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Sharon Draper

Sharon Draper in an African-American author of young adult fiction. She is a two time winner of the Coretta Scott King Award, and is best known for her novel Darkness Before Dawn.
she is annoyed by noises and hate children.
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The setting in Forged by Fire is 1990-Present Cincinnati. The  author is never really specific on what year it is.
Daughter of Victor Mills, and Catherine Mills.
The setting in Forged by Fire is never specified beyond being inCincinnati, Ohio, sometime from the 1990's to present. The author,Sharon Draper, never gives a specific date, though it was firstpublished in 1997.
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Yes, Sharon has been a teacher for 20 years.
Her full name is Sharon Miller Draper.
I think her purpose was to entertain the readers and tell part of the story from the point of view of the spectators, the people watching on TV, other wise it was just to make people laugh. She was the news reporter that worked with Romi's Dad, Cornell.
Sharon Draper writes historical fiction based on African-Americans,  generally for young people.
Josh's last name was prescott because Jericho ( the main character)  was his cousin.
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Teacher and author, Sharon Mills Draper, was born in Cleveland,  Ohio on April 11, 1952. Draper attended school at Pepperdine  University.
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well, its basically the same but ones in modern English, while the original one is in Shakespearean. In Romiette and Julio, Julio is the guy and vise verse.
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Her husband is Larry Draper
As far as I have heard 160 pages
Sharon Draper was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
Sharon Draper has won many awards so go on her website. Its www.SharonDraper.com
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The theme of the story is when you are a teenager and you think about having sex because everyone else is doing it, then your going to have to pay the price that comes alone with it. So be smart and use your head this decision can effect you forever....
Sylvia Patterson gets attacked by her next door neighbor's dog while watching her Aunt Bessie hang shirts out to dry for the old man. The man's dog has been trained to attack colored people, and as soon as the dog put his eyes on poor old Sylvia, he went right on after her and attacked her.
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they get threatened by the devildogs because romi, whom is african  american, and julio, whom is hispanic, are seeing each other and  the devildogs dont allow that.
What is the climax of darkness before dawn
No they live happily ever after
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The plot is when they make a plan to avoid the Toliver Twins
Astronomers sometimes speak of the predawn sky. so If we are talking chronology rather than about a book the time period is predawn.
Olivia was a friend to November and helped her through her pregnancy by giving her someone to talk to and being there for moral support.
no, there isnt. But they are currrently working on one right now, Ive heard it comes out in 2014, next year.
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sharon draper didnt do a good job in making the climax cleaar thpugh i think the climax is when the plan fails. (Devil dogs kidnap romi and julio)
If you keep secrets you can cause harm to yourself and others.
If you want to read a free version, you should check out google books. Just go to google and type in the title and who its by and one of the options should say go to google books. There are other places you can go if you type in free online version of... but some websites only give you certain pages...
the flash back is everything you read in the book from chapter 1-22. in the beginning of the book it talks about keisha being at the graduation then at the end where it says final it goes back to the present.
  Amari's 8 year old brother who was killed during the massacre.
it does it takes place in sw ohio
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Unfortunately, this book is fictitious in nature. Its a sensational story- but isnt modelled after any one person or circumstace. True elements can be found in the description of the protagonists disease, as well as the utilization of the medi-talker. But other than that, its simply a novel.- From...
In the middle. I know that becuase im reading it now!
Yes, and they love each other (it wont last)
That melody is trapped inside her head
She was inspired by a student of hers to enter it in a contest and  later continued writing after she won 1st place in the contest.
To me I think Sharon wrote modern version of Romeo and Juliet is because some people can't understand the Original Romeo and Juliet. So Sharon made a modern version so that way some people could understand what Shakespeare was writing about.
The scientific soul mate system was something that Destiny Romiette friend would belive in. Destiny would run up the stairs to romiettes room and go in without knoking. Romiette was use to it because Destiny had done it so many times. Destiny had bought somethign for $45. Romiette didn't belive that...
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The conflict of this book was race, and gangs.Julio moved to Ohio  from Texas.The reason him and his family moved from there was  because of gangs.When Julio met Romiette it was over a chat room on  the internet.When they met at school she was black and he was  mexican.Other kids at school...
since melody has a mental diesiese tht disables her to speak it  makes her go out of her mind having mountains of stuff to say but  not being able to
Forged by Fire is a novel that was written by Sharon M. Draper. The  book tells the story of a boy named Gerald and the problems he  faces after his aunt dies. The book was published in 1997.
  Forged by Fire is a book which addresses many social-issues, such as child abuse (neglect, physical, and sexual)and poverty-socio-economic conditions that influence the behavior of individuals unfortunate enough to be victims of their circumstance, to name a few, from the perspective of Gerald...
The book Forged by Fire was written by Sharon Draper.
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  Sharon Draper was born in Cleveland,Ohio, and now lives in Cincinnati, but i am sure she travels alot. I don't know her address and im sure she doesnt want for you to know her address.
i do not know where the setting is but i do know is starts March 30 2008