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Roland Smith

Roland Smith is the author of young adult fiction and children's non-fiction books. These include Cryptid Hunters, Peak, Zach's Lie, Tentacles, and the I.Q. series.
summit base camp ascent and more
He grew up in Portland,Oregon
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Mostly, the main conflict is that Angela, Q, and their newly aqquired bodyguard Boone (with his canine companion Croc, of course) must try to survive the constant threats they recieve, as they are being followed by mysterious people.
Answer . I don't know your story, but I believe you're in a huge amount of pain. It may be a shame. You most probably have been driven to the edge of insanity and back. N's make you doubt your reality as they shove it down your throat. Very nauseating stuff. I will share this with you about...
He received a bachelor's degree from Portland State University.
Portland Oregon. (just kidding) It doesnt exactly say, but from where his father was being held, i would say somewhere in Texas Save
Not all of his main characters are boys. The main characters of Cryptid Hunter are thirteen-year old twins Grace and Marty (Grace is a girl).
Nick becomes a more well rounded person while completing his quest with Mya on elephant back. He turns from a quite pampered city boy into a rougher young man while bearing the heat and hunger all while avoiding the natives who might be either friend or foe. In the end Nick is a hardy youth capable...
He loves to work with animals and write about his or his friends experiences. many of the books he writes deal with animals or real life occurrences. for example in peak a 16 year old boy tries to climb Mt. Everest. he writes both fiction and nonfiction.
Page 187 "How was their mood?" Thaddeus asked. "Ugly." This is comparing the mood to ugly in this metaphor. Hope this is helpful! :)
They tend to learn something.
Two children get sent to stay with their uncle, a scientist obsessed with finding cryptids. The three of them set out on a freighter to search for cryptids, but someone is trying to sabotage their attempts..
yes its going to come out in December 25
In the beginning of the book, Zach's eyes are brown. When he goes into Witness Protection and becomes Jack, he changes them to blue.
Roland Smith never makes it clear what Peak Marcello looks like, except for the fact that he has a scabbed up face. I've read the book twice, and I never have found out if Peak has blond hair or brown hair, blue eyes, green eyes or brown eyes, and I have no idea what color his skin is. I hope I find...
It was published May 2007.
you can never tell who the mountain will allow and who it will not.
fiction, maybe, you guess
because the Main characters name is quest but everyone calls him Q so it is him saying I, Quest say...
he is a drug shipper that shared partnership with mr. osborn
14 year old boy, Peak Marcello
The Main Conflict in the story Peak is Person vs Nature. Peak goes up against the cold weather and high altitude of Mount Everest.
the awnser is on the internet
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yes there is, but i don't know when it comes out
Antagonist means the opposing force of the main character and it can also be not human so i guess the answer is Mount Everest.
the person who wrote the book tentacles is Roland Smith.
he flew drugs across the border into america while working on the drug cartel
There is going to be a third book and its going to be out sometime between now and march The third book, I, Q: Kitty Hawk was released on July 15, 2012.
Actually it isn't. Its about this boy named Q (short for Quest) and his stepsister, Angela. Their parents get married and go on this tour because they are singers. They are called Match. Anyway while they are one the tour the kids meet this man who works with a bunch of other people to stop...
Peak of course, sunjo, and probably Peak's Dad
Well, the antagonist does not have to be human. So i guess it would be Mt. Everst.
Why not a Good Historical Novel about The Russian Revolution and of course, the Girl Czarina or more properly Czarevna(Crown princess). Blow Negative-Now in Russian the Sub-Commander intones: ANASTASIA! (tAKE HER UP!)
He hasn't said yet, and trust me, i have checked every resorce possible. he hasn't even mentioned it on his websites. :( im getting anxious too.
IQ by Roland Smith is an adventure series written for young adult audiences.
they are thinking back at what happen with their dad
The main idea of Peak is always try your best. T know this because even though he didn't make it to the top he still tried his best
Answer . he is an author of 22+ books. he comes around to schools and teaches stuff to them.
I personally have not read "Peak" but I have read The City of Ember and loved it.
I asked the question, so I'm waiting on a response!
the whole book is about a boy whos name is jack osborne and his family is threatned and his name is changed to zach granger and he moved to nevada. thats all i know
He looks like a sherpas boy
The time and season peak takes place in is defineltly in the winter and is in the time period of peaks birthday.
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pretty much everything, phone, ipod, tv enerything that could relate him back to being jack
The main characters in the book tentacles by Ronald Smith are Grace and Marty O'hara, Wolfe, Noah Balckwood and Luther! This is Jessica contway a 16 year old girl answering this question for any cute boys who are out there! hehehehe your welcome:0
the main conflict is that Angela, Q, and their newly aqquired bodyguard Boone (with his canine companion Croc, of course) must try to survive the http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_Main_conflict_in_IQ_by_roland_smith# threats they recieve, as they are being followed by mysterious people .
everybody died and than croc started having late night parties hosted by adam sandler and went on a killing spree using a spoon as a weapon
It depends on whether its book one, two, or three. There really are no actual bad guys but in book three two men from mexico steal chases quad in one part. I hope that helps! : )
Angela's real mother is Malak, a former government agent.
Just Blue Lies. Zach says this when Catalin tells him that she likes his eyes
He used to just fly airplanes then he started fly drugs across the border working for a drug cartel.
Zach's Lie is about a family who has to go into a wittness sercutriy program. THey did this because of Zack's dad was working with a drug cartel. He didn't want to get his family involed. But they did. After that his father was put in a government jail. So they move to a kinda podunk city of Elko,...
I would have to saying annoying, as in so annoying you want to push her of Everest. At least she keeps trying though. (Courageous) She's kinda like, I have rich parents, and I can go wherever I want.