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A place to ask advice and help in dealing with the piping systems of homes and offices. That includes water supply and waste transport and the associated fixtures.


Simple, to remove the air so the gas will reach the appliance
A little more detail about the sitsuation would help. New construction, remodel, sewer outlet in the house to street or sewer outlet in house to main going out of house.
Because after you've been in the shower for a while all the hot water gets used up so it goes cold.
A vent stack is the main vent from the lowest level to the roof terminal and it removes dangerous sewer gases as hot air rises
If its a large steam system which I am assumeing,then a pump or pumps.
Thermostat replacement . Yes it can be replaced, if it is of the replaceable type. If you are in doubt about how to do it, perhaps you should have it done by a plumbing professional.
It has a compressor (like a refrig or air conditioner) which compresses a gas (freon) creating hot gas, This gas heats the hot water tank as it condenses to a liquid, The liquid then goes to the evaporator, where it boils back to a gas again, taking heat energy out of the cold water tank and cooling...
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Holding the handle on? Hopefully it is not completely stripped. Spray some WD40 or other lubricant on it and let it sit a bit. It should be a Phillips head screw. Line up a screwdriver with what may be left of the slots in the head, hold the screwdriver firmly and hit the end with a hammer fairly...
There are probably screws around the edge of the inside cover under the seal that runs around the door.
House is not that blessed. House is so much more officiated
Nothing if PVC is used for plumbing , but if iron or copper it corrodes. However if you send corrosive materials down the sink in sufficient quantity, you will impair the functioning of the sewage treatment plant and the authorities will fine you and your employer and possibly send you to jail.
Gas or electric? Gas If you have a pilot light but it will not light, the thermocouple is most likely bad. That is the small metal tube that sits in the flame of the pilot light and runs to the control valve. If the pilot light will not stay lit, thermocouple also. The thermocouple is about the only...
they both distribute water
With the faucet? Shut off under the sink? Same solution for either type of faucet. Single handle or two handle, quarter turn. There is a small rubber cup in the body of the faucet that is worn and need to be replaced. Two handle that the handle turns around in a complete circle a couple of times....
The average total gut home renovation cost per square foot rangefor a 100 year old existing home can vary depending on the area ofthe country and the type of renovation. In most cases, a total gutrenovation will cost between $55 and $95 per square foot.
Replace it. Before you replace it make sure that its the tank that is leaking by checking all the threaded joints and sometimes it can be like the inlet or outlet threaded joint but if it is the tank then yes you will have to replace it. Scrap yards take them for free or sometimes pay you money...
The simplest way to calculate the pipe diameter would be using flow rate & velocity in the formula, diameter=root((4*Flow)/(Pi*Velocity)).In order to find the velocity from pressure we can use the formula Velocity=root(Pressure/1000).
The main Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) can typically be anywhere between the City Water shutoff valve by your water meter (if external) and the first "tee" in the water supply system. Though quite often it is near the main building shutoff valve inside the home. Some fixtures or appliances have...
\nFind the MFG web site, It may require new replaceable seals or a new water flow control insert.
PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used forprojects in which a drainage pipe has to hold up well againstpressure and heavy weight. This type of drainage pipe can beconstructed in a range of sizes and is very durable, even whenexposed to chemicals.
more than you can lift
No. You vent air from a sewer line.
yes you can! but not pads! tampons are small enough and biodegradable. never flush pads though! they will probably clog your toilet and mess everything up!
Depends if your looking for a Double Flare or single flare and that would depend on the working pressures involved. . In any event need a flaring tool of the proper size .
The alloy Cunifer owes its name to the three main elements from which it is made: copper (Cu),nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Cunifer was specially developed for use in applications that come into contact with brackish seawater.In general terms, Cunifer is extremely corrosion resistant and in...
One family, quarter acre lot: 10-12 gallons per minute at 50 pounds per square inch.
Insulate it completely wherever it is exposed to an unconditioned space.
Answer . AC units have a condensation line. This is a necessary option as cooling the air causes condensation, much like a cold glass of water will condensate on the outside of the glass. The condensate line should be draining to a safe place, and draining whenever the unit is running.. The unit...
They don't have to be super tight, if they are plastic, hand tight is usually enough. For supply lines, use two wrenches, one on the fixture and the other on the supply line nut. Hold the faucet side and tighten the supply side.
Cast iron is a mixture of primarily iron (90%+), carbon (2.0 to 4.0%), silicon (1.0 to 2.4%), manganese (.45 to .65%), sulfur (.06 to .15%), and sometimes (.10 to 1.0%) copper, molybedunum, chrome, nickel, and even .03 to .06% tin. The microstructure for general use cast gray iron should be Type...
They gurgle because of air trapped in them. This often comes out eventually.
get a new hose or tighten the old one up
They will not pay to fix the pipe, or will not pay for the clean up and damage to your property? They have to fix the pipe and clean up the mess caused by it. Any personal property, possibly not. That's why they sell renters insurance. You may be able to take them to small claims court to recover...
Plunging is always the first thing. Chemical drain cleaners usually work, but if not, you have to be careful dealing with the clog after that. Running a snake down the drain should get most clogs.
It helps people in the desert to have fresh water, and they do not have to dig for ever to make a well or something and the people in the desert will wake up and know that they have fresh water running through pipes.
If you have ever been to venice you will know the answer. The canals and water ways are the sewers! Just take a wiff and/or have a look when you come across a canal that is dry when they are doing construction work on the canal or a I did. You will notice drain lines discharging thru...
Same as all other plumbing in civilized countries
There is a vent available for this. It is meant to cap 1 1/2 PVC. T the drain and put the vent as high as you can. It is spring loaded and the water will pull the vent open and close when the pressure equalizes. This is only for a single sink. If using a double sink, one side uses the other for the...
It depends on how big the shorts are, but either way the shorts would get stuck in the toilet and clog everything.
The typical piping configuration on a single row heating coil is to pipe the entering water (hot) to the bottom row and out the top, this ensures the trapped air gets purged and eliminates aeration.
You will need a copy of the International Fuel Gas Code to start with. Turn to table 402.2 to get the BTU ratings for the appliances being installed, then turn to section 402.4 for the formulas to calculate your demand in cubic feet per hour, then turn to tables 402.4 (1-33) and choose the pipe...
The flapper in the tank is probably leaking and letting water get into the bowl When the water level drops enough the fill valve opens just a little bit to bring the water level back up. Sometimes they vibrate when the valve is not open all the way.
Pipe nipple is use as connector to both pipe which have female end. It does not same as pipe reducer which nipple has same diameter throughout both end and threaded. Pipe reducer has different diameter for both end and it is use to join different pipe diameter.
Sounds like a venting problem. The washer is trying to push the water down the drain and the tub is an easier route. When it stops pumping, the washer drain become the vent and lets the air escape. You can try some drain cleaner in the tub and the washer drains. This may open it enough to help.
By God of course.
It's the pressure relief valves you always check. We wouldn't want that nasty old boiler to blow up and hurt someone, now, would we?
It is not an idiom, it is fact. A hose can be used for a water level with hundreds of feet between the two points. As long as two bodies of water are connected somehow, they will be at the same level. As an idiom, it would mean a person tends to seek out people they feel are equal or have the same...
Unplasticised PVC, usually called uPVC, is used to make pipes and window frames.
Drain is becoming clogged or collapseing. If on a septic tank, it may be getting full. A possible quick fix. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level up to the rim. This is a much larger volume of water than normal and may flush...
Cut into the existing drain where you feel it would help the most and run a vet to the outside, preferably to above the roof line. At the point furthest from the main drain.
The vent for the drain is in the wall. Where the drain goes in, it T's with the water going down and the vent going through the roof. With a double sink, one side is the vent for the other. As long as the water isn't pulling against a vacuum, it will drain.
If you want to measure it for volume use a measuring cup or a graduated cylinder, if you want to measure temperature use the thermometer.
In a word, yes, Reliance water heaters have been around for years and they offer a wide variety of models to suit pretty much anyone's needs from small 1 bathroom homes to 5 bath homes. They come in gas and electric, storage or tankless models.
I am not really sure when solar hot water was invented. It is the sort of thing that is so easily conceived that it could have been done in the nineteenth or even eighteenth century. It could have been invented by different people in different times. The earliest solar hot water that seems to be...
You put waste food and vegetable products into them and the macerate it and flush it down the drain.
It has lost it's prime, the impeller is bad or the pressure switch is bad. If you have water at normal pressure, it is probably the pressure switch.
a straight line
30, 40, or 50 gallon depending on how big your water heater is.
There should be no reason the toilet would overflow. The water being turned off should have no effect on it. As long as the drain is clear even if the shut off valve in the tank didn't work, the water will just go down the drain.
No gasoline will melt regular white PVC pipe!
The words"Way Down Under" is very obvious!! Ain't it mate??When flushed, toilets one side of the equator spin the opposite way from the way they spin on the other side of the equator. VERY CORRECT! The truth is that the spin direction is the same in both hemispheres with respect to the Earth....
Normally between 43000 and 50000 a year if your good, with at least 5 years exp..
You should be very careful. You can actually cause your pipes to leak by doing this. The best bet is to replace that section with some PEX which is plastic and won't corrode.
Take the shower head off the pipe coming out of the wall and look in it. There will probably be a disk in it with about a 1/8 inch hole in the middle. That's the flow restritor. It should pop out or some screw out.
Hot water goes into the sink or bath to be used, then flows down the drain like all waste water.
Cut around the toilet with a razor blade knife. There isn't any under the toilet, you should be able to remove what is left on the floor after you take the toilet up.
Use a razor blade knife to cut the caulk. It isn't under the toilet, just around the edge.
A sewage system is just a very large septic system. Everything the same happens, just on a huge scale.
Cleaning the kitchen floor means to remove the blackish and yellowish spot and perfectly removes the greases, vegetable oil, lubricant and stickiness and make it shining.
He turned on the faucet but only a trickle of water came out.
It sounds like you are ready for a flush valve replacement.
In most areas drum traps are only permitted in a repair/replacement situation. They are not permitted in new construction. They should be avoided where possible due to their need for maintenance more that a standard p-trap.
A bar of soap is going to get soft fairly quickly and should pass on through. A plumbers snake can be used to dislodge it and get it into the drain. Plunging the toilet should cause it to go one way or the other.
I assume there is not a shut off on the supply side of the line. If you are used to working with gas, you can do it with the line charged, but it is probably best to shut the gas off at the main. If there is not a shut off valve where the flex line connects, I would put one there now. Then it is...
The toilet flange is usually above the floor level. You would have to cut it off the drain pipe and cap it. How you do this depends on what type of pipe the drain is made of. Even if the drain should be below the floor level, you have to seal the drain or sewer gas will come up from the drain.
The only way is to run 3/4 to the heater. If the house is 3/4 this should have been done when it was installed. You should only reduce the size at the fixtures.
Either on the underneath side of the lid or on the back of the tank inside there should be a model number. Possibly on the underneath side of the tank also.
As the water heats up the washer in the tap, it expands. This causes the washer to partially block the open valve.
Why did the pipe burst? If the tenant caused it, he is responsible for the damage and the repair of the pipe. If it just happened or the landlord could have prevented it, the landlord is responsible for the pipe and structural damage. I do not believe he is responsible for personal items lost or...
It is possible. You'll have to change your piping though.
You have to take the lead and packing out that is holding the flange in the next piece of pipe. If your flange is broke where the toilet bolts go, this is very common. There is a repair available for this. It consists of two curved pieces of metal that are about 1/3 of the circumference of the...
Turn up the temperature on the heater. Gas or electric, there is a dial on the controls
No just make sure that if you live in a snow area that the outside unit is clean and clear of any snow build up..........
R/O filters to a much greater degree than simple filtration.
For supply - Hot water pipes if galvanized steel are most likely ready to fail - cold water are most likely OK. If copper they should be OK depending on your water source. Test any with a flow test: how long to fill a five gallon bucket - should be less than two minutes.. For drains - must drain the...
12" on center from the back wall, 18" from the wall on the side(s).