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Duct Tape

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First invented in the 1920s, Duct Tape was developed further during World War II by a division of the Johnson & Johnson company. Duct Tape is a strong adhesive tape with a cloth- or scrim-back, often coated with polyethylene. While soldiers were the first to use the product, Duct Tape was quickly adopted in other areas, to make shoes shoes stronger, for wrapping steel cables or electrical conductors, and to wrap duct-work on furnaces.
No, duct tape can't set off a metal detector.
Duct tape is made of three separate layers, polyethylene, a clothmesh and a rubber based adhesive
Diffrent color duct tape could work or sparkles.
No.. It does not..... cookie245 OUT!
Fred Meyers Parkrose Hardware Target (I think) Walmart
i use duct tape for my pool when it pops if u need help i might notbe the one but u can ask someone els. eny way another way u useduct tape is because they come in diffrent color thats y i likethem.
to make duck tape hat get a cheap hat then cover the top bit in agarbage bag after start adding the duck tape to the top bit and after finishedremove hat after you have added the duck tape and take a pair of scissors andtrim the garbage bag then add some tape at the bottom and the sides
No, it is completely different.
It will not last, and could possible catch fire but that's a long shot. A hose clamp would be better. One to fit the dryer vent is probably $2 or $3.
inicialy gray but i have once or twice seen it in black and white
Yes, it can cause them to loose their hair. They can't digest it.
== Answer ==you just get a big roll of tape and form it into clothes or you could have any bag and rap tape around it and then remove the bag.
How loud the bang will be depends on whether and how you get it to go off. It would be difficult to ignite the gunpowder directly since it is wrapped in 8 layers of duct tape. As the question does not mention inserting a detonator, we would be left with external detonation sources. How loud the bang...
I would say duct tape. Duct tape has considerably stronger adhesive than electric tape. On the other hand, electric tape will stretch when put in tension when duct tape may just tear - so it depends on the type of strength you are looking for.
If it's a tri-fold wallet, then get 2 9 inch strips of duct tape and overlap them by a quarter of an inch. Then get 2 more 9 inch strips and stick them on the first two. Repeat until you have two sheets that are exactly alike (trim if necessary) Okay, good so far? Them get a ruler and measure the...
I buy mine from Chinese Johnny ( similar to any good electrical store )
It was originaly invented by Johnson & Johnson for use by the military. It was used for everything. it found it's way to the real estate market and used for ducts.
No duct tape is not recyclable
No, the adhesive is toxic. If it is eaten in large amounts it would make your dog sick. I don't believe it would be fatal though.
In theory, yes. Although you would have trouble with the engine as duct tape can't handle too much heat. You might just be able to push the car with your feet, like fred flintstone.
Yes, watch mythbusters.
yes there is such thing, check at your local craft store.
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You can find it just about any store, such as Target and Michael's and walmart.
because they were doing an expiarment on the hunter before the infection started sothey used it to keep him restrianed down but it didnt work.
You'll need a band aid for that. If you don't have one, take a Kleenex, rip it in half longways, wrap that around your foot, and use duct tape to tap the end of the tissue up.
guessing around 3.50 to 4.00
There is a common, but incorrect view that it was originally made for repairing heating ducts, i.e. the ductwork pipes that come from a furnace to each room in a building or house. In fact, DUCK tape was invented as a type of cloth (duck cloth or canvas) with a flexible adhesive backing. It is...
it is so cute and people think that it is the best accessories ever
Yes! There is actually a scholarship that in order to qualify you have to wear a duck tape dress to prom. Check out the related link for more information on the scholarship.
It is silver for no reason at all it just is.
some people make flowers on the ends of pens or pencils and some just make wallets or ninja stars.
I highly doubt it. But hey, with duct tape, anything is possible.
hold one end of the tape to a poll then tie the other end at far then start rolling yourself with one side going towards the other side.
Duct Tape in Space Whoever told you this is wrong. Duct tape is useful everywhere. See: http://www.ducttapeguys.com/NASA/index.html But you'd have some major trouble with suction cups! Duct tape saved one of the Apollo crews They did have trouble getting duck (not "duct", it was used to seal the...
Yes it does have some at the dollar store but it has limited colors
It really depends, there are different sizes or rolls, You can look on the packaging of the duct tape and it'll say.
From Wikipedia:. Duct tape (sometimes called duck tape ; is a vinyl, fabric-reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive tape with a soft and tacky pressure sensitive adhesive .
You can make a cool-e-o glove
The adhesive starts to melt in the high 90's
Wal-Mart carries several different colors as well as tie dyed duck tape.
walmart, hobby lobby at walmart cheak i the area around the panting products
Well you can get it at wal mart in the paint isle they even hav colored duct tape
Duct tape is made of rubber and since rubber is a good insulatorthat makes duct tape a good insulator. The best tape for insulatingis electrical tape.
Well, I have the EASIEST solution. A lot of people say you gotta have cardboard. That's a little much. To just make a simple pouch, here's what you do: . Aquire the following things: two rolls of color contrast duct tape(let's say red and blue, and scissors for trimming. OPTIONAL: a spool of...
There are duct tape wallets, roses, bows, bracelets etc.... You can also get a pen/mechanical pencil and wrap duct tape strips around it. you can also make ur folders ROX! u can make thm stripes or plain colors, when you get tie-die duct tape, you can make thm tie-die 2!
you could make walets flowers flip-flops bags braclets phone holders phone cases purses drum sticks crosses names/words
use an old pair of shoes then put an insole inside them (optional) then cover them in duct tape
yes, there are a few studies that seem to sugest that duct tape is effective when it comes to removing warts. Some of these studies even seem to indicate that the duct tape wart removal method may even be more effective than conventional method such as freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. There...
Place the unit on a protected surface and spray away! You will need a paint that doesn't react with the rubber/vinyl and adhesive of the duct tape. Cardboard will absorb a lot of paint, so be patient and use several light coats rather than one heavy one. Because both are pretty flexible, it will be...
Yes it will, I suggest getting the Krylon brand of spray paint but any brand is fine as long as it say non-porous on the label on the back. The only downside to spray painting duct tape is that it will take a little longer to dry.
Most superstores such as Meijers, Krogers, and especially Walmart. Most craft stores and hobby stores such as Jo Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby will also carry colored duct tape. Some drugstores, such as walgreens, may also carry colored duct tape.
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Wallets, hats, shoes, bracelets, backpacks, iPod cases, roses, and pets.
you want a book first to use as a mold sort of deal. Get tin foil, smooth it and wrap it around the book as you would like to, and cover with duct tape. Voila! A duct tape book cover
Depending on how artsy you are, and how perfect you want it to be, the times will vary. Give your self more time if you're not sure about it.
If ur face is a toaster then yes.
One can remove seborrheic keratoses by the use of hydrogen peroxide and duct tape. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide to 25% concentration and apply to the affected areas of the skin with a cotton cloth. Cover the area with duct tape quickly to ensure the hydrogen peroxide does not evaporate.
absolutely not! if the gymnast falls off the beam onto the trampoline and lands the wrong way, he/she could seriously injure themselves.
Duct tape was invented to tape around joints in an air duct on a furnace. The ducts are square or round tubes that carry warmed air from the furnace to the floor registers in each room. If the joints are not taped, valuable warm air will leak out of the joints.
Yes. When duct tape is removed from a painted object, sometimes the paint comes off.
its depends on the desighn and stuff.
i dont known give me an answer know
No, that would be silly. Certainly anything that you do to harm yourself or potentially harm yourself would be against Christianity. Not to mention that gagging yourself with duct tape is dangerous and could lead to your accidental death.
This is simple, all you have to do is take a small square piece of duct tape and fold the top like a triangle, making sure that there is a sticky part out. Then, you attach it to a pen. You repeat this and make the pen as big as you want! With Love, Billie Piper
they make it, its cool
you take a cupcake wrapper and put duct tape around it. Then you take a large enough ball (not to large and not to small ) make sure it fits perfectly in the holder then wrap it around with duct tape. Simple
Just buy a new zipper! Duct-tapped zippers are so last year!
Not any that I know of. But you can make the stem really short.
Make flip flops if ur going on a plane u can make a airplane tag uhh u can make a cup holder ice done that it works oh and try making a duct tape outfit if u have enough I did it and wore it to school
No, duct tape is not presently used to make clothing.
I just bought some duct tape from a dollar store which clearly states, "This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects." I haven't seen these labels on more expensive brands of duct tape. Do the expensive brands also contain the cancerous...
if you go on you tube and search how to make a duct tape bracelet then there are many good results you can try(:
Duct tape won't remove plantar warts.
Any kind of paint . But as long as you dont get it on the bottom , or else it won't stick .
First of all it all depends on what you want to make. One of my favorite creations would be a duct tape wallet. The first thing you do is gather the supplies. You'll need duct tape and scizzors. Next, you make a sheet of fabric out of your duct tape. Then you put them together (2 sheets) and then...
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