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Corn Flakes

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Created in 1894 by Will and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, this corn based cereal was originally an accidental development. When the flakes became a hit with the sanitarium patients they were intended for, the decision was made to market them.
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In the US, we would call that oatmeal.
in a van then to a company then to a store.
Corn can make popcorn, but i dont or cant think of anything else!
corn is a grain
yes but dont feed them to many
Mostly starch, sugars, and water.
\nSweet corn (I'm assuming it is on the cob) can be grilled, roasted, boiled or steamed. I don't recommend boiling because the vitamins and some of the taste gets lost in the water.
Corn taste starchy sometimes corn has a sweet taste to it.
the kellogg's corn flakes were made in about the 1800s :)
Corned beef brisket is normally bought in the supermarket with some spices packed on the side already. You have to remember that corned beef is already marinated in a brine solution. The way I cook it is to wash the brisket in cold water first to remove some of the salt. Then, I add in the spices...
Albert Holloway invented corn nuts in 1936.
No, 100% Corn. But always check the label for contents.
about 40-50 cents an ear meow Meow? meows the best you can think of.Really? Why did you do that
Confectioners corn flakes. Available in coarse, medium and fine granulations. These very thin and light corn flakes are milled from yellow corn grits with no additives. Used to give a light, flaky texture, as in "Japanese-type" breading..
Corn is a vegetable.
Kids like all sugary cearals like frosted flakes because they taste nicer than ones that are good for them. In frosted flakes you get a free toy and they like that aswell.
boil water for 15 minutes and slowly place the corn in the pot until it boils then just toss the baby in the water. the baby has to be a newborn lol just kidding
A corn dog has a hot dog on the stick with honey breading to give it a juicy flavor.
yes corn flakes is made up of mostly corn but also bread
Yes it does. The only gluten free cereals would be rice chex, corn chex and honey nut chex. There are specialty cereals that are good too, like Bakery on Main street.
Corn grows all over the US, Mexico and Canada. It was first grown by Native Americans.
Corn Flakes are know to cause to you deficate, do to the high volume in vitamins. It can also lower your blood pressure and make your immune system much stronger. Due to the sodium level, to0 much Corn Flakes can have a negative effect on the body.
By hair you mean silk right. Run it under water and run your hands up and down it. If it really bothers you pick it off one by one. When you boil your corn some of it will come off. If you have tougher, older corn, use a washcloth, or sink brush. Just be careful not to damage a lot.
flakes are healthy but sometimes frosted flakes aren't because it has sugar.
1969 Gail.: Actually a patent for Corn Flakes, as a product, was registered on May 31, 1894 under the name Granose.
Usually corn is grown in nice weather and watered fairly. Then the corn is picked, shucked, and cut off of the cob.
Corned Beef dates back to the 12th century in Ireland. It was very rare at that time, and viewed as highly sought after, due to the beef and the salt being so expensive. It did not gain popularity until centuries later, after famines, and the economy becoming better. This was around the 17th century...
Answer . The corn that we eat is the seed part of the corn plant. Each little kernel is a fertilized seed, and if left to mature and dry can be planted and will grow a corn plant.
In short, the use of corn in making ethanol-based auto fuel has driven up demand, thereby driving up the price.
Dr. Kellogg believed in a non-meat diet so the original purpose was to replace meat which he believed to be unhealthy.
Pencil Sharpenings
Yes, cornflakes are made of corn grains. It was developed by Dr. J.H. Kellogg in response to Seventh Day Adventists coming up with more options for their strict vegetarian diets.
The Americas. In Native American tradition it was introduced to white settlers as one of the Three Sisters: corn, squash, and beans, the staple food crops. European staples were likely grains and roots.
Native Americans, the Kellogg Brothers just stumbled on to how to improve it for mass production and to get it thinner than mashing it in a stone bowl.
Dr John Harvey Kellogg
Try contacting Kellogg's. Most companies are more than happy to help with education and you may get some free product out of it too.
Yes. The most potent carcinogen known is best countered by mixing several vitamin C (1000mg) tablets with your cereal every morning ,uncooked or cooked.
Hot buttered corn-on- the-cob is a luscious summertime treat in America, especially the sweet white corn. Creamed corn, corn meal, corn meal muffins, corn bread, corn tortillas, corn oil.
It is 5kilograms. It has 8 mg of iron per each 100 grams of product
check the box. Or weigh it.small are 750gm - large 1 kilo
Whole Earth Corn Flakes and Maple Frosted Flakes, Dove Farm corn flakes, Mesa Sunrise Flakes. The best in my view are Whole Earth Maple Frosted. Plain corn flakes are a bit bland, which is why malt flavouring is added to most brands. Whole Earth replace the malt with maple syrup, which is of...
well theres alot of stuff like tereso /w corn
Vitamin a and vitamin b.
The children are played by Rosie Dawson, Ben Giles and Jenny McGrath
It costs $1.59 for 8 ounces of corn flakes
General Mills makes Country Corn Flakes
Kellogg's makes Honey Crunch Corn Flakes
In a 750g box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, there are approximately 2750 calories (kcals). This number is obtained by considering the nutritional value of one serving, according to the package's Nutrition Facts. In one serving (30g or ~1.25 cups dry) there are 110 calories. This value, multiplied by the...
Albert Holloway invented corn nuts in 1936. He originally sold them to tavern owners to be given away to their patrons for free.
It is made by food coloring.
The mascot was a Rooster whose catch phrase was Wake Up!! Up. Up. Up to Kelloggs Cornflakes
Cornflakes are an American invention
Kroger (and most other store brand) cereals are manufactured by Ralston Foods in Cedar Rapids IA, USA. Ralston also manufacturers Post brand cereals. Ralston foods is owned by Ralcorp NYSE (RAH).
Cornbeef brisket can be brined with mustard seed, pickling spice,bay leaf,cracked black pepper,kosher salt, white vinegar, water and a touch of brown sugar...the liquid content for the brine can also contain some dark guiness beer for special occasions or a holiday preparation such as St. Patty's...
Your best bet for fresh corn is to buy from a local farm stand -- It gets starchy after picking, and some grocery store produce has traveled a long way. (My grandfather used to say that the best corn-on-the-cob was obtained by boiling a big pot of water and then picking the corn.) Corn is...
firstly in 1894, a patent was filed in May, 1895
It comes form the corn husk in a cron palnt
No. Cheerios was created on June 19, 1941. Kellogg's Corn Flakes were 1st sold to the public in 1906.
only if you blend it with uranium then freze it for four days
Yes, apart from Kellogg's which is fortified with vitamin D3 which is derived from lanolin.
Corn of some form is in most everything we consume. From beef to soft drinks to the coating on pills. If you analyse your hair, you will see that it is made up largely from corn.
Corn syrup It is made from corn, just not from corn starch.
In Britain it's called maize.
Filed 31st May 1895
There are no dietary restrictions when you have chickenpox. You can eat what you like.
Yes, you generally have your corn flakes with cold milk.
no but they have alot of salt
Growing corn is moderately difficult. You have to be willing to get the soil ready before planting, make sure the corn is watered enough, and that it gets enough sunlight. But the results tend to pay off.
Bread crumbs are pretty. Fried onion rings from the can. A few chopped green onions.
It depends on the size of box, but it runs around 70 to 130.
It is a new world grain, native to both North and South America.
to develope a new food suitable for vegetarian diets
Green red and yellow with white eyes
No, it is fortified with vitamin D3 which is derived from lanolin.