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Wendy Mass

Wendy Mass is the author of numerous young adult and children's books. Her well-known works include A Mango Shaped Space, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Every Soul a Star, Leap Day, The Candymakers, 11 Birthdays, 12 Finally, and 13 Gifts.
Yes Wendy Mass hade 1 brother and 2 sisters growing up. Today she lives with her husband, 2 kids,a dog and a cat.
A letter from his dad and rocks that represent some important events in jeremy's dad's life.
Mr. Oswald kept the keys in a suitcase at his home
all of them were in the back of a suitcase or drawer - i forget which, but all four were there.
in a small town called willow falls .
Rocks his dad has collected thru out his life
Wendy Mass went to Tufts University for college
Wendy Mass's new book Finally is about Rory Swenson. She just can't wait to be twelve because her super strict parents will allow her to do everything she's always wanted. Now that she's twelve and all the rules change she sets out to do all of these things. When she does each one of these things...
The main characters are Jeremy Fink and Lizzy his best friend. I just finished reading the book right now and it was great! .
Yes and no. He looks at the contents of the box his father gave him before his father passed away. The box contains rocks, each with a significant point in his father's life attached to it. Jeremy finds that the meaning of life isn't a textbook answer but instead what each person makes it out to be...
she has 2 a son and a daughter and there twins
When 16-year-old Tessa suffers a shocking accident in gym class, she finds herself in heaven (or what she thinks is heaven), which happens to bear a striking resemblance to her hometown mall. In the tradition of It's a Wonderful Life and The Christmas Carol , Tessa starts reliving her life up...
I haven't watched it and I'm honestly not sure but by the sound of the name it sounds like a documentary. Not a movie. Finally12j's answer: I just received an email today that there will be a movie! I am really excited!
Wendy Mass has written 26 books.
Wendy Mass was born in Livingston, New Jersey.
At the end of Finally, Rory Swenson, the main character, ends up leaving the party that she had allways dreamed of going to and ends up going over to a girl who she had met earlier in the story but did not really knows house. There she meets everybody who she had just done little things to help them...
Finally by Wendy Mass is a book about a 12 year old girl who can'twait until she's 12 and she has a whole list of things she wants todo when she's 12. When she was little she asked her parents a lotof things like when she could get a phone, when she could wear makeup, when she could go to the mall...
There are exactly 267 pages. I know for sure because I own the book and I just checked.
She always wrote every day and loved reading books and decided in high school to become a writer
Change: each character goes through different levels of change in their lives whether its moving or experiencing new things each character learns how to adapt to a rather different part of their typical life.
Amanda Ellerby (Main Character) Leo Fitzpatric Stephanie Leo's parents Amanda's parents Ruby and bla bla bla
Amanda and Leo make up and skip school to learn more about their ancestors.
The plot is kind of confusing but very predictable to
I dont know the name of all the books wendy mass wrote but I read a lot and what I can say is wendy mass is my fave author! and here is a list of books she wrote (I recommend these books, they r really good) . Leap day . Finally . every soul a star . heaven looks a lot like the mall . 11 birthdays ...
i dont know some one help me
Wendy Mass does have a family of her own. She lives with them in New Jersey.
The theme of the book is you won't get what you want, until you see what you need or The older you get the more responsibilities and opportunities you have.
i think it comes out in sometime in 2011 but ive looked all over the internet and that's all they know so........ :(
12 finally is like a coming of age book
When Rory starts to do the things on her list
Yes and there is one now, Its a great movie
Chloe and Griffin, 6 year old twins.
she wrote many boooks
This book is about best friends Amanda Ellerby and Leo Fitzpatrick.They were born on the exact same day in the exact same hospital,and when by chance, during their first birthday, their partyreservations turn out to be in the exact same spot, Leo and Amandastart celebrating every birthday together....
It was released in March, 2010.
The conflict of the story is that Amanda & Leo's birthdays keep repeating.
Rory Annabelle Sari Mom Dad Sawyer Natalie Kira Jake Harrison Madison Waters Sasha
It's genre is fiction.Days can't be repeated over again
Chloe and Griffin, 6 year old twins
yes she was born on January 17, 1967 shes 45 years and 7 days now (today is January 24, 2012
this is what it is about: on her fourth leap year birthday she gets new expirences . for ages 12- 17
Wendy Mass says that her favorite hobbies are photography and hiking, but really she likes to collect candy bar wrappers and search for buried treasure using her own metal detector
Amanda wakes up so excited because its her birthday. then, she remembers a year from then she and her friend Leo became ex-friends.
Rory's house in Willow Falls, Rory's school and at the mall
Tufts University (college)
Well I'm doing a book report on it and it seems pretty easy but its a lot of work... if its due soon go for an easier book with fewer pages but not under the page limit... but if its not due until a few mouths then go for it because the more you right the more credit you can get...
All authors get ideas from the same place - see the link.
It depends on the book, but mostly the lives of teenagers
yes, Griffith and Chloe
Do you remember when your parents used to tell you "wait until you're 12" or "waiting until you're 16"? You were, no doubt, just like Rory Swenson and created a list of things you would "someday" be able to do or have. FINALLY, that day has arrived for Rory. Being 12, means being on the edge of...
You won't get what you want, until you see what you need. It's about Rory making her list and when she can finally get the things on her list it turns out she doesn't need them or it just turns out to being a big mess. If you want more about the book I think you could answer me back....
he could not open the book that his father gave him because he didn't have the keys
When Ally, Bree, and Jack see the eclipse.
Wendy Mass was born January 17, 1967 in Livingston New Jersey.
The setting of Finally is at Rory Swenson's house in Willow Falls, Rory's school, and the mall. At Rory's house, she has her party and turns 12. At school, they shoot the film starring Jake Harrison. At the mall, she gets her ears pierced and goes shopping.
Jeremy finds out that there isn't just one meaning of life. Life means something different to everyone. What life means, depends on how you see it.
The small town of Willow Falls!
in the book, figurative language is used in many ways. Ex: "I immediately recognize him as the sweetest, softest, most loving bunny in the entire world."
Rory has been waiting her her 12th birthday. She has a whole list of things she can do when she turns 12. When she turns 12, it takes her in the wrong direction. She is taken through an adventure and remebered how fun it was when she was young and the fun stuff she could do.
the antagonist is not a person but its the fact that they are stuck in time and don'w know how to... get unstuck out of time.
Yes. she has two siblings.
the falling actuion is thats she hates her life and trieseverything to lmake it better \ and goes to the part and gets drunk and then dies
13 gifts is about a girl named Tara who was going to go to madagascar with her parents for vacation. a few days before the vacation Tara decided to steal someting from her principle. when she got caught she got expelled and her parents decided to send her to Willow falls. Willow falls was where...
I believe her real name is Wendy Mass, though i'm not absolutely positive. I have a lot of data on her, though, so i'm almost for certain.
Nope! The Candymakers is a stand-alone novel.
around 8 as of 2013
Tara, David, Leo, Amanda, Rory, Angelina, and Emily
The kids start experimenting with different candy
From what I have been hearing, I don't think so. She's an amazing writer and she has other books like this :) Hope I helped!
Jeremy's parents would find used furniture and repurpose it fortheir own home. They referred to it as *mongo*... which is what hethen called the couch.
Lizzy is Jeremy Finks best friend who steals useless objects.
Well honestly to this particular book there is not a conflict described. If there is a conflict please change my answer. Thanks hope it kinda helped.
i really dont know please anwser
she was inspired by true elements in her life mixed with fiction.
The theme of this book is diligence. I think this because Jeremy and Lizzy showed a lot of persistent effort towards finding the keys to the box. -D