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C. Everard Palmer

C. Everard Palmer is a Jamaican author. He is known for his works including the Rami Johnson trilogy and The Wooing of Beppo Tate.
the cloud with tine silver lining, the sun salutes you, my father sun sun johnson, baba and mr. big, big doc bitteroot.
He wrote Hummingbird People and The Cloud with a liverLining . Cyril Everard Palmer was born in Jamaica. Other booksare Big Doc Bitterroot , The Sun Salutes You , TheWooing of Beppo Tate , A Cow Called Boy, Babba and Mr. Big,My Father Sun Sun Johnson.
behind his book (my sun sun johnson) book
No he's not dead, he resides in Canada.
hey he had two children (two sons).
kendisha Thompson and Justin Thompson
mico training college, jamaica, teaching diploma 1955; lakehead university
The cloud with the silver lining
he was born on october 15,1930 in kendal,Jamaica
he is not interested in writing anymore
he was born on october 15,1930. he was born on october 15,1930
he died of natural causes
No, C. Everard Palmer died on June 16, 2013.
The C in C.Everald Palmer stands for cyril
No one knows and you people need to stop answer the questions if you dont know the correct answer
He went to Kendal elementary school.
The C is for Cyril. The author's name is Cyril Everard Palmer.
Answer . The full name of children's literature author C. Everard Palmer is Cyril Everard Palmer.
Everard Calthrop was born on 1857-03-03.
Everard Fawkener was born in 1694.
Palmer C. Ricketts was born in 1856.
Palmer C. Ricketts died in 1934.
C. Virginia Palmer has written: 'THE EFFECT OF A GAMING WORKSHOP ON THE KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE REGARDING GAMING OF NURSE EDUCATORS AND THEIR LIKELIHOOD OF ADOPTING GAMING AS A TEACHING METHOD' -- subject(s): Education Health Sciences, Education, Higher, Health Sciences, Education, Health Sciences,...
Leon C. Palmer has written: 'The religious education of adults' -- subject(s): Religious education
C. Everard Palmer has written: 'Big Doc Bitteroot' -- subject(s): Fiction 'The broken vessel' 'Baba and Mr. Big' -- subject(s): Children's stories, Fiction 'The Wooing of Beppo Tate (Statistical Analysis Report / National Center for Education)' 'The sun salutes you' -- subject(s): Fiction
Sara C. Palmer has written: 'Dad Hall'
C. Everard Palmer (born October 15, 1930) is a Jamaican-born authorof children's books.
Answer . what is C.Everard palmer family background?
What about the background of Mr. C. Everard Palmer
This author is a Jamaican childrens book writer from stories credited to his childhood. They are popular works of junior fiction
C.Everard Palmer had 15 children
A cow Called Boy Sun Sun Johnson and that all i know by Amya Saunders of chrueb christian academy
He lives somewhere in Canada right now but ....I sort o' donno where he is in Canada.
The blow is when jake took the house and the property from mertonbecause merton borrowed money from jake and couldn't pay it back
mr.c .everard palmer was born to to wonderful couples in kendal jamiaca.his parents were known by the name cyril and vida palmer
c ererard palmer has two sons.
Yes . He has a wife. She attended Happy Grove High School in Portland, Jamaica . She had the initials M L. before she was married. The couple has two sons
yes he is married.His wife's name is michelle
C. Everard Palmer had 2 children and they were boys.
C. Everard Palmer was born on October 15, 1930. C. Everard Palmer was born on October 15, 1930
The full name of children's literature author C. Everard Palmer is Cyril Everard Palmer.
he was this tipical jamaian boy living with mom and dad
He grew up in Kendal, Hanover in Jamaica but many people say Kendal is in Manchester although it is not true Kendal, Hanover is right
he live in Jamaica
Mr. C. Everard Palmer died in June 16, 2013
No. He is very much alive and resides in Canada.
what cause .Mr. Tate to venture on Belmont's property
My Father Sun Sun Johnson Characters Rami Johnson Merton Johnson Betty Hilcher Donna Rae Debbie Jake Hibbertson Lorne Bakersfield Reverend Ledbetter Arlene Johnson Brad Johnson Collie Rainer
yes he was married and had 15 kids!