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Kurdish Language and Culture

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Kurdish language and culture dates back to the ancient Kingdom of Corduene. It is still prominent in areas of the mideast. The geo-cultural area known as Kurdistan is home to 25 to 30 million Kurdish people. This area includes Southeastern Anatolia, Upper Mesopotamia, Zagros, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.
He was the first sultan of Egypt. Not sure of his impact on thefeudal system. Question for Egyptian and islamic history.
because he said it was also a holy city for Muslims as the Dome ofthe Mosque is there
They are both Muslims and having good mutual relationship and mutual respect. Refer to question below.
Answer 1 Because kurdish people want to get their freedom , and have theirown land not associated with arabs . So saddam regime genocide themso as to get rid of the kurdish people and dont ask for theirfreedom any more but it just make it worse . Answer 2 the main time of the Kurdish Genocide...
because according to the Muslims he was one of the greateest generals who ever lived as he when the crusaderscame and took over the holy land he took it back
Pan-Arabism did not do much in changing Arab-Kurdish perceptions. Before the Pan-Arabist period (the 1950s and earlier) the Kurds had already attempted to secure an independent state and gained the ire of the Nationalist Iraqis. The Kurds were stuck between the two sides of a doublethink ideology....
Pan-Arabism did not do much in changing Arab-Kurdish perceptions. Before the Pan-Arabist period (the 1950s and earlier) the Kurds had already attempted to secure an independent state and gained the ire of the Nationalist Iraqis. The Kurds were stuck between the two sides of a doublethink ideology....
Richard the Lionhearted didn't win. Saladin won. He did make a treaty with the Christians though. They could make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and enter the city unarmed.
There are three alphabet systems used in the Kurdish Language. The alphabet of the Kurmanji Kurdish dialect contains 31 letters: A, B, C, Ç, D, E, Ê, F, G, H, I, Î, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, Ş, T, U, Û, V, W, X, Y, Z a, b, c, ç, d, e, ê, f, g, h, i, î, j, k, l, m, n,...
http://omniglot.com/language/phrases/kurdish.php http://www.phrasebase.com/forum/read.php?TID=22401
Palestinians are considered as stateless because Israel has taken their land that belongs in fact to Palestinians. And as America is the leader of the world, as it is also in the side of israel, it doesn't allow Palestine to be an independent state. Israel is trying to take all the land. As for...
The people who go by the name Kurds do exist and live in an area covering Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. So there is a 'nation' called Kurds but they have no country of their own. However there is a province in Iran called Kurdistan. However it is in Turkey that the Kurds have been waging a struggle...
it's called cili kurdi pronounced as ( j-li kurdi) meaning kurdish cloth literally and there are many types and kinds, each got their own name as: kawa w salta sharwal w mraxani rank w choxa and some other types
Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Some are in Armenia and Germany.
According to the World Evangelization Research Center, less than 1 percent are Christian. Statistics on minority groups throughout the region are difficult to obtain. Of the overall 35 million Kurds, there are less the 35,000 Christian Kurds, which makes Christians less than 0.1% of the Kurdish...
Sunni and Shiite are different sects of Islam, but Kurds are anethnic group. Kurds are predominantly Sunni Muslims (although thereare minorities of Shiite Kurds, especially in Iran, and non-MuslimKurds as well). As a result, it is incorrect to call the Kurds a"religious faction" since what sets them...
I think it was Mustafa Barzani.. He was a great man though RiP =[
Most of the "bad things" about Saladin reflect on the fact that, tohis enemies, he was not a Christian and was a better person andleader than the Christian rulers he was fighting. It should beremembered that Saladin did not kill the innocent Christianinhabitants of cities he captured, The Crusaders...
Their customs are they like to wear bright clothes and they don'teat a lot of meat. -Sorry but that's a generalization; nomadic and village dwellerswear "bright clothes" it's called Kurdish clothes by the way. Whatdo you mean by customs? Like traditions or values. We respectelders, and strangers, we...
kurdish kandal is most often found in a pre pupescent Llama's buttocks. Then it is neutrlized and boiled to make kurdish kandal
The Kurds are an ethnic group living in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. They are Muslim, but they are not Arabs. Although a distinct ethnic group, they have never had their own country. There is a strong faction that is pushing for self-rule, a situation that is causing political unrest.
There is a misunderstanding here. The victims of the genocide in World War 1 were the Armenians. Kurds were encouraged by the Ottoman Turkish government to act as perpetrators.
The Second Crusade took place from 1147-1149. It began after Muslim Turks recaptured one of the Crusader states. This crusade ended in defeat for the Crusaders largely because the French and German armies failed to work together. Until the late 1100s, other Crusader states remained under European...
It was not really a war. It was a genocide. Thousands of Kurds (civilians in most cases) were gassed to death by a merciless Iraqi Regime. There were certainly Kurdish militants who tried to fight back, but they were nowhere near as effective as the Iraqi Army.
Turkish , kurdish , percian , arabs , azrbinjan , armanian ..
The first and most important "True Cross of Jesus" was allegedly found by Helena on a pilgrimage to Palestine, where she found the cross of Jesus and those of the two robbers, all still intact, as well as uncovering the places of Jesus' birth, crucifixion and burial, and various other important...
Kurdistan is located in four nations: Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey.
Answer 1 There was never a state called Kurdistan, so therefore it has neverreally been divided. A more correct way to put it, is that it hasnever been united. During the fall of the Ottoman Empire it seemedlike there was going to be a Kurdistan for the first time inhistory, but it turned out...
Once great idea (would be greatly appreciated by them) is go to any trophy shop and ask for the cylinder (beautiful silver long tube on a stand with some scrolling on it) and it's to put the babies birth certificates in it and put it out for display. If you don't care for this idea then you could...
Saladin isn't bad but he did chop off a Christians head.But he had a reason for it.Normally he was a wise,generous and thoughtful man who considered other peoples feelings.
I'd have to guess a Kangal. Since a hybrid is a cross between a wolf and a dog, it would depend primarily on which breed of dog the wolf was crossed with. Generally, I think most wolves are crossed with Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies or German Shepherd Dogs to retain the "wolf" appearance....
No. "Kurdistan" is the region of Eastern Turkey/Northern Iraq wherethe ethnic group known as the Kurds live, but it's not a recognizedcountry.
Minit Xosh Dawet? = Do You Love Me?
Saladin was a Muslim and had a war known as a crusade against king Richard. The war was to fight for their holy land which was Jerusalem.
Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb. Salah ah-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub.
No they live in the Middle East, they are split up in South and East Turkey, North East Syria, North Iraq, and West and Northwest iran.
Kangal dogs are not illegal in the United States.
His birth date is unknown.
PRONUNCIATION: KURDS LOCATION: Turkey; Iraq; Syria; Iran; Lebanon; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Germany POPULATION: 5-22 million LANGUAGE: Kurdish RELIGION: Islam
King Richard the lion heart fell sick for three months. During that time the Europeans suffered from lack of organization and no definite leader, so Saladain retook Jerusalem.
He forgave the Jews and Christin population and declare peace for them, instead of slaughtering them. That's what I know. Saladin creates a agreement. Male, ten years old and over, was to pay ten besants (money) for the practice of holding a prisoner or item to extort money or property to secure...
There is no modern nation in which Kurds make up even a 50% majority. If Kurdistan were created in the area indicated by yellow on the linked map, Kurds would form over 2/3 the population in that country.
Iran I would guess that the highest population of Kurds is in Turkey. The next highest is probably Iraq.
Saladin did not start any crusades.
Kurdistan is a term applied to regions of southeastTurkey, northeast Syria, northern Iraq, and northwest Iran in referenceto the Kurdish ethnic majority who live on that land.
Kurdish men respect their spouses, though the husband is usually in charge. Also read the book, Kiss the Dust
main tenu pyar kardi han
Mohammed ali abdullah ahmed omer lol =] i kno more but ...
Saladin Was never a cruel Muslim.... Director of Film Gladiator has directed another film named "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN" in which he shows how Pious and kind hearted was Saladin. After winning the battle of Hiteen,When he occupied Jerusalem,and the people who were arrested that time,afterward released...
That's not really a valid question since Shia and Sunni are beliefes and Kurd is a race of people, but anyway the Kurds are not causing any trouble at all - so that leaves Shias and Sunnis. Between them the sunnis are causing ALL the problem against the US. Take Al-Qaida (sunnis) for instance they...
Saladin was not in a crusade. He was a great Muslim commander who fought against the crusades of the christians who ruled Jerusalem.
Venn diagram Richard Both Saladin . English Muslim Born in England Born in Kurdistan Known as "Richard the lion hearted" KNown as "Salah ad-din Yusuf Ibn Ayyub" was a King (Righteousness of Faith) Both were leaders in the 3rd crusade
in Arabic letters: بيشمركة in Kurdish letters: پێشمه‌رگه‌
Ive seen it spelt as Chorni but im not sure what the correct spelling is. If you mean the word im thinking its Hello. My boyfriend always say Chorni Bashe. . The word you are thinking about is probably "çonî" as it is spelled with Latin letters. The word means "how are you"..
choni mean hi or some time we use it as how are you.
Basically, he gassed them all! (gas was supplied by US for use inprevious wars). This was done in the 1980s and 1990s.
The Anfal Campaign was the name assigned by Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, for his genocidal attack on a number of Kurdish tribes in northern Iraq (southern Kurdistan), wherein over 180,000 Kurds were gassed to death.
When speaking of Kurdistan, it is typically assigned the status of the area of Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey, Western Iran and Eastern Syria. The Kurds there do not have an officially recognized country, but the ones in the mountainous regions enjoy relative autonomy, but are still under the...
The wars going on Kurdistan are more connected to those going on intheir host countries. For example, the problems in Iraqi Kurdistanare traceable to the Iraqi Insurgency in the wake of the Iraq Warof 2003-2011. The problems in Syrian Kurdistan are traceable to theSyrian Civil War, which started in...
Mustafa Barzani was born on March 14, 1903.
Mustafa Barzani was born on March 14, 1903.
Kurds are an ethnic group, but I think most of them are Sunni Muslims
Yes Kurds and Turks are two different ethnic groups.
he was merciful not only to his fellow muslims but his enemies too, after the victory in the battle of hattin, he offered his enemey king iced water to drink and didnt torture him in anyway, when he reconquered Jerusalem, he didn't kill the citizen like the crusaders did, he instead allowed the the...
He was named saladin the merciful as he was strong and a good fighter and leader! He also raped his sons girlfriend, many people looked down on him for this but a lot of people still thought him courageous! and courageous he was!
Because the Kurds wanted to form an independent state from turkey
I'm Kurdish and when we went to a Kurdish wedding everyone brought a gift and they only invited so that you give them a gift.
he was caring, nice and chivalrous
Abdullah Öcalan was born on April 4, 1948.
Abdullah Öcalan was born on April 4, 1948.
Abdullah Öcalan is 62 years old (birthdate: April 4, 1948).
No. Saladin was Moslem.
Yes. Saladin conquered Jerusalem in 1187.
Erbil /Hawler/ is the largest city in kurdistan of Iraq
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No. Saladin was a Arab Sultan, Richard was an English King. They fought each other.
Most Kurds are Sunnis, so this question makes little sense as put. When the "Media" refers to the conflict between "Sunnis and Kurds" they are using the word "Sunni" as shorthand for saying "Sunni Arabs" in order to distinguish them from "Shiite Arabs". There are linguistic, cultural, and ethnic...
his farther name was ayub.
Because Saladin broke down Richards walls to his city and Saladinhad to pay 200,000 gold pieces and when Saldin ran into problemswhile trying to pay he finally surrendered.
saladin had a total of 900,000 men.
To be honest the bad things he did are an opinion from christians to a Muslim they are good .
they fought in the battle of arsuf on the day of 7 September 1191 which richard the lionheart won the battle against saladin the leader of the saracens mens.richard the lionheart killed ltos of saladin men with their crossbow men.this victory was the road the jerasulem
saladin's nickname was merciful
Saladin felt quite neutrally about the oposing side during the Crusades. Some people found it odd, but Saladin would send baskets of fruit and water over to Richard the Lion-Heart during their war. Saladin even gave King Richard some ice when he had a migrane from the intense heat of the Holy Land....
Kurds have lived in an area of Turmoil,war and blood for hundreds of years,the source of this blood is the co-ordination of nations(especially Turkey) by England to use the Kurdish region as a passage for drugs such as Heroin(94% of UK Heroin controlled by kurds who are controlled by Britain) and...
I think the film was called Saladin. Made in 1963. There are clips of it on YouTube. A tiny part of footage from it was used when former Monty Python member Terry Jones made a series about the Crusades. I'm uncertain of the Aleppos connection but hey, just how many movies about Saladin could have...
ugh- kurdistan is part of Iraq
First of all Kurdish is not a religion but a race . So you can find among the kurds , a Muslim , Christian , Jewish or what ever other religion The Kurds speak one language but with many different dialects due to the zone
Some can treat them extremely badly. They believe women are objectsand make rules and if the women don't do as they are told they maykill them through shooting or live burial. Some also beat up womenand girls . Most Iraqi Kurds have the same mentality. They believe women in theUK are sex objects...
I think it was Mahabab or Halabja
He was born about 1137 in Tikrit, Iraq.. He also liked horses
The Kurds want their independence from Turkey, Iran, Syria, andIraq.
Zakariah- he's as famous as Michael Jackson (for Kurdistan of course)