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Semen and Sperm

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Spermatozoa, or sperm cells, are the reproductive cells produced by males in the testes, combined with seminal fluid to form semen, which is then ejaculated from the penis during orgasm for the purpose of fertilizing the ova and impregnating the female.
during ejaculations sperm leave the penis
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Sperm cells are way too small to see with the naked eye. You need a microscope to see the individual cells. Now you can see semen as a whole without a microscope, and semen is usually cloudy white in appearance.
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No, sperm can live for several days inside a woman after ejaculation.
The ejaculate of the male could get pregnant! If you are talkingabout ingesting it (swallowing), then no.
No that's an old myth, besides it's mostly protein which if it was beneficial there are things with more you could slap on your face instead that are less gross
Sperm production is temperature dependent (it must be below  "normal" body temperature); so tight underwear warms the testes and  reduces sperm count.
Proper news for men Semen spread like hearth when the consequencesof a research were launched inside the University of Recent York.As consistent with the observe, the maximum girls who are concernedin oral Love making are happier and feature a less chance ofmelancholy.
The joining of an egg and a spermatazoan (sperm) is calledfertilization.
Spermism or "encasement" was an early sexual reproductive theoryrelated to the proposed existence of homunculi and animalcules , tiny versions of adult organisms within the sexcells. The concept was that the human sperm cell was the literal forebearof the eventual fetus, having been "encased"...
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Coffee can reduce sperm count but only very slightly.
You'd Think so, but no. The chemical composition is simply wrongand it dies almost instantaneously.
Believe it or not, there is some nutritional value in semen. It isnot poisonous.
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  == Answer ==   Yes.  It can make his sperm less potent.
The sugary stuff that is ejaculated with sperm. It gives them more energy. But eat is the wrong word.
Yes, sperm cells do move on their own. That is the role of their flagellum (tail). That is also how they reach ovum cells to fertilize them.