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Celtic History

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The history of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles contains a rich culture of tribes, peoples, and customs. These people have fought and beaten the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Normans. Their influence can still be seen throughout Ireland and Scotland today.
the wargles from morrgarath because he needed miners to build a secret bridge he was working on for a long time
Two groups of Celts - the Gaels and Brythons - also invaded the British Isles.
 The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from a population who expanded out of northern Spain after the last Ice Age (See R1b on Wiki). The DNA doesn't show any connection with Berbers. They are the source of dark hair and eyes among the Celts; they are not dark-skinned however.   ...
A Roman Said To Queen Celt Boudicca She Cant Be A Queen Then The Celt Queen Disagreed So The Romans Tied Her Up And Tied Up The Daughters.
The Celtic people left behind a rich archaeological record. Many  Iron Age artifacts have been uncovered, all bearing distinctive  markings (swirling lines, stylized faces) that are associated with  Celtic traditions. Weapons, stone monuments, and art objects are  also commonly found at Celtic...
No. They are Norse.
they left behind patterns, shields, swords, jewellery
Celtic people are still around today. They are English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. You have to be more specific about the era.
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Economics did not change much during this period. Iron -a functionally superior metal to copper- was now used to construct tools. Although agriculture was still very important, improved farming methods enabled parts of the population to pursue other means of making a living while relying on the...
The Celts used stone clay and straw.     By ArrowSoul Haqua
Yes, mainly pears and apples. It doesn't say too much about it, but  here's the reference to my statement.
The Celts and the Greeks are both derived from the Indo-European peoples. I'm sure some of the basic stories that are related in each mythology come from their relative past, but the developed, Greek Mythology came first.
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As the Celts spanned the majority of Western Europe before the Romans took their land and intergrated them into their empire (with varying degrees of success), they would have been aware of certain items that could be used as seasoning. Certainly they would have used salt as a preservative for meats...
The Celts usaually wore tunics,jackets and shorts and in winter they wore tunics
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The Celts lived as a trading race. throughout Europe, Britain,France Germany and the like. They were large in number but had no Head quaters. they moved freely and lived from the land. they also had a deep spiritual relationship with the earth. But if you are a fan of the Romans, you will believe...
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The Celts came from mainland Europe and settled in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
Culturally and linguistically yes.
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The Celts made a living as farmers and hunters.
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Irish Folk And Tradtional
No because the Romans came in an AD date which means after Christ.
== Answer ==   The difference is that the Picts were a people who merged with the Scots and Gaels, but the Celts were not a people, more a collection of semi-mythical primitive tribes somewhere in the Northern Spanish area where the Basques are today.Some say they came from Morocco first then...
There are quite a few animals that the Celts decide to keep on  their farm. These animals include sheet and cows.
There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: BretonCornishIrish GaelicManxScottish GaelicWelsh
the Celts wore checkered clothes and thay made it themselfs i know that because i had a Roman assembly and i was a Roman
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The Celts lived in a thatched hut made of dung (cow poo) straw and hay
In their spare time the Celts enjoyed many pastimes including hunting, storytelling, music and poetry.....
  Well Some People Say That They Are Celt E.g "Not British Were Celts"
Not originally. Celtic people came to Ireland, but they were not the first people to come to Ireland. There is now a long Celtic history in Ireland.
what did celts enjoy doing
Obviously not everyone, but it was a common hair colour of he Celts
    The heart knot or Celtic hearts are a relatively recent addition to Celtic symbolism.   Hearts as symbols of "love" and "devotion" date from the later medieval period but have become an established part of modern Celtic symbolism in the last decade of the 20th century.
They were there to protect the Celts ! and use for food
  == Answer ==   People worship gods for many reasons, perhaps originally because this gave them some control over their lives. They could call on their gods to ensure a good crop, a victory in war, help in a crisis or any other worthwhile purpose.   Different civilisations developed...
In Irish:In Scots Gaelic: In Manx: In Welsh:In Breton: In Cornish:
hoodies , sweatpants and deacent nike air runners if you cannot give a sensible answer then do not answer at all.Most clothes of that time were made from rough material, and shoes were not necessarily worn.
The Celts would fight using swords and other weapons. They would ride in chariots and use spears to kill their enemies in war.
i think it was gaelic. i'm not quite sure
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Austria, Switzerland, Southern France and Spain.
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The Ancient Irish seem to have practice a number of outdoor sports : running, jumping and ball games like Hurley. Gaming pieces and dice have been found and there are references to a board game using wooden pieces. Two board games called "brandub" and "fidchell" were being played in Ireland about...
Hiya, To answer your question, Ummm, They wore there blue paint to show there religion and that they were going into war.
they ate   vegetables-leeks,onions,turnips,carrots,parsnips   wild nuts-hazelnuts,walnuts   berries-gooseberries,blackberries,blueberries   grains to make bead and porridge   herbs-fennel,common sorrel,wild garlic,parsley   leaves-nettles,spinach
by boat they traveled by motercycle
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The Celts wove their own multicoloured tunics and brown sandals. This was until the Romans invaded and when they brought clothes shops. Then the popular clothing were togas.
The Celtic Sea is the area of the Atlantic Ocean due south of  Ireland.   The word Celt, simplified, refers to a group of tribes that  originated in Ireland in the Iron ages. This is why the word Celt  is associated with Ireland, as the term Gaelic is for Scotland.   Therefore, it is called...
There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: . Breton . Cornish . Irish Gaelic . Manx . Scottish Gaelic . Welsh
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There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: . Breton . Cornish . Irish Gaelic . Manx . Scottish Gaelic . Welsh
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First of all, there is no evidence that Moses ever parted the Red Sea, or even that there was an Exodus from Egypt as described in the Bible. In fact, there is near-unanimity among scholars that this did not really happen. If indeed the Red Sea was parted somewhere around 1440 BCE, then the Celts...
Funnily enough the Church, they became Catholics.
While the Celtic societies were basically patriarchal, women of ability could do anything a man could. Women ruled, were warriors, Druids, and bards. Furthermore women ran the schools that trained the warriors.Average women were protected by many laws and had may rights. They could divorce, own...
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There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: . Breton . Cornish . Irish Gaelic . Manx . Scottish Gaelic . Welsh
At least 1000 roman men died in killing but idk about the Celts
By using salt water
Because they were a travelling group, they didn't stay in one place for too long... they started as tribe on a piece of land and when the tribe got too big some people moved on to the next spot and started a new tribe or they all moved on because there were not enough resources for everyone, so when...
odd question! i think it would have been quite peaceful but scary sometimes as you would have no weapons if you got attacked or protective clothing. the Celts were very behind and old fashioned compared to the other groups of people in that time (excluding tribes) .HOPE THIS HELPS xx
At the height of Celtic civilization, their culture spread from Ireland and Iberia(Spain and Portugal), in the West, to the Black Sea in the East. Celtic culture once flourished in south Germany, and even northern Italy. Their lands were once quite extensive. Now, though, the Celts reside only in...
It is believed that the Celtic peoples in the area that is now Germany were the original inhabitants before the Germanic tribes moved down from the north.
not sure but i think they used cattle and sheep as currency
As a general answer, no - but with some possibilities. the Celts were skilled craftsmen in the production and creation of iron and steel, and are known to have produced maille (chainmail) for defence. They are likewise known to have produced helms which involved the creation of metal plates it is...
Plenty of land and fertile soil.
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Druids are/were a part of the Celtic People.
A variety of tools were and are still used to carve pumpkins, ranging from a simple spoon, to highly specialized knives.