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Gary Soto

This category is for questions about Gary Soto who is a Mexican-American author and poet.
"learned academy" definition
i think it is true story so he is explain in poem. he made a red palm when he was busy working in the field and when he was sacrificing everything for his family
I read this book for a class book group.. Here is why Lincoln gets mad:. They are at a garage sale. Tony sees a TV. He says its Lincoln's. Lincoln says he doesn't care. Tony says that he's getting soft because he's living with white people. . That's what it says in the book, I think.. Go check page...
becous ehe loves to right the!!
He is alive, O_O
If you mean the author Gary Soto then yes he is married! When he was working on his graduate degree he met Carolyn Oda. She is a Japanese-American. Soto and Oda had 1 daughter Mariko.
I think when you are a child you talk so many thing that you dont know whats going to happend in the future
Gary Soto is a famous poet. Gary Soto was born on April 12, 1952 , Fresno, California.
Despite being a poor student early on, Gary Soto managed to graduate from the University of California-Fresno with a BA in English and the University of California-Irvine with a MFA. He has taught at two of the university's campuses. He has been the Young People's Ambassador for the United Farm...
it is a story of an avacado tree.
the theme of this book is dat not evr1 one has it good. he talks about what it was like for him while growing up Answer the theme of this book is dat not evr1 one has it good. he talks about what it was like for him while growing up he talks about the mistakes he made and learned from them while...
The answer to this question is in the afternoon at school done by seventh grader very smart seventh grader belive me.
in the story mother and daughter, the main characters are yollie and her mother. yollie's mother is an independent minded individual who loves her daughter very much and wants her daughter to get a good education. yollie has a school dance coming up but her family is very poor an cannot afford a new...
He went to Roosevelt Hight School. :)
hometown . Gary Soto grew up in Fresno, California.
The hardest book Gary Soto wrote is ''Nickels And Dimes''
He is not dead
Revenge Be thankful for what you have. -_- some major themes are-- 1 sadness 2 wanting a better life 3 anti drugs 4 standing out of troubles
if you work hard you will be rewarded
poetry amd childrens books
narrator's point of view, if the point of view was form any other person, it might be biased
its victor's first day of school and likes a girl teressa walmart
Victor describes Teresa as a cute girl who's good at math.
I think that is that Victor wants to impress teresa
I think the theme is that never never never ever give up on your dreams because you can always find a way through like gary soto in the book he wrote named taking sides ok so yea I just made that up I really dont know srry maybe you should read the book instead of cheating online
The subplot in the story "Broken Chain " is Alfonso and the girl who was Alfonso dating and he didn't have a bike for himself and for Sandra
it is about a boy named Victor who likes a girl named Teresa. He is confident and he knows Teresa will be his girl. Then he embarrasses himself infront of her but Teresa doesn't notice
what wass the words that robert have to memorize in the school playby gary soto
The chain snapped in another place and hit him when it popped up, slicing his hand like a snake's fang.
victor lies about knowing French because he dosent
The Characters Of The Story Broken Chain By Gary Soto are Alfonso, Ernie, and Sandra.
He is currently still alive and was born in 1952. Which I believe was the 'baby boomer' generation.
Depends. If he is a good writer then he should include personification and if he's not he, most probably wouldn't
in the flat rural region of california's san joaquin wally
Teresa asks if Victor can teach her French.
There were several complications. The ones I know of are: His parents's intolerance, their lack of funds, opposition from Ernie, and of course, his broken bike chain.
loves basketball................... tall, skinny, dark skin,black hair
Gary soto is the middle child of 3 garyes dad died at age 5 of Gary Gary was not good at school he graguted with a 1.6 GPA from high school
The climax in the story is when Victor and Teresa get to french class.
-Alfonso is not happy with the way he looks -Ernie is against Alfonso for sandra -Alfonso breaks his bike chain -Ernie doesnt let Alfonso use his bike ---- i hope this helps :)
The exposition is the following:the characters are Robert Belinda and miss bunnin the setting is the school
is gary sotos child a boy or a girl
Maybe it could be when Sndra and Alfanso meets each other. And the part that Alfanso wants to be the "average" handsome. It's all dependent by people.
-Alfonso is not satisfied with his appearance. -Alfonso is shy.
because he likes nick benencort and he wants to date him and have alot of babies with him also run away with him and never come back bye bye bye. ;0
He has written about the American-Mexican community.
"The chain snapped in another place and hit him when it popped up, slicing his hand like a snake's fang ". This happens afterAlfonso's bike is stolen and when he gets frustrated and breaks thechain again by throwing it hard onto the concrete. It's a metaphorbecause a chain can't really be a snake's...
Roosevelt High and California State University, Fresno
is when Teresa asks him to help her in french!
for my opinion Gary soto right this poem base on his real life experience....this poem is about a guy who has a good life now but shes telling his daughter about his past, his telling her about the life in past that even thought life was hard back then people were still happy because they help each...
when victor wants to travel to new places and he is sure that hecan get Teresa to be his girl , so he is confident and adventurous.
Yes, he has been married to his wife for thirty-three years; they have a daughter who works as a veterinarian.
no he is still living, at california
The internal conflict is that Eddie is getting told to do things he doesnt want to do. And since he lives in a poor barrio he does not know whether to do things his mind thinks or the right thing. since his background he is a druggie and ex-gang member
It is very interesting story because it sow about the mistakes that Victor do and Victor try to correct it.
Jose, Arnie are the main characters. Jose's dad and mom and Mr. Clemens are the minors.
what did gary soto achieve in his life
So basically there's this five year old kid who's biking on hisstreet and is afraid to go on to Sarah Street because his mom toldhim there were vicious dogs there. So he's a five year old boy, soof course he goes on Sarah Street and finds it normal and stuff.Then he sees a younger kid on a tricycle...
His perception of looking foolish made him uncomfortable around his peers. In all probability he assumed that his identity was based on what he was wearing and not on his personality. Growing years are extremely difficult, everyone feels awkward, outcast and different. And even a little...
Fresno City College q972-1974
The climax was either about how Yollie got to dance with her crush,Ernie,or she got together with her mom and go get blouses and other clothes at the end.
The senses appeal to those who were once young. Everyone experiences love at one point in their lives. For example the lady at the store who took the orange as money. She knew what it was like once to be young.
Because he liked to write down events that happened in his life and convert it into something that can entertain or relate to some one
he has 2 borthers and 1 sister
He did a back flip when the cars drove by and looked to see if theynoticed.
One of the parallel episodes that happened in the story was that Alfonso was pushing his teeth back to where they are suppose to belong.