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Ask questions here about selling your car, whether new or old, two door or four door.
Yes. But, seller must sign back of title and DMV docs. Buyer takes risk, even with clear title, without witness to actual seller signing papers.
Preparation is key. A Motor Vehicle is the 2nd biggest purchase  that we make after property, and as such is an important decision  for the buyer, whether the vehicle is new or used.   This brings a whole load of emotions to the table for the buyer,  including fear, doubt, excitement and...
Schedule C is the form that is used to report business income and  to take necessary business deductions related to the income  produced from the business.
Every single rental company sells their cars. Some sell to auctions  and some sell to private customers. Hertz is one that sells to  customers, usually in auctions.
When you own it
  Not enough. Don't do it. They will only offer you low average wholesale at best, because they want to make a profit on resale of the car. Consider selling the car yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.
"Last year was the industry's best performance since 2007, when  16.1 million new cars and trucks were sold. Ford led all major  automakers in 2013 with an 11 percent sales gain to almost 2.5  million vehicles. Chrysler and Nissan posted 9 percent gains. GM,  Toyota and Honda each posted 7...
  You don't have any time after taking delivery of a vehicle to return it. there is a 3 day right of recision act, but that does not appy when you go to the dealer to buy the car. you can try for lemon law on new, but only if you have ahad numerous visits for the same problem and it can not be...
  For the bank to release the title, someone will have to make up the difference.
Black smoke? Black smoke means its not getting enough air, usually happens while waiting for the turbo to spool up. Not really good.  ______________________________________________________________________  thats not all entirely true black smoke is also a sign of power. Some ways that you can get...
  12 bucks.
In most states a person can cancel an auto bill of sale due to a  few reasons. The first is called reverse buyer's remorse where the  buyer has three business days to return the car. Other reasons are  if the vehicle is unsafe or in poor condition.
  == Answer ==   No. You sign a contract agreeing to keep the car for the specified time & any repairs not covered by the warranty are on you. you can turn the car in early but there are usually large penaltys involved.
Yes, if you have proof that you loaned them the money to purchasethe car and you are a lien holder on the title. Otherwise do notget the car or you can be charge with auto theft. I would contactyour local police for advice on how to proceed.
The only ways to back out of the contract are 1: If you have a written agreement with the dealer to fix the problems. 2: Verbal agreement with the dealer to fix the problem. then if one of these 2 exist, it would be a small claims court deal and the dealer is suppose to be the expert and the court...
It redirects you to a tafe assingment answer sheet.
  a title takes how long to come back
Check the compression on the 240 SX engine. The engine could have a  head gasket leak, causing the water to run into the oil.
yes you can sell a car with no air bags because my friend was sold one. But the car must be secure.
  Did you draw up a bill of sale with the date on it that you both signed? Do you have proof of payment from the person? If not, good luck since you have no proof of sale!
They vary significantly. I bought my Toyota Prius in 2004 for  $22,000. I have not regretted it. There are several companies that  have "Hybrids" and they vary in price from about $20,000-$60,000.
To attend a dealer only auction you have be registered, with the auction, under a licenced dealer. If you're not it is a little difficult to get through the door and imposable to bid on and purchase a car.
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The process to change the primary name will depend on the state  that you live in. Contact your local license plate agency, they can  give you the information to make the change easily.
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  ==Answer==   If you can, tear up the check and find another buyer.  Or enlist the person to find someone else to buy the car under the same terms. For whatever reason, the buyer has a problem with the check (not enough money?) and trying to cash it will bring you troubles and fees on...
  Yes it is legal in all 50 sates to transfer a vehicle with out a title. It is done all the time, for that matter when you buy a new car you do not get a title you get a MSO so all vehicles start out with out a title. In some states they will not register the vehicle without a title. all states...
Yes,but wholesale only,meaning you can only sell to other licensed dealers or at dealer auctions only,if you want to sell retail you MUST be licensed in the state that you are conducting business,you can get in a lot of legal issues with the state if you ever get caught,I speak by my personal...
Title jumping is illegal. Curbstoner sellers due it a lot when they are scamming people into buying bad car and cars that can't be titled to the new buyer.
  == Answer ==   It is the discretion of the lending institution. When the dealer is processing the transaction they will show all the numbers in the document but it is up to the lending institution to accept. Most dealers are very "savy" and what they will do is inflate the price of the...
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In 2014, approximately 41,250,000 used cars were sold in the United  States of America, according to CNW Market Research. Over  the previous 15 years, that number has fluctuated between roughly  36.5 million and 42.6 million units per year.
they both have to agreeand if one dosent agree the other cant sell it
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  I don't think so not without their approval.
A specific auction or their corporate office? Look at rbauction.com.
  == Answer ==   As much as it is. probably 200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars
It totally depends on what platform you are selling it on although  technically, it is "illegal".
If the title has more than one name on it then yes. Or if you mean buyer and seller signature that is also yes.
There really are not too many options for getting out of an RV  loan. You will need to either pay it off or file a bankruptcy.
Madison, WI is in Dane County. The clerk of the Dane County Circuit Court is Carlo Esqueda. His contact information is: Dane County Courthouse 215 South Hamilton Street, Madison, WI 53703 Phone: 608-266-4311 Fax: 608-267-8859I found this information, including the link to the clerk's website,...
North America is Ferrari's largest market, with 1,467 cars sold - 200 less than in 2008. http://www.autoevolution.com/news/ferraris-2009-sales-droped-5-carmakers-market-share-increased-by-10-16857.html Dont forget to press this... [recommend contributor]
If you would like to open a shop, I recommend business, and if you want to open a clinic or doctoral office, get a degree in the medical field. In what you would like to do, find a good education to match.
  a dealer should have a bond. The coverage on the vehicle is like having a liability policy. If the dealer was driving the car and had an at fault accident, he will have to pay for repairs on his vehicle and the bond will cover the other persons car. Once you buy a car from a dealer, you are...
Total worldwide Ford sales were fairly steady from 2005 to 2006. In  2006 Ford sold a total of 6,597 vehicles. This includes North  America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
  First off I do not know what "nct" means. If you bought the car "As Is" the answer is more than likely NO. You will have toi sue the seller in small claims court. The vast majority of the time you will loose.
  == Answer ==   Every single year the Ford F-150 blows away everything so badly (believe it or not) they don't even put it in with cars.   Ford sells somewhere around 750,000 a year and I think the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are in the 200,000 range.   I don't know this as fact but...
Around $29,500 as of 2013.
  Certainly! However, bear in mind that doing so may keep your premiums higher than if you had the same company and got a "multi-car discount" applied.
Translation: What tax do I have to pay to buy a car in California? (I would imagine it depends where you're from, and other circumstances) (Me figuraria que depende de su pais de origen, y otras circunstancias)
First off, if you are military / U.S. Armed Forces, you are not required to register your vehicle in Texas. Out-of-State vehicle titles are generally valid in Texas for 30 days from the date the vehicle entered the state or the date listed by the owner, whichever is more accurate- when the vehicle...
It's more complicated than that. Not only will you need a license but you will need a council approved premises to operate from. You will noy be allowed to sell them from your backyard.
I am assuming you mean the owner commited suicide. First find the title, find the beneficiary (or the person who inherited the car) bring the old title, proof of ownership, and proof of idetification to the courthouse and after some paper work you should be able to get it
  If it is valued at under $11,000 then you dont have to. If it is more than that - either say it is valued under $11,000 or you will have to pay tax - but it is not the person that receives it that pays the tax it is the person giving it away.
How to get a car dealer lisence in philadelphia pa
  There is a website I found very useful for checking the history, the previous owners and a specific financial report of the car you want to buy. It is called Motorcheck.ie They have a few different options depending on what information you need.
  what the dealer cost for a corsa 14 design auto? Local dealer advertising offering cost +£100 if anyone know cost to dealer from Vauxhall would be fantastic Thanks
Check Hemmings Motor News.comNo such car. It would have to be either an AMC or a Rambler. AMC didn't come into the picture until 1966. That car would be a Rambler and there are many models and body styles possible and it is all about condition.This site can help you, http://www.nadaguides.com...
From what I've read (I have the same situation) if there is an "AND/OR" on the title, only one needs to sign. If there is no "and/or" both need to sign.
  == Answer ==   You should be able to get a "gift form" from the DMV to eliminate the sales tax obligation
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Officially, the Mazda dealer representing Milton Ontario, Georgetown Ontario, and Acton Ontario is:Achilles Mazdawww.achillesmazda.ca1-866-620-3248Proudly serving our community since 1977.
  2.4 L 4 cylinder = 143 hp   3.3 L V6 = 170 hp
  You do not own the car! You can't lease something you do not own. This is not an apartment it is a car. Forget this bad idea.
go to craigslist.com
  It was the frist mass produced car and produced specifically for the masses Henry Ford done everything to ensure that this car was affordable for the average person.
  == Answer ==     15,000,000
Only if they (the car dealership) DID NOT put that information on the Bill of Sale.
It does because if you put a new engine in your car the buyer won't have problems with it later, but it can be tricky because a new engine has its requirements. Depends on the customer.
AnswerThis is the same as for a new car dealer. See the link to the right for the Florida state page or click to the related question.There Indiana companies advertising on the Internet to license you for a monthly fee.They license you as a wholesale dealer.These Indiana licenses will only allow you...
  The only law in ANY state that you can use to return a car is the state Lemon Law. There is NO LAW in any state that allows a cooling off period or so-called buyer's remorse. Those laws apply to unsolicited sales, not automobile sales. You bought the car and you own the car. You cannot take it...
No. If you use a vehicle as collateral on a loan or something of that nature, the car actually becomes property of the lien holder (person to which is holding it as collateral), and cannot be sold unless the loan is cleared up.
Get the lenders name removed from the ownership. **actually the lenders name will not be on the ownership papers as anything other than "seller", once your loan is paid out, you have no worries, the car is yours. The bill of sale, ownership and finance papers should show you the term of your...
The price for a good condition 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix is around  $750. Due to its age and availability, it is a low demand car which  has a relatively low value.
  I would not think this would prevent you from getting the job. In fact they may not even ask about your driving record. But, if they do, make sure you divulge everything and hide nothing. Lying will for sure get you fired once the truth comes out, and it will. Be honest, and if you get the job...
Your question makes no sense at all. Please read your question again and rephrase it so you may receive an answer. I have no idea what you want to know.
TIME is a factor in both measurements. Velocity is speed (distance divided by TIME) in a given direction.Acceleration is measured in velocity per unit of TIME.Therefore, they both have TIME in common.
There is not a 'grace period' However, you can call the company to extend your use of the car- but they will take additional authorizations on your credit card, or will need more payment of some sort.. If no money is given and your balance is not up to date- they can call in the car as stolen.. if...