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Entertainment and Arts provide us with diversion and pleasure that make life a true joy. Whether it is through movies, music, games, or theater, the arts have a way of touching our souls. Questions in this category have to do with all types of entertainment, including the arts, media, modern and historical entertainment, as well as the effects of entertainment and arts on our society.
Here in Puerto Rico we listen to everything :) Even hits from the U.S.A It just depends on peoples likes. We invented two genres though, salsa and reggeaton Right now most popular music for teens is Reggaeton but it depends on the person :) My favorite genres of music are salsa,...
Nathan and Haley have their first kiss in front of Haley's house. Haley is mad at Nathan because she thinks that he is embarrassed to be seen with her. She says there is nothing you can do to surprise me. And then he kisses her.
Why don't you come here and find out? :) make sure you get an awesome tour package, though, to visit all the awesome places! :)
Evanescence (David Hodges, Amy Lee, Ben R. Moody II)
Usain Get's about 1,000 a week. This is true I'm Hodan he's Friend
He was shot in the hand. Grusome
Chris Brown began singing and dancing (and mimicking MichaelJackson) at an early age. By age 13 (2002) he was discovered by alocal agency in Virginia, and moved to New York City at age 16.
tupac was westside he use to wear red and blue
in some states, books are taxed. for example, in Rhode Island, books are taxed 7%. but in other states like new hapshire, there is no taxes on anything so books wouldn't be taxed. every state has differant rates, so where ever you live, find out what the taxes are on food and that would be the...
The Spore record is V button, if you have Fraps you can recordlonger than 2 minutes, (THIS ONLY FOR REGISTERED FRAPS!). Download Razer gamebooster
Algernod Laneir Washington
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born on October 28, 1956.
When they have collected all the energy from your screams to power their city...
Not completely, Collins openly admits that some of their divorce-related correspondence was by fax,
Answer . The same number that are on a grand. 88
They make a starting salary of around $125,000 per year, and can reach up to over $250,000 per year.
There are 12 'picture' cards in a standard deck of playing cards. A Jack, Queen and King of each of the four suits. Including Aces, however, the total would be 16 'face' cards.
John Candy started acting in 1976 in his movie "Class of '44
Probably about sixteen, although no one has validated the results in a formal academic setting.
The Jonas Brothers are a pop teen sensation singing group. With Nick, Joe, and Kevin music is never far away. They are great singers and are becoming actors with their new t.v. show coming out called J.O.N.A.S. This new t.v. show stars on May 2nd [my birthday.] Hope I helped.
The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan onAugust 6, 1945.
No. The admins didn't make any, which makes the games more challenging, but fun at the same time.
You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.
Music Man is basically about a man who starts bands, (e.g. marching tyupe bands) in small towns. Im pretty sure its supposed to be about how marching bands got their start.
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20 floors..veronica . dude wats with all the "veronica veronica veronica?"
No Daniel Craig does not shave his chest. Because of the scene in Casino Royale in the blue bathing suit many people have thought that but in fact Bond, James Bond (couldn't help it) does not shave his chest. Now if only he would shave his beard he would be perfect.
Many, many people do. He is a popular celebrity.
Russell Simmons is famous for his change to rap music, and becoming the Co-Founder and Owner of Def Jam Records, and Rush Productions.
Swimming Trophy? There is no such thing.
One of the first Demon Doors you'll encounter can be found near Bower Lake . It's ironic that this is one of the first Demon Doors you find in Fable 2, because it happens to be one of the hardest to open and the last ones you'll be able to. The requirements for the Bower Lake Demon Door seem simple...
I guess so. I do, and I'm a Christian, so I hope it is... *grins nervously* But I don't see why it wouldn't be okay.
R Dean Taylor was the first white artist to have #1 hit for Tamla Motown with Indiana Wants Me. But was he the first white person to be signed up to the label? Dunno.
As far as my knowledge goes, none of them.
yes if its on computer by using cheats on the cheat cartridges .
your mom is downstairs
entangled. entwined. snarled
Stevie Wonder is 61 yrs old
first you need to complete the main story line, get every Pokemon on youre rescue team, & get lucario rank. then restart and you shud be jarachi or celibi.
Draco Malfoy was named after the star constellation.
Need For Speed: Underground came out in 2003.
The name of the movie is You Got Served. Not such a great story line, but the dancing is approved by this b-girl.
He is doing nothing because he died about 28 years ago
Some famous female singers from the 70s include Donna Summer,Olivia Newton-John, and Carly Simon. This was the decade of disco.
There are many factors that comes into play when determining the value of a mini-helmet signed by Favre. 1. What type of mini-helmet? 2. Was it signed in person or bought from a second party? 3. Does it come with certificate of authenticity?. Answer to 1: Usually, a mini-helmet made with metal...
Russell Crowe was in Gladiator (2000), A Good Year (2006), American Gangster (2007)and Body Of Lies (2008) - all of which were directed by Ridley Scott.. They are currently shooting Robin Hood scheduled for a 2010 release..
Jennifer Aniston's father is actor John Aniston, best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives.
Letters from Beethoven to his friends in 1801 indicate he had begun experiencing ringing ( tinnitus ) and deafness in his ears for at least the past three years, since around 1797 - 1798, at the age of 26 or 27. It is believed that lead poisoning caused his deafness, as well as causing his many...
Lee Hsien Loong is 59 years old (birthdate: February 10, 1952).
Platinum is not "made" out of anything, the way bronze or steel are made out of stuff. Platinum is an element, not an alloy. That means you can break platinum down to single atoms, and it is still platinum. It is not created out of molecules (which are combinations of different elemental atoms). ...
He usually goes on the servers-. Snow Plow. Mammoth. Parka
depends where you are but places like tesco usually sell it or Game good luck getting it coz its an ace game
Eminems daughter Haley Jade is 15 so she probably have a boyfriend. No
Answer . There is no state where the age of majority is 17. A 17-year-old (unless they have emancipated) cannot legally enter into a contract.
he's 21 :D. he's 21 :D
hear :apex: The Heiligenstadt testament is a letter written by Beethoven in 1824 to his brothers Carl and Johann Beethoven. How it relates...here is a section of the letter: "...You my brothers Carl and [Johann] as soon as I am dead if Dr. Schmid is still alive ask him in my name to describe my...
I don't think it would, I waer my promise necklace instead of a ring and my mum and dad say it doesn't matter because it's a symbol for your purity. . I don't think it would, I waer my promise necklace instead of a ring and my mum and dad say it doesn't matter because it's a symbol for your purity...
Ronnie is his uncle. In the song Stan he is mentioned 'I read about your uncle Ronnie too im sorry. I had a friend who killed himself over a b*tch who didnt want him'
Fables have morals at the end.
i am sure 'cuz miley likes only hot cute boys agggghhhhh she makes me feel sick
Unfortunately, no. Ranma doesn't ever marry Akane. In the OVAs some people expected them to get married, but they didn't. :(
So far we do not think he had any help with his work.\n. \nAnswer 2:\nThe above is a surprising answer. In fact, Warhol used so many assistants, that he called his Manhattan studio 'The Factory'.
Materials from 1900-1922 would be in the public domain and would not require permission. Materials from 1923-1940 that were renewed would be protected by copyright. Unfortunately there's no reliable way to determine whether something was renewed except by requesting a search of the paper records...
Well it's an undeniable fact that the three of them are gorgeous and talented! And obviously you find girls who like them because of their fame and fortune. There are people like me who love a particular Jonas Brother because of a particular experience. For instance, Nick suffers from Diabetes Type...
start looking for a room mate and you pay half and they pay half it should work
Here is a chart that might help answer your question. (three sides) Polygon Names Generally accepted names Sides Name n. N-gon 3. Triangle 4. Quadrilateral 5. Pentagon 6. Hexagon 7. Heptagon 8. Octagon 10. Decagon 12. Dodecagon Names for other polygons have been proposed. Sides ....
That depends on what he says after, "What do you do when I say...". A good place to find all the answers you are looking for is to go to this Crazy Redd FAQ:. http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/920786/40823
He is definitely bicurious or bi.
The radio (a.k.a Marconi Wireless Telegraph) was invented by Guglielmo Marconi in Italy in the late 1800s.
$500k-1M+. It depends on the size of the event and the revenue you'll be making off the show.
if they are singing or talking in the song, then listen to what they say and youll learn it. if there is nothing but music, then you cant you idiot. wowww !
gold jewellery
Haddock, ham, hamburger, hash browns, Honeycomb cereal, honeydew, horseradish and hot dog are foods.
As it cools it solidifies, So you can make a mould around a piece of metal, melt it into the mould and when it cools it would change back into a solid to the shape of the mould.
Palkia will appear at the top of mount coronet. You will need rock climb to get there. best to save before you play him for you only get one shot.. NO if you die u can fight him again but if you kill him its over. Best to use a net ball.
yes he did He married Amelie Parayre in 1898