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Fabrics (Cloth Textiles)

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Fabric is the result of forming fibers together to make a large, flexible, usable piece. They have a wide variety of uses, including making garments to wear.
not as easy to rip
Dichloromethane or methylene chloride
Adinkra textiles established in 1818
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About Unfixed Dyestuffs   Scoured Fabrics   Formic Acid
  Completely depends. A lot of what goes into valuing a rug (even a machine made) or considering a fair market price has little to do with the design too. Try finding some rug forums to post photographs to. Good luck
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Producers in south Texas plant cotton as early as February. In Missouri and other northern parts of the Cotton Belt, they plant as late as June.In CA our cotton is planted in early spring. It is picked in late fall and the fields have to be cleared and plowed under by Nov.
Medium sustainability.
A time when cotton is in big demand.This happened in the Southern states after the invention of the cotton-gin, when they were able to supply the huge worldwide demand for cotton, and that region very quickly turned into a cotton empire.
it is originally from these type of worms called silkworms and the silk comes from the webs made by the worms.
The Disadvantages of Silk is:   It can be tore easily
Yes, applique means applying a decoration to something, it can be a textile or some other medium.
Worldwide, the largest producers of cotton are China, the U.S., and India. Cotton needs to be grown in areas that are warm, and have both a rainy and dry season. As far as the U.S. production of cotton, it is grown in the southern states. California is one of the largest producers of cotton in the...
Silk is not bad in any way. Silk is used everywhere like curtains, clothes, throws/blankets and also used to create crafts.
100% acrylic paints are formulated to withstand UV rays and multiple freeze-thaw cycles so they are the preferred exterior coatings for exterior use.
These come in pairs, which need to be matched up as you put the garment together.They come in groups of one to four.You need to match the single notches to single notches, double notches to double notches, and so forth.Sometimes they are numbered, which helps too.At first you will be advised to cut...
Cotton wool is the UK term for absorbent cotton. This fibre is used in first aid dressings and tampons, for example.
Tussore silk is the silk woven from the cocoons of wild silkworms  feeding on some mountain shrub.
Fashion designing, seamstress, screen printing, dye master, and  sale representatives are five careers that relate to clothing and  textiles. Marketing is another career option.
  silk usually cost around $30.00 per square foot it also depends on the type of silk..
I don't have a clue yeeah that's gunno help people isn't it ?^^ weirdoo ! advantages of silk are : .good for material use .good for children because it gets rid of ashma and dierehs " __________________________________________________________ The Chinese used it because it was strong,...
Polyester does a lot for the environment 1.)It is recycling2.)It keeps you warm3.)Anybody can buy polyester
Both polyester and polyamides have similar properties. Neither is  necessarily stronger than the other; however, the polyester does  perform better than the polyamide in certain applications. The most  common polyamide is nylon, but silk and wool are also polyamides.
Honestly a polyester shirt won't shrink because it is  designed not to shrink. Sorry :( 
The cotton gin does not pick the cotton. It separates the cotton fiber from the seeds and other debris
1. Anti-UV fabric 2. Polyester fabric3. Flame retardant fabric4. Memory fabric5. Eco-friendly fabric6. Cotton fabric7. Silk fabric8. Grey fabric9. Sofa fabric10. Upholstery fabric11. Curtain fabric12. Bedding13. Pillows14. Tarpaulin15. Dryer fabric16. Tyre cord fabric17. Geotextile fabric18. Mat19....
I'm no expert, but I would try using a hairdryer on high  texperature. It would help melt the wax and then possibly you could  get most of it off.
Pond silk is the common name of Spirogyra (algae) because it is very slimy in shape.
The cotton gin picked out seeds by combing through the cotton and leaving the seeds in one pile at the end, and having a pile of unseeded cotton in a compartment above.
wait for it to grow. 0-
it makes it through its body similar to how a spider makes the stuff for its web
polyster lasts a very long time and is very durable
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Sounds like a ball of wool ! Wool is usually 2, 3 or 4 ply, and is sold in balls either by the ounce or gram.
They are different brand names of the same material (polystyrene).-jess
A unit of silk per se is a strand. Strands' length or ply, however, may earn it/them different names.
There are lots of things made out of cotton you may not know about. Such as: t-shirt, pants, some pillows, purses, cotton balls, and much more. Cotton is used to make denim, old denim is used to make currency paper and currency paper is used to make the US Dollars. and even sometimes very rare but...
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A silk worm 'made the first silk'.
Nitrocellulose is an organic compound that is highly flammable. It was originally made by soaking cotton in nitric acid. It can be used as a low order explosive or propellant (for example, gunpowder) and is called "gun cotton" for that reason.Once it became possible to adjust the produce with...
Silk comes from the silk worm. The silk worm is the larva or  caterpillar of the domesticated silk moth. It has been domesticated  for thousands of years.
  == Cotton was not usually produced in Europe. ==   == Cotton was not usually produced in Europe. ==   == Cotton was not usually produced in Europe. ==
No, cotton is not elastic at allIt would rip if tried to stretch
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No. I have an Alfani shirt that is 70% Rayon and 30% polyester. I am trying to find more because this one does NOT wrinkle.
soak it, spray with anti sticker spray and don't chew gum wearing a satin dress!!
Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyester clothing:   Advantages:    Polyester clothing has a lot of advantages: It lasts a long time  and wears very well. It is very hard to stain, holds its shape, and  does not wrinkle. It can be washed or dry cleaned. It does not  yellow. It takes a...
The difference between satin and satin is satin is a type of material whilst Satin is the devil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actually SATAN is the devil... there is no difference between satin and satin. They are the same word
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Samuel slater brought English textile machinery designs to the United States. i hope that helps to answer your question!
Silk is fragile and quite easy to ruin. You can stain it, rip it, stretch it to breaking, scorch it -- lots of options.
They are materials that have been used for hundreds of years.
Chrome is a mirror-like finish on metals and some plastics. "Satin"  chrome has a finish that is NOT mirror-like but brushed or dull.
silk is made of moths
it all depends on were you are and what kind of economy they may have but ase so fare as i know the usa does not use that many textile mills to make cloths
You would machine it on a lathe, carefully.
  Satin nickel is a dull finish, wheras chrome is shiny. The other difference is satin nickel is grey and chrome is merely reflective and has no color
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Talc us an excellent filler providing much bulk and sanding very easily. A cheap source is generic baby powder. Just check the ingredients are talc, not corn starch.
No, you can dull satin or semi-gloss but not the reverse.
The Spanish word for cotton is "algodon".
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Every product will be different. Polyester can contain BPA and I have heard of BPA found in clothing products. There's probably no way to know if your polyester contains BPA unless the manufacturer has come out since the BPA issue became known and states that their products contain no BPA. ...
Yes sure we can. by using some dyes like direct dyes, reactive dyes ,vat dyes , azoic dyes, sulphur dyes. And each dye from those has a method.
Cotton wool is cotton fibers, and cotton fibers are mostly cellulose with some other materials in it. In that light, cotton doesn't have a chemical formula. But we know that cellulose is a chain of C6H10O5 molecules, and we write C6H10O5)m for the chain. Lignin, which is a complex mixture of a...
1. hold the scissors properly 2.don't leave the needle in the fabric3.put the iron flat down not standing up
Cotton grows in shrubs.
Cotton wool is cotton. Removing it from cotton wool depends on the state and size of the iron involved. Large chunks could be picked out of the cotton. Smaller pieces would fall out during the carding process.
Yes, Eggshell and Satin are very similar. Though i would recommend scuffing the walls with a sanding block or sandpaper to help with adhesion . Also current and new colors will make a difference, you may need to use primer if applying a lighter color over a darker one or if there are excessive...
  == Answer ==   No.  See the Web Links to the left of this answer for more information. 
• reduces the amount of plastic that is buried in landfills • alleged to be less damaging to Environment than growing organic cotton • comfortable and adaptable fabric • reduces toxic emissions from incinerators • Creates less air, water and soil contamination
Yes because cotton seeds are planted.
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it can be copied and pasted from the internet images of textile designs on powerpoint or word and printed out
In France and it was called "jeu de paume".
The fabric is used in many forms, including knitted cotton, denim, corduroy, poplin, canvas, terrycloth, chambray, velvet, and velour. Clothing uses include hats, ball caps, shirts, pants, socks, robes, coats, skirts, scarves, underwear, and sleepwear. It is widely used for bedsheets, bath towels,...
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