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Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo is a popular children's author. He has won many literary awards and is the author of books such as War Horse and Private Peaceful.
In Devon with his wife.
Wikianswers does not give addresses.
He is 67 And not dead!Author Michael Morpurgo is alive and well - December 2012.
Grandma wolf and Big Joe had a really complicated relationship. It all started of when Grandma Wolf dislike Big Joe as she entered the footstep in to Mrs.Peaceful house. As the story goes on... Big Joe goes missing as every one including Mr.Munnings and the other teachers were looking for it and...
her name is Lilly, she died in 1941 and she was born in well I  don't now how to finish this sentence.
He's not dead haha he's 67!!
Michael has written a book that has been rejected.
The Trojan War where the Greeks fought the Trojans
she had a boy and named him tommo
Search "where does the book Private Peaceful take place"
he uses short sentences, rhetorical questions and repetition  throughtout.   Short answer but hope it helps a bit :)
Michael Morpurgo is from England.
You have to read the book/story. Wiki does not provide summaries for students.
weve been doing this at school as a project. & charlie peaceful and tommo live in Hatherleigh
Author Michael Morpurgo was born in 1943, so 2010 saw his 67th birthday.
his first achievment was private peaceful. It was the top prized from the childrens. the children judged the book of private peaceful to be the top given prize
warhorse,matilda,the twits,cool and the wreck of the Zanzibar
Sergeant hanley is apparently a coward. The reason he is mean to everyone is that he is scared so he lets out his anger and cowardness on to his group. I'm not completely sure but I suppose it is a brief answer
what does michael morpurgo do now
AUTHORITY QUOTESThe Colonel -- "I'll teach you, you young ruffians!" he roared. "I'll teach you!" pg 21- "It may seem a little indelicate to broach the subject so soon after your late husband's sad and untimely death," - "But it's a question of the cottage. Strictly speaking, of course, Mrs...
Micheal morpurgo's worst book is Butterfly lion
He writes his books on his bed with the pillows around him.
I know that Private Peaceful and war horse have been made into films...sorry i only know 2. hope this helped
He was raped by a projectile vomiting lizard called hope brunning. 
Yes. He did this muppet because his British teeth were horrible and he could not stand wondering why his people haven't caught on with the rest of the world and actually started taking take of their teeth. He ran away with no food, no money, and no clue of where he was going. The best life lesson in...
Dance with my father again !
  because he believes that kensuke is his home now
No, he is not. His Stepfather was blind for the last 25 years of his life.
I suppose he must enjoy writing manuscripts and short stories in his spare time. If you want to be come a fab writer, thought, just ask me because I have been in the paper umpteen times for writing stories and poems.Thanks for reading this.
Molly is 15 years old in the book private peaceful
101 poems because there was a fire in my by Michael Morpurgo
Sorry but Michael Jackson isn't alive he's been dead for 5 years
You can buy it on the Internet for example Ebay or Amazon.
he has a son and a daughter son's name is Cameron Kade. , daughter's name is Cheyenne MichaelsActually his daughters name is Cheyenne Michelle keeping with the family tradition of the female having the middle name of Michelle as Rebecca Hickenbottom has Michelle as her middle name too.
Because he wasn't very good at math and the Idea of telling his own story intruiged him
1000 pages the book is called war and peace
He was inspired by a book by Ted Hughes called "Poetry in the Making". He decided to try his hand at writing. The rest (as they say) is history!
yes he does because he went to London univercityand study french and English toghether
She is very kind, loving and caring.
His favourite book is the wreck of zanbia
what was micheal morpurgos favroute lesson at school
he was in a very bad school and it inspired him to write and describe it.
because people tell him story and he brings it alive .did this help
Michale Morpurgo is a Cotholic religon but had sex with Clare in a Holy Church, but Loves Children so much thats why Hesa childrens author
His Mother is Kippe Cammaerts English Actress born in 1917.Father is Anthony Van Bridge they divorced afther the 2nd world war and Anthony moved to Canada with his new family and continued to be a great actor and died at 87.Michael had a stepfather Jack Morpurgo who was in Michaels life from the age...
Michael Morpurgo gets his ideas from school, the books he reads and his imagination
they are very nice and cool also interesting
Things are looking up in my life now. Me, Charlie and Molly are  great friends and do eveything together. The other day we were  playing in the fields when we heard a great rumbling of an engine.  At first, we thought it was the Colonel's car, but we looked up and  there was a beautiful yellow...
Five Past Ten They've gone now, and I'm alone at last. I have the whole night ahead of me, and I won't sleep it away. I won't dream of it way either. i mustn't because every moment of it will be far too precious. That was the first paragraph of Private Peaceful. It's a great book if you get the...
Why the whales came and the wreck of zanzibar are tewo but i dnt  know the others
because he has children so that's why he wrote children books
Michael Morpurgo is not dead.
I would probably say war and historical i think cos the 2 books ive read of his ( private peaceful and war horse) they are both based on WW1 which is obviously historic..... plz some1 improve this answer cos i dont think it will help many people
cus he wanted the rich fantasy life
His class inspired him to write. He was a teacher. Hope I helped
Lambert is the Colonel's bailiff
      because he couldn't be botherd to do owt else lol :-)
Because he wasn't going to leave Tommo in the trenches by himself and even thought the Sargent ordered he to leave him he wouldn't and the Sargent said that he was being a coward so he was put up in front of a firing squad
Big Joe (From private peaceful) is older than eigteen. He is probally in his twenties. Sadly Mr.Morpurgo doesn't say how old Big Joe is but we can say some suggestions
yes and his name was Jack
In the book ' Private peaceful ' written by Michael Morpurgo , Thomas ( Tommo ) is 18 years old
they are based on true stories and he writes his stories based on what he hears, sees, events he keeps his heart fresh
his favourite subjects in school are geography, rugby and cricket