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Optics covers the properties of light and its interactions with materials including refraction and polarization. In particular it covers the behavior of optical lenses.


They may have built some of the first periscopes.
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Yes for two scopes each for one eye
The light stays in the same medium when it is reflected, while it changes mediums when it is refracted.
When a light ray is incident on a boundary of greater density than the current medium, the reflected ray undergoes a 180 degree phase change
Magnification, such as in lenses: eyeglasses, telescopes,microscopes. Raindrops refract different wavelengths of light atdifferent angles, to produce rainbows.
Yes if the water is clear and person is still in daylight range,though the refraction would give a false perception of position anddepth.
Yes, but they are avaible in specific country's. Its rubber isUKNOWN. Only found from Written records about it.
It wasn't a one man effort, inventing fiber optics. Works were inspired by John Tyndall who first discovered light can travel an irregular path through glass. Alexander Graham Bell later contributed. Heinrich Lamm in 1930 put the first fiber optic cable together stranding cable together and sending...
information in form of electrical energy 1st converted in light energy using transducer, then it is feeded to optical fibre in which light undergoes total internal reflection due to which their is no loss of energy through core & info. travels wid speed of light.
The minimum index of refraction for a glass or plastic prism to beused in binoculars so that total internal reflection occurs at 45degrees is 1.414
The element Erbium is used to boost the light. Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains it far better than I could. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-DY_RT4fJ4&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Prism ...it breaks up light into different colors.
No it's not that can actually cause severe damage to your eye or complete blindness.
The first number is the magnification. The 10 means that whateveryou view, appears 10 times larger than viewing unaided. The 50refers to the front lens in the front. It means 50 millimeterdiameter.
Globally, from a macroscopic view, reflection has light (image)reversing direction, whereas refraction has light changingdirection. Refraction is dependent upon the frequency of light.
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The development of the first brake light is not actually known.They appeared in 1905 but took a while to catch on. By 1928 11 USStates adopted brake lights
Unpolarized light has electromagnetic waves vibrating in all directions perpendicular to the direction of propagation. A polarizing filter only transmits light that is polarized along the same axis as the filter's axis. (Note that a polarizing filter also partially allows some orientations through...
Basically. Light cant go through solid objects, or around it so it STOPS, then on the wall / behind the object there is a shadow casted. Density - High density -- More Movement more vibration's. Low Density -- Less Movement Less Vibration's. Loves ya xxx
To see things that are far away
The index of refraction, or optical density, is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to that in a given material. Therefore, the index of refraction for this glass is equal to c / v = (3.0 x 10^8 m/s) / (1.6 x 10^8 m/s) = 3.0/1.6 = 1.88
Yes, you can. In fact, you should be able to see the planet with your naked eyes.
Simultaneous macular perception,fusion and stereopsis
Without refraction of light eyes cannot see and eye sight problems could not be rectified. Camera cannot function. Pojector fails to magnify the image and projects it on the screen. Optical fibre could not have been made into reality.
To get better images with large telescope mirrors. it is necessary to counteract the distortions caused by the atmosphere and gravitational/thermal stresses.
1: Fastest cable in sending and receiving data and information. 2: Small in size. 3: Water proof 4: Travel long distance (miles) 5: Last longer that other cables. by:kishon (Grenada)
Mirrors can also be used, but 1. reflection efficiency 95% at similar cost of manufacturing 2. can distort , cause fuzzy and dim images.
When a ray of light strikes an obstacle it changes its path this is called reflection of light whereas the bending of light ray while traveling from one medium to other is called refraction.
Light is refracted away from the normal while passing from denser(slow) medium to a rarer(fast) medium.At one angle called the critical angle the angle of diffraction is 90 0 .After this the ray diffract at an angle greater than 90 i.e. it comes back to the slow medium.Whereas from faster to slower...
combining two images into a single whole
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A medium with a higher index of refraction, like diamond, is more dense than the medium with a lower index of refraction, like air. If the ray of light is moving from the less dense medium (lower index of refraction), to a more dense (higher index of refraction) the ray of light bends TOWARDS the...
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Binoculars have one tube for each eye while a telescope only has one tube.
The "-ocular" in "binocular" is from Latin oculus , which means "eye." The 'n' belongs to the prefix bin- , which is from Latin bini meaning "2 at a time."
Used mostly in endoscopes to see inside a patients body. A light is usually passed down to illuminate the cavity. They can also be used to make phone calls or print images of the surgery.
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explain the difference between binocular and panoramic vision
The angle of incidence is the angle at which a ray of light (which is not at right angles to a surface) strikes a surface. The angle of refraction is the angle at which a ray of light, having passed through a surface, travels through the body of a substance. Normally the angle of incidence and...
During refraction, light follows particle nature. When a pair of light particles, attracted to each other, travel from a rarer medium to a denser medium obliquely, the particle that reaches the denser medium first, slows down. As a result, the light ray bends towards the first particle, which is...
Light travels at different speeds in different substances. Refractive Index is a measure of this. Refraction is the bending of light when is moves from one substance to another. Most commonly seen in Air/Water and Air/Glass since we have these around us a lot.
wavelength in vacuum/ wavelength in material = n 650nm/450nm= 1.44=n
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Attenuation in fiber means 'loss of optical power' suffered by the optical signal in fiber itself.
Free Space Optics Advantages and Disadvantages The free space optics advantages and disadvantages are worth exploration. After all, whenever a new method of modern communication is developed it is important to consider all the positives and negatives that come along with it. There are many...
Glass is most often used for long range and high speed because it transmit light better. Plastic is cheaper but has got certain limits both to speed and range(as in distance). Plastic is being developed a lot and recent types of plastic material has got near glass qualities. Regards. www...
high speed internet, cable tv feeds, telephone services, etc.
when light hits an object...for example a mirror..it"ll bounce back(reflection) but when light goes into a new middel...for example from air to water it'll cahnge directions and the speed of light may also change ( that's refraction)
It may, it may not. A neon lamp is close to monochromatic, but its ionised gas emits non-polarised light. A laser is the same - it's monochromatic *and* coherent, but the excited photons it emits are not naturally polarised. Generally, to get polarisation you need some kind of filter. ...
In physics and systems theory, the superposition principle , also known as ... principle holds (which is often but not always; see nonlinear optics ), ...
because prisms reflect images and light for an image into colors of a rainbow
SM=single mode,LX shown distance of transfer that is over than 4km for LX.
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because the snow reflects the sunlight, thus sunburning the skiers Snow reflects sunlight so it gives sunburns. The rays are normallyabsorbed by the ground bouncing off the snow and hit youindirectly.
1. Longer distance (up 40 km with single mode). 2. Usually higher transmission speeds. 3. It's not prone to the EMI. 4. It's very hard to tap it.
White light consist of all colors, when it's refracted then you will see those different colors. Look at the rainbow, that the cause of light refraction.
No, if the refractive indexes of the two mediums are exactlyidentical it will be invisible.
Depends on the system. Can be very high.
binocculars are a tool that scientists can use to help them see things that are far away..
It's possible because modern binoculars began to be developed in 1854 and the first American settlers could have imported some binoculars from Italy or England if such thing was possible at that time.
Refractive index=Sin i divided by Sin r where r= angle of refraction i= angle of incidence Light rays hitting the boundary at an angle of 23° is refracted at 90° to the normal. Therefore, r= 90 and Sin 90° = 1 . This implies that Refractive index= Sin i =Sin21° = 0.36 Speed...
A monocular microscope has only one eyepiece while a binocular microscope has two eyepieces with different lenses. Binocular microscopes are more popular today than the monocular microscope for professional use. To learn more about microscopes and its uses visit the website in the link below.
binoculars u carry around and can see things bigger telescope see things further microscope see things bigger
binoculars see bigger and can carry around microscope see bigger telescope see further
They must be, they allow cameras and video equipment per the following info on their website: CAMERAS/VIDEO RECORDERS Guests are permitted to bring cameras/video recorders into the stadium provided they are not for commercial use. Cameras and video recorders must be hand-held. Fans are not...
When light leaves glass and enters air, it is travelling to an optically less dense medium. As it leaves the glass, the light rays will be away from the normal. Hence the angle of refraction is larger than the andle of incidence.
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advantage- · \n It is minimally invasive surgery where the\nlargest scar is about 5mm, and your surgery will be done. \n\n · \n Minimal blood loses. \n\n · \n They can shine high intensity light down an endoscope;\nthis can cut the tissue or destroy...
yes it has The Eastern African Submarine System was proposed in 2003 with the main goals of improving the quality of telecommunication services and reducing cost of bandwidth in Eastern African countries. The project is being developed by fifteen telecommunication companies from thirteen East...
"attenuation" . which is loss of light power at fiber joints.. it happens with joining fiber and the signal is lost. .
fiber optics are applicated for Telecom and Datacom Storage Network CATV $ Multimedia Application Systems Integration for Long Haul, Metro and Access Network Fiber to the Indoor (FTTX) Test Local Area Network(LAN) More information can be sent through the same diameter of space as wired...
Binocular telescopes, or binoculars are instruments used to see objects in far distances. They are two identically symmetrical telescopes placed side-by-side, lined in the same direction allowing us to use both eyes. Most are minature in size to be placed in our hands, and others are not, the ones...
Binoculars were invented by Jan Lippershey in 1608. However, itseems that Galileo may have come up with the original idea forbinoculars, including what lenses to use in them.
Change in speed of light Light does not travel at 3.0 x 10 8 m/s unless it is in a vacuum. In air, water, glass and diamonds it travels more slowly and bends as it changes from one medium to another. Diamonds slow the light a great deal. That's why the can appear to sparkle as the light bounces...
reflection is when light is bounced back(this can be done with a mirror)and refraction is the bending of light(like if you put a pencil in a glass of water it looks like it bends).
Refraction can separate white light into the spectrum of visible light from red to violet.
The Malus' law states that the intensity of the polarized lighttransmitted through the analyser varies as the square of the cosineof the angle between the plane of transmission of the analyser andthe plane of the polarizer. Mathematically, it would be: I ∞ cos 2 θor I = I 0 x cos 2 θ.
A monocular microscope has only one eyepiece and a binocular microscope has two eyepieces.
Refraction has to do with the curvature of light because the indexof refraction. Optical illusions are when you see things thatnormally you wouldn't. Of course, I wouldn't consider an opticalillusion to be the results of brain damage, but rather of theintact brain.
Fiber optics is quicker and has higher bandwidth but for long distances requires more infrastructure (but it is on the planet so is more easily repaired). Satellite communications is slower with lower bandwidth and noticeable delays, the long range capability is greater but parts of the...
because an opaque object is clear so light passes trough it. This is completely incorrect. Light does not pass through opaque objects. It is because the vibration of electrons happens so quickly that energy is passed on to other atoms. Thus, the wave is not re-emitted and no refraction occurs.
This could be easily understood with the idea of plane wavefront. Huygens have given the concept of wavefront. That has been defined as the locus of all points in the medium which get vibrated simultaneously and are vibrating in phase. More over ray concept is old one. Any ray of light will be...
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