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Pine Trees

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Pine trees are conifers. They are often grown commercially for timber. Pine trees have a long life span, sometimes up to 1,000 years old.
They were created in the beginning.
Pine trees originated in the northern hemisphere over 140 millionyears ago. The oldest tree, a bristlecone pine, is about 4,600years old and is located in California.
Yes, Pine tree produce seeds because Pine trees are conifers (conebearing) and carry both male and female sporophylls on the samemature sporophyte.
The deuce of clubs is known as the low card in poker. Mr. Oakhurst is a gambler and was sent out of pokerflat because he was too good at gambaling. When the deuce of clubs was pinned to a tree it showed that Oakhurst got the lowest card and he folded in. This is a symbolic ideal of him dying.
no the pine cone is actually the seed The seed is contained within the cone.
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No it doesn't, least not in complete darkness but placing it in a black light might produce different results...however I do know there is a tree that has a glowing sap because I seen the aftermath of a tree that was cut down at my friends house, not sure what kind of tree it was, but I helped him...
The kingdom is Plantae. If you are talking about the biome then the coniferous forest is the answer.
In porous and rocky soil
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They are often used for their sticky sap which can be used for many different reasons.
Pine trees do fall over easily. They have a root system that grows straight down into the ground, making them more vulnerable to uprooting by strong winds.
One (1) year is the expected lifespan of the white pine weevil. Theinsect in question ( Pissodes strobi [Peck]) neverthelessmay be known to survive a total of 2 - 3 years.
In 1652 the Massachusetts General Court appointed John Hull as mintmaster for the Boston mint and Robert Sanderson as his assistant. It's not known if either one was a silversmith but they were responsible for the Willow Tree, Oak Tree and Pine Tree Coinage.
A wildfire has no effects besides spreading more seeds. the thick bark of the tree protects the inner part. the pine cones open in the fire and spread their seeds.
Scientific name of a apo pine tree?
The reason that a person should always use pine wood in technology is because pine wood is very strong and lasts a long time before it starts rotting.
The answer is in the question. Fire must be harmful to them. Pine trees, and other conifers have high levels of substances called turpines in their leaves. This serves two maior purposes, to make them taste foul (few animals graze on pine leaves) and to act as a kind of anti-freeze, so the leaves...
The name would be Agathis spp (S)
The name would be Araucaria angustifolia. Family: Araucariaceae.
yes, pine can grow in arid areas only if intense care is provided. you can grow may be 1 or 2 trees, but if u want to establish a whole plantation, it is not possible because the climate of arid areas do not favor pine trees.
The name would be Pinus monticola. Family: Pinaceae.
The name would be Pinus palustris. Family: Pinaceae.
The name would be Pinus radiata. Family: Pinaceae.
The name would be Pinus strobus. Family: Pinaceae.
The name would be Pinus sylvestris. Family: Pinaceae.
They are both tracheophytes (meaning they have vascular tissue, xylem and phloem), however, a pine tree is a gymnosperm and a daisy is an angiosperm.
It is how the tree can let its seeds spread, to make more pine tree's.
the wild forest octopus
Roots, trunk, branches, twigs , needles and cones.
No, as it is a tree and trees don't eat other plants (apart from some!).
None of them! Herbivore is an animal that eats plants only. (giraffes eat leaves) Carnivore is an animal that eats other animals only. (lions eat gazelles) Omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals. (bears eat fish and berries)
We just purchased a 7ft Austrailian pine and paid $300.00 (USA) for the tree and to have it planted.
why would you remove a pine tree?! You would be killing the tree! You tree killer!
Pine trees are not seedless. The seeds are located in the pine cones.
spring or fall. I like to say that Fall is the best time for planting, because it gives the plant or tree some time to adjust to the transplanting (shock) without having to worry about drought or heat stress. It is still very important to water thoroughly even though it is cold, especially if it is...
It might just be a bristlecone pine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristlecone_pine
at that spot about 2 mounths but if you put in soil right away
There are many varieties but they all look similar to the one in the link below:
Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.
I'm sure there is a more technical answer... All plants need light and water. Pine trees effectively shade the ground, shed moisture away by the action of the needles above, and have shallow roots that compete for the available water and soil nutrients underneath it. Add to this the "shedding" of...
I think that some varieties of pines (ie the Loblolly) were native to east Texas. Others may have been introduced, but by and large these seem to be native pines.
The "needles" are the leaves on a pine tree or other conifer. They are long and slender because of the environment of the trees. Needles lose less water and heat than typical leaves, and absorb less momentum from the wind.
So they can survive the winter better. If it were too big, then the snow would easily break the leaves. There is a small gloss on the needles, so water and snow falls right of the needle.
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yes, usually find dark brown sap that is crumbley and not sticky chew and spit until it turns into gum enjoy!
When Earth's Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun
Pine trees are found in Coniferous Forests. Coniferous Forests are found in Northern Europe, Northern Asia and Northern US. Further reading: . http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/ecoregions/about/habitat_types/habitats/coniferous_forests/
The pine bark beetle is a parasite. The pine beetle lays its eggsin the pine trees, and then when the babies are born, they eat thelayers of the tree which stops the tree from growing.
in 1652, Massachusetts challenged England's ban on colonial coinage.
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No. A melaleuca tree is not a pine tree. It is not a polycotyledon. It is a dicotyledon.
there are about 115 different species of Pine Tree. In the USA you will find, Spruce, Western White, Scotch, Red, Ponderosa, Pinyon, Mexican, Jack and Lace Bark
No! Gymnosperms have xylem and phloem, and are hence "vascular". CRF
Pine trees are trees that don't lose their needles in winter and maple trees do. Maple trees don't have needles.
That is because they are busily growing on pineapple plants. They were named pineapples because their fruit looks like a large pine cone.
South Dakota is divided into three regions, one of which is the Black Hills, located in western South Dakota.
Cedar is a tree used for wood of the Genus Cedrus.
what is the average lifespan of a Austrian pine tree
Pine tree pollen is a "Necessaleb Brotusk", (a recessive type of pollen.) it comes from the bructus (the buds.) The bructus bossoms, creating a flowering bud.
Arkansas's legislature voted to adopt the pine as the state tree in 1939.
Both coniferous and deciduous trees live in the Black Forest of Germany. Including: Common Juniper European Silver Fir Douglas Fir Norway Spruce Scots Pine Linden Beech Oak Hazel Larch Elm
Pine trees are vascular plants because these have well defined xylem and phloem tissues.
Most likely the are watered too much.
Pine trees are dark green when healthy