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A mosque is the building where Muslims worship. There are very strict building requirements for a place of worship to be called a mosque.
Muslims start their prayers in a standing position and will perform full body prostrations called "haraka" (حركة) - meaning "movement". After each haraka, the Muslim will resume a standing position.
It is recommended that Muslims pray at a mosque for greater reward  and strengthening brotherhood, but it is permissible to pray at  home as well. Muslim men are required to attend weekly Friday  prayers.     Some people would say that you do have to visit the mosque, as it  is Sunnah or...
Prayers and kutbahs which take place every Friday. Also there are a  lot of fundraisers to support people around the world.
It is a nice beautiful dome typed building with amazing decorations  inside. Not to show off but to show that we respect the house of  god.
Opening fast, Prayers, speeches, and fundraisers
Women serve a lot in a mosque. They do many "dars" or lessons where  she teaches others about religion they are role models for other  girls they do everything to make the mosque look nice and stand  out. I don't mean cleaning but their actions make the mosque  fantastic.    Women, however,...
Maybe. Grandiose buildings of all types are usually so furnished as a sign of respect for the person who put up the money to build them. ___________________________________________________________ It doesn't matter to be richly furnished or not. Mosques are usually clean and disciplined as a sign...
Mosques are the House of Allah. They are the places where Muslims congregate five times a day to offer their daily prayers. Apart from that, in earlier times, they were also used as community centres and as the seat of government.Mosques are just like churches of christains, synagogues of Jews, and...
They don't have pics of gods or prophets because no one knows how  they look and we respect that, but we can have pics of other stuff.
There are thousands. In Mecca alone there are 20,000 plus mosques but I doubt that there is any precise count for the whole of Saudi Arabia.
in side a mosque they use calligraphy, a decorated pattern with swirls and lines. they do not show images of god for it is unholy
The angels are made of light. They are invisible. They are with usand around us. They have their duties to perform. The mosque is aplace of worship of Almighty Allah. The angels are always presentthere. No necessarily at the door, but inside as well.
There are many mosques built at different times. The first mosque  built in Madinah Munawara was made in 622 C.E.
Small, prayer hall and social hall
To worship god and to show respect
it depends on the mosque you go to. The only rule is women should  where a scarf to show respect, and NO shoes in the prayer hall
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to worship god. just like a church or temple
No, cremation is not allowed in Islam.
  A similar importance of food for human body. Praying in mosque is a food for one's soul. if you won't give food to your soul then it'll be rotten by Lucifer You cannot make a deal with the devil. His enticement are designed to weaken and His intention is enslave and destroy mankind Mosque is...
It is called in Arabic Korsy from which it comes the English word course. It was the practice that the one who teaches students in the Mosque (the boss) is the only one who sits down on chair (Korsy in Arabic) while all students sit down on floor. That is why it is said in English Chairman as the...
yes, are you going there
Mosques were always used for prayer.
Because of its similarity, its uniqueness, and the timings (because of different time zone in world) that continues all over the world from far East to West. Its the call for praying prayers and is considered by the call from God, almighty.
An Imam leads the people(namazis) in a prayer. He gives a sermon before each Jum'ma prayer.
Masjid al Haram, Masjid al Aqsa
They don't want dirty shoes in the prayer hall where they bow down  to god. The mosque is supposed to be a clean place and not a dirt  yard.
the one with the voice Allah likes
Bilal (radiallahuanhu)
The Great Mosque of Córdoba was originally a Jame'a or an Islamic Large Mosque. However, following the reconquest of Córdoba in the 1200s, the Mosque was converted into a Catholic Cathedral, which it remains to this day.
There are a few mosques here and there. I do not know all of them but I'll tell you the ones I know: Belfast Islamic Centre, Wellington Park, Belfast NI Muslim Family Association, Rugby Road, Belfast Bangladeshi Community Centre, Belfast Craigavon Mosque, CraigavonFar too many. Islam is an...
Wo kya cheez he Jo Masjid K Andar ho to Halal Or agr Masjid Se bahar ho to Haram he?
  Are there any mosques in bridgnorth   Are there any mosques in bridgnorth
for praying and doing religious doings and hearing speeches.
A Mosque is the building where Islams worship.A\\Church is the people that come together to worship God.That is why the place they meet is called a Church Building.
in 1644 CE AND COMPLETED IN 1658
Masjid-e-Zarraar was ordered to be demolished. Read Quran Surah at with translation copy and paste the URL http://www.quranexplorer.com/Quran/?Sura=9&FromVerse=107&ToVerse=110&Reciter=Abdul-Baasit&Translation=Urdu-Ahmed%20Ali&Zoom=5.2&TajweedRules=0
because if u r in a mosque then u can't drink water. so the people get thirsty , this is the reason for a supply of water there
i read a new tip that we should not say mosque because in English it means the house of alchohol and we should call it masjid and we should not write mohamed as mohd because its kind of dogs so we should say its full form, abu dhabi in u.a.e { emarates } is buildind the world largest masjid.
this is because inside the al-aqsa mosque there is a rock which Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) rose to the heavens.
Both men and women can pray in the same mosque, but definitely not  together, men should be in the front row and women stand behind  them. Islam doest not allowed men and women to be in the same row  while praying either in the mosque or at home.   For further details check some of the Islamic...
over 200000 thousand per week
The Blue Mosque, known as the Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish, or Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is an historical and dramatically beautiful mosque, located in Istanbul Turkey. Its title, 'The mosque,' is because of the lapis-lazuli blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. The Mosque was built...
People go to the mosque to pray.
It's the Islamic Holy Book...they learn it because it is a sign to show that they love their religion and it is said that if a Muslim girl or boy, woman or man, memorizes the whole Quran by heart than they are guaranteed the Janah and they can take 70 more people of their kind with them.
Muslims pray in mosques to worship god. It's most common to pray in a mosque on Friday because in Islam, Friday is the most important day.
A church is the body of people who follow Jesus, they can meet wherever they like. A mosque is the building where Muslims meet.
The city of Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) contains the Grand Mosque, also known as the Kaaba, in which resides a sacred stone which fell from heaven. This object is revered by all Muslims, who face it when they pray. So if all mosques face Mecca, this helps the people in those mosques to know what...
Because They believe that instead of staring at a picture of Allah there god they want to comunicate with the real god instead of looking at a picture., we got taught this today in R.E :-)
The word "Mosque" originated from the word of which can not be spoken or typed for this matter... VOLTEMORT!
That is like asking do ALL Christians go to a church, very smart question. Ofcourse not, not everyone who is of a religion is "religious" but ofcourse most Muslims go to the mosque.
Muslims use the mosque for performing prayers 5 times a day. It is also used for reading Quran, Islamic classes, and social events.
  One example is: a Wudu Room, Prayer Room and Shoe Hall, but there can be many different ways depending on the mosque.   Some mosques have only the Prayer Room.
If you are Christian, why is your church special, if you are Jewish, why is you synagogue special? Answer those questions to find out why a mosque is special.
How is the Church important to the christians?
  The Islamic Centre of Québec (ICQ) is the first mosque built in Montreal and in the Province of Québec.   Its history dates back to the mid-nineteen-fifties in Montreal when a few Muslims prayed privately in their   homes. When they were together on the weekend, they offered their...
Dallas Woodroe Goddin IV
The largest mosque in Norway is Central Jama'at-e Ahl-e sunnat.
there are three two in hobart and one in Launceston
It's not a must to build only big mosques, it's also allowed to build simple mosques...because & simply the mosque is not in its size but in its spiritual value. But , most of the mosques are being built as big & grand mosques to accommodate more & more number of prayers, also from the...
To construct and decorate the mosque, Walid employed the best craftsmen from Constantinople (now Istanbul) and from the Umayyad Empire.
It si near the University Univ, I am not sure never been there.
Because they represent the beautiful religion of Islam.
Muslims worship in mosques but the religion is Islam
it is their prayer hall. Each person is separated with columns for privacy.
I found out that it is called a dome.However you need to explain the answer your self
Most Swiss aren't actually against minarets or the Islamic religion. The vote was more like a lighting rod for serveral different kinds of problems. Like being displeased with the current policy on foreigners which seems like a drive through, handing out Swiss passports and money for free. Another...
The tower of a mosque is called a minaret.
there is no problem   infact there are many masjids in UK in which they allow women to enter and worship
1933, after the USSR got rid of most of the organized religion in Central Asia
Huh, what? Towers? LMAO! It's called a minaret. The reason they build minarets on mosques is to distinguish mosques from other buildings. It wasn't implemented during the time of Muhammad, but after that. The same goes for the crescent on top of the minaret. It was the symbol of the Ottoman Empire...
the greek goddess nyx
The Catholic Kings of Spain turned it into a church and it is a museum (and church too) since 1975
Imam Ibn Hajar says about this hadith in Fath al-Bari:       His saying (40 years) Ibn al-Jawzi said: It raises a problem since Abraham built the Ka`bah and Solomon built Bayt al-Maqdis [another name of al-Masjid al-Aqsa cf. Hebrew Bet ha-Miqdash] and there are 1,000 years between them....
This is an unusual question! The answer depends on the rule that is broken and why it is broken. If a person breaks a minor rule, like wearing shoes on the carpet where people pray, others will remind him/her to remove the shoes. If a person creates a disturbance, s/he may be reminded to be quiet...
These twelve Mosques are prominent. Recent changes/ small mosques may be less known.Bab Berdieyinne MosqueBen Youssef MosqueBou Inania MadrasaHassan II MosqueUniversity of al-KaraouineKoutoubia MosqueMosque of Mulai IdrisSidi Bou Abib MosqueTangier Grand MosqueGreat Mosque of TazaTinmelZaouia Moulay...
The church religion is Christianity and the Mosque religion is Islam. Followers of Christianity are called Christians and followers of Islam are called Muslims.   The main differences between Islam (or Muslims) and Christianity (or Christians) are:   Islam is God religion per Quran revelation...
As well as providing a visual cue to a Muslim community, the call to prayer is traditionally given from the top of the minaret. In some of the oldest mosques, such as the Great Mosque of Damascus, minarets originally served as watchtowers illuminated by torches (hence the derivation of the word from...
they must remove there shoes.
They Worship In a Temple also known as a Mandir.
It is the same as the towers of traditional churches that indicates Christian architecture. For mosques, it is a matter of Islamic architecture and is symbolic indication of mosques. It not just a symbolic item. Everything created for purpose. As churches minaret used to locate the bell, minaret in...
wo konsa mulk he jis main zyada musjid hain
Answer 1   It is not clear what is meant by founder whether the founder of the  mosque or the founder of Islam.   As for the founder of the mosque, it is forbidden to keep any  relics inside the mosque for the mosque founder.    As for the founder of Islam, it is known that Islam is God...
No. Only when used as part of a specific name of a mosque.
No. He has gone a couple of times to a Christian church.
The reason that Spain contains roman aqueducts dates back to 200BC, when the Roman Empire was expanding. They ruled Spain and theybuilt their aqueduct system in their cities. Muslim mosques in Spain go back to 711 A.D., when the Moors andBerbers spread Islam, led by Tariq ibn-Ziyad. They conquered...