jason and wonder what is correct. Ryan is just a character that is Krista's boyfriend. To add to...
Katherine lives in a house... In a small town with her parents and autistic brotther. Her neighbor is Cathy.. i think? lol :-) Catherine lives in Maine or Massachusetts. It's described as a coastal town and they are fans of the Red Sox. She lives with her Autistic brother David and her parents. ...
Friendship, acceptance, diversify, and honesty.
Maine not sure of the city.
i dont know either i think it is that david has autism
The Plot of Rule is Catherine has conflicting feelings about her younger brother, David, who is autistic. While she loves him, she is also embarrassed by his behavior and feels neglected by their parents. In an effort to keep life on an even keel, Catherine creates rules for him (It's okay to hug...
She has two children.
the setting is maine,on a rainy day in a house
In the book "Rules" David is Catherine's brother.
More than 100 children books
Don't judge a book my its cover. I think this because Catherine(main character) has been around kids with mental problems, but she starts to see through their problems and notices that they can be friendlier and nicer than you think(When Catherine became friends with Jason).
Cynthia Lord was born in New Hampshire.
Cynthia Lord has written over 25 books
He isn't ugly, if I can recall. Catherine was complaining how he looks like a normal boy, but inside he is all messed up.
There are 224 pages in this novel.
cynthia lord is 87 years old.