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The Red Scare

The Red Scare was a propaganda technique used during a series of US wars to promote fear of communism. This technique was most prominent during World War 2, and was heavily supported by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, I think
The same reason that caused the scare: people were afraid of their country "falling" to communism. Because of major misunderstandings about what communism actually is, the negative effects were spread onto anyone that wasn't a staunch capitalist fascist.
The Red Scare in the United States started in 1919, sparked by theRussian Revolution. There was also the Second Red Scare in the1950s, driven by figures such as Joseph McCarthy.
it occured because of paranoia between communist and supervisors
Nativism and the Red Scare played into Congressional limitations onimmigration in the 1920s. This is because people feared that aBolshevik revolution (which has just happened in Russia) would cometo the United States.
The Red Scare was the promotion of the fear of communism andradical left politics spreading widely.
The US senator's name was Joseph McCarthy. The Red Scare is also known as McCarthyism.
People panicked about the spreading of communism.
You're talking about the first "Red Scare", which took place from 1919-1920. It was a large scale fear of changing labor habits and political radicalism that was taking place in Europe, manly Russia.
McCarthy's first break into infamy was arguably his Wheeling speech to the Republican's Womens Club in Wheeling, West Virginia. He claimed to have a list of US politicians and government officials that were known Communists, which was later made public. This lead to the Tydings Committee Hearings,...
The major events which sparked the red scare in the U.S. were the political takeovers of neighboring countries after World War II by the Soviet Union. These included many eastern European countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Thus, fear was spread in U.S....
It was World War 2. The Red Scare is the fear of the spreading of Communism.
For the united states, there were accualy two red scares, one in the 1917-1920 and the second was from 1947-1957. During both U.S. citizens were commonly accused of being communist, During the second red scare the smith act was passed through congress - Smith Act- making it a crime to "knowingly or...
the trial and execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.
The main one is that while the witches the Salem citizens believed in never existed at any point in time, there were actual communists in the world during the Red Scare that were enemies of the US.
McCarthy would accuse members of the Senate to be Communists. Hewould make these accusations on the Senate floor, holding up papers(they were in fact random pieces of paper) that "proved" hisaccusations. He never had any proof, and he only did this to stealother people's ranks. Nobody questioned him...
During the First Red Scare the raids on suspected political radicals were known as Palmer Raids , named after US Attorney General Alexander Palmer, who ordered the US Justice Department to conduct the raids.
to secure the passage of laws that made labor unions illegal
Joseph McCarthy. :D
If "post war red scare" is referring to "post WW2...", there was no "Main...factor(s)..." leading to the "red scare." There was only ONE factor: Nuclear weapons.. Ghengis Khan never had those weapons, Napoleon never had those weapons, Rome never had those weapons...and neither did Adolph Hitler or...
It occurred because of paranoia against Communists and theirsympathizers.
Yes, the Red Scare did violate the constitutional rights of manyAmerican citizens. This included illegal searches of thosesuspected of being communist supporters. The Red Scare also createda sense of fear and paranoia that swept the nation as a whole.
Because no one likes to admit when they are wrong. So they basically lie in order to keep their pride intact.
the red scare was a huge blob of red clay that tormented the citizens of the united state, hence the name red scare
People were afraid that communism would spread within the United States. The colorful term (red) is typically the color of communism; therefore, the term Red Scare was used. There are several periods of Red Scare in U.S. history dating back to the early 20th century when Russia became the first...
The Second Red Scare happened because one of Mcarthy's friends was drafted into the war and Mcarthy said that the military should gie his friend special treatment but the military said no so Mcarthy decided to try and blackmail the military claiming that there were Communists in the military and he...
Certain distant factors came together including the Berlin Blockade, the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, admissions of officials about spying for the Soviet Union and the birth of McCarthyism which reached into the arts and literature of the time with a vengeance.
mostly people got bored with it and wanted to get back to "ordinary" life.
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The Red Scare was primarily caused by a fear of communists,socialists, anarchists, immigrants, and radical labor groups thatwere developing in industrialized nations at this time.
The American Communist Party, with over 700,000 members in 1919, posed a direct threat to the stability of American society.
The Red Scare led to McCarthyism where ordinary citizens could be blacklisted, or prevented from getting a job, if they were suspected of being a communist.
One factor that led to the postwar Red Scare was the fear afterWorld War I that anarchy would take over the United States. Thesame thing happened after World War II. Only then, the people ofthe United States feared that Communism would take over.
Many feel that there were two official time periods called : ' Red Scare' during which there was a tense anti-communist movement in the US. The first was from 1917 to 1920, and the second 1947 to 1957.
The term Red Scare denotes of strong Anti-Communism in the United States.
Various international and domestic conditions led to the Red Scare.Primarily, it was due to the Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917.
The events that led tot he "Red Scare" involved strikes that erupted across the US in 191 which in turn caused fear that communists or "reds" might seize power.
Striking industrial workers-novanet
The Second Red Scare of 1947 to 1957 was dominated by Senator Joseph McCarthy (R) from Wisconsin.
Communism would take over the u.s government.
Following the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the establishment of the Soviet Union, the Communists made efforts to promote revolutions in Europe and the US. In 1919, President Wilson appointed A. Mitchell Palmer as his attorney-general. His attempts to root out the communists, anarchists, and...
Communist countries during the Red Scare include Russia, China,Eastern Europe, and Korea. The Cincinnati Reds baseball teamchanged their name to the "Redlegs" during the scare so their namewouldn't be associated with communism.
There is a rather large list, but here are a few Hollywood names: . Alvah Bessie, screenwriter . Herbert Biberman, screenwriter and director . Lester Cole, screenwriter . Edward Dmytryk, director . Ring Lardner Jr., screenwriter . John Howard Lawson, screenwriter . Albert Maltz, screenwriter ....
It took about a decade and a half
the red scare was the soviets verse the US. The U.S. was in the habit of limiting the numbers of a certain racial groups coming into America when it seemed like there were too many people coming in. the Red scare effected mainly eastern europeans, especially Russians because the Americans were more...
Concern that federal workers were not loyal to the United States
The fear that communists outside and inside America were working to destroy American life.
Communists were trying to take over the world. -zulu
the answer wass communism and war. If everyoe fought there would be no one else to be in the red scare
because they fear that the communist will take over them
Concern that federal employees were disloyal to the United States
The two big differences are: 1. Salem caused 20 executions. The Red Scare killed no one. 2. There were no witches in Salem but there were real communists in the world during the red scare.
people feared that important American liberties were threatened
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During the Red Scare, the Americans feared the spread of communism (red was the colour of the flag of the communist Soviet Union and the communist emblem known as the red star). There were two Red Scares in U.S.A.: 1) 1919-1920: Fear of socialist revolution and political radicalism (red is a...
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He was a demagog who stirred up fear and anger regarding the Red Menace, and turned it into political capital, for awhile.
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... the first "Red Scare was about job and political reform ... The second "Red Scare " was manly locked on communism and how it has i been indoctrinated into American society and political bodys...
president harry truman spoke out against witch hunting
The Red Scare was a response to Communism
The American fear of communists (mainly Russian), and anarchist bombings. People were paranoid and suspicious of communists. The following website has lots of info (even in the 1st paragraph).
They both were not for immigrants coming in to the United States.
Mc Carthy started the red scare. he accused a government offical of hiring communist.
That Communists were trying to take over the world
The Red Scare was a campaign against communists, mainly focusing on the fear of communism infiltrating the United States government.
Americans were afraid that communist dictatorships would take over American allies and that there was a unified plot to take over the the United States by means of an insidious communist infiltration into labor unions, government agencies and other key organizations. At this time there was a fear...
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the fear that communists outside and inside America were working to destroy American life
A U.S. propaganda campaign made communism seem like the source of all evil, instead of simply a very bad idea. When people are afraid of something they see it everywhere.
The labor strikes during the 20s, especially the Boston PoliceStrike of 1919, frightened Americans. It was feared that thestrikes were being controlled by communist or socialist agitatorsor anarchists. There was also fear of immigrants during this timeperiod. The Russian Revolution, the violence...
J. Edgar Hoover was the strong anti-Communist director of the FBIduring the Red Scare.
Americans became more open and welcoming to foreigners ----- ApEx:)
striking industrial workers