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Incontinence is the involuntary leakage of the bladder or bowels. It is sometimes treatable.


No if your child did not wet the bed on purpose. It will actually make things worse
Your 17 year old should empty his bladder before he sleeps. Psychologically, he will think that he will not wet his bed.
Some grown men wet the bed, because they have either got traumatic problems or bladder problems.
It is perfectly normal for an older dog to have no control over his bowel movements. To prevent mess let him/her out regularly.
If you have a trusting parent, hopefully they'll understand. Talk to them and ask for help. If you are so embarrassed, and can do it, just stop wearing diapers.
All adults need to do is to go to the bath room before they sleep.
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1. They are not trained to use the toilet.2. While dreaming they had a nightmare.3. It's a minor and they had a wet dream which is a sign of puberty.4. If it happens multiple times it could be a sign of Kidney Failure. If so, the person will want to get examined.
If its a girl it could mean she has her period and doesnt want to leak.If its a boy you should just take the diapers away.
The solutions for urinary incontinence cover a relatively largespectrum, from exercises to surgery to drugs. Pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises are the most important aspectof any incontinence solutions program. For this reason, ensuringproper technique is essential. There are several...
Kegel exercizes can help. Look up Kegel on google to learn how to do them, they can be very effective.
Clean the bed, smile at him tellyour child: next time you will be dry. YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST   If it happens often, then put him in diapers.
I am an adult who dreams every night, one, two, sometimes five dreams or more a night depending on how many times I wake up and fall back to sleep.I have had numerous dreams (in my adult life) that I need to find a place to urinate. In my dreams, I have sat on toilets, or chairs, or other things and...
Absolutely, high Blood sugar can result in urinary incontinence.
Diapers are one option. There are other incontinence strategies that may work better. Have a talk with a health care professional.
Yes, or have them go to the bathroom before they go to bed.
all the timeThey can yes. It is a medical problem in which most of the time girls Have to grow out of it.! its nothing to be ashamed of. Its just a problem in which some girls have to face. We all have problems! If one of your friends have this problem dont tease them!!! Help them. Im sure they...
Always always be ready. Have the necessary items on a backpack or your bag. Make sure you always have it with you.
Any time you have blood in the urine it needs evaulated. If with burning, stinging, pressure, urinary urgency, etc. it could be a urinary tract infection.
  Horsetail is reported to be helpful. There are some precautions to be observed before taking this herb.
urinary tract infections ,mental impairment.
You tell them you love them and try to support them?
There are two possible causes: increased fecal material flow or  neurologic deficits. The former is typically caused by an  intestinal infection and is due to diarrhea; the intestinal cramps  associated with the infection can cause your dog to not be able to  hold his feces until he is outside....
This question is a bit too general, but anyway, temporary incontinence in young children which results in nighttime bedwetting is certainly not unusual. This condition usually takes care of itself in time as the child becomes embarrassed about it, or perhaps tires of waking up in a pool of pee. ...
32... and three-quarters. rofl.
  Your body might not be waking up yourself when you have to go to the bathroom. Try to wake up when you have to go to the bathroom. When you have to go, just don't sit in your bed, get up and go!
seei its wet or if he takes all the sheets off and tries o sneak to the wash room hey heck he might just come out and tell u
Well, it's a certain possibility that the relationship has absolutely nothing to do with why you wet the bed. Bed wetting is completely normal, and bed wetting will sometimes tend to stick with some teens, and follow them into their adulthood. Or perhaps you just had a bed dream that you don't...
Maybe it has absolutly nothing to do with the breakup. Bed wetting tends to stick with some teenagers for quite some time, and even into there adult lives.Or perhaps you just had a nightmare
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Take a cup of warm water stick their hand in it well they are sleeping haha it works :P
It depends did he drink anything b4 and did he Use the toilet b4
It is not much of a problem. You should make sure that they don't drink lots of fluids before bed. You can also try waking them in the middle of the night to use the toilet so that they would develop the habit and not wet the bed.
Yes because if you don't he will not trust in you. Also, you should want to help him with his problem. Don't deny him and if you don't believe him then just invite him over and see, but wait till the morning to see if he wet his bed. If he does give him the supplies and hope he gets better. Also,...
There is no given time for a child to stop bed wetting. Doctors have found that sometimes the child has growing spurts and the kidneys have not grown as rapidly so they may wet the bed as most children are in deep REM sleep and unlike adults may not feel that urge to wake up and go to the washroom....
Your Obessed!but yes he has
This issue is not associated with bladder development. The bladder and its associated structures are fully developed at birth. This matter is associated with pontine development. The brain has not matured enough to override the reflexive urination. Between the ages of two and three, descending...
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The main job of the large intestine is to absorb water from the undigested mass. This keeps large amounts of water in your body and helps maintain homeostasis.
I would do nothing, except ask him why to make sure there is not a  medical problem.   Maybe he ejaculates in his sleep & doesn't wish to mess the  sheets.   If my son was wearing diapers I would go so far as to buy a few  cloth diapers to wear & wash.   Maybe he likes the feel...
Yes, on the same principle as putting someone's hand in water. Have seen this work in college.
...wipe it up with gingerbread! 
Wetting the bed can occur throughout your life if you never learn how to control it. What i have heard is that there is a special mattress that helps u to stop wetting the bed. If you dont want that try to always use the bathroom before you go to sleep and never have a glass of water beforehand. My...
It holds the intestine and other organs together so they wouldn't unravel and create a mess in the body.
yes i would, it really depends on how old are you? but i certaintly would well think about it, would you like to be in front of your freinds and have an accedent in your pants, or wet into a diaper and go change yourself
first take a shower then dry yourself and leave the towel on the bed for a few hoursor heat up lemon juice if u want it to be quick and pour it on the bedthis is only good if your sheets and blanket are light colors. but the smell is what u need to work on lol
It takes longer to digest fibrous plant material as a rule, hence also the multi-stomach arrangement ruminants have.
because shes still a little girl. people grow different then others,
Yes you can! I have stage three bladder prolapse with NO incontinence or sexual pain during intercourse. What I have is a small "bulge" on the right side of my vaginal opening that is sometimes pretty much unnoticeable, and at other times a bit bothersome but no worse.After reading stacks and stacks...
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Yes. You should not go to a sleepover at at another person's home until you have solved your medical problem. Otherwise, you will be teased about it for the next few years. I am sorry, but, that is a fact. Fix your medical problem first, before going to another person's home for a sleepover, or you...
not going to the bathroom everyday
Not really, however the worst thing you can do is get to concerned about it. just protect the mattress and wash your sheets when required. A bit of urine cant harm you. It can be a little awkward if you happen to have to sleep out though.Also, you are around the age of puberty. The "pee" could be...
I know that it can be tought and embarassing to talk to someone about this problem but once you it will be much better for you. You have a few ways of going about telling your parents about this. If you really don't feel up to telling the one you can talk to the easiest you can simply write them a...
You shouldn't be inserting anything inside the urethra. It's very dangerous and can cause problems later on.
Drink plenty of fluids before bed, preferably beer or hard liquors  are best. As you lay in bed wait till your bladder is about to  burst, then relax and let go. Ta..Da.... You now have a wet bed.
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This is very common in all children before reaching adolescents. I took a psychology course back in school, and learned about all these different sleeping disorders. One of them is called Night Terror. Night terror usually occurs before a child reaches maturity and during NREM (non-rapid eye...
I believe that urinating in the bed can cause bed bugs because the smell might can attract them.
It is still very common for preteens to continue to wet the bed. Everyone is different eventually it will stop over time like I didn't stop till around my 15 birthday. If it is worrying you go to your doctor because there might be a medical problem which can be solved. But I wouldn't worry, if you...
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Well what it sounds like to me is that he is trying to get your attention maybe something has changed in his life or something in the family where he does not fell like you give him the same attention as you did before seeing that he is doing this on purpose. I would simple sit down with him after...
I can think of 2 reasons; #1. You have a urinary infection and needs to see a doctor. #2. You have been going to the bathroom more often and gotten the bladder used to going often. it can actually be that way. I work in Urology and you can train the bladder back to normal by slowly going less...
A parent who has a child that may bed wet beyond the time they should stop should take their child to their family physician to have tests done to see how the kidneys are functioning and how the bladder is growing. Sometimes the bladder is not mature enough to hold urine, but will eventually become...
You can with urine and sperm.
i think that you wet the bed by like dreaming something that has to do with water like a fountain with water coming out, that is what i think is how you can wet a bed if not then you are not pottytrained yet
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Probably when he was like, 2 or 3, but that's what every toddler does.
There are some who do, just as there are some teenage boys who do.Yes there probably are. I used to wet the bed every single night till I was about 10. But it wasn't my fault. It was because there was something wrong with my bladder. My parents had no clue about what was causing me to do this and...
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Cecum – the first part of the large intestine Taeniae coli – three bands of smooth muscle Haustra – bulges caused by contraction of taeniae coli Epiploic appendages – small fat accumulations on the viscera 
Well their can be many reason why she just started wetting so here is a few things you should check. 1 You should have her checked out for a UTI which can cause someone to wet the bed. 2 Other body changes could have triggered it see she is near the age of begging her period so that will increases...
They will put you in diapers if you want,thogh there will have to be rules.
Alot of factors. Bladder problem? Much water retaing, alot of liquids?, or uncontrollably not getting up. It isnt anything to be ashamed of , u can buy adult underwear for the bedtime accident at most local grocers.
Any surgery involving the urogenital tract runs the risk of damaging or weakening the pelvic muscles and causing incontinence.
Childbirth can stretch the pelvic muscles and cause the bladder to lose some support from surrounding muscles, resulting in stress incontinence.
Constipation can cause incontinence in some individuals. Stool that isn't passed presses against the bladder and urethra, triggering urine leakage.
The absence of estrogen in the postmenopausal woman can cause the bladder to drop, or prolapse.
There are five major categories of urinary incontinence: overflow, stress, urge, functional, and reflex.