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Bamboo is a flowering plant and the largest member of the grass family. This hollow plant is one of the fastest growing plant species in the world, and serves important cultural and economic roles in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia thanks to its versatility as a building material and as a food source.
Koalas are not bears. Koalas only eat from a dozen or so particular types of eucalyptus leaves and flowers, and nothing else.
There are may bamboos of course. Pandas live in bamboo. Other thanthat it has very amazing views from different angles.
The Bengal bamboo grows in the Southeast Asian Rainforest as an undergrowth; this means that when young it may not get a lot of sunlight or water. It grows fast and has short roots in order to get at the sunlight faster in life and absorb water when it first falls. The Bengal bamboo needs lot so...
Hahaha yeah. I'm doing it right now. But you are inhaling microscopic worms which will lay eggs in your lungs and then eat your brain
Well you can plant bamboo by using its branhes or culms.
Yes, cockatiels love to chew on things and tear them apart.
It is sometimes referred to as Hand Tapping.
\nA house made of bamboo.\n\n \nThere's also many restaurants with that name.
Yes. There are indoor and outdoor varieties of bamboo
Bamboo is a type of tree that grows in a stalk and parts of it are eaten by pandas.
Theres no bambos in haiti.
Toothpicks can be made from a variety of substances, such as wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, or bone.
what the step by step proceduresin making bamboo
pandas get bamboo from their forrests. the pandas live on it. sadly,poachers or meanies cut down their food and some starve. hopefully, in the future they will re-populate!
Bamboo: 1598, from Dutch bamboe, from Portuguese bambu, earlier mambu (16c.), probably from Malay samambu, though some suspect this is itself an imported word. The origins of the word "bamboo" are obscure. Some authorities claim it derives from the Kannada language of South India, and that...
\nBamboo is a grass.
There are two primary methods for hardening bamboo. Method #1. Once the bamboo is cut from the forest and brought to the house, it can be laid out to dry and age. This will produce a hard bamboo. Method #2. Once the bamboo is cut and shaped, it can be placed in or very near a fire, which soon...
lots o ftypes of pandas depend on eating bamboo for lots of theirmeals
Some mice do, depends on what climate they live in or what their nature is
strength! Bamboos are one of the few trees that can stand up to hurricanes. Because of that, plus their long life span, they symbolize reliability, courage, good breeding, longevity, good fortune, and impending fame. A bamboo tattoo design could represent any of those meanings.
Bamboo is not a fruit or a vegetable. It's actually a unique type of grass
Don't try to do everything on your own.
Because bamboo is pretty good)
You can get bamboo at any local Asian Market or Farm Market.
Yes bamboo is very flexible.
It grows naturally.
because carbon monoxide effects bamboon.
because it digest better than anything else
there should be a plant on all the beaches.go to that plant and click on it.it will say harvest bamboo. what ever console u have .You can find it mostly on the first beach.cut it with ur knife,or if u found the sword like me u can use it.im on valcno island,i need saladwood and hardwood.
If cross bow is aimed skillfully it will kill bamboo.
Just like any other floating floor, no special tricks. Try youtube for a how to install video, Im sure you will find a free one or you can buy one at amazon or ebay. usually worth the price in tricks & time savings.
bamboo in french is just bambou
yes ......well i know it is in the amazon but im not sure for the others
depends on its use if its going to be replanted it is dug out but if it is being used for something else its usually just chopped down
no it is made out of trees aboriginals sand the wood from the tree to make it smooth then they make it into a bamboo(insrument) ANSWER: Yes, bamboo is a type of round grass and it is hollow inside.
Around 2,000 trees are being cut down in China each day so that is 73000 trees per year.
It growsfast and has short roots unlike other bamboo
Yes. Anything that has cells, is considered a biotic environmental factor, or can be classified as a life form is an organism. Plants have organs, too.
Bamboo can solve deforestation which is a big problem on our planet! Since bamboo is the fastest growing tree, it is easier not to loose our oxygen!
The dollar store does in our town.. a set of 3 for $!
Bamboo is Important Because it is What Pandas Eat And Without Bamboo there Wouldn't Be Pandas And Without Pandas the Whole Life Cycle Would Get Off! :) -Starduskk! (:
Yes...I've seen lots in Paestum, Campania
both are used to make paper
It is a Malay word - Bambu or Samambu - imported into the English language in the late 1500's
Most of Asia like China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand etc.
Well unless you have the immune system of a Red Panda then yes. Bamboo shoots are extremely poisonous. It contains pure Cyanide.
No, bamboo is a plant that makes it's own food by photosynthesis. It is a producer, an autotroph.
Please see related question below.
A panda's daily diet consists almost entirely of the leaves,stems and shoots of various bamboo species. Bamboo contains very little nutritional value so pandas must eat 12-38kg every day to meet their energy needs. But they do branch out, with about 1% of their diet comprising otherplants...
a forest made of bamboo trees DUHHH
it lives in forest
It wasn't, but if you believe in God then, it may be that he created the materials needed to make bamboo.
Some of the largest bamboo used for timber can grow over 30 m (98ft) tall, and be as large as 15-20 cm (5.9-7.9 in) in diameter.However, the size range for mature bamboo depends on the species.Some of the smallest ones only grow a few inches.
No. Kangaroos require fresh grasses and new, young shoots and leaves.
Bamboo used for construction purposes must be harvested when the culms reach their greatest strength and when sugar levels in the sap are at their lowest, as high sugar content increases the ease and rate of pest infestation. Harvesting of bamboo is typically undertaken according to the following...
The wife of bamboo manalac is Cecil of buhangin, Davao City.
Well, not really, they also eat insects, baby birds ect.
no it is actually good for them
My oppinion is bamboo craft because it can rack in the cash.
No, Kills them in 4-6 hours.
Bambú is the Spanish word for bamboo.
Yes the bamboo pen is just you moving you can serf the web on it!
Difficult to say as it is a natural plant not a man made hybrid. See the link to Wiki.
No if they would they might die.
This is a cage made out of bamboo.
Bamboo is grass and Coconut is Palm.
Pandas and gorillas eat bamboo.
You can stain un-finished Bamboo like any other type of wood, (bamboo stains like hard maple, its difficult, but can be done) Bamboo will accepts normal stains, water based, oil based swedish stains, and even natural oil an waxes. staining bamboo is not difficult as one can wipe on a stain ( I used...
Bamboo is " Bash" ( a pronounced as "a" in the word 'father')
Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible.
No. Bamboo is a plant.
There are about 1,450 species of bamboo and they are native to manycountries. It would be easier to say that they are not believed tobe native to the continent of Europe! Answer2: Brought into existence during the third creative day readGenesis 1:11-13, bamboo is among the Graminae family or grasses...
They are no longer called reads/bamboo. they are now known as sugercane. you can still make paper out of them, but now you can make sugar, which can be used to make cakes. . It can also be used to make books. Check out the Minecraft Wiki for more information. The link is under "Sources and related...
Flooring wall covering art furniture
Her first name is Maureen, I forgot her last name though. How accurate is this answer? I use to work with her in the U.S. in San Francisco, Ca to be exact.
very big you can get 40 bamboo crosses from one leaf so it should be pretty big!
The Malay word samambu, while suspect, morphed into mambu and was picked up by the Portuguese as bambu . From there, the Dutch updated it to bamboe sometime in the 1590s.
as thick as it wants
No, Bamboo is Islam