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Cod Fish

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Cod is a cold water, deep sea fish. It is commonly used as a food source, and has a mild, white, flaky meat.
They are caught in nets commercially and some will be caught in crab pots at sea, some are caught with a fishing pole.
Cod is sold fresh, frozen and salted.
Cod are commecially fished for wherever they exist, and do not come from any 'country' as such. They are a cold-water species, typically fished for in the North Sea (off the eastern coast of the UK), and northwards towards the Arctic Circle, and the (northern) Atlantic. Any of the countries...
Codfish eat herring and lobster polar cod feed on plankton and krill.
A cod fish can live until over 20 years old.
The cod fish near Newfoundland disappeared because humans did overfishing. The Europeans bought large fish and instead of the ships going 5 km away, they could go 350 km away!!! More of the fish were caught. Also HUGE! ships were involved in the cod catching.
No, it is not, a cod fish is a type of fish.
Nothing it, it what the mary river cod eats ive seen them eat babie birds hat have fell out of the nest
Botanical names are given to plants. The Atlantic cod fish is an ANIMAL so of course it does not have a botanical name. However the scientific name for the Atlantic cod is Gadus morhua.
In the water, except pools.
like a fish obversly
The Atlantic cod, which can change color at certain water depths, has two distinct color phases: gray-green and reddish brown. Its average mass is 5-12 kilograms (11-26 lb), but specimens weighing up to 100 kilograms (220 lb) have been recorded. Cod feed on http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Mollusk , ...
Black codfish do have scales, which are generally very small. Possibly due to the size and color of the scales, it may seem that the black cod does not have scales.
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Young fish are called fry .
It is said that if you see the head of the Cod, You'll never eat it because of how ugly it is.
The collective nouns for cod are a school of cod and a lap of cod.
no, cod are saltwater fish
the shelf zone
Yes, all fish have gills.
I guess people could, but it's not very common. I think they're very salty. I like salt. I don't like too much salt. I don't like fish. So I don't like codfish. But it is up to you what you eat.
Amount Per 1 cup . Calories 239.97 Calories from Fat 84.11 . % Daily Value * . Total Fat 9.35g . 14% . Saturated Fat 1.3g . 7% . Polyunsaturated Fat 1.03g . Monounsaturated Fat 6.38g . Cholesterol 38.72mg . 13% . Sodium 209.27mg . 9% . Potassium 736.94mg . 21% . Total Carbohydrate...
No, sardines are very small. They can fit in your hand. A cod can weigh around thirty pounds.
in a salty water like ocean
Atlantic cod-about 30yrs. By then they're as big as a man and lay up to 12 million eggs at a time.Cod of this age were plentiful 200 years ago, but are rare today.
Because lots of people like cod fish!!!!! and the fishermen cant control how many fish they catch.
the answer is snapper
The scientific name of cod is Gadus. Depending on what region it's from, the name will vary as following: Gadus macrocephalus (Atlantic Cod) Gadus morhua (Pacific Cod) Gadus ogac (Greenland Cod)
The Murray Cod is the largest freshwater fish found inAustralia. It is a long lived predator species that is highlyterritorial and aggressive. It occurs naturally in the waterways ofthe Murray-Darling Basin in a wide range of warm water habitatsthat range from clear, rocky streams to slow flowing...
Because they are an endangered species.
an arctic cod lives in the arctic ocean.
You wrote it yourself -it's a FISH
is cod a scavenger
Cod fish or any type of fish will have ammonia like smell when itis no longer fresh. This smell will begin to appear as you arecooking it. It may also have a taste that is similar to ammonia,too.
cod fish look like
Type your answer here... Catholics... eating fish on Fridays. After 2,000 years, the cod has been decimated as well as other fish species.
No. They eat smaller fish, which entitle them to be carnivores.
Also known as the Antarctic Toothfish, the scientific name is Dissostichus mawsoni.
A cod fish can live for up to 15 years
Because they are being overfished .
they have fins but no scales, only skin.
The Atlantic Cod fish are usually greenish brown or gray on their sides and back with a white belly. Atlantic Cods have barbels similar to catfish and have three dorsal fins and two anal fins. The Atlantic cod is mainly found in shallow waters, close to the ocean's bottom. Cod feed on fish and...
you can get in most portugese delis they eat it alot so have ityear round my fav is in camden town or italian delis but they only have it around xmas as its onlyeaten then
Fish of all kinds, including cod fish, is Halal provided it is notroasted/cooked in swine fat.
they eat plankton or other little chemical stuff
yes a codfish does eat zooplankton
Cod is a kosher species, yes.
take a knife and cut it in half but not fully down
This cod weighted 38 kg and was cached by a Icelandic fisherman few years ago. In the year of 1941 in SW-Iceland, the biggest cod (in Iceland) was cached from a local fishing boat. The cod was measured 181 cm long and weighted over 60 kg. In the past 20-30 years the population of the big cod...
Yes, there are several species of cod
A type of fish
Bacalhau (read: bah cah lau)
yes but a better answer is why would it eat it they live in deep water how would a frog get there
Gills to breathe underwater
Baby codfish are called "fry", as in "small fry".
They live in the sea and the sea is SALTY.
There are very many Genus/Species of fish commonly called "codfish". Please be more definitive. The Atlantic cod's name is Gadus morhua .
Mostly seals Arctic cod's top predator is polar bears. They don't fall prey tomuch else, and they are known to be top predators themselves.
Cod fish is bad if: . it has yellow spots and transparent parts on the surface instead of an even, light surface. . there is a coating of slime on the surface; the surface should be shiny and dry. . it has a sharp, strong odor; sea fish should have a fresh, neutral, or weak odor.
Yes, cod come from the sea.
No. They have skin.
Around 83 Calories. Depending on how you cook it. In the oven is best for healthy eating. :)
Most fish look alike , it is finger sized with banding .
Cod is a kind of fish called BAKALAW in Tagalog.
GortonÃ?s no longer sells codfish cakes in a can. There are manyrecipes that have been made that try to mimic this product that wasfirst released in the 1920s.
No they're not.
There are several species of fish that are commonly called "cod". They all have a caudal (tail) fin.
Generally, a metallic green/brown on top, and white on the belly.