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Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins is the author of multiple young adult novels told in verse. Her novels are usually highly raw and provocative, following teenagers' points of view.
Crank, Glass, Fallout, Tricks, Impulse, Burned, and Identical. :)
The story of Crank was actually her daughters real story. She was telling the story through her daughters eyes. Of course she changed the name though.
seth was addicted to his partner i do believe
Palm Springs, California
A motif is a reoccurring symbol throughout a story. In this story, one thing that is constantly brought up is drugs, which is what the entire story is based on. Everything that happens in this story is because of drugs or makes the main character think about drugs and how they have affected her life...
Im not sure where but i think it was published in 2004
Ellen Page would be a good Kristina.
the theme of the book tricks by Ellen Hopkins is about abuse and using your body to make money.
Kristina goes to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit her father, but lives with her mother and family in Reno,Nevada.
the main conflict on glass by Ellen Hopkins
It's all about the horror and effects illegal drugs can do on your life. They can take everything from you and once you let it reach that point.. It's hard to turn back. Constantly fighting with her mother, dealing with her drug addiction, being a single mother, and raising a baby as a teenager,...
Trey is a character in Ellen Hopkins' Crank series.
She has been writing all her life and didn't start writing for money until 1992
Simon & Schuster's Young adults and children division published the book.
They met when Kristina whent to visit Robyn to the campus Robyn was studying,Kristina was waiting for Robyn when Trey appeared and they stared talking :)
No they're not.. but they should be!
I don't think any of her books fall solely into the mystery genre, but all of them are written as pretty suspenseful stories with elements of mystery books.
The protagonist is Pattyn and the antagonist is her father.
Kristina gets herself off crystal meth for her son.
Ellen Hopkins is an author from New York. She has written several successful novels which have been targeted at the teenage and young adult market. Some of her books are "Crank", "Identica" and "Glass".
For a real answer that answers the actual question asked... go tosplurit.com/books and you can get all 3 books from the series at nocost to you. (they also accept requests)
yes she is because i have it now and im going too read it i just started it today acctually. it is great so far :)
Crank is about a girl named Kristen who goes and visits her father and meets this guy named Brendan and he gets her into crank (Monster) she then begins to become Bree she then realizes what sexy is. she goes through living to her parents to sneak out and fall in love with someone who is into the...
Tricks By Ellen Hopkins Crank By Ellen Hopkins Burned By Ellen Hopkins Impulse By Ellen Hopkins Some more books are like Ellen Hopkins books but not written in the same style Go ask Alice By Anonymous 13 Reasons Why By Jay Asher
Crank, glass, fallout, burned, impulse, tricks, identical
I think she might be real. On her official site in the FAQ section, one of the questions/answers is as follows: Q: How is Kristina? Do you still talk to her? A: Kristina is alive. Mostly stays clean, although she has relapsed. She struggles daily to make ends meet and care for the [youngest]...
The website bookseriesinorder.com has her entire publication listdivided out :) Crank, Glass, and Fallout are their own trilogy.Impulse is followed by Perfect. Burned is followed by Smoke. Tricksis followed by Traffic. Triangles is followed by Tilt. Identical,Collateral, Rumble, Love Lies Beneath,...
Young Adult, Realistic Fiction
Her email address is ellenhopkins@charter.net.
It's the sequal to Crank, Krisina's life just continues and Tells you about her ride with the monster, having a baby. and stuff.
Ellen Hopkins is 57 years old (birthdate: March 26, 1955).
the same as crank... its pretty much the horror and effects that illegal drugs can do on your life. they can take everything from you and once you let it reach that point its hard to turn back
She's in jail when the book ends, but overall shes mostly in Reno with her family or Red Rock living with Brad and his girls.
The time period is around the mid 80's. Pattyn mentions it on page 346.
If you are refering to Impulse by Ellen Hopkins it follows different people than her books Crank, Glass, and Fallout. So, yes it would be a separate book.
Ellen's third book is called Fallout and it is being released sometime in September or October of 2010.
The theme of the book Crank by Ellen Hopkins is Crystal Meth and how it destroyed a girl's life.
In order Ellen hopkins books are Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, Identical, and Tricks.
His full name is Conner Aaron Sykes. Page 150.
the theme is about abuse/dysfunctional relationships, growing up and finding your destiny and who you are and having to work to get what you wan't
No, not as of yet, but it would be awesome if they would hurry up on the process of it!!