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Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was an environmentalist and author of the popular book, Silent Spring. The book highlighted the dangers of using DDT as a pesticide and resulted in a ban of its usage.
She wrote Silent Spring . The first book about potentialenvironmental disaster.
Under the Sea Wind Sea Around Us The Edge of the Sea Silent Spring The Sense of Wonder
people did not die from pestisides birds did not become excint pestisides are not being used now so people will be able to live
27. Mai 1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania ; † 14. April 1964 in Silver Spring, Maryland
Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907.
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no rachel Carson did not have a pet she could not afford it and shewas to busy with preventing pestisides. Kit's Comment: Then why is she found with a cat in this picture:
Correction: DID Rachel Carson have a brother? . Yes she did Robert McLean Carson, named after his father.
Rachel Carson did not have any kids also she was never married.
Rachel Carsons goals were to make the pesticides less toxic and harmful to plants, animals, fish, and the environment included.
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his name was Jhonothane Carson. they had no children. after herniece died, she adopted her children. Rachel Carson's relationships with men were irrelevant since shehad issues with SEXUAL PREFERENCE, in view of her relationship withher « friend » Dorothy Freeman. In fact, Carson was The...
Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring". This piece of fiction was accepted by environmentalists as if it was a scientific dissertation and led to the ban of DDT.
She didn't have any children of her own though she did adopther nephew after the death of his parents ......she spent her extratime taking care of her family
DDT stands for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. It was used to kill pests that destroyed crops. Unfortunately it also had a bad affect on animals and almost killed off the American Bald Eagle and other birds of prey.
Interesting Facts: . Growing up Rachel was a quiet child . Her first published story appeared in a children's magazine when she was ten years old . When she was writing her book Under the Sea Wind , Rachel got a chance to go underwater in a bathysphere ! She saw undersea life up close for the...
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Rachel Carson was a scientist, and author, that studied the impact we leave on the environment with our chemicals. She wrote many books, that brought her word to life, caused quite a stir in environmentalist circles, and brought the world to a realization of the danger in using pesticides. When she...
Rachel Carson was 57 years old when she died. (may27, 1907-april14, 1964)
No, She died in 1964.
she was inspired by the place she lived in because she lived in a simple farmhouse; she gives the credit to her mom for buying the farm house, I'm doing a project on her
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I have to write a 750-1000 word essay on The obligation to Endure, Michael Pollan. The things I need to do in this essay is to Find the relationship between humanity and nature. Are humans a part of nature? are human recipients of nature of managers of nature? In what ways does nature manage us?...
she is famous for a lot of reasons. one because she wrote a book The Sea Around Us and it was on the bestseller list for 86 weeks. also because of her hard work a chemical called DDT was banned.
Rachel Carson wrote many best selling and influential books about the environment. These helped to start the environmental movement, and the outlook on the importance of taking care of the environment. Her book "Silent Spring" was a major factor to bringing an end to the use of DDT, a powerful and...
Question: What is the book Rachel Carson Published that raised awareness of poisen sprays? Answer: "Silent Spring" --Skylah
The one commonality is probably an interest in preserving and protecting the environment. There are big differences, though. Just for starters: . Ms. Carson had solid science to back her claims . Her solutions were preferable to the alternative . To the best of my knowledge, she wasn't a techno...
Rachel Carson warned people in her book Silent Spring about the poison DDT that caused bird egg shells to get really thin and will crack when they sit on there eggs.
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There is speculation among historians that Rachel Carson may have had a romantic friendship with her lifelong friend Dorothy Freeman. Carson and Freeman kept extensive written correspondence, and were aware that some of their correspondences could be construed as being lesbian in nature. Shortly...
HI Rachel Louise Carson (May 27, 1907 - April 14, 1964) was an American marine biologist and nature writer whose writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement. Carson started her career as a biologist in the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, and became a full-time nature writer...
Rachel Carson had a problem with the impact of chemicals on the environment. She solved the problem by writing a book which led to a ban on DDT and other pesticides.
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The school was named after scientist Rachel Carson because she is the author of Silent Spring, which inspired people to name the school after her. Her book warned the world about the dangers of the pesticide DDT and ultimately had the poison banned.
Well Mining operations & pesticide companies would eagerly refer to her as a Tree Hugger at best. So I would say she was a person with a real concern through her many years of study & analysis easily embraced by the Democratic side of which she seemed to lean..
Rachel Carson died on April 14, 1964 at the age of 56.
Claims made about pesticides
i think she wrote this book in 1962 before her parents died
The best guess for Rachel Carson's occupation is Writer, Biologist. Hope it helped you............
One fact of Rachel Louise Carson is that she made a book called "The Sea Around Us". Another fact about Rachel Louise Carson is that she banned "DDT".
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She showed that the pesticide, DDT, harms animals
She had went to college to get an education and continued to get teached and learned more on the way
She made a invention of a book she wrote Silent Night
yes,she died of breast cancer
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Bold , Pioneering, a leader ... Rachel spoke up or what she believed in. Rachel Carson is a person many people want to be like.
The main theme of,"Silent Spring" was to tell how pesticides harmed plants and animals.
She was a writer of a very famous book.
Rachel Carson was a marine biologist. She was also a writer whosewritings were credited with advancing and bringing attention toenvironmental awareness.
Assuming you mean the marine biologist - she lived in the 20th century. Specifically, from 27th May 1907 to 14th April 1964 - and was aged 56 when she died.
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Carson's book, Silent Spring, introduced people to the idea thatpesticides were having extremely negative effects on wildlife.Because of her book, the pesticide DDT was banned and the EPA wascreated. Senator Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin, promoted EarthDay.
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She wrote a book called Silent Spring which was about the effects of DDT on the environment. The book resulted in DDT being banned as an agricultural chemical. If you look on wikipedia you can find more information about her, she did write other books.
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Rachel Carson went to Pennsylvania College that was only for women. She also got high academic grades.
Answering this depends on what you consider "privileged" but I don't see anything but lots of hard work, and determination. This is a shortened, condensed version of her childhood, and education. In my opinion, I don't consider this to be a privileged background, inspiring but not privileged.....
For all intents and purposes she founded Ecology in the public eye with her books such as the Silent Spring, which brought an uproar against toxic pesticides killing off bird life and other collateral damage. she also wrote The Sea Around Us, and originallky in professional life was an Oceanographer...
"If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life.". -Rachel Carson. "If I had influence with the good fairy who is...
Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907 and died on April 14, 1964. Rachel Carson would have been 56 years old at the time of death or 108 years old today.
Rachel Carson died when she was 56 years old. Died April 14, 1964. For more details, please see the site listed below.
She died of breast cancer she had a hard and rigorous life
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Answer . She was a marine biologist and she was also a writer in her free time. She enjoyed writing from a remarkably young age. She thought she wanted to major in writing but in January 1928 she switched her major to Marine biology. She wrote about the environment and pesticides.
She died of breast cancer in 1964
growing up she was a quiet child
Rachel Carson was an Enviromentalist and Author. Rachel Carson achieved many things, she was a founder of the environmental movement, she wrote silent spring to warn people about poison sprays. she wrote many books, she received many awards for her work.
She is best known for Silent Spring.
She was a biologist and an environmental scientist.