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This category covers questions about the Chevrolet small-block engine variant 350. The 350 first appeared as a high-performance 295 hp L-48 option for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.
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The intake valve is always bigger than the exhaust valve because there is more volume going in to the cylinder than coming out.
Yes you just have to put on your intake manifold off the newer engine, change over all of your sensors and put in the distributor off of the newer engine.
yes, the motor will interchange no problem. on the 68 engine it may have less pollution control system then the 78 is all
headers may be to small meaning more air coming thru carb or efi than leaving the motor thru the exhaust. You have to think of a motor as a huge air compressor. Had same problem 10 years ago when putting a vette 350 into a Chevy pickup trying to us stock exhaust. Which if read article right this is...
No the diameter of the crank journals are different.
1996-2000 SBC 350 2 or 4 bolt main and ZZ4, roller cam, one piece rear main seal Apparently these blocks were actually used i a variety of vehicles, mostly trucks though with the 906 heads that breathed about 20% less on exhaust. The ZZ4's had 330 hp stock and aluminium heads (im pretty sure) and...
YES it will bolt right on with no problems. You WILL need the headlight wiring harness from a '70 to accommodate the 4 headlight system though.
depends on the engine, most have one bolt holding it in place located near the exhaust manifold, take that out and it should wiggle out.
Be careful when you jet down an engine. If you go too far, even a little too far, you will burn valves and pistons. You need to use an exhaust gas analyzer as you adjust the jets and metering rods. Don't guess. Don't just look at the sparkplugs, otherwise you'll be buying a new engine in a short...
Chevy 350's can ussually hit around 6,000 rpms but that's pushing it, youd be better off sticking around 5,500
The rod should be 5.75 inches; assuming the correct year, size, and stock cam, fuel pump, etc.
when pressure increases in compressor side than turbine side in turbo then a waste gate is opened and allows the exhaust to bypass through exhaust pipe until both side pressure not comes equal. As the result intake pressure reduced.
change nothing!!! that's the beauty of the small block Chevrolet motor. look for proper accessory bolt holes on heads.
There is usually a cap on one of the valve covers. There is an oil filler cap, you are just overlooking it. Look closer.
In the racing world, both drag and circle track, as well as 4X4's, and boats, it is common practice to put a 350 crank, 6 inch connecting rod, and a special piston, into a 400 block, making a 383. The 400 crankshaft has too long of a stroke, for high performance.
Answer . Roller rocker arm. The rocker are in the head that transfers the camshaft action to the valve. Opens and closes the valves. On a roller rocker, there is a small roller on the lifter end of the rocker arm. Some small gain in performance due to lack of friction. Very small. In a...
Tear it dowm and rebuild.
No, you don't "NEED" to change the cam, but it depends on what you're trying to do. You can pick up some torque by changing the cam but you need to be careful. If you go too far the engine will start to idle rough and you'll loose fuel economy. An RV cam will give you a little extra low end...
to set the timing on your dodge ram look at your distibutor cap and on the left side you will see a nut that is at the base of your distributor stem when you loosen this nut you can turn you your entire distributor one way or the other all it takes is about 1/2 degree turn and then tighten it back...
A 383 is a .030" over bored 350 small block with a 400 crankshaft. The 454 is a big block.
Shimming any GM starter is likely going to assist in betterperformance of the starter. It cuts down on heat radiation andvibration when not in contact with the block.
No, 283 has too small a bore. The old power pack heads that came on some 283's were 202,160's, so I would think the 305 heads should work just fine. Not sure about the resulting compression ratio though. The 305 intake might be aluminum, which would be lighter than the 283 intake.
There are many tell tale signs. Color, Chevy will be orange, light blue, or black. Buick has pretty much, anyway, been proud of that gold. The valve covers on a SBC, will be flat on the top. Buick are usually more rounded, and say Buick, on them. The SBC water pump will extend out to make room for a...
No the 350 has always been a small block. The smallest big block made by Chevrolet was the 366 truck engine and the 396 car engine.
Type your answer here... Yes, the head will fit. Won't work without minor modifications, but yes they will fit.
Yes it will. To properly work you will need a wirering kit in the base and a vacume switch plus a kick down switch on the brake pedal.
It's possible to cause foaming in the oil pan, but one quart extra probably wouldn't hurt anything.
Any constant source would be fine. Straight off the manifold, or the throttle body of the carb would work.
Don't do it. I have been fighting my sons 1978 caprice that he bought with a engine out of a newer model that has the computer controlled Q-jet and computer controlled distributor. same heads as the TBI. You need to get a manifold that fits and a different distributor from an earlier model. I tried...
timing is set on a ZX2 by finding top dead center (TDC) on cylinder number 1 and aligning the cams. Once this is done, properly set the tensioner. TDC can be located by using a crankshaft locking tool. the cams can be aligned by inserting a flat piece of steel into the slot on the ends of the...
It all depending on how big ,but they will weigh at least 10x more
The L-88, 427, which was the King Kong of Chevy is 69, redlined at 7000rpms. In 70 they introduced the LS-6, and LS-7's, which were aluminum 454's, redlined at 6800. I would say that is about it. Now, keep in mind, these were steel crank, 7/16ths rod, 4 bolt main blocks, forged piston, high...
Yes a chevrolet 350 small block will fit in a 1987 Buick Regal.
207 horsepower with 235 lbs of torque ;P right on the money
The three main functions of piston rings in reciprocating engines are: . Sealing the combustion/expansion chamber. . Supporting heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall. . Regulating engine oil consumption.
Look at the plate behind the cam gears and u will find Two marks in between the has an e and the other an I. Line the pulleys with the Marks
from what i have heard yes, but you will want to get them cleaned up and inspected. Cheap hp add on.
bolt ons are the best way to go, hypertech if there still around makes a chip that is pretty easy to install, a k+n air filter or complete cold air intake, a cat back exhaust ,also underdrive pulley kits. roller rocker arms are not a big job, and if the engine has significant miliage a new timing...
Hard to say who's faster once you put in a non-stock engine. Corvettes never came with a 455, but it might be a fun swap.
With a stock cam 700-750 rpm. With a performance cam it can be up to 1200 rpm.. With a stock cam 700-750 rpm. With a performance cam it can be up to 1200 rpm.
the size is because of the fact that it is probably an older modelcar with out stepping on anybody's toes its smaller because the exhaustgases are being forced out,the intake valve has to be larger,inmost cases it"s relying on the static atmospheric pressure to fillthe void of the now open chamber...
The 350 uses a cable for the kick down detent. The 400 uses a larger yoke to fit the tailshaft.
\n. \n Firing order \n. \n. \nThe distributor cap is numbered 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 in a clockwise rotation. I believe you are probably asking a different question though.\n. \nMore than likely what you really want to know is where #1 is at on the cap. This is not as easy as just picking where #1...
I can't answer your question but I can say that my 260 hp 350 Mercruiser has 2 bolt mains and a 4 bolt rear main. Go figure! So I take it from your question that you also have 2 bolt mains with a 4 bolt rear main.
Probably not. Should be able to go to about .510 or .520 without interference.
carb probably needs a rebuild, or mtering rods are set too rich.
This is a good question. Yes, the keyway, is accurate. What is not, is the balancer. After 74, the balancer keyway is offset, from the timing mark. Any harmonic balancer you use, look to see where the keyway is, compared to the hash mark on it. Make sure they line up.
As long as it is not a tall deck, it should fit fine. If it is a tall deck, you'd need to add .400" shims under the collar to fit the small block.
Well This depends if the engines are stock or worked, old or in decent condition. There no replacement for displacement so if both engines were in the same condition the bigger motor would be faster. However add gears to your diff, a set of headers and dual exhaust and the smaller motor could have...
yes if the engine and trans. are both Chevy or Buick or Oldsmobile Buick/Oldsmobile and Pontiac will inter change but Chevy has to go with Chevy
can i have apart nembers the the rebeld 350 engine to get ahi hp
Answer . through the lifters then through the push rods
Answer . \n60-70 ft/lbs with sealant applied.. Answer . \nWhen torqueing the heads, it is helpful to start at around 25 ft. lbs. and torque all the bolts, then go to 50 ft. lbs., and finally, your specified torque. Doing this in incriments will help give a nice even torque to the heads.
will a 4 barrel edelbrock fit both chevy or ford with 4 barrelmanifolds
You may have to change the motor mounts but yes it will fit.
Anything is possible, it depends how fat your wallet is.
Answer . \nThe 383 Stroker firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
10w30 unless it is burning oil, in that case use 10w40.
On this engine I recommend you use an AC/Delco filter.
Voltage regulator? Inside the alternator. Fuel pressure regulator? Inside the throttle body.
The timing is controlled by the computer The base setting for all GM 1988 and above years start with 0 TDC and usually range from 2 deg to 10 deg above TDC. The computer controls if from the base setting at where it was set.
Answer . \nBy removing the valve cover from the engine, then removing the rocker nut on the bad rocker. Refer to a technical manual for torque specifications, as this must be properly torqued!!!
Should be under the drivers seat its not under any of the seats
The MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor monitors the intake manifold pressure changes and adjusts the fuel delivery based on its reading
You need a hydraulic press to press the pin into the piston and through the connecting rod
No, there is no return line. Because of the low pressure of fuel systems on carberated vehicles, there is no need for a return line.
they came with "186" casting number heads.........
You don't have a carb on that vehicle, it is throttle body fuel injected.
Those are 5/16ths NC, so I would go about 45. Also, remember to use Loc-tite on them.
a 350 or 327 that is the question. A 350 or a 327
The valve seals may be shot or the oil return holes in the ends of the heads may be plugged allowing oil to build up and run down the valve guides.
If I remember right, it's the amount of time the points stay closed. How long they stay closed for the coil to zap the plugs. The longer the dwell the longer the spark. Too long a dwell then it uses up to much juice and there won't be enough time to recharge for the next zap. Too little then the...
factory HP in pre-1988 - - around 280-300 HP depending on carb.. Nascars 350's - - over 850 HP.... if you've got the cash.