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Hypnosis is a psychological state in which the mind is in something like a sleeping state. The mind is more open to suggestion. Hypnosis is used as a therapy to help people stop habits such as smoking. It is also used as a questioning technique to help people bring back memories they may have repressed.
There are many different ways a person can get hypnotized. It  usually involves going into a "dream-like" trance. Also, it would  help if you actually believe in hypnotism, too. During that trance,  the hypnotist uses the power of suggestion, which some scientists  says uses the conscious mind...
One Contributors opinion    The Bible tells us to submit our minds to God, not to a hypnotist.  Hypnotism is an occult science and can lead to demon possession.  The Bible says "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ  Jesus:" in Philippians 2:5, and also, "Finally, brethren, ...
Hypnotists don't actually do anything to you - rather they  facilitate a natural faculty within everyone to enter an altered  states where by the awareness of the clients creative imagination  is heightened.
The use of hypnosis in hypnotherapy have shown to be very effective  in improving someone's life whether it be to stop smoking, cure  phobias, ease pain, reduce stress, etc.
  == Answer ==   Not all people have oral fixation problems. Sometimes this is caused by the person failing to exit the "stage" of childhood that involves putting everything possible in your mouth. Other people just get into the habit of doing so. There could very well be more scietific...
Hyperawareness is when you are more sensitive to stimuli than  normal. Hypnosis is the process of bypassing the conscious mind to  reach the subconscious mind, to implant suggestions for example,  and the patient is more sensitive than usual, and also, contrary to  popular belief, they are in a...
Generally 100-500 a session, and the number of sessions depends on  you, the hypnotist and what you are trying to accomplish. You can  also do self-hypnosis without the use of a hypnotherapist for free.
Hypnotizing your dad would be the same as hypnotizing any person.  The key is to have them want to be hypnotized, allowing you to  better access their subconscious. To fully learn how to hypnotize  him and get more tricks and information on hypnosis, visit  hypnotizepro.com
No. No one can be hypnotized to something they don't want to do. That's only in the movies.
If you don't believe in hypnosis, you will always be able to avoid it.
No. Hypnosis is not mind control. In some cases, people can use itto change bad habits, but even then any success may beinconsistent.
Some people swear by it, other say its fake. It hasn't been proven. However it may be possible.
Well, I think you're talking about the episode "Mindbender". It's episode 25.
Hypnotherapy has many uses and could help reduce pain, and also if  a patient was afraid of the dentist, who isn't, then the phobia  could be controlled using hypnosis as well as reduce anxiety.
Hypnotizing a group would be the same as hypnotizing any person.  The key is to have them want to be hypnotized, allowing you to  better access their subconscious. To fully learn how to hypnotize  large groups of people and get more tricks and information on  hypnosis, visit hypnotizepro.com
Wasn't sure about this, but was curious, so went to see a  hypnotherapist...    Lay on a couch, and focused my eyes on a dot on the ceiling  positioned slightly above my line of sight whilst listening to her  voice...   Felt very relaxed, but didn't really think much was happening - ...
Hypnosis is not a TM
If you want to convince someone that something is true, despite  what they might think normally, you would use conversational  hypnosis, also known as covert hypnosis. This method uses the power  of suggestion to obtain your end goal.
It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are wanting  to hypnotize someone to create a desired outcome, like them  choosing what you have in a box, you would use covert hypnosis,  also known as conversational hypnosis.
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Some experts in hypnosis can use the techniques of hypnosis to  hypnotize someone instantly through conversation. This is called  covert hypnosis. For more information on covert hypnosis and other  forms of hypnosis visit hypnotizepro.com
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It depends on many variables - eg who is hypnotizing you, and for what purpose? Also, what is your motivation in being hypnotized, and the exact context in which it occurs: is it for fun/ entertainment (just for the experience!), or for other, more serious, purposes? Is it public or private? It's...
  Hello Unsure Crossdresser; Apologies, I don't have an easy answer, but I have a question to start with. First and foremost, how do you feel? Transgender kids are very much at risk, so please give yourself lots of slack. If you are considering hurting yourself in any way, reach out for help...
No, the person still has will power, but they would do anything  they would normally do or do with lowered inhibitions, such as they  would do under the influence of alcohol.
  no, its a myth popularized by the cobras use of stealth.
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If your cat has been going crazy around the house, knocking over  things and meowing loudly, I have read that you softly stroke your  cat and tell him how good he is and that he will be even better  tomorrow. Please don't use this instead of what the vet says to do.     Just adding a note...
A stage hypnotist will scan the crowd and analyze the audience  through a test or tests to see who is most acceptable to  suggestion. This increases the chance of success and explains why  you see them complete these hilarious feats.    After choosing their "victim", the hypnotist will...
Are you asking how to use hypnosis to hypnotize someone? This is a  very broad question, it really depends on what you are trying to  accomplish. If you are taking a more stage-like approach, you would  most likely be interested in covert hypnosis, or sleight of mouth  or conversational hypnosis...
Theories have been brought to rest with scientific research.  Hypnosis is just a relaxed state of mind, and you bypass the  conscious mind to make the subconscious mind open to suggestion,  basically.
you can easily hypnotize someone without them knowing. go to  hypnotizepro.com to find out how
Hypnosis (in Greek language: Ὕπνωσις) comes from the Greek word Ὕπνος (pronounced hyp-nos), which means "sleep." In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the personification of sleep. The Roman equivalent is Somnus. Hynos had a twin named Thanatos, which means death.1 Cartoon characters often...
it allows you to relax
No, you don't lose anything, but you can gain new conscious  memories that were hiding in the subconscious.
Hypnotherapy is useful in reducing pain, curing phobias, quitting  smoking, losing weight, reducing stress and anxiety, and more. It  is a very powerful tool that is quite under-used.
The effectiveness depends on your actual will, how bad you want to  end your phobia, and how effective your hypnotherapist is. You can  even try to cure your phobia by hypnotizing yourself. The fear lies  in the subconscious mind, and hypnosis directly accesses it and  "reprograms", as long as...
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Franz Mesmer started the idea that there is a state similar to sleep that people can experience in more controlled settings. Mesmerism was named after him, and psychologists like James Braid and Freud expanded on his ideas with some more closer to legitimate scientific evidence to develop his ideas...
I assume you mean how to hypnotize people? There are many ways,  depending on your intentions. You can use suggestions while  speaking to someone to get your desired outcome, like them picking  your number or item in a box, this is called conversational  hypnosis, or covert hypnosis. If you are...
A person can be hypnotized anywhere, at any time, though there are varying physical and environmental conditions which are conducive towards hypnotism.It isn't recommended that a person be hypnotized other than by a properly qualified practitioner, usually holding at least a degree in psychology...
Unfortunately, hypnosis is not as depicted in fiction, TV, and movies. At no point is the hypnotist "controlling the mind" of the subject in any way. It is merely a cooperative state, which cannot be established against the subject's will. First the subject is placed in a calm, relaxed state. Then...
Some useful words to use are: Now, imagine, let yourself.If the person is in kind of a trance then if you want them to brush their teeth more then you might say, "Now, imagine not* having healthy teeth. That's what happens when people don't* brush their teeth."*When they are in a trance, their...
All hypnosis is self hypnosis. So, so long as you have a way with words, and are able to manipulate people into believing what you're saying is true, they you will be successful at hypnotism. Basically what it boils down to is that if the person being hypnotized doesn't believe they can be...
Hypnosis is an 'altered state of consciousness' (ASC) that is  qualitatively different from normal waking consciousness.
The unqualified use of hypnosis can 'disguise serious problems and delay there proper treatment.'
While you can work out multiple issues at once using hypnosis, it  is better to make changes progressively, one step at a time.  Depending on how you react to hypnotherapy, you can go through many  life improving changes rather quickly as hypnotherapy has been  proven to be very effective with...
Jealousy is a natural human reaction, however, hypnotherapy may be  able to help with jealousy towards a particular person.
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Because a person can pretend that they are hypnotized and accuse someone of a crime that wasn't committed by that person...
Nothing. Really, hypnotism does not work.
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Highway hypnosis can be very dangerous as it is easy to have a wreck which can cause injury or death of the operator and others that may be involved. Take breaks as needed, pull over and nap if you need to, break up long trips into a few days and stay in a hotel, get plenty of rest, switch drivers,...
One way of hypnotizing is relaxation.
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Yes, it was documented first in 1837, a successful treatment of  multiple personality disorder using hypnosis. It has remained a  controversial treatment over the years, although it has been proven  to be very effective.
The person should be willing, but there are ways you could get in  trouble using covert hypnosis because you could create your desired  outcome, like, making them take blank paper instead of money. They  WILL realize at some point, and you will be in trouble.
Hypnosis is not magic, it works on the mind. No matter how hard we  all want to believe, you cannot physically change your body with  your mind.
Most likely not.Answer: Hypnotic suggestions to eat less may or may not work, but it's the person eating and exercising that's doing the work.
Although sometimes it is staged, yes, they really do become  hypnotized because hypnosis works. Also, you will notice them doing  a few "tests" on the audience so they can find the best "victims"  that will respond best to their hypnosis.
a. If you believe in hypnosis, then yes, you can hypnotize anything living. that will look you in the eyes. b. If you do not believe in hypnosis, then no because it's a hoax. -Personally, I do not believe in hypnosis, but I have been able to relax my beardie into positions she would not other wise...
Using covert hypnosis, also known as conversational hypnosis or  sleight of mouth.
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Yes, hypnosis is safe to use. It is not magic, not voodoo, just a  process of relaxation and removing boundaries your mind places in  life to create a better quality life.
Sleep Powder 75% accuracy (better!) Hypnosis 60& accuracy
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Maybe as a stage act, playing around but you will never get anyone  to submit their full willpower to you using hypnosis.
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Your GP might be able to help you find a good hypnotherapist - some psychologists also do hypnotherapy.
Yes, it actually works. But it takes a trained professional.
Let me save you the trouble, don't do it, unless you are doing it as an "act" for them. In that case, you will want to use covert hypnosis, also known as conversational hypnosis or sleight of mouth. The power of suggestion. I have an article on covert hypnosis on my blog, link is in my profile
Hypnotherapy is medical in nature, stage hypnosis, however, is a  performing art.
Yes - anyone who is deeply absorbed in reading a story IS hypnotized!At its most basic, being "hypnotized" is simply being in a mental state where your concentration is highly focused on something (eg reading, watching a movie, listening to music, undertaking a task requiring intense concentration...
by staring at them saying a command and snapping your fingers they have to really hear you though
Hypnosis can help greatly with any phobia, fear, anything that your  mind is responsible for holding you back. Hypnosis works only if  you are willing to accept the outcome and want it sincerely.
Experiences of hypnosis vary: most people just feel very relaxed; others may feel euphoric and/ or very playful. Limbs and body may feel very heavy, or very light, as if floating. Depending on the exact context; the individual's responsiveness; the purpose of the hypnosis session etc etc, a variety...
Stage Hypnosis TrainingI would suggest taking a course on stage hypnosis, there are some great courses offered. You can start by checking with the National Guild of Hypnotists www.ngh.net as they offer a course each year in August at their annual convention.
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No, it is not a conjunction. The word hypnotized is a verb or  adjective. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb 'to  hypnotize' (actually or metaphorically).
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Take her to a professional if she needs help.
When the conscious mind is bypassed the subconscious is more open  to input.
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It means when someone has been put into some kind of trance.This is USALLY done by some kind of hipnotist or life coach.
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There are actually many ways to achieve a hypnotic state, and most don't involve an exterior person. Most forms of hypnosis or 'trance states' in different cultures and methods are self-administered. If you're trying to hypnotize someone else, here are a few things you can do to help yourself out: ...
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Hypnosis basically involves the same things as meditation. They both focus on relaxation more than anything else. It also involves complete control over your own thoughts. If somebody says "don't think about elephants," in a hypnotic state where you are in complete control over what you're thinking...
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For some it may be interesting and entertaining; for others it may be a useful therapeutic tool.
The same as in English. (Η)ΥΠΝΩΣΙΣ is the word. The passage to a sub-noia state. Sometimes stands for: the state of being mesmerized.
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The answer seems to be "a little from column A, a little from column B." There is a scientific basis for hypnosis. However, some of the more outrageous stunts in a "hypnosis show" seem to be at least partly a result of the "hypnotized" person enjoying the fact that they are the center of attention...
Franz Mesmer started the idea that there is a state similar to sleep that people can experience in more controlled settings. Mesmerism was named after him, and psychologists like James Braid and Freud expanded on his ideas with some more closer to legitimate scientific evidence to develop his ideas...
You can find a Certified Hypnotherapist in your area from an internet search. Moreover you could learn hypnoses with much ease. Conversational hypnosis is easy to learn. You can learn it from through online.