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Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate, also called hot cocoa, is a heated beverage made with chocolate, either melted or in powdered form. It is enjoyed by many with marshmallows or marshmallow cream, melted and forming a sweet foam on top.
Ingredients   6 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped  ¼ cup plus 3 tablespoons hot water, divided  3 cups hot milk  Sugar, to taste  Whipped cream  Chocolate curls   Prep Time: 2 minutesCook Time: 5 minutes    Total Time: 7 minutes    Preparation  Using a double boiler or a heat...
 Hoping for warmth    On this cool December night   Trying to start a fire to stop the    Coldness that envelopes me   Heart beats uncontrollably as I   Open up a new packet   Chocolate slowly flows   Over my tongue and into my stomach   Leaving me lost in its sweetness...
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From what I know, none of these liquids would have any reason to chemically react with ice, so it would all depend on temperature. Assuming that the hot chocolate is the hottest liquid there, it would have to be that. If however, you decided to use boiling water, which was just as hot as the hot...
If you just want it to cool down? Spill it into the sink. :D Oh... so you can drink it? Ice cubes.
2.99 for a regular beavertail and more if you want more flavors.
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  If you are taking it out of a large pot then I would suggest using a soup ladel.
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Because plastic isn't as good a conductor of heat as metal.
Hot chocolate mix has a shelf life of between six and twelve  months. Cocoa powder lasts longer, and has a shelf life of two  years.
Metal absorbs heat. So when you stir the hot chocolate; the metal  absorbs the heat from the hot chocolate
it depends what toppings you ut on it, marshmallows wouldn't have any effect but having chocolate sprinkles would keep it warm for longer because the heat cant escape.
first you have to go to the coffie shop and ask him if you can fix the hot chocolate and pour the chocolate sauce into the cup
The hot chocolated probably has sugar, milk fats, sodium, calcium, ect. added to it.
Yes, dogs should not have chocolate, and hot food can make them throw up, or so I heard.
Hot Chocolates First Originated In Frace.
Yes, cocoa is used in making chocolate and hot chocolate.
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the hot chocolate gets a little cool because it is only one ice cube, if you were to put more in the hot chocalate then it would become cooler.
When you plop the marshmallow into your hot chocolate the  marshmallow absorbs the hot chocolate. When you do that the  marshmallow gets soggy
  what tool is used to mix hot chocolate in hispanic countries
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Put milk and cocoa into a pot. <3
Droste cocoa powder (nurse brand cacao)
Add the cocoa powder to boiling water (in a mug) or hot milk (for a creamier taste) and stire until dissolved. Add any sugar to taste, if needed. Then float the marshmallows on top and enjoy!
I am not sure but i am going there tomorrow morning.... I beleive ylu can
You would probably measure it in liquid measurements (cups, liters, milliliters, fluid ounces, ect.) or in weight by grams.
Some people find that warm drinks (often sweet ones, like warm milk, tea, or hot chocolate) help them relax and go to sleep better.
Hot milk, chocolate powder and sugar.
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Simple basic explanation: Blended cocoa, then add milk or whatever the flavor you prefer and mix them. But, each of these processes take a lot of time.
a liter because a liter equals about 2 pounds for 1 liter
you just put extra hot chocolate powder in it!happy drinking!
It depends on where you get it... It probably will range between 50 cents and $1.50
Get a hot water heater and use instant hot chocolate mix.
Hot chocolate itself is not thermal energy. However, a person warming his or her hands on a cup of hot chocolate IS an example of thermal energy. :)
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Metal Cups will keep it the Warmest, for the longest amount of time.
it breaks either fizzles out and burns, bursts into flames or goes BANG!
You go to the pizzeria and talk to the guy cleaning.
you get the hot chocolate in the coffey shop on case of the missing fur
Marshmallows!I for one like to add some milk to it. It gives it a better taste and it cools it down so you can drink it without burning your tongue.
If you place a plastic cover over a cup of hot chocolate it stay  hotter longer because the heat is trapped in a material that  prevents it from escaping. For instance if you placed a tissue it  wouldn't stay hot long because the tissue is made of cloth that has  very tiny holes. The heat is...
People drink hot chocolate because who wouldn't drink chocolate in a mug?! but that's not the reason they drink it because it keeps you warm and it's good for you in the cold.
The container it's in, it insulates the hot chocolate keeping it warm for what seems like a long period of time.
There is a Mexican novel (and motion picture) entitled, Like Water for Chocolate (Como agua para chocolate).
  i dont think so. especailly if you get hot chocolates from cafes, they make it from milk chocolate power.   Hot chocolate mixes are usually a combination of powdered milk chocolate, sugar, and powdered milk, so it would not have the same health benefits as dark chocolate. The benefit of...
santas not real i dont think he drinks hot chocolate
Depends what size you want. But usually there are $4 -$5.
coffee is not made out of dried coco beans and chocolate is okay!
Read the output ("Nos gusta el chocolate caliente"). Note that this is a LITERAL translation. To my knowledge, Google translate does not understand grammar.
Steve Jones invented hot chocolate
Metal is a conductor. Heat is an energy. The world around us is constantly seeking an equilibrium. Therefore the heat from the hot chocolate transfers (by conduction) from the warm drink into the cooler spoon until the two are at equal temperatures. Transfer of heat through conduction. Metal is a...
  put a pot on the stove on the stove a fill it up one half way with water. The fill 1/4of milk. then let it boil. then put into a cup. while you are doing that get a tablet of columbian chocolate and melt it. Once you done with all that put it all into a cup.Finally put a piece of mozzarella...
Eventually every food product will go past its prime. Dark chocolate, however, is one of the longest lasting and most stable foods you can buy. Dark chocolate has a shelf life of approximately 18 months. If held properly, chocolate can last for years. That being said, many people wrongly identify...
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The heat from the hot chocolate transfers to the spoon, so the spoon heats up.
No, there is powdered milk and sugar in the mix and not as much cocoa. It would never have enough chocolate flavor. Edited 7-02-12 Well, this is true, it wont have as much chocolate flavor but yes you can substitute it. Double or quadruple the the amount of cocoa powder for hot chocolate mix (taking...
put milk in a coffee cup, cook for 2 mins in ur micorwave, then put in cocoa packet. if not warm enough cook for aditional 30 secs If you mean unsweetened cocoa powder it is necessary to use approximately 3 parts sugar per 1 part cocoa powder. For a single cup of hot chocolate, add one teaspoon of...
It is a heterogeneous compound. Were the marshmallows broken into their smallest unit while keeping their properties, they would be compounds. Once mixed throughout the milk the marshmallow compounds and milk compounds would form a homogeneous mixture, because the whole mixture has a uniform...
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you would just add chocolate bars to make hot chocolate that are made to mix with hot chacolate
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Their are thousands of recipes all reletivly similar although on the internet there are tons of recipes most of them taste the same my faviorate is if you make regular store bought hot choclate with milk not water then you add one taspoon vinilla extract a sprinkle of cinimon and then ooptional...
They used to have it at Walmart off georgesville rd. Now i can't find it anywhere in Columbus. I'm tempted to try eBay lol
connect milk to it with your wrench in your spy phone get choclote from the pizza shop get the cup heat it up then press the button to put it in the cup.
Most plastics, particularly the type used to make plastic spoons, have a very low thermal conductivity (that is: heat doesn't travel through them very well). The temperature of one end can be raised without having much effect on the other end.Plastic is a poor conductor of heat. But even a metal...
It depends on how much the choclate powered is in calories.
Look up Alton Brown's recipe, it's awesome!
Pour a bunch of pouches of the mix in a huge cup. put water in it and microwave it for as much as you think it needs ! Hope this helped.
grab your hot chocolate and once you have it click on the glasses and it will pour it into the funnel.....do the same with the hot sauce and fuel and you can have the special glasses from g
I've just tried this myself and the short answer is, yes! However, as hot chocolate already has sugar in it I didn't use quite so much icing sugar as I would have done using cocoa powder. This is the recipe I used: 3oz butter, softened4.3oz icing sugar2oz hot chocolate powder, sifted1.5 tbsp...
soothing, relaxing, warm, creamy, rich , delicious, smooth, melted, tender, craved, wonderful, fi-ne, rich and dark :) HOPE THIS HELPS :D