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Pool Heating

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Pool heating provides more enjoyment and comfort to swimmers. But since pool heating can add up to high heating bills and consumes a lot of energy, pool owners should use energy-saving pool heating systems such as solar pool heaters.
You can vacuum a salt water pool the same way you would a non salt water pool. If you are vacuuming on the filter setting, your filter will help to clean the debris out of the pool. If you are dealing with a very dirty pool and use the waste setting, you will be wasting some of the water from the...
the rubber in the heating is degenerating because of wear.... only fix is to replace the rubber
Answer . \nIf you have a harsh winter then as soon as the last frost. Usually around late April or May is good. \n. \nMarcy
My propane company advised me NOT to use my pool heater. They said my pool heater would burn 5 to 6 gallons of propane per hour.
In the summer the pool does fine not to be heated. It is set on a timer to be filtered and water is treated and kept clean. During the winter the pool is heated at a lower temperature but way above freezing and watched closely. The pump is always circulating the water. I have put it on a 4 hour...
Answer . \nAbove ground pools are the cheapest. Any in-ground pools are very costly. Many people love the above ground pools and the whole family can enjoy. If you would like further info go to:\n. \nGoogle.com\n. \nThen type in the question you asked on the board.\n. \nMarcy
Pool temp. . I hear that it takes a full day to come up to temperature.
That depends on the size of the pool And what sort of system you intend to install.the conversion only involves fitting the element to the filtration system and the electronic controls then putting the required amount of salt in the pool. You have a choice in the type of salt you use 1 sodium...
Answer . \nYou must first DRAIN the water off the pool cover!! Get a hose or plastic tube (available from most pet stores (fish department) and syphon off the water. This will take th weight of the water off the cover so you can lift it off of the pool.
Answer . Go to GarrettVinylPools.com and click on liners at bottom of page.
One thousandth part of a volt. Correct Answer=0.001
The vehicle will have something called a "Thermostat Event".. There is a scensor on the engine that will sense that the engine is heating up and open a valve that lets the coolant flow freely though out the whole system.. -Rudolf Diesel
It just simply floats on the water. You need to lay it in your pool and cut it so that it fits.
Yes: assuming you want your pool to be higher than 70 degrees. Trust me you do, the common temp for a pool is 82-84 degrees F.
that depends on the size and location of the pool another clear conceptz is how green the pool is? and how many hours of pool cleanning will it take?
It really depends on what the indoor pool's components look like,first and foremost being the pump motor. If the pump is 12V DC (ormultiples of that...), you are in business, because a 12V solarpower system is very straightforward to design and implement, asyou don't need an inverter. If it's not ...
The cost effectiveness of the heating system depends on the initial cost of the system and the operating costs. These will vary depending on the local utility rates and financing options. The most cost effective based on initial investment is a gas heater. These are less expensive up front. The most...
Step1: Set the gas-control knob to the Off position and turn the thermostat to its lowest setting (typically clockwise in both cases). Wait 5 minutes for any gas to clear. If after 5 minutes you smell gas, do not proceed. Call the utility company for immediate service. Step2: Open or remove the...
Heat your pool right . While the heater manufacturers have all kinds of charts and graphs, as a pool service provider in the desert southwest U.S., I can tell you that you want at LEAST 300,000 BTU's, depending on your local climate. In colder areas where you need to heat the water from a lower...
Hayward has a good electric heater. visit www.askpoolquestions.com for more information
Answer . You have a few options. If the pool is above ground and it's in the sunlight you may be able to get away with a "solar" cover which will work okay. If the pool is in-ground or if you really need some heat, I'd suggest you try a solar collector network on the roof - a pump pushes the water...
need to know more info, please go to www.askpoolquestions.com Thank u, John
Answer . The bubbles on the cover should be facing the water.
Yes, they are well worth the cost.
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Yes, soda ash or sodium bicarbonate will raise the alkalinity in water. Ash will affect your pH more than bicarb.
The spa usually has a flow over (waterfall effect) when spa is not being heated by your electric or gas heater. When using the spa the flow over is turned off so hot water stay in spa.
Write one volt equals 1,000 millivolts at the top of your paper. This is the standard conversion of volts to millivolts. Write down the number of volts you need to convert in decimal form. For example, if you have four volts, write 4.0. Move the decimal point over three times to the right to...
We've had many people buy a Hayward Heat Pro heat pump for their pool. Whether or not it is the best for your pool depends on your pool and where you live. Here's a link to the Hayward Heat Pro: http://shop.bluehaven.com/product/hayward-heat-pro/hayward-pool-heaters
Pool Pumps are designed and built to work hard. You may create some additional back pressure by adding solar panels. as long as the pump is sufficient to fill the solar panels with water you should have no harm done by adding solar to your pool
You can run a heat pump at night as long as the ambient air temperature is over 45 or 50 degrees. The lower the air temperature the less efficient the heat pump. Heat pumps convert energy from the surrounding air into heat for the pool. the warmer the ambient air temperature surrounding the heat...
A pool with a solar cover will absorb the heat faster during the day and when left on the pool over night it will prevent the loss of heat.
The yellow pages under swimming pools. Or if you live in Calif, Nev, Fl, Tx, Az look up IPSSA.Com or IPSSA.inc Do you have a portable spa? Electric heater could be the problem. A gas heater would not trip the breaker. K
Interesting thought! Having a black colored pool floor would certainly pick up heat if the sun can shine directly on it but it will radiate heat away quickly when the pool is shaded. Perhaps putting a solar pool cover on the pool when it is shaded or at night would help trap the heat a black pool...
Size does matter when choosing a pool heater. Especially a gas pool heater. To help you choose the proper size, there are a few simple steps to do. First: Determine what temperature you would like to keep your pool during the coldest months of operation. Second: Look at the average temperature...
Answer . Maybe your filter needs to be cleaned. WHen was the last time?
Is this heat pump approved by your local codes or that of NSPF for use in or around swimming pools? I think not. Not a good idea to mix water and electricity. . Yes you could, if you live in a very hot climate... heat pumps would only be able to heat water to spa temperature if the weather was very...
Answer . \nThe H100 has a flow rate of 20-70 gpm, if you are moving more than 70 gpm then yes, if not, then no.
A redundant gas valve has two or three valve operators physically in series but wired in parallel with one another. This built in saftey feature allows any operator (pilot or main) to block gas from getting to the main burner. EX: standing pilot, intermittent pilot, and direct burner are classified...
An automatic covers is the best. It doesn't require manualoperation and save time and energy as well.
Darker. Dark colors absorb heat, light colors reflect. I was told our black bottom pool would keep our pool 10 degrees warmer. Not sure if that is true, as I have no basis for comparison, but that's what I was told by our pool builder and other pool experts. Another perk of a darker colored pool is...
Why is your pool having it's cycle...Let us know how many it takes when you find out.
The reversing valve switches the flow of refrigerant from cool to heat inside and outside the home.
Answer . \nThe bubbles go down and the smooth side up.
Yes they do. Plus they are safer most are capable of generating more heat that a solar cover. The effect is that Solar Sun Rings with 70% to 80% coverage outperform bubble pack covers with 100% coverage. cheers mark tahiliani (jm)
Answer . not much since the water doesn't usually release very much heat
You lay it across the surface of the pool.
Well, it depends on the size of heat pump and the size of pool! However, a 30x12 ft, 2-3.5ft deep pool with an 18kw heater will take 4 to 5 days.
Increasing the watts, but the hire the watts the more u pay for ur electric bill. so 120vac will have to be 208vac to increase the wattage.
yes it has happened when you step on it or fall on it it will move around you like a rubber tube so no matter how much you squirm it will just get tighter and tighter until it completely covers you. i hope this helps
No! if you cut the cover in two each of the little bubbles of insulated air will burst! It may be too difficult to do it anyway. All those bubble bottoms will be topless.
Answer . I prefer the Raypak. I have had far less problems with this brand than all others in the last 25 years.
You MAY be able to switch between propane and natural gas- but they have different heat values. They will have a different size orifice, and a different flow rate. You will need to check with the maker of YOUR heater to see if parts are available to make the conversion. DO NOT try this without a...
If your water temperature is above 80F, anywhere from 8-12hrs. per day is recommended. What I do is get the water stabilized and crystal clear and then back off an hour at a time and monitor water clarity.
On the ground. Unless you want hundreds of frogs around your house.
It might stain the plaster. When you have an algae bloom, get on it right away, don't wait. See the link below for more info.
When I purchased my solar cover I was told to have the bubbles down. This is logical since the bubble side is gray in color and the flat side is blue. Yes, and you want the bubbles that collected the heat to be in the water to add to the temp. k
I don't know the percentage, but even with solar, you will have high heating bills in the winter. In Arizona, it runs more than $500/month for gas to heat the pool over the winter, and in May, without gas assist, the pool reaches in the mid 80s by afternoon.
I have had several pool covers over the years, blue, blue and black, clear, clear with diamond shaped bubbles. Last year I purchase a "Gold Series" solar cover. It is blue on the top with a reflective good metallic layer that faces down. This cover is by far the best cover I have ever owned. It's...
The specific heat of water is 4.179 Joules per gram per degreeCentigrade. The density of water is 1 gram per cubic centimeter, soone liter is 1000 grams. This means it takes 4179 Joules to raiseone liter one degree Centigrade.
I always left the solar cover on the pool except when I was swimming in it. The solar cover provided enough heat so I did not need to turn on my heater. If the heater pushes the solar cover aside, remove the solar cover from that part of the pool.
if it's the right size for your pool, it will "stick" to the water and not blow off.
Decide how warm you want your pool water to be. Most people prefer a temperature in the high 70s or low 80s (Fahrenheit), but your individual taste may vary. . Step 2. Determine the average temperature during the coldest month you wish to use the pool. You can usually do a quick estimation based on...
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Answer . My pool is 44 x 20. If I didn't have a reel, there would be no way that I could pull the solar cover off by myself. I think it depends on how big your pool is but I couldn't use my solar cover without one.. Answer . I find my reel a pain in the butt! The cover never unravels evenly on...
I am a national lifeguard, working at an outdoor pool. Temperature should be between 74 ~ 80. If it's over 80 degree, there is possibly a great chance of bacteria growing.
Answer . This is a vague question! \n. \nWhat type of pool are you heating? \n. \nYou have a lot of options, as you probably already know because you are asking for ''the best'' way. \n. \nSolar heating is the cheapest way, but isn't very effective, in my opinion.\n. \nIf you decide to purchase an...
Paint is one of a number of surface coatings intended to provide some attribute not naturally provided by the substrate. Colour is a common characteristic, but surface protection from sunlight, or salt spray would be others. Paints are usually inferior to other bonded protective systems, such as...
the pilot light in my fireplace is working but when i turn the switch on (new switch) it wouldn't fire up
Considering how hot it is in Yuma most of the year 115 + in the summer it's not really necessary to heat a pool. In fact most pools loose more water through evaporation than pools in other places. Several hotels put a canopy over the pools to help keep them cool.
Worms come out at night and on cloudy, darkened days. When they travel across the ground and end up in the pool they drown and collect there. Unlike crickets, spiders and other insects, worms lack the ability to swim to a place where they can get out of the water
Not much-you just skim a little less, but that's the easy part. the hard part is the never ending war on algae.
To infinity and beyond. Without pilot light, burner will never turn on to heat water.
If you don't cover it its likely to turn into a mosquito farm. Your best bet may be to get a pool maintenance chap to keep an eye on it occasionally.