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History of Texas

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While the recorded history of Texas began in 1519, when Spanish conquistadors discovered the area, numerous Native American tribes had been living in the region for thousands of years. What is now known as the state of Texas has had a long and vibrant history, including being colonized by Spain and France, becoming an independent nation, and joining the United States to become the 28th state in the union.
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She is one of the few survivors at the Battle od the Alamo
On March 2, 1836, Texans signed the Texas Declaration of  Independence at Washington-on-the-Brazos,creating the Republic of  Texas.
Santa Anna was important to Texas history because he was a leader of the Mexican army and gave Texas to America in trade for his life.
The Alamo. assasination of president Kennedy occoured in dallas Nov. '63. LBJ was from there. ugh. lots of stuff. the question is too general
just a quick fact:texas is the only current day state that was once its own country
In the Battle of the Alamo, the defenders fought to the death in the face of overwhelming odds rather than retreat or even try to escape at the last minute. The story of such bravery brings pride to the heart of Texans. The number of Mexican solders killed compared to the defenders also brings pride...
Mostly it's a good story, providing a sense of honor to the Texas Revolution. But in the actual chain of events in 1836, its importance was this: by delaying Santa Anna's army in San Antonio, it enabled Sam Houston to gather and prepare a larger army which was able to defeat the Mexicans at San...
I studied a little of Texas history when I went to school in NM as part of US History. Otherwise, we studied NM history. However, it's been several decades ago.
  A number of articles on the history of probation in the December 1998 edition of TexaSupervision Newsletter (published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Community Justice Assistance Division). A link to the newsletter is below:   www.tdcj.state.tx.us/publications/cjad/dec98...
The Texas rangers were somewhat of a legal system in Texas. Established during Sam Houston's first term, they weren't used much until Lamar became president. They were known to be violent too. They did things such as defend against Mexicans and Indians, as well as track down outlaws, even normal...
spanish explorer Francisco vasquezde de coronado and Alonso Alvarezde pineda
San Jacinto is the battle which resulted in Texas becoming independent from Mexico. Although Mexico City refused to recognize Texan independence after the battle, it was nevertheless an important turning point in the history of Texas.
Esteban or Estebanico or Even Mustapha Zemmouri was known as the first non Indian to cross Texas. He was a slave from Azemmour city on Morocco and was part of an expedition to America in 1528 along with his master Andrès Dorantes and two other explorers, Alonso del Castillo and Alvar Nuñez Cabeza...
because he brought settlers to Texas
Former Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock Please use the link below for more information.
He led the Army of Texas to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Austin became the capital of Texas in 1839. At that time the area was incorporated with the name Waterloo. The name was then changed to Austin.
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· Xavier Blanchard Debray, a Confederate General in the Civil War, is buried in the Texas State Cemetery, Austin Texas
The History of Texas is written in the blood of the martyrs slain at Goliad and the Alamo.
The civil war is more US history because the whole country was at war. The northern states wanted slavery to end. The southern states wanted slavery to thrive.
The only uniform number of a Texas Rangers player that has been retired is Nolan Ryan's #34, which was retired by the team on Sept. 15, 1996.In 1997, all major league teams retired uniform #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball.
I dont know but here are the best 1.Vince Young 2. Colt Mccoy 3. James Street (from the 60s) 4.Chris Simms. Major Applewhite was definitly the most popular
Texas and Alabama will meet for the ninth time in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game. Since their first meeting in 1902, the Longhorns lead the series 7-0-1. The last time they met was the 1982 Cotton Bowl with Texas winning 14-12.     Texas vs. Alabama Game History    1902: Texas...
becauuse it was when alvarezdepineda became the first eurpen to explore texas
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The annexation of The Republic of Texas to the United States of America in which it became the 28th state in the United States. Shortly after, this act it led to the Mexican War in 1846.
The answer is that San Antonio De Valero was founded
No. The letter X was much older than the name Texas.
The Goliad Campaign refers to a series of battles which occurred in 1836 as part of the Texas Revolution, which ultimately led to the Goliad
From 1992 to 2000 the number of executions in Texas were the most in U.S. history by one, 2001 to 2008 being the next highest period. The former period coincided with the Clinton administration. However, such executions are a State matter, not a Federal one, and therefore the president has no...
He could be considered as one of the founding fathers.
Quanah Parker was the last free Comanche Chief (leader) - and these tribal lands encompassed much of Texas, so his history and events happen almost entirely in Texas.
The cowboy Bill Pickett's nicknames were "The Dusky Demon" and "The  Bull-Dogger."
the history sites of Texas are deer park Austin and i do not know what city it is but the alomo is there deer park was the birthplace of Texas and Austin is the capital
1845 was the year in which Texas was annexed by the United States.
Weren't the United States of America stealing Texas from Mexico? Sorry, just kidding, the United States wouldn't ever do that. (I am from Holland, Europe)   I think that Elisha M. Pease won the gubernatorial election.   And in 1853 the Texas Medical Association was formed. Of course this was...
He was imfortant because he was famous...
When Texas joined the Confederate States of America. Also known as The United States of America.
Never mind which is easiest. Take the course that is the most fun, and the most useful in life: the History of Texas. Psychology is for people who don't understand people. Sociology is for people who don't understand society. History is for people who do understand.  Whatever class you choose, it...
His importance to Texas history is as a part of a good story (The Alamo). He was already famous before he came to Texas, and that fame is often used as a starting point for the story. Crockett was just one of several prominent figures among the Alamo defenders, though, and he didn't have much else...
Founded in 1983, Central Western University was one of the first purely distance education institutions in the Western United States, implementing world-wide correspondence courses that allowed students from all over the U.S., Canada, UK and other nations to obtain their degree based on distance...
Texas declared its secession from the United States in 1861 to join the Confederate States of America.
Goyen is considered "a writer's writer". His East Texas  origins and early childhood had an enduring influence on the speech  patterns and cultural characteristics reflected in his writings,  which are marked by the rhythms of rural speech, the Bible, and a  sense of story and place.
Texas was admitted into the Union on December 29, 1845 becomingthe 28th state to join the Union.
he was the 46th texas governor
  == Answer ==   Most people would give you a choice between Houston and Austin. I go for Ann Richards.
he the first colonist to Texas but other then that i dont know how to help you
she has effected the world by sharing her talent and sharign her experience to tell others its not hard to be independent in the world of arts. She had also effected the world by giving the people who dont have food and giving them food wehn they need it.
"a non-interest bearing treasury note issued in 1838 by the  Republic of Texas"   -Merriam-Webster dictionary
the year that Europeans explored the gulf coast
One source said no. He was never married.
The war solidified the southern boundary of Texas and ended the  hopes of Mexico for getting it back.
Quif used to be a large city in Texas. In the 1800's many people lived there than a tornado tore it apart look it up QUIFLoke
main idea  why was Texas statehood an important event in united States history ?
mexico became independent from spain
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San antonio de valero was founded
A Mexican force of over 500 men under Rafael Vasquez invaded Texas for the first time since the revolution. They briefly occupied San Antonio, but soon headed back to the Rio Grande.
It helps to identify causes and effects of events and people  related to Texas history.
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Columbus was a person who try to find new route to Asia. He was important to the history of Texas ,because he is the first person to reach America.
René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, or Robert de La Salle was a French explorer. He explored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico.
Coronado's was suppose to be looking for gold but he came up empty handed, but he did find native American nomads. Nomads follow there food source so that explains "wander with the cows".
It is important because the Alamo was founded.
because probably with out him they wouldn't have maybe started  exploring more because he started making the map so they can start  discovering the territory
what did stephen f.austin do to be so important to texas
The events showed Texas that they had won and they were now a true country or republic
mexico brought mexicans to the border
John Coggswell Conner started out at the age of 27and served from March of 1870 to March of 1871.
He invented condensed milk in 1856. But he also originally mapped  out the towns of Houston and Galveston.
Hendrick Arnold was an African American scout who pretended to be a runaway slave. This enabled him to go into the Mexican Army camps and send General Sam Houston information (Banks).
They are overweight horse riders. Many people expect that Texans are all like that, but they're not.
Sam Houston and Steven Austin led the fight fro the independence of Texas from Mexico
The North didn't want to add another slave state to the Union, and  they were afraid that the annexation would lead to a war with  Mexico.   Also, as a minor edit, there was a severe economic problem from  1837 that lasted into the early 1840's. Therefore, many Americans  were more concerned...
In 1822, DeWitt petitioned the Mexican government for permission to settle colonists in Texas but was denied.DeWitt's second petition, in 1825, was granted. He was given permission to settle 400 respectable, industrious, Catholic families.
They are the elite force of the texas sate troopers
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The Marques de Rubi (full name: Cayetano María Pignatelli Rubí  Corbera y Saint Climent, Barón de Llinas) traveled to the  northern territories of the New Spain in 1767, mapping part of  Texas and inspecting the presidios (fortresses built to  protect against pirates, hostile native Americans...