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Great Chicago Fire

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The Great Chicago fire burned across the city for two days, October 8th to October 10th, 1871. It destroyed over 3 square miles of the city and killed hundreds of people.
Many of the soccer balls would be worth a price close to $100. The  exact amount will depend upon its condition.
The thing that caused the fire was that sombody was smoking and dropped by the building.
  The Chicago Fire burned for 3 days on October 8, 9, and 10, 1871.
As legend insists, a cow in a barn kicked over a lantern, but when you do further research you will find that to this very day, no one knows exactly what started it. Some do believe that a cow is responsible, but I personally, do not.
The Cubs were not founded until 1876, so they didn't miss anyseasons due to the Great Chicago Fire.
From 8 to 10 October 1871.
The cause of the Great Chicago Fire remains unknown.
Sometime around 9:00 PM on October 8, 1871 in or near a barn at 137 DeKoven Street.
Strangely it motivated the city and set it on a new course of development, modernization and innovation.
After two days, rain began to fall. On the morning of October 10, 1871, the fire died out leaving complete devastation in the heart of the city.
Sunday, October 8, 1871
Chicago's 25th Mayor, Roswell B Mason instructed General Philip Sheridan who was leading reliief efforts by the US Army to issue that order and placed him in charge. Civilian control was re-established in a few days since and there was panic but liittle or no disturbance.
The water tower, the Chicago Avenue pumping station, St. Michael's Church, Old St. Patrick's Church and Holy Family Church, among others
That remains a mystery, but Catherine O'Leary's cow was not guilty. That was a bit of creative writing which the reporter added as good copy.
A shift in the wind direction and a favorable drizzle.
Sunday, October 8, to early Tuesday, October 10, 1871
The fire began on Sunday, 8 October 1871 and lasted until Tuesday 10 October 1871.
The cause of the fire remains unknown, but the story about Catherine O'Leary's cow was creative writing by a reporter.
So great because so many people became homeless, or even died. The fire got big quickly because the buildings were made of wood, so it was way more flammable.
No one really knows what started the fire but one theory is that one of the cows in the barn kicked a lantern over and that started the fire but some people think something else started the fire.
  The Tuesday morning rain.   check out:   http://www.chicagohs.org/fire/
It did not happen. That origin was a bit of creative writing by the Chicago Republican Newspaper reporter Michael Ahern who admitted to making it up 22 years later as "colorful copy". The cause of the Great Chicago Fire remains one of the unknowns in American History.
The true cause of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is not known. Folklore of the time said the fire was started in the barn of Mrs. Patrick O'Leary when her cow kicked over a lantern. A reporter, Michael Ahern, first reported this, however recanted his statement about Mrs. O'Leary's cow being the...
  Candidates start at $45000 per year. One out of the academy, there will be around an 8 percent jump. As of today's pay grade, three year into the job, a CFD paramedic fire fighter's basic base should be just under $60000. Don't forget there are holiday pay, uniform pay, on duty pay, etc;...
Less for the death and destruction then for the rapid recovery.
  == Answer ==   Go to City Hall 121 N. LaSalle Human Resource They have a form specifically for firemen's chane of address. I would also submit a letter to The fire Departments Headquarters as well.
Right around 2,000... not sure the exact number.. but they are also on a hiring freeze and lost a court case in which they have to hire 100 guys from the 1996 test..
Nobody knows for sure the answer to this question. The fire began in or near a barn on DeKoven St. belonging to Mrs. Catherine O'Leary. There is a colorful legend that persists to this day, that the fire was started by a cow, belonging to Mrs. O'Leary, kicking over a lantern. While Mrs. O'Leary, and...
The exact origin of the Great Chicago Fire is unknown, but it was not Catherine O'Leary and it was not her cow.
  == About 100,000 or more. I think. ==
It destroyed 17,500 buildings.
The Great Fire of London started in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane  in September 1666 and burned for five days. It destroyed 13,200  houses, 87 churches, 1 cathedral and left 70,000 people homeless.   The Great Fire of Chicago is thought to have started when a cow  tipped over a lantern.
There are 100 fire stations in Chicago. They employ about 5,000 people. "The Department consists of seven (7) Districts, 24 Battalions, 99 Engine Companies, 1 Fire Boat, 60 Truck Companies, 4 Rescue Squads, 1 Hazardous Materials Unit, 1 Collapse Rescue Unit, 59 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, 12...
  The Great Chicago Fire was October 8th to 10th, 1871
Ulysses S. Grant was the President of the United States in 1871.
The need for building standards and an effective professional fire department.
there was a 3 week drought when a barn fire started. it was windy that night and the fire department was exhausted from a fire the day before so they were slow to respond. by the time they got there, it was to late. they could nit control the fire.
Chicago recovered, it grew, it expanded, it improved and it progressed in the aftermath of the disaster.
pretty sure the font is called capitals but not 100%
The firefighters, the mayor, Philip Sheridan, and... the rain.
The O'Leary house was spared.
I only have six facts: 1people went to Lincoln park to escape the fire,2 the main building that was not burned was a water tower,3 the water tower did'NT burn because it was made of lime stone,4 the water tower is still standing at Chicago and people jumped over a river to escape the fire but the...
A human resource lady told me they went through the first 1000 in '07 and are working on the next 1000 in '08 That lady is the one pulling the numners that were supposed to be a call nunber a number to identify you not your call number. Its really sad that even if through a mircale your called by...
Much of the debris from the Great Chicago Fire was dumped along theshoreline of Lake Michigan.
Some careless person with fire, probably accidentally started the fire in a city that was mainly built of wood. It was not Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking over a lantern while Mrs. O'Leary milked her, because the fire started in the middle of the night, and no one milks a cow in the middle of the night....
It remains of unknown origin, but it was not Catherine O'Leary's cow.
1. Catherine O'Leary 2. Patrick O'Leary 3. Daniel Sullivan 4. The Dalton Family 5. Robert A. Williams 6. William Brown That's it
  == Answer ==   The best thing to do would be to call ther administation phone line and speak with someone there and they could maybe put you in the right direction.
About 90,000 residents were homeless,
Because the city started new and buisness people like Michael Reese sold and built on land.
Perhaps because a four square mile park built on ashes and rubble in the center of the city seemed to be a poor Real Estate investment at the time. It is also an American tradition when given Lemons to make Lemonade. It was a chance to make a new start while correcting the errors of the past decades...
We learned not to build an entire city out of wood.
there were about 150 people injured in the fire of 1871
At the time, the majority of buildings in Chicago were built of wood and, therefore, burned easily. Since then, Chicago has strengthened its building codes to prevent such a disaster from recurring.
The cause of the Great Chicago Fire remains unknown, but is was not started by Catherine O'Leary's cow.
The San Francisco Earthquake and ensuing fire cost the lives of roughly 3,000 people and $400M in damage - $80M attributed to the earthquake and $320M to the fire that burned 4.7 square miles of San Francisco in 1906. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 resulted in an estimated 300 deaths and $200M in...
No. We do not know for sure who and how someone started the great fire of Chicago in 1871 and we probably never will since there are no eye-witnesses.
The Great Chicago Fire often blamed on a cow kicking over a lantern began on Tuesday morning 10 October 1871.
The Great Chicago Fire was a disaster that created mass chaos in the city.
The origin of the 1871 Chicago Fire remains unknoown even today. The traditional answer is that Catherine O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern, but that was only a reporter's yarn that lacks credibility.
Chicago's eastern border is Lake Michigan.
It stated at the O'Learys barn
  1968, after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Much of the destruction caused by the Great Chicago Fire was to the buildings constructed of wood. After the fire, building codes were changed to require stone and brick construction.
The origin of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 remains unknown.
At the time of the Great Chicago Fire (1871), there was no Macy's in Chicago. Macy's acquired Marshall Field & Company in August of 2005.
Louis Sullivan is responsible for the rebuilding of Chicago. His  works can be found in many different cities, including St. Louis  and New York.
maybe something or someone put it on fir or something in the building put it on fire
  == Answer ==   http://www.chicagohs.org/fire/
One brick at a time, just like any other rebuild in America!
In the Oleary barn a cow kicked over an oil lamp. 
big enough to burn down chicago at that time
No. The Great Chicago Fire caused the need for the city to rebuild.
the chicago river caught fire cuz of oil in the water
yes or else it wouldnt have burned dohdohs --->
Mrs. Oleary's cow kicked over a lantern