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Twine is a type of string made by twisting yarns together. Twine is usually made from natural fibers, although some artificial twines are available.
The Horseisle Answer Is: Twin Tape Hope This Helped! HoboHorse from chestnut server :D
Let's 'machine B' produces x twine, so 'Machine A' produces 2xtwine. Combining both results in 1600 yard, so: x+2x=1600 solving this equation results x = 533.33 So, 'Machine A' produces 2x= 1066.66 yards and 'Machine B' produces x = 533.33 yards
You collect it from your sheep.
The most common natural fibers (or crops) that twine is made from would include cotton, hemp, jute, and sisal. Other fibrous plants and crops can also be used (like the coir from coconuts), and twine can even be spun and made from synthetic fibers (like nylon).
it nearly weighs 9 tons looked it up.
I thought it meant the sheep. However, I have not confirmed this.
Twine acts as an insulator and also reduces contact between adjacent turns of the wire.
\nCork from Portugal, Rubber from Malaysia, Yarn from Australia, Leather from France, Stitched together in Costa Rica.
Well since twine is strands of string braided or twisted together it really depends on how much and what type of string or polymer it consists of.
get sisal and a crafting bench to make twine you go on special. And you get loads of sisal at acint theariter and its a little plant that's orange at the botom and green spikey leafs on the top thare you go
Usually at any garden center, hardware store, or farm/feed store.
Of the four materials, wire will carry the sound best because it is the most dense.
Twine traditionally and typically comes from a fibrous plant called jute . Cotton twine is also made and some twine is synthetic fibre (fiber).
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In a craft store or the dollar store
he used the only twine he had to tie the pieces of wood together for a raft.
All I know for sure is our 24T uses 9000' rolls. One source of twine I uses is Tractor Supply Company...see the related link...
The world's largest ball of sisal twine is in Cawker City, Kansas. It weighs 17,980 pounds, and is 40 feet in circumference.
Sandra Diaz-Twine was born on July 30, 1974.
Mr.Stoeber made the twine ball in 1953.
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Ask your garden supplier if he carries surveyors tape, preferably green in color. Use this elastic, flexible tape to tie up the new growth. Its better than twine because you cant tie it too tight and strangle the vine. I use it on my tomatos, beans and gladiolas when they get too tall.
I used twine to help my dad.
The past tense is twined.
The Largest Ball of Twine weighs 17,866 pounds.
Twine is two or more strands or string, typically yarn, twisted together to compose a stronger strand of material. Normally, when you pull on a single string, the force is put entirely on that one string. If you have two separate strings, you're faced with the same problem. By twisting the two...
He used twine to hold his suitca case together
The IH Mccormick 50, 55, and 45 balers all had twine boxes on the sides of chute on the rear of the baler.
In the game it is officially just called Twine. Twine is a craftable item that requires a Construction Kit. The craft plan is in MrRiata's house, on Plains Isle. This plan and others can be found on the guide in the Related Links section.
Place a packet of kool-aid in a zip lock plastic bag. Add 2 to 4 tablespoons of clear vinegar. Add the hemp. Roll the bag with the closure up to get rid of as much air as you can. Seal the bag Lay it out flat in the direct sun for a couple hours or let sit overnight Rinse in a colander to get rid of...
No it will break because of the heat. Cooking twine isn't as thin and can handle higher temperatures.
Twine tends to be made of a few pieces of fiber like manila and isstronger than string
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Absolutely. Sound can travel through any medium with some restoring force.
You have to get Sisal, which you can find on Volcano Island and in some areas of Airplane Island, and then go to your workbench and craft it.
You can easily get them in stores on all the isles if you look hard.
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The tensile strength of twine is influenced in its determination by Hooke's law of Elasticity F = -kx.
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You get some coarse wool, and then you use a spinning wheel in order to make find string. This used to be twine in pagan days. However now twine can be made out of dyed plastic or even dyed cotton. Machines have taken over the spinning wheel, and it is made at professional standard at high rate.
In case the horse panics and pulls back, the twine breaks instead of the horse pulling on their neck and getting injured.
Twine may refer to thread, string or cord. It consists of two or more strands twisted together. The strands making up the twine typically is made up natural fibers (like jute, cotton, flax or hemp) or synthetic materials (like nylon, polypropylene or acrylic).
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The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota was created on 1989-05-24.
Diy twine rugs are easy crafts that you can make out of twine bybraiding.
1. Twine is a form of thin cord, string or strong thread. It is slightly coarse and is used for such things as tying parcels and in gardening.. Depending on what type of twine you want, you can get some from a hard-ware shop, a stationers, a gardening center, a hobby shop, a fishing tackle shop etc....
Twine was used in tortures involving being tied up very tightly. Twine is almost impossible to untie and is very uncomfortable on the skin. I recall reading about a torture when a man was tied with twine in a very uncomfortable position and just left there to die.
Twine is another word for string. Twine is a very light rope.
\n. \n Cotton Twine in a Baseball \n. \nStats on a modern baseball:\n. \nSize: Between 9 - 9 1/4 inches.\nWeight: Between 5 - 5 1/4 ounces.\n. \nConstruction Materials (working from the inside out):\n. \nCork Center: 1/2 ounce and 2.86 to 2.94 inches.\nBlack & Red Rubber Layers: 7/8ths of an...
The largest ball of twine is 7,801.766 ft(the twine). It is in Cawker City, Kansas.
Assuming you don't mean a strong string, The Twine website says it is:\n'a new way for you to collect online content – videos, photos, articles, Web pages, products - and bring it all together by topic, so you can have it in one place and share it with anyone you want.'
Twine is not an object or a plant. You find sisal first, then you make twine on a crafting bench.
braiding many rope's into one rope.
Mr.Stoeber made the twine ball in 1953. there is your answer and i am a girl from your school pay very close attention to who i am.....
\ncotton twine microwave with a small amount of water to kill bugs [boil for 1 min]
Answer . You could try knitting or crochet on large needles to produce a 'flatweave' type of rug, or using a wooden frame, tack lengths of twine across the frame at 2cm intervals and then use more twine to weave over and under these.
According to the Roanoke College C&E News Summary of March 29, 1999: "Who has ever seriously considered what goes in to making baseballs? To Rawlings, this knowledge is excrutiatingly important. Today, instructiouns call for a cork nucleus that weighs exactly 0.5 oz and is 2.86 to 2.94 inches in...
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You can make a mat or rug out of baler twine in a few differentways. You can either weave it, use a large crochet hook to makesquares and sew those together, or you could even knit one usingsize appropriate needles.
Gloss will be a function of the formulation ingredients. Most starting point formulations call for PVC resin @ 100 phr, Stabilizer @ 1.25 phr, Acrylic modifier @ 6-10 phr, GCC (1-2 micron) @ 5-10 phr, P Aid @ 1.25 phr, TiO2 @ 5 phr, Ca. Stearate @ 1.5 phr, Ox. PE Wax @ 0.5 phr, and colorant as...
You could use a rake...which is a straight knitting nancy. In this particular case you could use an actual steel rake I suppose. It would be a nice size for the project. Anything with pegs closer together are difficult to use with the baling twine as it isn't as flexible as yarn when knitting with...
The World's largest ball of twine made by one man is Darwin, MN.
If the twine is made from a natural fiber, like hemp, sisal or even cotton, then it is biodegradable. Some twine is made of plastic. This is not biodegradable.
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Assuming you mean for a weedwhacker, home depot has a good selection
In 1953 mr. stoeber started making the twine ball.
It can be made out of many materials but is usually made from cotton
you can buy twine at home depot
1. Why did Faraday wind twine in between the turns of the copper wire 2. why did Faraday place calico clothe in between the layers
Shripal Shah
I was told is was in cawker city, kansas . For many years, the world's largest twine ball has resided in Darwin, MN. It weighs 17,400 pounds, is twelve feet in diameter, and was the creation of Francis A. Johnson. He started wrapping it in March of 1950 -- four hours a day, every day. Francis...
If you are desperate and cannot get your hands on butchers twine, you can substitute plain (not waxed) dental floss. -Lisa Odegard of Odegard Epicurean
Twine can be made from cotton, sisal, jute, hemp, henequen, and coir.
At a garden center, hardware store, or feed store.
The collectible twine can be found when harvesting sheep on your farm.
The term can be applied to any thin cord, usually 2 or more strands twisted together. Twine can be cotton, hemp, nylon,or jute (which is used to make burlap).